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Michael Jackson Justice: Prince's Birthday, Febrary 13, 2010

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Prince's Birthday, Febrary 13, 2010

Today is Michael’s son’s birthday. Prince is 13 years old today. I have spent most of the day thinking about sons who have lost their fathers too soon. I think about all the children that Michael comforted that didn’t have either parent, was sick or dying from disease, didn’t have enough to eat or the necessary medical care.

I think about the boy who Michael brought emotionally through his fight with cancer, and the way that kindness was returned that sparked the beginning of the end. This is going to be an angry blog tonight.

There are so many things floating around regarding this whole saga around Michael’s death. I don’t want to say death. I don’t want to say passed. My new hated words in the English language:


A post I made about the drug depositions was deleted. It was not the first time that happened. It’s not unusual to censor questions you don’t want asked . . . politicians do it all the time when they pick and choose who gets clearance for the press conference and who doesn’t.

You tow the line, shut your mouth and say what they want you to say. It’s hard for me to sit there acting normal when every hair on the back of my neck is standing on end.

I will say this much . . . the “feel good” groups with Michael Jackson may help you feel better, but it’s not going to bring that man justice. If a person cannot stand up and say what is right without being censored or ostracized, then you know something in wrong in “feelgoodville”.

I have never met Michael and I feel the need to fight for him. I would think that those who met and knew him would feel an even stronger sense of purpose in that direction. I cannot understand why they would want to hide information.

Does Prince know that Dr. Murray was given better treatment for killing his father, then his father received for being Michael Jackson?

Does Prince have any idea how many people have completely taken advantage of his father, who has only tried to relieve pain and suffering for others?

Does Prince know that his father championed the children who were lonely, so they wouldn’t feel the extreme loneliness he felt himself himself? He wanted all children to feel loved.

Did Prince get to witness how his father brought out the child in everyone that met him for the first time? It was an amazing thing to see . . . even hard core rappers turned into shy children when meeting him.

Does Prince realize that on his father’s 13th birthday, he did not get cake or ice cream, no presents, and was most likely working . . . performing for others?

Is Prince going to realize what an incredible example of Christ-like behavior his father tried to teach others through example?

Dear Prince . . . Many others are experiencing your loss with you. In that way, your father made sure you were not alone. Not in pain or sorrow, not in fear or trepidation of the future. We all will miss the light he took out of this world with him. I am sorry he is not here for your birthday. And I wish we all could have done more to make sure he was before all the damage was done.

I wish that he could have been as protected as he made sure you and your sister and brother were.

I feel like a hypocrite saying “Happy” Birthday. How can it be happy? I will wish you a blessed birthday. May God watch over you and protect you.

Everyone who reads this blog . . . I need your help. I cannot do this myself. Is anyone interested in doing some research? I need to delegate some of this out so we can cover all bases. If you are interested, private message me on FaceBook!

Thank you!

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