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Michael Jackson Justice: March 2010

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010 - A Michael Proverb

March 31, 2010 - A Michael Proverb

I am posting some pictures of my activities today, posting Sony Campaign notes at the Harford Mall, but that is not what tonight's blog is about. Tonight, I am giving Michael some room to talk.

Tonight I am taking a break and I am going to let him talk tonight through the web page of a friend of mine. But first, I want to share this with you:

One day . . . a wealthy family man took his son on a trip to the country, so he could have his son see how poor country people live.

They stayed one day and one night in the home of a very humble farmer. At the end of the trip, and when they were back home, the father asked his son, "What did you think of the trip?"

The son replied, "Very nice dad."

Then the father asked his son, "Did you notice how poor they were?"

The son replied, "Yes."

The father continued asking, "What did you learn?"

The son responded, "I learned that we have one dog in our house, and they have four.

Also, we have a fountain in our garden, but they have a stream that has no end.

And we have imported lamps in our garden . . . where they have the stars!

And our garden goes to the edge of our property. But they have the entire horizon as their back yard!"
At the end of the son's reply the father was speechless.

His son then said, "Thank you dad for showing me how poor we really are."

Isn't it true that all depends on the lens you use to see life?

One can ask himself what would happen if we give thanks for what we have instead of always asking for more.

Faith through Michael’s Eyes -

Michael’s faith is probably one of his most prominent qualities among fans that really know who he was as a person
In early July of last year, as I was tearing through Michael interviews trying to get to know him, the first thing I noticed is that in every interview, Michael mentioned, discussed, advocated and/or praised God. I had never known this about him before June 25th. I knew he loved children and had talked about going to church, but I never knew he was such an example to follow in faith.

I remember my jaw dropped when I heard him, for the first time, try to explain to a lawyer in a deposition that Jesus said to love children and to be like children when we come to him. I back-tracked and replayed that part of the deposition a number of times.

I saw it in every single televised interview that was posted on YouTube. For eight hours that day, I watched and re-watched parts of interviews. Then I cried, and I cried and I cried.

I have been a child of Christ since I was twelve years old. I have read the Bible numerous times and had never, ever heard what Jesus said put the way Michael had put it. It was so easy to understand. Here I thought I had it and I never really did.

Michael was the way Jesus wanted us to be . . . innocent, giving, child-like in his trust, honest and loving, like only children knew how to be. That was what Jesus was talking about in Matthew, and Luke and John.

It was during this stretch of time, over the week after the fourth of July, watching these interviews, that I realized that Michael was indeed in Heaven. It was then I thanked God for what Michael was showing me.

I began doing searches on Michael in regard to his faith. Michael was not boxed in by a religion or a church. Yes, he got his start in his mother’s church with Jehovah’s Witnesses, but he read the Bible on his own. When J.W. wanted to box Michael in, Michael ex-communicated himself from the Jehovah’s Witnesses church.

Michael’s reasoning as per this article, was that he wanted to do what God told him to do, not what a church told him to do. He also discussed this in the Schmuley tapes.

I never had so much respect for a man in my life, aside from my husband, in taking the courage to do what he did. When you profess faith in God, it means exercising that faith. You live what you believe. Michael took his cues from God. He prayed often during the day and read his Bible. Asking God what he wants you to do from day to day is the kind of Blind faith Jesus talks about with his disciples.

It was also during the subsequent weeks that I decided to really delve into Michael’s song lyrics . . . lyrics that for the most part, I had been ignorant of, up until then.

One of the web pages I found while searching on Michael and his faith in God and Christ, was this one:

Some of the quotes I picked up from this page:

“When meeting or even around Michael, there was certainly an aura. It was quite incredible. And it wasn't just when meeting him, it often continued afterwards too. I distinctly remember after a meeting with him in Tenerife, I just had this tremendous sense of love for everyone. I just wanted to love people. Michael hadn't spoken directly about this to me, but it was almost as if that aura around him had somehow rubbed off on me, if that makes sense?”

And …

“Even those fans who never met Michael often felt a deep connection with him. He had that capacity to draw you close, to mesmerize you with his love and compassion, but also with his aura, which he always acknowledged was from God Almighty Himself” Dee Pfeiffer

You can read more about her story and meetings with Michael on this page.

Seth Riggs - Vocal coach for Michael: “"You know, there was one moment. I was playing a piano, and he was standing next to me. All of a sudden, he stretched his hands, looking upwards. It seemed to me that it was very important to him. That’s why I left the room and switched the light off. After half an hour I came back to the room. He was whispering: “Thank you for my talent. Thank you for everything I’ve got. Thank you for all the people who love me. Tell me what I should do, and I’ll do it.” It seemed to me that it was the moment of his communication with God."

If you want a reason to fall in love with this man all over again, I implore you to read Debbie’s page on his faith. Then, start reading the book that he loved reading so much. Michael would love it! So would God!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29 – The Audacity of Sony

March 29 – The Audacity of Sony

Matthew 5:4 – "You’re blessed when you feel you’ve lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you . . .”

“Lord, let my life show you to someone today….” Eric Fellman

Matthew 7: 15-16 - (15) “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. (16) You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” (Sony, we see you!)

There comes a time in a person’s life when you are faced with a decision on whether to fight on behalf of another. A decision that common sense will try to tell you does not matter, but common decency says must be acted upon. This is one of those times.

Sony, AEG and that lot now controlling Michael’s name and his children’s rightful place in his legacy has gone beyond both common sense and decency. Aside from what we already know:

John Branca fraudulently in control of Michael’s estate since being fired by Michael in 2003, earning unethically ten percent of any increase in said estate, has sold rights to Michael’s unreleased music to Sony, whom he also works for, and who also unethically is executive producer of AEG’s “This is It”.

Branca has taken to selling stolen personal belongings according to Joe Jackson, that should belong to Michael’s children. He has released Julian’s to auction Michael’s personal belongings to coincide with the anniversary of his murder on June 25th of this year. If that’s not a middle finger up to the noses of those who love Michael, I don’t know what is!

At this link, Branca said, “"What John (McClain) and I have been trying to do is execute a game plan Michael would have been comfortable with."

Michael would have been comfortable with his original decision of keeping both Branca and Sony away from him and his music.

Branca is turning everything over to Sony in short order. How this got past a judge in California could best be answered by what is currently going on with Richard Fine. Seems like the officials in the justice system in California and particular Los Angeles are bought cheap and put away dirty. D.A. Steve Cooley announced his campaign for State Attorney General and Fine has been in solitary confinement for the last 12+months for trying to expose the judges for sale in the Golden State.

What are the fans to make of Sony’s “in-your-face” campaign to blight both the anniversary of Michael’s death with the sale of his personal effects, and the events planned for his birthday by AEG and Phillips/Ortega? And how did Branca legally get his fingers in all three areas of control?

It has long been common knowledge that there was no love lost between the LAPD, the office of the District Attorney and Michael Jackson since his innocence twice thwarted their efforts to destroy him and made them look as crooked as they are today? Three strikes and you’re out. Sony’s third attempt to own Michael may succeed if fans do not unite and stand against Michael’s murder.

There is no way anyone is going to convince me that a cardiologist committed a “mistake” with the horrendous forensic evidence now available to the general public. There is no way anyone can convince me that the D.A. cannot see this as anything but at least a murder 2 charge unless he’s being paid NOT to see it!

There is no way that anyone is going to convince me that Michael approved of John Branca and Sony working together to exploit his legacy when he fought them tooth and nail since 2001 to keep control of his ownership in the music catalog that Sony has been trying to steal since that time.

There is no way anyone is going to convince me that John Branca, as head of the helm of “This is It”, the Jackson Estate, and a rep of Sony and beneficiary of half of the 10% spoils of any increase in said estate, had time to arrange all this AFTER Michael’s death. This was planned. There is no two ways about it!

Fans need to WAKE UP! Michael went cash poor fighting these behemoth’s off. Sony bought into Michael’s catalog back in 1995, their first foray into the music publishing business. If it weren’t for Michael they would not be where they are today. They made billions off his name and still it was not enough! This was the beginning of Michael’s demise! Sony has been conspiring to take control of that catalog ever since 1995!

Michael KNEW they were trying to kill him and thanks to the lies and rumors the media perpetrated, NO one took him seriously! Like I said before, murder has been committed for a lot less money. We’re talking BILLIONS, people! An external, document audit needs to be implemented against Sony Music Publishing and John Branca’s firm, and not by the worthless LAPD.

