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Michael Jackson Justice: The Whole AEG-Thingey, February 27, 2010

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Whole AEG-Thingey, February 27, 2010

The Whole AEG-Thingey, February 27, 2010

Trying to concentrate on the investigation at the core is hard enough with all the side road trips the press and the media keep throwing at us. Now we have the NAACP, despite thousands of letters, emails and feedback left on their web site, decided to go ahead and vote Michael Jackson’s FUNERAL/MEMORIAL as best variety show of 2009.

Variety show. Indeed, I can’t think of anything more entertaining than viewing a gold, flower-covered casket while the grieving and crying deceased’s daughter gives her eulogy. Maybe Paris should be up for the Grammy’s next year for her “performance”??? What a way to “Stand by Your Man”, NAACP! That is about as classy and sincere as Kenny Ortega’s tears while telling Michael’s fans that he “Wanted to do these concerts”.

Perhaps this organization should spend more time trying to raise funds by actually getting BEHIND Michael Jackson and demanding a thorough investigation into his death by the L.A.P.D., instead of joining the rest of the vultures making hay on his name.
A variety show. Michael, are you sorry your money went to this organization to pay for your own death award? There were so many other ways they could have honored Michael Jackson’s contributions to LIFE and the betterment of life for others. This is beyond sick.

My off-roading trip over, let’s get back to main road, where we left off with Dr. Murray and his connection to AEG.

By all accounts, Dr. Murray was Michael’s personal doctor. He did not become Michael’s personal doctor however, until the rehearsals for the concerts were under way. AEG “required” the doctor. AEG’s insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, required two physicals to insure Michael. Michael never made it to his second physical. He would have never passed it. They knew it.

From every source that I have seen, Michael chose the doctor, but AEG was paying the bill. Therefore, Dr. Murray was working for AEG.

What would AEG stand to gain from Michael’s death, with 50 sold out concerts to honor?

- LOL Insurance policy for $17.5 Million to be paid in case of death including drug overdose

- Production costs and Jackson expenses were between $25 - $30 million

- Michael came up with an idea to do one show, and telecasting it to theaters and stadiums around the world to relieve the stress of trying to accomplish 50 shows. Michael was turned down.

- AEG quickly goes into production mode after Michael’s death, to capitalize on the footage shot for “This is It” rehearsals, damage control with the press and releases the crew and performers had to sign with tight restrictions on what they could say to the press.

- AEG has thus far made over $250 million from “This is It” and $60 million in selling the movie rights to (ironically) Sony.

- AEG would have had to have gotten permission from the Jackson Estate to sell the movie rights to Sony . . . Since John Branca is the Executor of the Jackson estate. Guess who he also represents? That’s right . . . Sony. John McClain, the other attorney, is also a producer of “This is It.” Talk about your backroom, conflict of interest deals. They couldn’t be more in-your-face about this if they were in D.C.
You can read more about Randy Phillip’s snide comments at the bottom of the article by clicking here

Recently financial documents had indicated Jackson had $331 million in debt, assets at $567.6 million. The assets include Neverland (which reports years before valued at in excess of $120 million but sold a $35 million stake to Colony Capital in fall of 2008), his own music catalog, and his share of the Beatles catalog (which some unconfirmed reports Sunday claim that Jackson had borrowed against in recent years from Sony). The five page document allegedly claims Jackson at the time to have a mere $668,215 in cash on hand. AEG was paying Michael’s rent, medical, children’s tutors, his security and other expenses.

Both John Branca and John McCain owned a 5% stake in Sony music. This alone should have prompted a judge to boot both of them from controlling Michael’s estate.

Michael’s estate includes his own extensive music catalog, rights to the Beatles’ songs, and merchandising and licensing agreements estimated to be worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars.

Yes, murder has been committed for much less. Read more here:

I have two theories for why the LAPD and the D.A. have not gone after the charge of murder for Dr. Murray:

Either Murray is being protected and someone is being paid off or,

The investigation is still ongoing, since people around Michael are still being questioned and Murray is actually the fall guy.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we begin to dig into the mess that is Sony/Branca/Mattola.


  1. Your words are gold as always, thank you dear Usagi. <3

  2. Regarding the Randy Phillips link...
    100 hours of rehearsal footage cost (wildly over budget of) $25 million = $250,000+++ an hour to shoot?!? How is that possible? Who can charge that kind of money for a few guys (no sexist political incorrectness intended... gag...cough...puke!) to stand behind cameras? Man, (see above disclaimer) I must live a very sheltered life to believe this is just insanity!

    That footage was at Michael's request for his own personal archives. How does it suddenly become the property of AEG...just because they were the first ones on the scene to grab it immediately following his ASSASSINATION? And, already (on the very day of his death?) had plans to turn it into BIG money?

    I'm sorry Michael that my children and I attended the opening night of TII. Like most at the time, I didn't know I was supporting criminals! This is just sick.

    NAACP dubs memorial as a variety show?!? Shame on them! What do morality and the sewer have in common?

    What has become of humanity? Are money and power all that is important anymore?!?

    I have to wonder why the family is doing nothing about "the will" and the HUGE conflict of interest. Why are they so dormant? May as well have just appointed Sony as executors and be done with it.

    Good job Bonnie...


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