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Michael Jackson Justice: Catching up with Tommy Mottola – March 17, 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catching up with Tommy Mottola – March 17, 2010

Catching up with Tommy Mottola – March 17, 2010
A Majestic Interview about Sony

Last night’s blog apparently raised some hackles. I’ve been getting private messages all day. Not all of them nice or supportive. Here is where the fan divide splits . . . You either love Michael, or you love his music. Some can’t do both.

In “Stranger In Moscow” Michael sang “Take my name and just let me be . . . “ Apparently Sony got it backwards. Sony “took” Michael and left his children, his family, friends, and his fans with just his name . . . and they are betting on you to “take” his music and “leave” your money and your sense of justice be.

Today John Branca said “ . . . "We and Sony feel that the future for Michael Jackson is unlimited,"

John Branca is Michael’s once fired, never reinstated estate administrator who also happens to work for Sony, who also happens to own a 5% share of the Sony/ATV catalog and who also happens to share executive producer title with the OTHER Jackson Estate administrator, John McCain.

As I stated in my last update, John Branca was fired by Michael in 2003 when he learned of the conflict of interest when he discovered that Branca was also working for Sony. John was ordered to turn over all documents to Michael’s new lawyer. Everything was turned over, except the will, which suddenly appeared ten days after Michael died. Branca then conveniently explained that Michael had rehired him only seven days prior to his death. Is Cooley on propofol too?

Meanwhile the I.Q.’s of the California justice department have either suddenly taken a nose dive, or their points were bought out by . . . well, just pick one: Branca-McCain, DiLeo, Tohme, Phillips-AEG-Ortega, Sony, Mottola.

Michael was due to take control of his master recordings in 7 years from the 2002 date of this article. The person posting this correctly estimated that Michael would have had control in the latter half of 2009 . . . around July or so. He was killed June 25th. Michael would have been free of Sony and any hold they had on his music and his remaining share of the music Catalog. This is the link that they posted.

Tommy Mottola was Michael’s nemesis. Tommy is still speaking for Sony, even though he was supposedly let go for running off two of Sony’s biggest artists: Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey.

Today, Tommy is now the co-owner of Casablanca Records. Casablanca Records is also owned by Universal Music Group. This joint venture is now a part of Universal Motown Republic Group. Mottola's label has once again become dormant due to main acts Brie Larson and Lindsay Lohan moving on to other labels within the Universal family. Reference

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry. It is the largest of the "big four" record companies by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations. Universal Music Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of international French media conglomerate Vivendi.

Seems like Tommy is up to his old Sony tricks: In May 2006, an investigation led by then New York attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, concluded with a determination that Universal Music Group bribed radio stations to play songs from Ashlee Simpson, Brian McKnight, Big Tymers, Nick Lachey, Lindsay Lohan and other performers under Universal labels. The company paid $12 million to the state in settlement. Interesting read on 2007 activities here. Seems they are using the same tactics as Sony is now in regard to Michael’s music that they don’t even legally own yet.

Tommy is currently building a new entertainment company. If you are interested , reference here.

A white-washed version of Tommy’s history with Sony is here. Funny, it mentions nothing about Michael Jackson or the fact that Sony was forced to let Mottola go when the conflict of interest between Branca and Mottola was uncovered by Michael Jackson. Sony, after also losing Mariah Carey to Tommy’s abuse, finally gave him his walking papers. However, why is Tommy still doing this?

How is Mottola the gatekeeper of Michael’s unreleased music if he has nothing to do with Sony now? Anyone have any answers to this, I would sure appreciate a private message or even comment below.

Majestic the Maginificent, for those who have not seen these clips yet, is a family friend of the Jacksons. He’s been labled in the press as being Michael’s personal magician but he will emphatically deny that. He has performed for his children at parties and for the other Jackson family members but is not a personal Magician for anyone . . . just a family friend.

Below, Majestic is at the courthouse with Joe Jackson, LaToya and Jermaine the day that Dr. Conrad Murray is arraigned. In front of the cameras this is what he had to say.

Majestic the Magnificent, part 1
Part 2, and Part 3.

It is no secret who the Jackson’s believe really killed Michael Jackson. I have no doubt Sony is the culprit. Are we going to finance this?

