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Michael Jackson Justice: The Autopsy - February 10, 2010

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Autopsy - February 10, 2010

Much like Michael’s dance moves, things move just as fast in the scandals after his death (unless you are talking about the investigation and the arrest of Murray).

There is a lot of anger about this and it has to do with justice and how hypocritical our justice system is, the media and the press are, and even people in the very industry that Michael fed so well.

The Autopsy report came out the same day Murray was charged. (surrendered?) I made the mistake of reading it. Trust me it was more than I ever wanted to, or thought I had a right to know. I was as torn as going to that link as I was about purchasing “This is It”. But for the same reason I bought the DVD, I read the entire report . . . There is so much misinformation out there, so many lies and sensationalism for the purpose of selling news, I wanted to get the information from the source BEFORE I saw the lies in print.

I also wanted to educate myself on the amount of the drug “propofol” that was in his system. It was upsetting and pretty eerie reading this information.

There were several notable things on the autopsy report that caught my attention. One of the more prominent and glaring things reminded me of the rumors that went around about Michael concerning his skin color. Vitiligo was confirmed in the report and judging by the areas described, he had little of his original color left on him. He still had darker patches on his face, parts of his arms, chest, etc.

They described the scaring on his face possibly related to the plastic surgeries. I was surprised that, with all the surgeries people speculated that he had over the years, the only scaring mentioned was one behind each ear and one on either side of his nose (nostril area). Other scars were identified on his shoulder, knee and on his abdomen (all rather small). I have more scars than Michael Jackson . . . at least on the outside.

The most upsetting read for me was the section where they described just how many I.V. catheters he had inserted and where. I do not see how anyone who was awake could endure this. And if he was asleep, what was the need to insert catheters to administer a drug to . . . put him to sleep? There were also numerous catheter and punctures where I.V’s were inserted near his wrist, knee, shoulder and other injection points on his arms, legs and ankle. If someone was dehydrated, numerous punctures could have been necessary to get an I.V. started.

Tattoos were also mentioned in the report, of a cosmetic nature, to hide thining hair, eyelashes and brows. Not out of the ordinary for someone who's living was made on stage and in the public's eye.

Another piece of information was his height and weight at the time of his death. The report stated that he was 5’ 9” and weighed 136 pounds. Curiously, his driver’s license states he is 5’ 9” and 120 pounds, his mug shot taken in 2005 states he is 5’ 11” and 120 pounds, and his fan web site states he is 5’ 10”. I have seen him in pictures standing next to people who’s height is not such a mystery and I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea how tall Michael was. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is weight wise, he was much healthier when he died, then he was in 2005, if his mug shot is correct.

If you have seen TII and Michael was 5' 9" tall, then 136 could not have possibly been his weight. He was way too thin. This leads to some other theories that for now, will be on a future blog. This information leads to question the accuracy of the autopsy report itself. Now the will is in question and the autopsy report.

There are still some hard-core hoax theorists out there that insist Michael Jackson is still alive. I have to admit I have gone back and forth on this myself. I wish more people that knew him would get involved and stop trying to lay low or worry about rocking the boat. We want this boat capsized! Give those who cared for this man some closure.

We still probably have close to a year to see justice being served, with the way things have gone thus far.

The propofol intoxication levels do not indicate an accidental death. Negligent is almost ridiculous. This smells like premeditated and I cannot believe the D.A. did not go after at least murder 2. There is more than enough evidence there. It is my understanding that they have not even questioned the security that was present at the time. Why not?

Who is the D.A. covering for? Who is promising him political contributions? Who is buying the outcome of this verdict?

Stay on these people and keep the pressure on them!

Contact for D.A.
District Attorney's Office
County of Los Angeles
210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210
Telephone (213) 974-3512Fax (213) 974-1484
TTY (800) 457-7778(8:30am - 5:00pm M-F)

L.A. Chief of Police William Bratton
100 West 1st Street Room
Los Angeles, CA 90012

1 comment:

  1. There is even misinformation in the autopsy report and I haven't yet read past page 2:

    "Around 1200 hours Dr. Murray found that the decedent was not breathing and pulled the decedent onto the bedroom floor and began CPR. 911 was called and paramedics responded to the house."

    Isn't it common knowledge that Murray did not move Michael to the floor to administer CPR, and he used only one hand? Certainly Michael was not moved to the floor before 911 was called as indicated - that is a matter of record. (Assuming THAT record is not fake.) Even if Michael had been alive at that time, that is a totally ineffective way to administer CPR, which is probably the point. Why does this autopsy report in any way state misinformation?

    From there, I began searching for documentation from the first ones on the scene - the paramedic report. Although the F-902M Report itself appears to be unavailable, there is some information out there as to what it contains - lividity. I tend to believe this because
    1) It is apparently not available for public viewing and there are few references to it on the internet.
    2)It fits with why Murray insisted Michael be taken to the hospital when the paramedics wanted him pronounced dead at the scene - so the time of death on the certificate would be many hours after his actual death.

    As with everything in this case, that is up for debate depending upon reliable information coming to light.

    This is exhausting!


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