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Michael Jackson Justice: “This is It” Review – February 2, 2010

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

“This is It” Review – February 2, 2010

“This is It” Review – February 2, 2010

My fear and hesitation in watching Michael’s last “performace” for “This is It” was somehow overshadowed by the passing of my grandfather. I thought I would be more emotional because of the events of that week, but I was actually a lot calmer and could focus on the details I was looking for.

The DVD opens with a plug for Barack Obama for the first 15 minutes. The fact that I just realized I paid $16.00 for a political advertisement really set my teeth on edge. It didn’t matter what side of the political fence you are on, political propaganda should not be something I should be paying for. It would have fit Michael promoting children’s charities or relief efforts, even recycling would have been a more appropriate addition and would have complimented this video and Michael’s message perfectly.

During the opening introduction, a scrolling passage explaining the Movie and how the spliced together segments of rehearsal footage became a movie revealed that the film was originally going to be part of Michael’s personal collection. It also mentioned that the Jackson Estate gave permission for the release of “This is It”. For as quickly as this was put together, you would almost have to assume that the Jackson Estate and the Producers of “This is It” had close relations . . . Oh that’s right, they did! John Branca, one of the executors of the Jackson Estate is also a producer of “This is It” and employed by Sony.

I thought it was interesting that they included this piece of information with fans watching so intently. Even more curious is the fact that the Judge in California, on Joe Jackson’s appeal, refused to hear arguments on removing the current executors of Michael’s will due to conflict of interest. It is evident that conflict of interest exists. This movie just rubs it into your face.

Michael looks thinner in some scenes than he does in others. If this footage was filmed over a space of four months, I can see how that can happen, if Michael was in a deteriorating state of health. However, sources close to Michael have made mention that many of the scenes in which Michael is rehearsing were filmed the last week of his life.

There are segments in which Michael does not sound like Michael. His voice sounds lower, huskier and more nasal. His accent is different, but he is not slurring his words.

At no time did I see any evidence of any addiction to drugs. Michael did move slower, as most of us at the age of 50 would. But he was not off cue, he was engaged, his voice sounded very good. His dancing, while not the sharp and powerful movements of his concert days, he still knew how to move.

There was evidence of Michael’s extreme need for a healthy second helping of mashed potatoes and gravy with biscuits and roast beef and maybe some sleep. But there was nothing to convince me that this man had a drug problem. Just losing sleep at our ages can do a ton of damage to your body. For the lack of food and sleep this man seemed to have witnesses to, I think it was remarkable that got even this much usable footage to convince us that Michael was in good health.

There is one thing that I agree with in the promotion of this as a movie . . . this was definitely Michael as we had never seen him before.

Michael was nervous, funny, agitated, cute, fed up, coaching, encouraging to the others, frustrated at times yet always nice and considerate of anyone else’s feelings. Watching him rehearse and interact with others was charming and endearing.

The problems I had with this whole project is the way it was promoted and the speed in which it was produced and sent out to theaters and then DVD. This was definitely a cash grab. As much as I enjoyed watching Michael work behind the scenes of budding concert performance, it was evident to me that this was never going to come to fruition as a concert.

It is amazing to me that, if it is true that Michael’s idea to perform one concert and have it telecast to theaters and stadiums all over the world was turned down by AEG, that is exactly what happened, albeit in “rehearsal” form. Look at the money that has been made just from the release in theaters alone! Without the output of funds to produce a 50 concert project! Obviously, the idea would have worked tremendously, one has to ask, why did AEG turn down the idea when Michael suggested it? Didn’t they make a boatload of money on the rehearsal footage alone? DVD sales have not even been tallied yet. Wow.

The surrounding controversy, outside of AEG, Sony and “This is It” is enough to make your head spin. If there is any kind of addiction involved with this whole saga, it has more to do with Michael Jackson himself and MONEY, then with one artist and his plight to find one friend that didn’t receive a paycheck from him.

Michael was faithful to the point of mentioning God in just about every interview he ever gave. He loved children more than anything else in the world, he lived for them. His own children were his priority. Michael and drugs did not fit into this picture. Even prescription drugs. I cannot see this man putting his children in harm’s way, with everything he knew was surrounding him at the time.

Dr. Conrad Murray is still a doctor, despite the fact that he has been named and charged in a homicide case in where he was the attending physician at the time of Michael’s death. He was dispensing and prescribing medication in a state he was not licensed to do so. There is not even a medical board inquiry and the man is back to work at a clinic where he was previously employed. Tell me that Houston, Texas knows nothing about Michael Jackson’s death.

L.A.P.D. is dragging through this investigation and after over a month since announcing Murray was being charged, he still has not been arrested.

Judges overlook obvious conflicts of interest in one of the most controversial and high profile inheritances ever.

There is no official release of an autopsy, even after two were supposedly performed.
Prescription drug addiction propaganda appears all over YouTube the same day “This is It” release is announced. Is someone making up this story as they go? Or are people across numerous professions really this incompetent at the same time, on the same case?

There is the drama behind the ATV/Sony catalog that Michael is still half owner of. There is the interview with 60 Minutes in which an obviously frightened Michael mentions, but does not want to talk about, a conspiracy.

My husband believes the man is still alive somewhere. Even after watching “This is It”, he believes that Michael was just fed up. He mentioned a part of the book "Atlas Shrugged" where someone else had disappeared just as Michael said he wanted to do in Shmuley's interviews with him.

After seeing his children speak at the Grammy’s I cannot say without a shadow of a doubt, that Michael isn’t alive somewhere. There are more questions answered by the possibility of him being alive, than there are when following what has happened since his death.

I keep getting dragged back into the possibility of a faked death because there are more loose ends tied there, then there are with a murdered Michael.

I keep an opened mind and I continue to watch. I don’t doubt for one minute that Michael was more than deserving of an escape. I would love to believe that he accomplished that for himself. If anyone has the imagination to pull something like this off, he would be the one. It’s brilliant if that is what happened.

On the movie, “This is It” I have half a mind to break that DVD up into little pieces and send it to Kenny Ortega with a nasty little note: “Kenny . . . this is not it, and this is not over. I hope it was worth it to you. Because celebrating ‘The Man’ you had so little regard for over the almighty dollar did not go unnoticed by millions of Michael’s fans and admirers. Michael knows God will be your judge . . . and so do you."

Oddly enough, I am more at peace about Michael after viewing "This is It" then I was before I saw it. Other than an ocassional bout of frustration with a dancer or musician missing his cue, or ear plug troubles, he seemed tired, yet happy and there was a sense of finality to it all. Almost like Michael knew, This Was It. His goodbye . . . he was done. He did his job and now it was up to all those he taught the meaning of love to, to take over for him so he could rest.

There still remains the justice. There was still an obvious disregard for Michael's well being by those who profited most from him. There still remains justice for what the media and the press did to this man, and there still remains questions regarding a murder . . . attempted murder and Michael's song rights being rightfully placed with his family and/or children. Maybe a family intervention did take place after all?

So many questions still to be answered. Please keep writing your letters to the L.A.P.D., the press, K.O. and R.P.

Maybe we should have a "This is It" burning in front of AEG's headquarters?

Thoughts to consider.




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