Fans still purchasing his music under the Sony label are KILLING HIM AGAIN! And again, and again and again! I’m sorry if that offends you but it is just that simple. You are financing the murder contract.

You look at that face at the top of this blog update and tell me that “you don’t care, you want to hear his music!”

Then Sony puts out pieces of character sabotage to cover their tracks and divert attention to what they are doing, like this:

Hit Pieces Needed to Divert Guilt


“When I surveyed leading record industry executives in 1995 to determine pop's hottest properties, Michael wasn't in the top 20.”

This is a lie! Michael was in his PRIME in 1995! How short a memory do they think his fans have?

And this . . .

“One executive said flatly: "The thing he doesn't understand is that he'd be better off in the long run if he made a great record that only went to No. 20 than if he hyped another mediocre record to No. 1. The thing he needs is credibility."

His records WERE number one . . . all over the world, all the way through the Sony-sabotaged “Invincible”. The U.S. where Sony’s music publishing business was based, and where the media was given free rein, is the only country in which Michael’s music sales went down. And “Invincible” was number one all over the rest of the world DESPITE the fact that Sony stopped promoting it to force Michael into financial ruin!

“Another executive said simply that Michael was "over."”

In 1995? Are you kidding me? In 1995, Michael still surpassing record album sales of ALL OTHER ARTISTS. How much did Sony pay this guy to write this piece? How ignorant of Michael’s accomplishments do they think Michael’s fans are? Then he went on to write this:

“After that, I followed his life from a distance -- the child molestation charges, the battle with painkillers, the marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, the increasingly bizarre lifestyle.”

“After” 1995 he “followed his life”? All that happened that he mentioned was actually before 1995, not “after”. Rule of thumb . . . if you are going to LIE, at least write it down so you can remember what you said in the same conversation. You need an I.Q. to be a halfway DECENT liar.

This sounds so obviously like an attempt to TRY to convince those watching this case, that Michael was “over” in 1995. It really leaves it hard to explain why Sony would go to such lengths to try to keep Michael from leaving his contract with them . . . or the massive effort they’ve made in getting involved with everything Michael Jackson since his death. $250 million-plus deal for the unreleased music from an “over” pop star sounds like a really stupid investment, wouldn’t you say, Sony? They are defeating their own argument just in the voracious way they are going after all Michael’s business.

“…By their fruits, you will know them….”

We’re watching you. People are going to learn the truth.

Keeping an eye on the investigation - Real Evidence Request to Join

From posts on another Facebook Page:

“They are mostly relying on careless and ignorant fans to buy their stuff - what they're relying on is our MONEY. “

“We have ALL control over them if we'd just collectively USE it. That would mean most or very many fans just NOT buying Michael's stuff from them so that they cannot profit any more off of his death.”

“They need to be put in their place. The fans are the only ones who can do it. The place they belong in is a place of being unable to profit off of Michael's death/murder anymore.”

“But I fear many fans are too careless (they don't care about Michael the human being, only his music and about what he can do in death to continue to entertain them) and/or too ignorant to NOT guy stuff from $ony. Many likely aren't aware and/or don't care about how $ony abused Michael in the past and about how they continue to abuse his legacy, his family, and his fans now. They STILL want to give $ony money. And, in doing so they are helping $ony to continue to manipulate, use and abuse his fans and family and his legacy.”

“They don't know. They don't care.” (In reference to fans who buy and won’t listen).

“But I CARE about Michael. Sure. I love his music. But I love HIM - MORE. His wishes are being violated by $ony and Branca. His family is being fed crumbs while Branca$ony profit from his legacy of music, and his fans are being manipulated into giving them $ so they can continue to profit from his death and they may have had a hand IN his death.”

"But since I have learnt from a very reliable source that Mottola and Branca manipulated his contract, I decided not to spend 1 more cent for $ony Music. I will hear the songs anyway and it is not a sacrifice for me to leave the albums in the store shelves.” for more information
Please join and help us fight this!

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28, 2010 – Michael and his Dad and his Love

March 28, 2010 – Michael and his Dad and his Love

I have written briefly about Michael’s relationship with his dad before but never really went in depth. His relationship with his father explains a lot about him and his advocacy for children.

Back this past summer, when I was still being walked through his life, this was one of the areas I had to stop and take a cry break. I had a lot of anger toward his father. Not only that, but his experiences brought back some anger I thought I had long let go of toward my own parents. I was thankful for what Michael had to teach me here about forgiveness. Then I found the video on his speech at Oxford.

An explanation of the speech is on the “This is It” website where he did forgive his father, however the author of this article falsely claims Michael’s parents raised ten children. Katherine had nine children. Unless they are including Michael’s half sister from an affair his father had, the author has his facts wrong. He should have included an explanation or omitted mention of Joe’s illegitimate daughter. It damages the integrity of the article.

You can see Michael’s Oxford Speech here (one of my favorites of his) where he forgives his father, through tears. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

This speech resonates with me because of the truth in it. Michael focused mainly on the love between parents and child, but that forgiveness needs to go beyond to our other relationships. There is healing in forgiveness. I wonder if Michael’s dad ever heard this speech. I cried when I heard this not just for Michael but for my own parents, who were descended from parents that hurt them. It’s generations deep in my family. Michael felt it acutely in most of the children he benefactored and it hurt him.

Michael’s ability to connect to the pain of others was also a gift probably just as great as his musical ability. In a world where we are taught to be tough and not to feel as we grow up, Michael could drill into the emotions of others. Sometimes I believe he may have taken on the pain of others just as some of his fans have taken on his pain. It’s crippling, but is it bad? Not if it moves you to action it isn’t. Michael made us all feel it in his music.

You watch this interview, this portion of it, look at Joe’s eyes and you tell me that he is not in pain at the loss of his son.

Joe is a scrapper. He’s a fighter. That is his gift. It’s not musical, it’s not going to win friends and influence people. But that gift of his will keep a pit bull pulling against the reins when all others have given up the battle and it’s backed by love.

We have to remember that we don’t all show love the same way. Joe’s drive spilled over into Michael in seeking perfection in everything he did. Joe is not perfect. Neither was Michael. Neither are those that write for the media and it’s time we stop beating on this man for things that Michael has long forgiven him for. Love him as Michael did. Joe is going to need our support. Give Joe Jackson room to give Michael what he so longed for, to show his unconditional love for Michael.

Joe’s is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. According to this news article (yes, I’m aware of the source, so take it with a grain of salt), Michael was dead at 11am, expert medical professional said.

This proves that Murray was knowingly hiding information to the detriment of Michael’s possible recovery. (This is up and beyond an act of involuntary manslaughter) He LIED to Richelle Cooper, the hospital doctor who took over the stricken star's treatment. This article says that Murray told her that Michael had not been ill when he had pneumonia, bronchitis and brain swelling. (According to autopsy report, Michael did not have pneumonia, but had inflammation and bronchitis).

Expert medical analysis obtained for the lawsuit suggests he was actually dead at 11am. The heart rythyms reported could not have been sustained spontaneously since Michael had probably already been dead two hours at this point. This is why you have to be careful what you read. He had heart rythyms after being shocked, but only for a few seconds after each application.

This lawsuit also mentions Murray’s visit to a strip bar. This coincides with Geraldine Hughes assertion that Murray was with “hookers”, however she stated it was after the propofol was administered to Michael. We still need to keep pressure on the California officials to up Murray’s charges.

It also states, “Among a huge quantity of powerful medicines found at (Michael’s) home were 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin, both of which are used to whiten skin.” This fails to mention that these two medicines are for treating Michael’s Vitiligo to even out his blotchy skin.

This article continues to falsely put forth that Michael was a drug addict. The lawsuit says no such thing as this article tries to lead you to believe. Michael was not a drug addict, he was “drugged” . . . big difference.

The attacks against Michael’s character for the sake of profit continues not only in the press but also by Sony. Almost mockingly, Branca has scheduled the auctioning of Michael’s personal items (which should go to Michael’s children) for the anniversary of Michael’s death, on June 25th of 2010. That is only couple of months away. Joe Jackson has made a plea to Michael’s fans: Do not to buy any of the personal items of Michael going up for auction. They were stolen from the estate.

