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Michael Jackson Justice: The Enron of the Music Industry? – March 10, 2010

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Enron of the Music Industry? – March 10, 2010

The Enron of the Music Industry?
Delving into the bowels of Sony.

The battle between Michael Jackson and Sony Music seems only common knowledge among Michael’s fans and industry insiders.

When I first started studying this and the prominent players in it, It was the generally accepted culprits that I researched: Tommy Mattola, John Branca, and Frank DiLeo. We wanted to find out just what the connection was with AEG and the characters now under the umbrella of “producer” of “This is It”.

Reviewing, we find Dr. Murray the last one to see Michael alive. According to detectives Murray was one of FIVE doctors interviewed by Michael, however, because of medical ethics, Dr. Murray was the only one who would take the job of the five that were interviewed because of the medications Michael supposedly wanted administered outside a hospital setting for his insomnia.

Dr. Murray, in debt because of numerous paternity suits and suits filed against him for fraud, took the job. AEG is the one who was paying Dr. Murray according to detectives. AEG hired the doctor “…To help Michael sleep…” Reference

On August 7th, the coroner’s office declared officially that Michael died of propofol intoxication. After testing blood, urine, bile, stomach and liver tissue and vitriol humor (eyeball fluid), LETHAL levels of propofol was found in Michael’s system . . . L-E-T-H-A-L levels, in all tissue tested.

At Michael’s body size, a dosage of 125 mgs would be needed for him to fall asleep. The dosage Murray told detectives he gave him (25 mg) would not be enough to put a child to sleep. On August 18th, the findings went public. On August 24th, the coroner ruled Michael’s death a homicide. Michael finally had his funeral on September 3rd. You can view the timeline for Dr. Murray’s activities I published previously, here.

Murray is only charged with involuntary manslaughter after six month investigation. He isn’t arrested until February 8th, two months after he is charged, and then he is arraigned through voluntary surrender under a deal that he be able to walk in and out without handcuffs. No mention is made, world-wide of any possibility of a premeditated murder.

Members of the Jackson family, Randy, Jermaine, LaToya and Michael’s father Joe Jackson have been vocal about Dr. Murray being the fall guy and that someone bigger was behind his murder and that it was planned, but it has gotten very little media coverage. Brian Oxman, during a Ustream event, confirmed and agreed that something more sinister happened. Sony keeps coming up in conversation amongst fans on several blogging and facebook groups.

A search for Sony/ATV brought me to this link.

Very interesting history for the origination of the ATV catalog and how Michael Jackson acquired it. According to Wikipedia, Paul McCartney did have a chance to purchase the rights to his songs, but thought the bid price was too high. Yoko Ono was approached by McCartney to buy it, but she declined the $10 million tag and did not want the anticipated battles over sharing ownership with McCartney. When it came up for sale and Michael’s then attorney, JOHN BRANCA informed Michael, the arrangements to purchase the song catalog was made and in 1985, Michael was the proud owner of 250 Beatles songs and songs by Elvis, Buddy Holly and a couple other artists for $47.5 million.

Sony as a music publishing company did not even exist until 1995, after watching the success Michael had in selling his CBS record division. Sony up until then sold electronic hardware. When the saw the profit potential in music, movie and game rights, they approached Michael about purchasing half of the catalog Michael then owned for $90 million. Michael essentially made 100% profit on half his catalog. Sony has been conspiring ways to acquire the remaining 50% share ever since.

An interesting side note if anyone ever doubts the brilliance or poetic (humor) justice of Michael Jackson. Remember this video in which Eminem mocked Michael Jackson? Michael and Geraldo spoke of it here.

Michael very eloquently condemned attacking other artists by saying that great artists don’t “do that . . . they don’t have to”. Then quietly, in 2007, Michael decided that since Mr. Eminem used Michael’s likeness in his music video, he didn’t really need to burden himself with the rights to his songs and purchased Eminem’s music rights. The catalog also included the song “Just Lose it” in which Eminem mocks Michael. The catalog sold by Viacom included artists Shakira, Bjork and Akon for $370 million. I am so proud of him!

Back to Sony and AEG. The linking names to these companies are Frank DiLeo, John Branca and John McClain and Tommy Mattola is still in the picture. As what, I’m not sure, but he seems to still be speaking on behalf of Sony when he mentioned that Sony would now be the “gatekeepers” of Michael’s unreleased music.

