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Michael Jackson Justice: Loneliness kills - Febraury 14, 2010

God: Reconnect to Him

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loneliness kills - Febraury 14, 2010

Loneliness Can Kill – February 14, 2009

Today has been the day of epiphanies . . . It is a rare privilege to have them, but to have two in one day is a miracle. It has really helped me try to come to terms with all this.

Discussion with friends while getting through a mourning process is absolutely essential to . . . well, getting THROUGH it.

One of the forums that I became close to, I had asked the owner of that forum about things I had noticed concerning videos of Michael’s drug deposition. I asked in private message and asked him If I could talk openly about how I felt. When he asked me what was wrong, I told him. It was not a popular topic and instead of trying to figure out with me the discrepancy, I was ridiculed for finding it.

I removed myself from that person’s page and I couldn’t help but think, “is this how Michael would have reacted?” “Wouldn’t he have wanted to know the truth?”

Later that day, another friend sent me a link to a news article. It was not from a source of integrity, but it brought me crashing back to earth with the purpose in which I started this blog to begin with. The link to the article is here:

Paremedics Report

I read the article and it hit home just what the Jackson family is up against in seeing this doctor put behind bars. The article itself turns my stomach with the graphic description of the condition of Michael. You don’t want to believe that any human being could sit by and watch another human being die at their very own hands.

I don’t want to believe that a D.A. could be so callous as to disregard the evidence turned in several weeks ago before Murray’s arrest, proving that Michael was long dead before a paramedic was even called. Manslaughter? Don’t you believe it.

I don’t want to believe that another human being, who so loved people and tried so hard to live what he read in the Bible, could be so lonely that not even his family could get close enough to help him.

I don’t want to believe that the only friends Michael had, were those who were on his payroll. I don’t want to believe either, that the only friends Michael had, he felt he couldn’t trust because they had something to gain from having a piece of him.

The man who set records selling music, set standards in music video and set records in charitable giving also set records in loneliness. Loneliness kills. It deflates the will to live. How can someone be lonely when he was so loved all over the world?

How can a man who loved and trusted God, made organ transplants for orphans possible, visited children’s hospitals all around the world, supplied everyone he visited, prayed and sang his prayers to music and gave everything he had to give until he had nothing left . . . have been lonely?

It doesn’t seem possible that anyone who loved God as much as he did, could have been lonely, but he was. I got a taste of that today, when bringing up the possibility to one person that maybe he was still alive. Despite that his person said he knew Michael personally for ten years, he reacted to me the same way many people reacted to the Michael reported in the tabloids.

I have said before that this is not a normal place for me to be. I do not get wrapped up in celebrity and have never, ever taken a position on any celebrity in my life. It’s not my world. Why am I so drawn to this? Why Michael Jackson? Why do I even care what other people think about this man? Why do I feel so driven to defend him? Why am I offended when someone seems to have little interest in finding justice for his murder?

Another dear friend made it crystal clear to me in this simple and true statement:

“Our attraction may simply be in our own need to be like him, as Christians, and to give of ourselves, like he did.”

Our attraction to him, is that he was a kind and forgiving person. He was humble despite the extreme fame he suffered. He was able to remain childlike in a world that devours its own young. He had no fear of innocence and did not think it was a bad word. And he conducted himself when facing intense persecution as Christ would have conducted himself . . . He didn’t always succeed, but he is one of the few that walked the talk.

We are drawn to him out of love for who created us. He showed us that labels given to us by others do not determine who we are or what we accomplish . . . he is a walking testimony to that. We are drawn to him out of guilt of who we let ourselves become, and we struggle to get one last exposure to him to learn how to “get it right” before he fades from the news.

Stop fighting with each other. It doesn’t matter who knew him or who met him, who had more time with him. Just try to be the example he set. Remember him when you see someone who is lonely. You will know by the look in their eyes. Reach out to them. It's a blessing in disguise.

Remember It’s all about Love and don’t forget . . . And Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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  1. I know this is an old post, and I really have not much to say - I have too much really but it won't come out of my fingers..
    so this is just to let you know that I, like probably others, have read what you wrote from the heart, and my heart is in the same place, and I feel you and thank you. That's all, thank you for giving words to my heart.


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