I am making another plea: Do NOT buy ANYTHING from Sony. Most especially anything Michael Jackson related or with his name attached to it. It is time for us to stick by Michael the way he has stuck by his fans and the children he fought for.
Remember Michael’s quote:

"The best yet to come!, I'm going to make you (the fans)so proud of me!, All I wanted was to be loved!" These are the things that keep me going.”

Michael taught us what unconditional love was through following him in his struggle to search for it. He sacrificed his privacy, his childhood, his ability to walk down the street without being harassed and his life, for his love of people. He gave everything plus, to his fans on stage. He gave everything plus to try to save as many children as he cold. If we can’t put away our desire to hear a new song of his long enough for Sony to feel the pain of our turning our backs on them, then we have learned nothing from this great man.

Michael and Mozart – What did they have in common?

A post to another friend on someone’s facebook page made me want to dig into the similarities between the great Mozart and Michael Jackson. I was surprised at what I found.

Mozart was also ostracized and made fun of during his lifetime. His child-like qualities were seen as a mental or emotional shortcoming and not recognized as contributing to his genius and musical gifts until after he was long dead. His mentor also tried to capitalize on him (ride his coattails) as did others that made brief appearances in his life. It is speculated that Salieri may have succeeded in poisoning Mozart, but historians would disagree, attributing that story to the drama of the Movie “Amadeus”. We hope not to let that happen with Michael, leaving the battles with Sony as some drama-fueled rumor.

Artists have this intrinsic ability to detach themselves emotionally while at the same time channeling their emotions in their art. It is sometimes the only way they are able to connect to other people. Face to face they usually (the true artists) are either shy or aloof . . . not all, but many of your true artists.

Michael seemed to be the opposite. He wanted to be able to connect to people and had the ability to do so in ways that still puzzle those not his fans, however the walls he had to put up to protect himself gave little room for him to be able to reach out. As much as he was judged, his need to please was never satiated. Many of us feel the weight of that guilt in possibly contributing to that.

I almost feel that if Sony succeeds in contributing to Michael’s death while building an empire on his bones, we will have failed him. And Artists far below his caliber will easily succumb to the machine that commercial music has become.

Please join this group and even if you already have a group on facebook for Justice for Michael, join your group up with them also. We need to collect everyone in one place. A bunch of splintered support groups are not going to make as much of an impact as one huge, collective voice for Michael. Please join it today.

Also, this group is organizing the One Million Movement for Justice in D.C. on August 29th and 30th. Please join to keep updated on the time and meeting places. The plan is for a March to the Capital to meet with one of the congressmen. We have been sending letters and I implore you to continue to do so. Contact information and sample letters here.

Tomorrow, We’re back on Sony’s case with “The Audacity of Sony”.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 27, 2010 – Michael’s Heath Discussed Ustream Event

March 27, 2010 – Michael’s Heath Discussed Ustream Event

One of the issues that angers me to the point of pain is the media play on Michael’s health. We covered this during the Ustream event on March 26th (just last night) and I will review this and the article in the Yahoo News regarding the search warrants.

Eilleen Madore was one of the guests on Justice4mj’s 9-month remembrance special. This special also included Geraldine Hughes, and Taaj Malik. Hulya Julie Tipi has been hosting these events and If memory serves me correctly this is her third successful Ustream Event in honor of justice for Michael Jackson (Justice4mj on FaceBook).

Taaj Malik was the first guest on the call-in and she spoke of the VERY IMPORTANT Event in Washington D.C. on August 29 – 30th, Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday. The event is a planned march to the Capital Building to talk to a member of congress. As this is still in the process of being organized, I have no other details at this time. Eddie Jones Jr. will be there as well as Taaj Malik, Geraldine Huges, Eilleen Madore and thousands (we hope) Michael Jackson friends. (We are friends now, as we are all fighting for him.)

Taaj and Eddie are working on which congressman or senator we will be meeting with and as things come together, it will be posted. You can get more information for that here.

Geraldine Hughes was the next guest interviewed. Geraldine is the author of the book “Redemption”, which was about the 1993 allegations. Ms. Hughes was the legal assistant for Evan Chandler’s lawyer and she saw first hand the extortion attempt against Michael Jackson. She enlightened us to the bias in the D.A.’s office and the L.A.P.D which still exists today. Ms. Hughes book “Redemption is still available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It will give you an excellent fly-on-the-wall experience as to what was going on and what the motive was in ruining Michael Jackson.

Eddie Jones, who just happened to be working at the missions during the interview, graced our presence again in giving us more information on the Million March on Washington event in August. He answered questions that arose since the last Ustream event on the 23rd and also updated us on another travesty of justice, the case of Richard Fine. While Mr. Fine had nothing to do with Michael Jackson, Mr. Fine is an attorney that has been held unconstitutionally in solitary confinement for the last twelve months because of his attempt to expose the corruption in the California court rooms. Eddie and Taaj have been also working to get his case heard and get him released. Please read more on that here.

Eilleen Madore was the last guest online with us last night. She delved a little deeper into the health issues with Michael Jackson and what the autopsy revealed. As a registered nurse and a lead juror in a previous manslaughter case, Eilleen was able to shed some light on what could possibly come of the case against Dr. Conrad Murray given the evidence and possibility that Murray could spend no time behind bars.

Michael’s weight and the other side effects of the use of propofol over a long period of time on a person’s body was highlighted.

I want to reiterate that the only drugs found in Michael’s system that could have been self administered by Michael himself, were his ephedrine for his bronchitis and pneumonia, and his prostate medication. All of the seven other medications were the ones that Murray administered through I.V. and syringe, including the propofol.

(Correction: The link I went to on a Google search of Ephedrine incorrectly stated it could be used for lung congestion. Ephedrine is, in fact a weight loss medication that has been banned for use by the FDA because of its links to heart attacks. It is not known why Michael would have had this medication or if Michael took it knowing what it was because it was in an unmarked bottle, as per another person investigating the medical information in this by the name of Nikki)

Questions about Michael’s emaciated condition and the effects of the drugs administered were brought up. Eilleen informed us that it would not matter if Michael was at a healthier weight or not. The amount of Propofol given at one time, mixed with the other six sleep aides and muscle relaxers, would have killed him regardless of what his weight was. Dr. Murray gave him enough propofol at one time to put him in such a deep sleep, his heart and lungs just stopped working.

Some of the symptoms of prolonged Propofol use she discussed included insomnia, rapid weight loss, depleted appetite and circulation (couldn’t keep warm) and chills. He had swelling of the brain from fluid buildup which was also a symptom of prolonged use of the drug. It also has a tendancy to build up fluid in the lungs which could have been the cause of Michael’s pneumonia.

Michael was going on stage every night during the last week, sometimes having to be picked up at the house by Randy and/or Ortega and Payne suffering from chills, congested lungs, groggy and lethargic. This should have never been allowed to happen. There is no way anyone could NOT have noticed something was desperately wrong with Michael.

To hear the broadcast of the Ustream event in its entirety click here.


There are petitions that need to be signed if you want to help our friend, Michael Jackson.

This one is an appeal to have John Branca investigated. John Branca is the attorney in charge of Michael Jackson’s estate in conflict with his roles as “This is It” producer and board member of Sony.

This petition is going to Governor Schwartzenegger to implore the LAPD and the D.A.’s office to increase the charges against Dr. Murray to Manslaughter.

Michael’s Vitiligo Treatment Creams found at House

The article on Yahoo News today reports on what was found during a search of Michael’s house and bedroom after his death.

According to the unsealed search warrants, large quantities of the anesthetic Propofol and dozens of tubes of “skin-whitening creams” were found in the bedroom in which Michael was killed.

Some of the bottles of Propofol were found empty. What surprised me was that the reporter just had to mention “skin-whitening” creams, instead of calling them “Vitiligo treatment” creams.

Said Yahoo News, …”detectives found 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin, both of which are commonly used in the treatment of a skin condition Jackson had called vitiligo.” While I thought this was irrelevant to the murder case, it was almost refreshing that a news source mentioned Michael’s Vitiligo in defense of the creams that were found in the house.

I have seen more and more issues being reported in the news in favor of Michael’s side of the battles he’s had most of his life. I just wish they could have been honest when he was still with us.

Tomorrow, I want to write about Michael’s relationship with his dad. I have some very interesting and and heart-warming news on that issue that should make most people who love Michael feel a little more comfort about where their relationship was in the latter years.