You won’t bring Michael back by boycotting Sony. You won't bring him back by buying their music either. These people have to be brought to justice. Every last one of them. Do not buy Sony Music. Any of it.

Michael's unreleased music was MICHAEL'S and belonged to Michael's children.

If you love Michael you will fight for him just as he fought for every child in this world, every fan. Do not desert him! Boycott Sony and Michael's music. You are doing it for Michael.

Take a L-O-N-G look at that picture of Michael above. This is what they did to him. If it were not for Sony and their greed, Michael would still be here WRITING more songs.

If you still have the stomach to go out and buy Michael's unreleased music, just remember who helped put him in his grave. Look at the man in the mirror for the accomplice!

Try instead to follow Michael's example and stand for what is right! He is watching you. Don't help kill him again.


  1. Although I reas this 10,000 times, I don't see all this very clear... I DON'T like these men... and I won't any new material from sony.. that's for sure.... BUT why did they kill him during the rehearsals?? why that day? and MAYBE They wanted to kill him .. and Murray made the mistake before they could intervene.. THIS COULD BE ANOTHER THEORY.... Have you seen any documents about all this??? is Mr. Oxamn working on showing to the police or the judge THIS THEORY with some evidences??????

  2. if NOBODY is working on it legally speaking.... thESE efforts won't be useful... :((((

  3. August, there is work being done on this legally. The problem we are running into is a D.A. who needs to fund a campaign run for State Attorney General. Brian Oxman is going to be answering questions on a special Ustream event.

    "We are proud to announce,we will be conducting our next Justice For Michael Jackson global Twitter rally on March 23,2010 at 12pm PST followed by our live ustream show at 8pm PST with Brian Oxman who is the "Jackson Family Attorney".Mr Oxman has agreed to give us another live show because he wants to speak out to all MJ fans with a special message he would like to share with you all ! Please join event and rsvp asap! Time is running short and we must ACT NOW ! Please read the contents of entire event page. There is a lot of good insight provided for you there :)

  4. «In May 2006, an investigation led by then New York attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, concluded with a determination that Universal Music Group bribed radio stations to play songs from Ashlee Simpson, Brian McKnight, Big Tymers, Nick Lachey, Lindsay Lohan and other performers under Universal labels.(…)»

    Well, do you remember what happened to Eliot Spitzer in 2007 after the "ENRON" scandal? Resignation!

    With these kind of vultures (Mottola and many others) anything is possible... like murder without punishment!

  5. I do not want to contribute to the bad things sony has done... at all. But by not buying Michaels music, his sale records will go down, and he wont be remembered anymore?!

  6. I am just agree only with you Bonnie on this article you've written. Good job.

    I would also write that I'm very happy to have found your lovely blog:)

    I am doing blog designs so if you want help to organize your blog so I will be happy to help u.. God bless you.

    Love Meddie

  7. Thank you Meddie. I will definately keep you in mind. To Kiara . . . Sony does not corner the market on Michael unless we support them doing so. Michael will always be remembered because we will continue to keep him out there and educate people on the person he really was.

    Sony cannot get away with what they are doing. If Michael's record sales go down, they will sell it off to someone who might legitimately buy it . . . or if we keep writing letters, someone will Audit Sony finally and investigate them!

  8. Hi Bonnie

    Brilliant blog!!I have long suspected that Sony was behind Michael's death (Thome Thome, AEG, Sony....eeni,meeni,minee,mo...will the fans ever know?.

    I totally agree with the boycott of Sony and was SO INCENSED by the announcement the other day! I have long felt that they have been laughing at us fans! It is about time they had some payback!! There is this new album of Michael's (to be released in November), which they are expecting will probably shoot to the No1 spot. However, wouldnt it be sweet if we made it the biggest record lauch flop!! We already have the best of Michael in our collections, so surely we could forgo this one!! This would send a strong message to Sony that we his fans are in the ones in control, and not them!!

    Having said this, sadly I feel there are fans out there who are totally unaware or prepared to accept Sony's involvement in Michael's death and as such would not support such a move and the whole thing would be fruitless. This is something that if we do it we have to do it properly and effectively - otherwise Sony will be laughing at us again!!

