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Michael Jackson Justice: The Week after . . .

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Week after . . .

Between June 25th and the July 4th Holiday, I let Michael invade my thoughts. Curiously I was never really a Michael Jackson fan. I was more an admirer of his work and his contributions to music. He had taken the music video medium to places it had never been before. Nobody had outdone him. However, I did not follow his life. The closest I had ever gotten to having any interest in his personal life was during the 1993 trial.

This is what had invaded my thoughts during that week between June 25th and the 4th of July. The only time I ever remember having any interest in the sordid tales of any celebrity’s life was during Michael’s battle for his life. It bore a close resemblance to a struggle I went through as a child and it hit home . . . so I was glued to any news about it.

Going through my daily chores and cleaning up to get ready for holiday company, I remembered the broadcast Michael had televised to counter the mis-information the tabloids were putting out about his alleged guilt. I remembered how painful it was, watching him. I heard the panic in his voice as he described what they had already put him through. I remember focusing on his eyes while he was pleading with those beyond the camera lens . . . an old childhood habit of mine. When everything and everyone else lied, eyes told the truth. Reading people was a learned skill. As a child it was my defense siren. What I remembered seeing in Michael’s eyes was the anguish I felt as a child, buried years before.

I remember thinking throughout the week, why? Why him? What did that man ever do to deserve what he got? There was this anger building in me I couldn’t explain.

After that trial back in 1993, I remember being elated that he was found what I knew to be true . . . NOT GUILTY. However, in their zeal condemn this man, they went after a criminal trial. When I heard that he caved and paid out their demands in a multi-million dollar settlement (undisclosed sum at the time), I thought I was probably one of the few people who understood that. I knew the emotional toil, the torment and the torture of the ever-revolving hell this was going to turn into. If I had that kind of money when I was a child, I would have paid ANYTHING to not have to go through it . . . ANYTHING.

When I saw what the press, the media and the talking heads were going to turn that into, I turned away. Much like covering your eyes or your ears to avoid seeing something violent you can’t bear to watch, I turned away from Michael Jackson. I couldn’t continue. He would be okay without me watching.

From that point on, I avoided even so much as glancing at tabloids in the checkout line. I stopped watching entertainment and gossip type shows on T.V.

As many of these old thoughts flashed through my head, I welcomed the escape of my brother and my little niece visiting for the 4th of July.


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