Michael, we love you and continue to pray for justice for you, your children and your family.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 26, 2010 – Emulate but Never Advocate

March 26, 2010 – Emulate but Never Advocate
Artists Need to Look IN the Mirror and not AT it.

Everyone is familiar with the saying “Imitation is the best form of flattery” coined by Charles Caleb Colton.

There are artists the world over that attribute their creative ideas to Michael Jackson, especially those in the performing art fields. The most prolific artists are those that know and study other people in order to learn how to reach them. Those artists that have admittedly ridden the coat tails of Michael Jackson’s innovation have managed to find a way to jump off the moving train without skinning their knees, leaving the train itself to derail without assisting in pulling the brake. T hanks, buddies . . . Thanks a lot.

I cannot count the number of tributes that have been performed by singers and dancers since the death of Michael. None of them were present during either of Michael’s trials and none of them spoke out against what was being done to him in the media. None of them spoke out against what Sony was doing to him over his last album “Invincible” and the Sony/ATV catalog.

None of them are at the court house or the D.A.’s office to rail against this sham of an investigation either. Where are they? Where are the artists? Do they honestly think they are safe in the foxhole they have dug for themselves until this all blows over? Think again!

Let’s take a look at some of the tributes to Michael from other artists.


Lionel Richie who didn’t perform, but introduced his children to accept an award.

Dancing with the Stars

MTV/VMA Tribute

Beyonce Knowles

The very emotional Stevie Wonder (This one made me cry. If you don’t you’re not human).

I don’t want to fill the page, but there were many other tributes on T.V. and at concerts. None of these people were there for Michael in 1993 (Well, Beyonce was 12 years old then so we’ll give her a pass). None of them were there for him during his 2005 trial. Why?

Why were none of those artists standing for him during that horrendous battle with Sony, when Michael discovered and tried to fight what record companies do to artists to maintain ownership of those artists creations? When Michael needed them, where were they? Are they artists or are they just marketing props?

I walked into an FYE store last weekend. For the first time ever, I realized just how pervasive the marketing machine is. The in-your-face life-sized cardboard cutout pictures of the “Twighlight” actors. The new Beyonce Album posters, and Taylor Swift. Advertisements for the latest Avatar merchandise. My son was there to sell back some video games. We walk up to the counter and there, just to my right was a framed, 3D hologram poster of Michael Jackson hanging up right next to a similar poster of the teenaged bloodsuckers (how appropriate).

While my son stood in line, I fumed. I felt used because I had the “This is It” movie sitting at home on my entertainment center. I had two Michael Jackson tribute books that different people had bought me for Christmas. Michael died because for the money that was going to be made for years to come, off his his death. The people that positioned themselves around this never-ending revenue producer and between a father and his children, for the rest of their lives all are the ones that killed him with their greed. Yes, Ortega, Phillips, Branca, McCain, DiLeo, AEG, Sony, Payne, Mottola, Tohme, Cooley and Brown! I’m talking about you!

At that moment I began digging into my purse (which is halfway between a respectable sized 40-something’s purse and the little-old-lady-beach-bag sized purse). I found an index card that I keep in there for writing down license numbers of cars that tick me off on the highway, and I found a red pen.

On the index card, I wrote in all caps and red ink, “SONY KILLED…” and slid it between the frame and the surface of the Michael Jackson 3D poster. If I had more pieces of paper or index cards in my purse, I would have visited the CD section next. The day after that weekend with my son, I went out and purchased two packages of multi-colored index cards, super sticky notes and a pack of markers. I have hit the mall in Westminster, Bel Air and White Marsh. Delaware and southern Pennsylvania are next (they are within driving distance). I have only begun mapping out record stores and video stores.

I am also contemplating expanding my letter writing campaign out to other artists, beseeching them to make a stand on something other than a billboard chart. Michael was one of them . . . their mentor. And if they don’t rise up and do something, they will be Sony or some other music producer’s next victim!

This is a call to twitter, email, facebook message and post and even snail mail all bands, vocalists and other performing artists to step up and put their money where their mouth is!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 26, 2010 – Michael and Children

March 26, 2010 – Michael and Children

Nine Month Anniversary Letter

Dear Michael,

It's been nine months. Gestation period is over. I heard some comforting news at Bible Study about where you are and what you may be doing now. Jesus holds you. You know nothing of what is going on down here. You are consumed with feeling loved. You are fulfilled and content. But we still miss you and hate what happened to you.

Your children await justice for you and your name. People worldwide search for the love you knew God has for each and every one of us. We strive to be more like you in conduct and attitude. Your life is a road we walk to open our hearts to feeling what the world caused us to block since we were children. We no longer fear feeling for others.

Our hearts, while aching and bleeding with anguish over the loss of human decency, we still have you to show us what that once looked like.

God must have been proud of his child.

Nine months. And we're still feeling the pain.

Only God can cure that now. But he leaves it as a reminder that we still need each other, and to never, ever forget that it's love that heals.

I attended Bible Study today at my husband’s place of employment. Our study is on Revelation and the “end times” which is always interesting. I learn something new every time I go through this book of the Bible.

During our study today, Daniel 8 was referenced as was the battle the Archangel Michael had with the devil in Jude 1:9, where he said, “Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

The Archangel Michael is mentioned in the Bible by name in Daniel, Jude and the book of Revelations.

In the book of Daniel, Michael assists Gabriel in the battle with the prince of Persia. The Archangel Michael is considered the chief or the field commander of the Army of God. In Daniel, Michael is also described as the great “Prince who stands up for the children of your people” (Daniel 12:1).

I thought being today was the day of month 9, I would mention these things to you.

Michael is also mentioned in Revelation, in the Hebrew apocrypha as the “Angel of Light against the Angel of Darkness”. Michael is mentioned in the book of Enoch as the angel of forbearance and mercy. He taught Enoch the mysteries of clemency and justice. (Justice. There’s a word).

During the Bible Study (all this in one hour!), the pastor also referenced Matthew 18:10, where it says “Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones; for I say to you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.” In reference to children.

Michael, you often talked about seeing the face of God in children. You were definitely an angel to children and by your own admission, beheld the face of God . . . in children. We were all over this topic today.

To shed some light on your unwavering advocacy for children, one would have to understand what the Bible says about children and the importance Jesus placed on children. This is the one element that probably brought me the closest to you, Michael. Because you helped me understand this.

Before we become adults, most of us are “open”. We trust more easily as children, we love more genuinely as children, we have faith, we can see wonder. Children as a general rule, do not discriminate nor do they label people or follow labels. They have openness and innocence to the consequences of their actions. They don’t know it’s wrong until you tell them it’s wrong or they suffer a consequence.

As we grow, the world, society, trains us to believe certain things. We learn that there is another meaning for “love”, for “trust”, for “faith”. Faith actually becomes a bad thing. Faith is labeled as being naive. Love is something someone says to get something out of you. Trust is something that has to be earned, not given. We label everything, people, situations, because we have to, in order to cope with all the information out there. People are “types of”. No one is an individual.

Michael, you grew up on a stage. You always had a wall between society and yourself. You didn’t have the normal consequences of growing up. In attitude, emotion and creativity, you never became an adult. You were trapped, but you were also more free than most of us. You could see God in people, because the world had never been able to reach you to tell you He didn’t exist.

That was until 1993. In 1993, Your child-like persona collided with the very worldly adult world. No, men cannot have slumber parties with children. No, a bunch of kids cannot sleep in the same bed with a grown man. No, grown men do not throw pillows and popcorn at others.

At the same time Michael, as a very innocent grown man, you were also not allowed to have a head for business. You were not allowed to purchase a music catalog that in twenty years would grow in value from $45 million to well over $2 billion (your share). You were not allowed to have that childlike air about you and still command a stage the way you did. Never realizing, as most of your critics failed to do, that the very childlike qualities you had is exactly what allowed you to accomplish what you did both on stage and in the board room.

Genius and creativity will always be used . . . but never appreciated or defended.
Why else Michael, would you gravitate toward the wounded, isolated and neglected children? Because you were one of them! How else could you feel their hopelessness and helplessness? You were one of them!

Michael, you believed without question, in God. You believed that despite the way people treated you, you were blessed and you were obligated to help as many children as you could get to. You cried when you could not get to them all. You spent much of your fortune doing just that.