  9. Sony can do whatever they like because they have enough money (Michael's money!) to buy out all the judges they want:

  10. The EW article is interesting - I didn't know Michael was about to sue Sony in 2002. So what happened next? Michael was the one who landed in court. Tommy Mottola's driver was Bashir's brother. Coincidence eh?

  11. Interesting article.
    I personally decided not to buy ANY original releases. I am not buying any albums, movies (including TII), documentaries etc. I love MJ and his music and I hate the way they are exploiting the situation. I don't like the movie This Is It (TII) and I also think that the dr. is just a weapon, a rag doll used by others. Someone decided that MJ is worth more dead that alive. For some people what had happened is "business as usual".... As MJ said " Money makes the world go round.. I'll lie for it, die for it... I'll do anything for money..."
    R.I.P. MJ and thank God for giving us the blessing of an Angel...

  12. I have just discovered your blog and I want to help as much as I can. I live on the east coast, therefore I cannot attend any protests, but I really want to contribute as much as I can to this fight. I am incredibly passionate about bringing justice to Michael Jackson and ensuring that this never happens to anyone else as well. This conspiracy is far too big, too destructive to the world and too easy to trace for the public not to know about it. Where are the investigative reporters?
    Of course, I am not supporting Sony or AEG, etc. ever again and encouraging people I know to do the same, but I know there is more I can do actively to put a stop to this. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get actively involved from where I am?

  13. My heart is breaking right now Bonnie. It hurts so much to find out what Michael was up against. I know all of this is true. I know it in my heart. It just took me some time before I was ready to face it.

    Thank you so much for all of your work and for not letting up in your quest for justice for Michael.

    I can honestly say I am ready now to join the fight. No human being deserves to be treated like this, no one! let alone Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson.

    Sony disgust me with a passion and if they think they are going to go "quiently into this good night", they have another thing coming.

    The American government may have sold America out to Multinational Conglomerates but, I myself as a decent human being and a devoted MJ fan will not continue to finance Sony, the most devious of them all.

    Yes Bonnie, we as MJ fans, as Americans, as consumers, yes we have the power to hit Sony where it hurts. We have the power to decide whether they deserve our dollar or not.

    They brought about Michael's destruction right under our nose. They did this through strategic planning and precise targeting.

    We as MJ fans can do the same to Sony. We may not be able to destroy them but, we can kick their a**es financially. MJ has a global fan base. If each and everyone us held back our dollar as soon as we realized what Sony did, it will send a clear message to them that what was done to Michael was NOT OK and they WILL NOT get away with it.

    I have always disliked the word hate because of what it means but, at this point I dislike Sony even more. As a matter of fact, I can actually say I HATE Sony and I can say that without any remorse at all.


  14. I totally agree with you Bonnie. I don´t want to fill the pockects of this people. The voice of Micahel is in my ears and my heart for ever, i don´t need anything new. I need him alive. This new record is a misrespect to Michael´s genius.

  15. If ppl want to get his new stuff, just find a way to steal it.

  16. Michael Jackson's Death Exposed - its ALL here:

  17. The night MJ died, Randy Philips came to MJ's place, MJ's staff opened the door for him, then the staff went to bed and Randy still stayed there.
    Thome Thome was the one who fired all the staffs of MJ's.
    I do think it's not only Tommy or Randy or Thome or Sony/AEG/CC killed MJ. All of them! They too understood the situation each of them was in. They knew what each of them want and how to get it from MJ in the end...
    Never forget, Tommy has kind of Italian Mafia blood inside of him. What MJ did in 2002 (agains Sony) could never be forgiven by him.
    But we need to do something, the MJ's sacrisfy is not meaningless. And there won't be such a boycott to any good artist like MJ.
    Because you know what? Eventually, we do that for ourselves so that we'll have a chance to listen to a kind of true music.

    Peace :)!

  18. So, in an effort to kill the careers of his brothers, Michael is killed! amazing! Maybe years from now, somebody will tell Jermaine the truth! It will be healing for Jermaine and Berry Gordy!

    1. Anonymous, Jermaine knows the truth. The whole family does. I'm not fooled for one minute by the press stories about them.

  19. No he doesn't ! And I don't call Time Magazine a Tabloid! I reserve that for TMZ and the New York Post!


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