It was speculated that Tommy was behind the 2003 child molestation allegations. Some good information here.

Before then, from as early back in 2002, Mattola was working to sabotage Michael’s “Invincible” Album. Five months after it’s release, Tommy/Sony stopped all promotion of the album. They fought with Michael over budgets for videos and artistic concept. Michael retaliated by refusing to appear in one of the videos, “Cry”. This has been done before to other artists, by other music publishing companies, but Michael Jackson was a whole other level of artist, and he was the most globally prominent artist. Michael finally went public with the battle. They had to be careful how they went about doing this.

The media was their unwitting accomplice. Michael was weird. Michael had problems. Michael was a drug addict. Michael was socially and emotionally arrested. None of the man’s genius was ever given press space or air time. With controversy upon controversy piling on Michael, he too was distracted. Plants within the media? An unconfirmed source for this rumor or that?

While Michael was in London, his then spiritual advisor, Uri Gellar insisted that Michael let a trusted friend, Martin Bashir, interview him. Hoping he said, to rehabilitate Michael’s career (which was just fine if Sony wasn’t trying to sabotage it). What has been unconfirmed is that Bashir’s brother, was the personal driver for Tommy Mattola. I do not know where this rumor came from, but I have only been able to find links to any reference of Bashir’s brother on discussion boards and I cannot even find a name in Bashir’s biographies on many sites.

2003 is when the 8 months with Michael brought out allegations of child misconduct. At first the Arvizos, to include Gavin, vehemently denied the charges and even put up a video tape praising Michael’s generosity and compassion for disadvantaged children. Suddenly, an about face occurred even after video taped defense of Michael, the state had a witness, but only one. So who got to the Arvizos?

Michael was found not guilty on all counts in June of 2005. The Arvizos never spoke again to the public about the charges and Sony continued their financial leaning on Michael to further deepen his debt. Michael was never sued by the Arvizos, but Michael also made mention of the "conspiracy" on the 60 Minutes interview with Ed Bradley shortly after his arrest in 2003. A shaky and obviously terrified Michael mentioned that he knew what was going on, but wouldn't say anything other than "It was a conspiracy."

It is reported that Michael had to take a $250 million loan to pay debts, borrowed from Sony, with part of his music catalog ownership as collateral. Michael was fielding as many as a thousand lawsuits at one time, most of them from people that had never met the singer, most of them frivolous, and all of them supporting pay for teams of lawyers. What Michael spent over his lifetime in legal defense fees and settlements rivals the $300 + million he has given in charity. Could Sony have planted plaintiffs too?

Could Sony have coerced previous Michael employees to sue Michael, running his legal bills into the hundreds of millions?

Interesting, this “drug deposition” which I have harped on before, was taken down once before due to “copy right infringement by Marc Schaffel Productions” The drug deposition in question was supposed to have happened in 2007 in relations to suits filed by Dieter Wisner and Ronald Konitzer (who were Michael’s business advisors during the Arvizos time in Michael’s life. Marc Schaffel was fired in 2006 for neglecting to tell Michael that he was a porn movie producer before being hired to work on his music video.

Why would Marc Schaffel Productions OWN film rights to a drug deposition that occurred over a year after he was fired? Was Sony involved in this too?
And why is Debbie Rowe hanging round Marc today?

Lots of questions. If Sony could somehow have orchestrated the beginnings of the trial that eviscerated the soul of Michael, what else could they have possibly been behind?

Michael Jackson owned those song rights long before Sony was even in the music business. Sony is just one of many entities to cut their teeth on Michael Jackson. Personally, Sony will never see a penny from my wallet for anything they produce, earn rights to, or sell, ESPECIALLY in regard to Michael Jackson.

Please keep writing to the State Attorney General Jerry Brown about the possible corruption with District Attorney Steve Cooley. I would also not be beyond writing to Sony. The information for Sony is on this web page.

Address for D.A. Steve Cooley (who is now interestingly running for State Attorney General) can be reached at 210 West Temple Street, 18th floor, Los Angelas, California 90012. His phone is 213-974-3512.

I would copy your correspondence to State Attorney General Jerry Brown, Attorney General's Office California Department of Justice Attn: Public Inquiry Unit P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550. His email and phone is, VM (916) 322-3360 (800) 952-5225

Next blog, we will see what Tommy Mattolla is up today. Is he still working for Sony? And how did they get to Ortega?

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