You believed that your purpose on this earth was to be their guardian, their advocate . . . their living angel. You were ours too, for showing us where our lost childhoods were.

Michael, those doing God’s work or attempting to emulate Christ as closely as they can, are the ones who bear the most attacks, burdens, persecutions and pain. They are often lonely and isolated as they perform their work. They are the targets for the most vicious of attacks to discredit, malign and shut down their work.

Sometimes we that witness this struggle of the most faithful of servants wonder what God is doing and why he allows it.

It’s the struggle that draws our attention. It’s not just the media that knows what turns our heads. God knows it too. Even as skilled and talented a man as you are, would you have captivated our attention for 4 and a half decades if it weren’t for your trials and tribulations keeping us glued to your life?

Would we have been able to witness just how great a man of faith and charity you were, if only good had happened to You?

We hate all that happened to you. We wanted another chance to protect but we were too late. We wanted to save you but you were gone too soon.

Michael, you showed us how to conduct ourselves in times of prosperity AND in times of strife. You never wavered in your conduct. Always conscious of God watching you . . . Always wanting God’s approval.

I do not believe that it will go unrewarded. I feel sorry for those that victimized you, Michael and I’m sure you do too. You know what will happen to them. They are under the terrible misconception that you were weak, soft and immature.

To the contrary, you were stronger than all of them. You were a rock in your compassion and you were mature in your faith. Your conduct was controlled beyond what most adults think they have an ability to to exhibit in times of injustice. What God has in store for those who took advantage of you will be ten-fold what they did to you. You knew it when you were still with us.

You grew up without the trappings of conceit, cynicism, narcissism and self-love. The light in your eyes was innocence of these things. It’s the death of that, which hurts us so much. Now they want to continue their work to kill it in our children.
We are told to care less, and to forget about others and focus on our own lives. Where would we be now if Jesus only thought for himself?

Where would those children be if Michael only thought for himself?

I hope God forgives me that I continue to cry because I miss you. It’s selfish in that I want you back. Many of us want a second chance to do a better job defending you. We won’t get that now, so we repent. We pay by doing our best to defend what is left of you here on earth, for your children’s sake.

This has been the longest nine months of my life. I don’t know how I’m going to survive another nine, but God will get me through it.

I Love you so much, Michael. I admire you more. I miss you most.

March 25, 2010 - Are we Confused Yet?

March 24, 2010 – Anyone Confused, Raise your Hands!

After attending the much Twittered Ustream Event with Brian Oxman last night, I’m beginning to seriously believe that the Jackson “insiders” really know little more than we know and I’m starting to resent the colossal waste of my time. But I’m going to pull back a little and give them some space, because it’s also obvious to me that they do little talking to each other.

Our poor host tried her best to remain diplomatic and polite and I have to hand it to her, she did a great job in keeping certain participants from jumping through the phone at each other.

However, I was not convinced that anyone really knows what is going on. I am back to thinking this whole thing is just one giant marketing ploy and EVERYONE is in on it.

I am disgusted and I am plagued with the thought that there will be no justice for Michael because self promotion is still the name of the game. Things are not making much sense, AGAIN.

The call-in guests we had were of course Jackson Family Lawyer Brian Oxman, the medical expert registered nurse who’s name escapes me (because I was so floored with her information), Samantha DeGosson and Eddie Jones, Jr., President of Los Angeles Civil Rights Association and our host, Hulya (Julie).

Before I debrief you on the event and its contents, let me just first say that I do appreciate each and every minute these folks devoted to us and answering our questions. Second, let me just ask each of them . . . what was the point?

Brian was on first, spending a little over 30 minutes with us. The first question Brian answered concerned the will and if it will be contested.

His reply was that Katherine had withdrawn her objection to the executors of the will. He expressed concern but didn’t really know why she had done that. Many of the fans feel that Katherine was pressured or coerced by being threatened with probate and a loss of income over a period of time until it was settled . . . probably by John Branca.

The will, in Oxman’s opinion, is highly questionable. He is aware of the fact that Michael was nowhere near L.A. the day that it was signed and dated by him, and the signature of Michael itself is questionable. He is also of the opinion that John Branca was fired by Michael in February of 2003, and is aware of the current conflict of interest of Branca and McCain being executive producers of AEG’s “This is It”, and on the board of Sony/ATV with a now-defunct 5% interest in said catalog. (supposedly John signed off on his share back in 2006 . . . sold it, but I have seen no paperwork to that effect).

However, Mr. Oxman will not even entertain the thought of a Sony conspiracy . . . why? It’s all over the evidence he himself recited during the Ustream event! My reaction to this dodge was not charitable. Why are people so afraid of Sony? He seemed more concerned with promoting and defending the T-shirt Merchandise of “A wonderful lady who really loves Michael Jackson” then wanting to get to the bottom of who was behind Michael’s murder.

Oxman is working with Joe Jackson. He is Joe Jackson’s attorney in this case. Joe Jackson believes there was a conspiracy. Oxman does not or won’t admit that there is one. If Oxman won’t represent Joe Jackson in his desire to investigate such a conspiracy, then why is he wasting Joe Jackson’s time? I was shocked at his refusal to even consider it.

Joe Jackson has filed objection, but Oxman said the judge ruled that he didn’t have standing. Brian Oxman filed an appeal on the grounds that the father of a child does have a standing.

Discussed was the possibility that a handwriting expert could be solicited to determine signature of Michael’s which looks like John Branca’s . . . but there “is no conspiracy and no evidence of a conspiracy.”

No evidence. Right. Mr. Oxman should spend less time in front of the t.v. cameras and more time investigating the case. The evidence is all over the place. If the fans know about it and the hired lawyer does not, something is wrong.

Mr. Oxman said that nine different drugs were in Michael’s system, seven of them administered by Dr. Murray. All of them were benzodazaphines and Propofol.

The only medications Michael could have taken on his own were the Ephedrine (an asthma medication), and a prostate medication that were found in his system. None of those were contributing to his death.

Michael had symptoms of propofol overdoses (or use over a long period of time) as he attended rehearsals. Among those discovered during the autopsy were anemia, brain swelling, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Michael did have a hard time singing and Karen’s Faye’s assertions that Michael had a hard time singing or finishing songs were confirmed. Also in line with previous statements of Karen’s were Michael’s exhaustion and his being “cold to the touch.”
Michael often complained of being cold and that he couldn’t get warm. He was freezing and he was constantly complaining about it.

Sammy DeGosson testified on the call-in event that Michael had a heater next to him in June in the staples center. He was wearing layers of clothing while rehearsing, which anyone who viewed the “This is It” movie could plainly see. Yet Phillips and Ortega insist Michael was in "great shape". Co-conspirators.

Mr. Oxman did confirm that Dr. Tohme (Even though this Dr. has no medical license, Mr. Oxman corrected himself and inserted “Doctor” Tohme into his statement), is actually related to Jermain’s wife. He also confirmed that Tohme ( I have the luxury of omitting this non-existent title of doctor), is intertwined and has relations with those involved in Colony Capital (who bought the note on Neverland Ranch to keep it out of foreclosure).

To reiterate, Tohme is related to Jermaine’s wife. He is also responsible for Nation of Islam body guards for Michael, and he is also related to those within the workings of Colony Capital (but there “is no conspiracy”).

When asked why Tohme and Grace Rwamba were hired back, Mr. Oxman’s explanation was “Once you’re in the Jackson family, you can’t get out . . .”
My typed reply “Huh???”

So now there is a Jackson Mafia? I almost laughed out loud! This is not the Roach Motel! This is America! (At least it was before that health care vote on March 21!) You can permanently fire anyone you want!

Tohme sued against his own contract with Julien’s Auctions because Michael was furious. He did not want his personal items sold. He told Tohme to stop the sale of his personal belongings. Tohme told them to stop, they asserted there was a contract, Tohme threatened them, and that prompted the firing of Tohme by Michael.

According to Mr. Oxman, the administrators of estate (Branca and McClain) appointed Julien’s to auction same stuff on June 25 of this year. So we can safely assume that Tohme is now under this “Branca-estate-AEG-This is It-Sony” umbrella. What doesn’t add up is the family’s actions (only Joe, LaToya and Randy fighting this thing in earnest) and the fact that Jermaine has been very supportive of a conspiracy theory, which would cut the throats of his benefactors, IF Jermaine and Tohme are in on this.

