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Michael Jackson Justice: August Anger - Stage 2 of Mourning

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

August Anger - Stage 2 of Mourning

August Anger – Stage 2 of Mourning

In August, as things start to come out about Michael’s death, it was becoming clear that this was no accident.

At first, I was swayed by some of the “hoax” crowd. I mean, I could definitely see Michael trying to pull something like this off to get out of performing, when he realized that like the rest of us, he ages too.

I spent maybe a week or two on one of the “Hoax” forums. Some of the information they were giving forth was compelling:

1. The name of his Concert “This is It”
2. The Memorial – Liberian Girl colors (I didn’t get this one, still don’t)
3. The Memorial – nobody in the family cried (except Paris when she spoke)
4. The Memorial – Prince looked bored, Blanket looked terrified of all the people.
5. The Memorial Banner – He Lives Forever
6. No official death certificate released
7. No Autopsy release
8. No open casket
9. Staff dismissed before police could even get there to talk to them
10. Moving vans before police could thoroughly investigate
11. Evidence tampering
12. Family looked rather happy at the actual funeral (except mom Katherine)
13. Sudden self promotion of the family following Michael’s death and memorial

Curious was the sudden appearance of Michael Jackson drug depositions, and interviews of “insiders” about Michael’s prescription drug use. Rumors of police finding Marijuana and other pain killers at the house with different aliases on them the very same day that “This is It” clips were released and a “movie” made of the rehearsals was announced.

I started other folders on my computer. This was going to get messy.

1. Michael Jackson Websites #1
2. Michael Jackson websites #2
3. MJ MTV – for his videos and songs, lyrics and tv performances
4. MJ concerts – videos of
5. MJ investigation info
6. MJ interviews
7. MJ Charities - for speeches and videos of his visits to hospitals and orphanages
8. MJ – Main for miscellaneous

I also had subfolders after a while to further organize the information. MJ MTV of course was separated into folders for different decades, MJ Investigation held folders for different sources – blogs, news sources etc, and MJ interviews, charities and websites #1 and #2 by years.

I did not even know why I was getting this deep into all this at first. I just felt I needed to do it. I wanted answers. This man was now my brother that I just learned that I had. Some of this may have been guilt related too . . . I don’t know. I just felt driven to do it.

This was turning into a puzzle that I had to solve the further I got into it.

Sometime in August, I began writing a letter to Michael. I just wrote what was in my heart. I re-wrote it eight times before I finally sent it out in October.

During one of my searches for the truth, I came across a forum that was another “Hoax” forum. Someone in there posted about the information Karen Faye posted on her Facebook page. I learned from reading the threads that Karen Faye was Michael’s makeup artist and that she had worked with him for over 20 years. The people in the forum were completely interpreting things into Karen’s post for their own purposes. I figured the closest I would get to the truth was those who actually knew Michael.

I searched for her and found her page. I “friended” her. Within a day she accepted. I cried.

I don’t know why I cried other than I felt a pain in my heart that wasn’t really my own. Someone who was that close to him that also lost him. I did not want to overstep my bounds or in any way add to her burden. I sent her a message thanking her and telling her I would pray for comfort and for answers. I really didn’t know what else to say. I had seen her in a couple of Michael’s interviews on YouTube so I felt like I knew her. She defended Michael during the Bashir documentary fallout, so I felt closer to her because of that.

What I found on Karen’s page wasn’t exactly answers . . . but a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE who were in the same boat I was. Sad, angry, lost and looking for answers. We all wanted to be closer to Michael in some way, but we all needed comforting. I am still in awe of the camaraderie over there as I mature in my search for Justice for Michael.

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