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Michael Jackson Justice: The Drugs Story - February 11, 2010

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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Drugs Story - February 11, 2010

The Drugs and Michael – February 11, 2010

Earlier in my research of Michael, I ran across a group of depositions while looking for more recent interviews. The pesky “Drug Depositions” that began circulating on YouTube right after the release of the “This is It” Trailers on the same video site. These depositions I bookmarked because there was something “sticky” about them for me.

I began noticing things about this particular deposition (you can view one of them here ), back in late July, when I found the first one. I began bookmarking these under a separate folder on my computer. In this particular video link above, which is identical to the one I bookmarked in July, it is supposedly a deposition taken in 2007. I have seen one “Insider” version where the deposition is during a lawsuit with Mark Schaffel, and another version which tells the lawsuit is with Dieter Wisner.

The first odd thing I noticed about this “deposition” was the blue screen background in the video. Michael is answering questions regarding prescription drugs from an off camera lawyer named “Howard King”. I have seen other depositions, like this one from a year before, and this one from 1997. None of them have the blue screen background.

Also, I noticed how Michael was dressed. His makeup, his hair and his clothing were perfect. The lighting was perfect. Michael was always at a certain angle and he didn’t stray far from it. I noticed on pausing the video, that the face of Michael was much like the face in 2009’s “This is It”. Michael did not look like he did in his numerous other 2007 pictures.

Because of the tabloid nature of these videos, and since they all showed up on YouTube at the same time like an explosion, I began to question these videos. They were designed to make it look like Michael Jackson was just like any other Hollywood junkie. However, as time went on, Investigations into his death seemed to stagnate and Murray’s declaration of Propofol use came into the news, questions of Michael being responsible for his own death began to settle to the ground.

Now that the autopsy is out, and all that was found in Michael’s system was the very drugs that Murray said he administered to him through I.V. and injection, claiming he was trying to get Michael to sleep.

Some people still perpetuate the story of the drug abuse . . . as if owning ANY medications at all indicates drug abuse.

Last night after commenting on the autopsy report (which has its own questions), I went back to my trusty bookmark for the 2007 Drug deposition. However, the bookmarked video on YouTube that I’ve had for the last six months is now gone. Instead what I saw across the top of the screen on YouTube in a little yellow bar:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by F. Marc Schaffel Productions LLC.

Marc Schaffel Productions? Isn’t Mark Schaffel one of the many disgruntled and dismissed of Michael Jackson’s previous business associates? Marc Schaffel sued Michael Jackson over a contract dispute in association with Michael’s “What More Can I Give”. Michael had let him go when he learned that Marc was a producer of gay porn and Marc did not tell him. But that is not even the issue. What bothered me was that a deposition is a legal proceeding. Depositions are not something you can “copyright” You cannot buy “rights” to depositions.

This had my head reeling! The videos were originally put out by “The Sun”. The “Insider” has also run a show depicting portions of this same deposition. So was this a deposition? Or was this a “production”?

I had suspected a couple of months ago that the 2007 “Drug Deposition” as it has been dubbed, could possibly have been filmed much later than the 2007 time frame it claims. Michael’s appearance, the tone of Michael’s voice, his hair, his facial features, the look of his hand and fingers in the video and his demeanor just did not give the appearance that this was an authentic deposition. I have gone back and forth on this, because I was not sold on any hoax theory either. Conspiracy?

I was angry. I posted what I found on a forum where we have been discussing all things Michael and brought this to a few people’s attention. I wanted feedback . . . answers . . . SOMETHING.

Just when I am sure my feet are back on solid ground, I know where I’m going and I’m sure Michael is resting in Heaven somewhere, I come across things like this. I have always said, if you want the truth, stick close to the source. That source here is Michael. All clues lie with him. You’re not going to get it through the media, you are not going to get it through anyone in the entertainment industry who is afraid to rock the boat, and you are not going to get it from anyone who’s friendship with Michael came with a paycheck.

There is so much shifting ground out there. I have never, ever seen so much deceit, smokescreens and cover ups outside of politics. This is Michael Jackson we’re talking about. His whole life has been filled with drama, why should his death be any different?

If someone were to write a book about this man and the complete turmoil that this whole story of his life has become, one would consider it unbelievable . . . yet they still buy those tabloids and watch those news and entertainment shows that made his life just that.

Michael . . . there is no truth out there for you. The people that say they care about you do not want to step up to the plate and take one on the nose for you to clear your name . . . even after everything you have done for them and everyone you came in contact with. I cry for you. Please show us how to get to the truth.

I surmise that Dr. Murray will walk. And he will walk either because he is not guilty (which I do not believe), or because he is being protected (which I DO believe, benefactor remains to be seen), or because people continue to drag out Michael’s long since treated addiction to prescription drugs, giving Murray the perfect defense.

I don’t know if it’s Michael that people love, or just the drama surrounding him. The trap is open and people are falling in. And they’re pulling Michael down with them . . . again.

More than one of Michael's friends have said they never saw any evidence of any drug use or abuse. The ones that do claim to have seen this are the very same ones out there selling interviews to the tabloids. Remember how Michael got into this mess in the first place. Do not believe everything you read, even on the forums.

Yes, Michael was a human being and he's made mistakes. He's made bad choices. But he was also a responsible father, and a faithful follower of Christ. His speeches are filled with pleas to love and protect children, be responsbile stewards of the earth the God gave us, spend time with your children.

When looking for the truth, the only one you should be listening to, is Michael.


  1. Great post. I agree with you. Something is very wrong. Lots of things are not adding up. Lies, coverups, bs. Video footage is being pulled left and right, yet some others are throwing clues are way.

    Thank you for your kinds words about Michael, and for having an open mind.

    Peace and Love.


  2. Interesting material here at LunaJo67:


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