Once Samantha DeGossen came online and missing security tapes and hard drives were discussed, there were differences of opinion. Strong ones.
Brian says there were no security cameras inside the home Michael lived in. Samantha insisted there were.

Things went down hill on the integrity scale from here on out.

The registered nurse, who was the medical expert (and I’m sorry, I did not write down her name) opened with discussing the results of the autopsy, which still upset me even after all this time. She explained the conflict with Michael’s weight from the time he was weighed at the hospital by the corner, to the time he was weighed during the autopsy. (please bear with me, this is not easy to discuss and I really have to admit that I hate that I know all this now).

The nurse explained that fluids from the medications he received and the intravenous fluids made Michael weigh more. the 136 was actually closer to 116. This sounded conceivable to me because I had been through a major surgery where I was fed fluids for eight days in lieu of food. I blew up like a balloon. Easily 20 pounds could be added to what I weighed. There was a loss of these body fluids when he was opened up for autopsy. (poor Michael!)

According to previous testimony from Karen Faye, the mortician weighed Michael in at about 108. If that is the case on a five-foot, nine inch tall man, I wonder how he was still walking around? I also question why involuntary commitment to a hospital was not enacted, as in the case of Brittney Spears. Especially with as bad physical shape as Michael was reportedly in. The Jacksons would have a wrongful death suit not just against Doctor Murray, but also by Michael’s “employers” and supervisors at AEG. No other employer I know of would come to your house, wrest you out of bed while you were suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis and severe chills and make you go to work! Why would AEG get such a pass on this behavior?

Other symptoms of prolonged propofol use was again discussed by this nurse: Severe chills, which Michael reportedly had, he had fluid in his lungs from pneumonia, bronchitis was present, he was groggy and he Received propofol every night. (How would this nurse know this?) Groggy, unable to complete physical tasks or focus on conversation for any length of time.

Most footage used in TII are last two to three days at Staples. It was explained that the best footage for the “This is It” movie was also taken from those last two to three days. If Michael was in declining physical shape, how then could they get the best days of footage out of the latter days?

Samantha explained that Michael was mislead to believe he would only do one show and it would be taped. That was why he was in better spirits last three days. But Samantha said they never intended to do that and he died three days later.

The conversation went way off topic with the nurse, about how exceptionally gifted Michael was, how loved he was, how hunted he was, how lonely he was . . . I was getting irritated at this point. We all know this we already know what kind of person he was, how gifted he was, how giving etc. We needed to stay on the topic of obtaining justice for him.

The nurse explained that this was a war? That was the most puzzling statement I have ever heard from a medical expert involved with this case. I thought they were discussing way too much information before there was even a trial. Opinion or not, any possibility the defense could move for a mistrial should not be offered to them on a silver platter.

DeGosson testified during the phone-in that the bodyguards and Karen waited for the LAPD to interview them and they never did. They had to call the papers and go public before LAPD would interview. That seemed very suspicious to me.

Integrity downgrade number two: Oxman and DeGosson parted ways on the authenticity of the ambulance photo.

Sammy says that ambulance pictures were real with the reflection and angle of photo, which contradicted Brian Oxman’s assertion the photo was fake and that there was no way, with the angle the photo was taken, and the proximity of Michael to the floor of the ambulance, that it could be real. Oxman argued that there was no window in the place it would have to be for them to get that picture. He said photo shop. DeGosson said authentic.

I believe it is fake. Michael looked way too healthy in the ambulance picture, his skin was darker, he looked younger, and there was a noticeable protruding vein in his forehead. If Michael had already been dead for ANY amount of time, there would have been NO FLOWING BLOOD to make that forehead vein protrude.

There was contention between DeGosson and Eddie Jones Jr. which in my opinion, had nothing to do with the death investigation itself and more to do with how Joseph treated Michael as a child. Mr. Jones pointed this out several times before we got back on topic.

In conclusion, The whole Ustream event left me confused and a bit angry. Nobody seems to know what is going on. Mr. Oxman, in my opinion, should know more about his client and his son’s history with Sony then he does if he is going to effectively fight this case. Everyone else just needs to stop fighting.

I also distinctly remember no security camera's being in certain areas of the Neverland house because Michael was concerned about privacy, especially in his bedroom. He feared any of those tapes ever getting out or getting sold to tabloids. Brian Oxman insisted they didnt' exist anywhere inside, while DeGosson insisted there were cameras inside. There could have been security cameras set up in certain rooms where surveillance would be needed, however I didn't think Michael ever had them in the bedrooms. Samantha had been in the Neverland house before. It wasn't clear to me during the interview if she had been inside the Carolwood house. Brian had not been in the Carolwood house to my knowledge.

I have more thoughts on this whole interview. It was three hours long and I am just touching on the highlights. I will let you ponder these thoughts. If you would like to comment on anything I did not mention on this blog, please feel free.
I don’t know what is going on, the drama is getting to be too much for me and for many others. We need to move beyond that and stick to facts if we are going to make any progress at all for justice.

Michael deserves better than this. He is not going to win if this is the way things are being handled. I am disgusted, I am leary, I am not very hopeful and I am so tired of the lying. If someone is not sure of something just say so, so that others can find out. What is going on? That was what I asked Michael’s picture the whole time I was listening to this. I rolled my eyes and threw my hands up more times than I can count.

I am sorry about the length of this blog. Trust me, it won’t happen again. Three hours of misinformation, contradicting information and battles for supremacy are going to end up being critical wounds in any defense that may be afforded Michael and his children. This is the second day in a row I have wanted to throw up.

I am angry and for now, I am out of here. Love you more….I’m sorry, Michael. I guess we still can’t move past “self” in fighting for you. At least we know God can do a better job.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010 – Michael’s Children, We have to Fight

Michael’s Children, We have to Fight

As the date for Dr. Murray’s preliminary trial on April 5th draws nearer, so does our urgency in getting as many letters into the hands of as many officials as possible.

I have drawn up a sample letter, and have listed the contacts and addresses for the California district 42 assemblyman, state representative and senator, as well as the U.S. House Representative and U.S. Senators for the state of California.

We need to get as many letters to these people as possible. You may certainly write your own letters, but if you are at a loss for words or evidence, you may use my sample letter on that web page. Just change the closing to your name and don’t forget to replace the name and address of each contact you choose to write to (write them all if you can!). You are free to cop and use what you want off of that page.

Click here, read the instructions at the top of the page and click on the link in those instructions to get to the letter samples and contact information of the officials.

A good article regarding the battle Michael had with Sony is referenced on this page.

Tommy Mottola now calls himself the “gatekeeper” of the unreleased songs. This probably is not the case anymore since John Branca has now made himself millions selling the rights to those songs to Sony, which, if Tommy is still affiliates with Sony, will probably get a cut. Just call it payment for all the work he put in, in destroying Michael in the first place.

I also found this article.

This references the battle Katherine Jackson had in trying to get John Branca removed. According to the article, the judge at the time saw no conflict of interest with John Branca and no affiliation with AEG. I guess he has yet to see the list of producers of the movie “This is It?”

How much did he pay you, Judge Mitchell Beckloff? My goodness! This man is profiting left and right as Executor of the Jackson estate and they aren’t even skillful in hiding it! To the contrary they are acting like they already have their justice department officials and politicians in their pockets. They are practically gloating about what they just pulled off!

Tonight, as I was cleaning up dinner, my husband called me into the living room to see something on T.V. Ed had been all over Fox News since the beginning of the health care vote yesterday. As I walked in, I saw Michael’s picture on the t.v. as the announcer described what one of Michael’s assistants witnessed.

One of Michael’s assistants witnessed the children running into the room to see their father, Michael Jackson, on the floor with an I.V. in his leg, eyes wide open as Dr. Murray pushed on his chest, stopped CPR to hide the drugs, then continue CPR. I watched and listened to this with my hand over my mouth.

The announcer went from that the melee surrounding the health care vote yesterday. I walked back into the kitchen. My mind was hard focused on four words:

“Children . . . eyes wide open”.

It took me probably two minutes as I began cutting the strawberry short cake for desert. I got one plate out because I knew I would not be eating anything.

I bent over as I placed the cake on the plate for Ed. Tears fell onto it. I put the knife down and took a breath but there wasn’t any air. Oh my God. The kids saw . . . .the two oldest. Prince and Paris. How COULD he???

I could not stop crying. I tried. My husband was not back in the kitchen yet. I tried to dry my eyes and called to him, “It’s on the table”, but the tears were still coming. I couldn’t keep the sobs down. I walked over to the counter and leaned on it with my elbows, my face in my hands. MY stomach turned over and over.

I kept trying to stuff it back but it was no use. Tears kept coming and I just wanted to let them go, but my husband . . . He came into the kitchen.

“You’re not having any?” He asked.

I tried a normal “No”, but it was no use. I was too stuffy and my voice was cracking. He said to my back, “What’s the matter?”

I turned around . . . might as well tell him. But he was right behind me. I just threw my arms around him and sobbed, “His children SAW him like that!” I cried outloud. My husband was in shock.

“Awwww”, he said, “Your crying like you know them! Why are you this upset?” I said to him, “Because I’m a mom! My God, how can someone just call children in their to watch something like that with no regard to their well being! What is wrong with people?”

My husband held me. He didn’t know what else to do. He brought me over to the table and sat me down. I didn’t notice him eating the strawberry shortcake but he must have because the plate was empty in no time.

“I’m worried about you”, he said to me, “You are way too tied up in this. Your getting depressed over this guy.”

I just looked at him, “I’m not depressed Ed, I’m ANGRY! And I’m angry because NOBODY CARES! Nobody cares anymore that someone got killed and his children watched the person who murdered their father try to cover his crime in front of them! Nobody cares! The press doesn’t care about people anymore, the government doesn’t care about people anymore, the law enforcement out there doesn’t care about people anymore, the artists don’t care about each other, nobody stood up for him and they won’t do it now!”

My husband replied, “I know how you feel, but you need to worry about other things. You need to worry what’s going to happen to us. We’re about to lose our house and . . .”

I interrupted him, “That’s right Ed, that’s exactly the problem. Everybody is focused on self and their own needs and once we do that, we can justify doing just about anything to anybody in the interest in self! That’s what killed Michael Jackson! That’s what’s killing everyone!”

Ed’s mouth dropped open. So did mine. Did that come out of my mouth? My husband said to me, “You’re right. You’re absolutely right. Thank you for setting me strait.”

We were both quiet for a minute. He finally said, “You going to be alright?” I shook my head yes. He responded, “You need to go down on the computer and talk with this about those people you are working with . . . support each other.”

I am still sick to my stomach about this. I really cannot take much more. At the same time I am praying to God that this is just the evidence we need to bump this investigation up a notch. As horrifying as it was to listen to, just maybe this was an answer to a prayer that God is bringing people forward to defend his child Michael.

I was doing study on the Apostle John this week. While looking up information, I learned that John, the youngest apostle, was the first one to declare Jesus “messiah”. He was also the most affectionate and trusting of the apostles’ toward Jesus. In the painting “The Last Supper”, you can see John leaning on Jesus’s shoulder. Biblical historians told of John often falling asleep against Jesus or leaning his head on his shoulder because of the child-like love John had for Jesus . . . .

I wonder if the D.A. in California would have filed child molestation charges against Jesus too.

Please help Michael and his children. Write your letters to the officials on this page. If you have any questions please use the contact page on the website. Thank you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010 – Why it Hurts. Why We Must Act

March 19, 2010 – Why it Hurts. Why We Must Act

"You know, God knows we forget so easily. So he gives us someone who spreads his message of love, just like someone else we used to know and was written about. We watch him get persecuted and crucified by the press, used, abused, sold and resold for money and we watch him slowly die. We watched him get mocked in life and we witnessed him getting mocked in death . . . because we have forgotten". That's what I tell people who ask me why I care about this. We have learned nothing and I got involved because the pain of doing nothing was too much to bear.

MIchael was a reminder that we have not evolved as human beings in the last 2000+ years. We are still "self" oriented and when it comes to "self" people can justify just about any action against another. It's sad and it's sick. The guilty wash their hands of their responsibility with the fame and fortune he continues to bleed even though he long stopped breathing.

We listened to the announcement that day, on June 25th, 2009 and with that announcement, every last drop of hope drained from our bodies. The only thing that keeps us going is that other hope . . . that justice will be served and God will not have forgotten his servant.

Michael was a modern day example of everything we forgot and every evil we are capable of committing against each other. I believe that is why God elevated him with the talent he gave him and put him in front of so many people. To show us we still have an incredible illness that needs a cure.

I am inspired by him and I cry for him every day. Because I was one of those ones that didn't pay attention until June 25th 2009. He not only opened some doors for me where God is concerned, Michael brought the pain of what Christ went through to the forefront of my heart. I know how sacrilegious that sounds, but it's really not. Michael loved God. He referenced and gave him the credit for everything he accomplished. Michael showed me what we were all meant to be to each other.

Michael knew that love heals. He received it from a distance, but not from most of those surrounding him. Money separated them from love. Money became their disconnect to Michael yet they blamed Michael for it to displace their guilt. Money seduced and overtook them and Michael then became less than human to them. He became an object . . . a platform on which to launch and promote themselves.

Michael was isolated by the very people paid to protect him. Love was out there for him but unreachable. He could never touch it or get close to it. I don’t remember where I saw this, but I agree with the statement someone made:

“Michael wasn’t just the Man in the Mirror . . . he WAS the mirror”.

Those that acted with such hatred and attacked him and his character did so because he so efficiently reflected their own short comings back at them. They covet, then hate what they can never be. If only they chose to learn instead of loathe.

Michael was a human being. He was a man with children. He was a man with family and he was a man with friends and people that admired him. He was a wounded soul that continued to give more love than he received.

Michael believed in unrecognized charity. He gave without making a press release. He wanted to heal children. He wanted them protected. He wanted people to remember how much alike we are in our needs and to want to take care of each other.

Michael wanted to change the world with his music and for millions he did. What he also managed to do was uncover some open sores in our society and he bore every one of them. He faced his attackers and even though he bent over from every blow and was knocked to his knees, he still loved and he still gave. You can only do so much of that before your spirit implodes.

I finish this blog fighting back tears. I still see hate, even among his fans and I don’t understand it. If you are not going to learn anything from his songs, why bother listening to them? Will you purchase from Sony out of spite?

We love Michael because he allowed us, for a brief moment of history, to see God at work in a human being. Our hearts will be feeling this pain for a long, long time.
Spread the word. Don’t let his murder happen in vain. Watch this interview, each part. Watch his face, listen to his voice inflection and see the fear in his eyes. Part 1 , Part 2 Part 3 .

On part three he mentions conspiracy. Back then Michael and Mesereau (his laywer for the 2005 trials) knew about Sony’s possible involvement in those allegations.
There is no doubt that something happened to this gracious man. This is where he began dying. All Sony and friends did was finish the job. We are all responsible for this, because we were silent while it was happening.

God knows we’re sorry . . . So I’m sure, does Michael. Let’s keep it from happening to someone else. Don’t let those that did this go rewarded.

Write your letters:

D.A. Steve Cooley, County of Los Angeles
210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210
Telephone (213) 974-3512Fax (213) 974-1484

State Attorney Generals Office:
State Attorney General Jerry Brown
Attorney General's Office California
Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Brian Oxman talks to fans on March 23 during a Ustream event

8:30 pm PST on Ustream . Brian will be a special guest of the Justice for MJ Twitter rally organizers better known as "A Plan to Seek Justice for MJ"

Then Watch this:

And This

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18, 2010 - Michael Jackson and Branca Conflict

Branca and Michael Conflict - A Way Out for the Beneficiaries

Follow the Money . . . Branca is the key. They need to lean heavily on this guy.

An article that showed up today on tries to explain the ethics problem regarding what John Branca did in regard to Michael Jackson’s will. The author called it an ethics problem. What it actually is, is illegal.

Forging any legal document let alone a will, is illegal. Inserting clauses after a contract/will is signed and forging initials is illegal. Not turning over all documents when requested by the person who fired you as legal council is also illegal and in most states should be done within 30 days.

Michael Jackson would have never signed a will that stated that heirs would forfeit their inheritance if they contested it.

Getting an executor removed is not easy, but I found this link. According to this article beneficiaries can move to get an executor removed from their position if:

“the courts will only remove an executor if the beneficiaries can show that he is incapable of performing his duties, is unsuitable for the position, or has become disqualified since the deceased appointed him.”

John Branca WAS removed by the deceased before he died. He was never reinstated and John cannot prove that he was reinstated. All he has is a will dated back in 2002 which he was supposed to turn over to Michael’s NEW lawyer and never did.

Beneficiaries can also contest on the grounds that he is unsuitable for the position in that he was removed due to embezzlement by the deceased and there existed and still exists a conflict of interest. They have the copy of the letter releasing Branca from his duties in 2002.

“Unsuitability usually involves either a conflict of interest, causing the court to question the executor’s ability to serve impartially, or some form of serious misconduct”

These are the things that I hope Brian Oxman is looking into, among other things.
Michael learned of Branca’s relationship with Mottola (then of Sony and in the process of trying to crash Michael’s album “Invincible”), when while visiting Branca in his Florida home overheard a phone call from Tommy Mottola. After checking he also learned that Branca and Mottola had been sending Michael’s money to offshore accounts in the Caribbean. There are variations of this story and which discrepancy Michael learned of first.

So is Tommy and John Branca still hanging out in the sandbox together? Well, another friend of mine sent me a link to this article.

Universal Music Label, which is co-owner of Casablana Music-aka-Tommy Mottola, has been selling MJ clothing and personal items. Tommy said in an interview with Good Morning America that he was the “gatekeeper” of Michael’s unreleased music. I referenced that on this blog update last night.

Let’s stop pretending that John Branca is a good guy. Let’s stop pretending that Sony is only interested in the interest of Michael’s children. Let’s see law enforcement actually put some effort into their investigation. This is big. And because it involves Michael Jackson, they are banking that fans will “just want to hear his new music” and not care about anything else.

The fans have got to stick together on this.
Remember Michael’s Lyrics:


Lie for it
Spy for it
Kill for it
Die for it

So you call it trust
But I say it's just
In the devil's game
Of greed and lust

They don't care
They'd do me for the money
They don't care
They use me for the money

So you go to church
Read the Holy word
In the scheme of life
It's all absurd

They don't care
They'd kill for the money
Do or dare
The thrill for the money

You're saluting the flag
Your country trusts you
Now you're wearing a badge
You're called the "Just Few"

And you're fighting the wars
A soldier must do

I'll never betray or deceive you my friend but...
If you show me the cash
Then I will take it
If you tell me to cry
Then I will fake it
If you give me a hand
Then I will shake it

You'll do anything for money...
Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil

Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil

Where do your loyalties lie?
Is that your alibi?
I don't think so
You don't care
You'd do her for the money
Say it's fair
You sue her for the money

Want your pot of gold
Need the Midas touch
Bet you sell your soul
Cuz your God is such
You don't care
You kill for the money
Do or dareThe thrill for the money
Are you infected with the same disease

Of lust, gluttoney and greed?
Then watch the ones
With the biggest smiles
The idle jabbers...Cuz they're the backstabbers
If you know it's a lie
Then you will swear it
If you give it with guilt
Then you will bear it
If it's taking a chance
Then you will dare it

You'll do anything for money...
Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil

Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil

Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil

Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil

You say you wouldn't do it
For all the money in the world
I don't think soIf you show me the man
Then I will sell him
If you ask me to lie
Then I will tell him
If you're dealing with God
Then you will hell him

You'll do anything for money
Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil

Even sell my soul to the devil
Even sell my soul to the devil
Even sell my soul to the devil
Even sell my soul to the devil
Even sell my soul to the devil
Even sell my soul to the devil
Even sell my soul to the devil

Catching up with Tommy Mottola – March 17, 2010

Catching up with Tommy Mottola – March 17, 2010
A Majestic Interview about Sony

Last night’s blog apparently raised some hackles. I’ve been getting private messages all day. Not all of them nice or supportive. Here is where the fan divide splits . . . You either love Michael, or you love his music. Some can’t do both.

In “Stranger In Moscow” Michael sang “Take my name and just let me be . . . “ Apparently Sony got it backwards. Sony “took” Michael and left his children, his family, friends, and his fans with just his name . . . and they are betting on you to “take” his music and “leave” your money and your sense of justice be.

Today John Branca said “ . . . "We and Sony feel that the future for Michael Jackson is unlimited,"

John Branca is Michael’s once fired, never reinstated estate administrator who also happens to work for Sony, who also happens to own a 5% share of the Sony/ATV catalog and who also happens to share executive producer title with the OTHER Jackson Estate administrator, John McCain.

As I stated in my last update, John Branca was fired by Michael in 2003 when he learned of the conflict of interest when he discovered that Branca was also working for Sony. John was ordered to turn over all documents to Michael’s new lawyer. Everything was turned over, except the will, which suddenly appeared ten days after Michael died. Branca then conveniently explained that Michael had rehired him only seven days prior to his death. Is Cooley on propofol too?

Meanwhile the I.Q.’s of the California justice department have either suddenly taken a nose dive, or their points were bought out by . . . well, just pick one: Branca-McCain, DiLeo, Tohme, Phillips-AEG-Ortega, Sony, Mottola.

Michael was due to take control of his master recordings in 7 years from the 2002 date of this article. The person posting this correctly estimated that Michael would have had control in the latter half of 2009 . . . around July or so. He was killed June 25th. Michael would have been free of Sony and any hold they had on his music and his remaining share of the music Catalog. This is the link that they posted.

Tommy Mottola was Michael’s nemesis. Tommy is still speaking for Sony, even though he was supposedly let go for running off two of Sony’s biggest artists: Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey.

Today, Tommy is now the co-owner of Casablanca Records. Casablanca Records is also owned by Universal Music Group. This joint venture is now a part of Universal Motown Republic Group. Mottola's label has once again become dormant due to main acts Brie Larson and Lindsay Lohan moving on to other labels within the Universal family. Reference

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry. It is the largest of the "big four" record companies by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations. Universal Music Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of international French media conglomerate Vivendi.

Seems like Tommy is up to his old Sony tricks: In May 2006, an investigation led by then New York attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, concluded with a determination that Universal Music Group bribed radio stations to play songs from Ashlee Simpson, Brian McKnight, Big Tymers, Nick Lachey, Lindsay Lohan and other performers under Universal labels. The company paid $12 million to the state in settlement. Interesting read on 2007 activities here. Seems they are using the same tactics as Sony is now in regard to Michael’s music that they don’t even legally own yet.

Tommy is currently building a new entertainment company. If you are interested , reference here.

A white-washed version of Tommy’s history with Sony is here. Funny, it mentions nothing about Michael Jackson or the fact that Sony was forced to let Mottola go when the conflict of interest between Branca and Mottola was uncovered by Michael Jackson. Sony, after also losing Mariah Carey to Tommy’s abuse, finally gave him his walking papers. However, why is Tommy still doing this?

How is Mottola the gatekeeper of Michael’s unreleased music if he has nothing to do with Sony now? Anyone have any answers to this, I would sure appreciate a private message or even comment below.

Majestic the Maginificent, for those who have not seen these clips yet, is a family friend of the Jacksons. He’s been labled in the press as being Michael’s personal magician but he will emphatically deny that. He has performed for his children at parties and for the other Jackson family members but is not a personal Magician for anyone . . . just a family friend.

Below, Majestic is at the courthouse with Joe Jackson, LaToya and Jermaine the day that Dr. Conrad Murray is arraigned. In front of the cameras this is what he had to say.

Majestic the Magnificent, part 1
Part 2, and Part 3.

It is no secret who the Jackson’s believe really killed Michael Jackson. I have no doubt Sony is the culprit. Are we going to finance this?

You won’t bring Michael back by boycotting Sony. You won't bring him back by buying their music either. These people have to be brought to justice. Every last one of them. Do not buy Sony Music. Any of it.

Michael's unreleased music was MICHAEL'S and belonged to Michael's children.

If you love Michael you will fight for him just as he fought for every child in this world, every fan. Do not desert him! Boycott Sony and Michael's music. You are doing it for Michael.

Take a L-O-N-G look at that picture of Michael above. This is what they did to him. If it were not for Sony and their greed, Michael would still be here WRITING more songs.

If you still have the stomach to go out and buy Michael's unreleased music, just remember who helped put him in his grave. Look at the man in the mirror for the accomplice!

Try instead to follow Michael's example and stand for what is right! He is watching you. Don't help kill him again.