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Michael Jackson Justice: The Faking of Michael Jackson’s “This is It”. March 8, 2010

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Faking of Michael Jackson’s “This is It”. March 8, 2010

The Faking of Michael Jackson’s “This is It”

Before we start trying to lasso all the suspects into the ring and brand them “guilty”, remember we want to stick as closely to Michael as possible . . . the source of the truth and the target of said suspects.

I have done some research on some videos that had to do with TII (This is It) Movie.

Michael once said that music was like a tapestry and that you weave it in layers . . . You can layer too much. This is what we DON’T want to do in this investigation and our search for the truth. This is what the media, rag-mags, “fans” that are plants, and false testimonies are trying to do. They are weaving layers that although may fit into the “storyline” are irrelevant and distracting in actually proving guilt or solving who exactly was behind his murder.

An addict has to admit to a problem before he can begin his recovery. We have to admit that Michael is dead before I can subjectively look at this as a murder. I have been unable to do that consistently. It’s something I do not want to admit. I keep getting accosted by those that believe he is alive and when you want someone to be “still here”, you grasp almost anything to keep them alive.

The night I read Jennifer Batten’s interview and she relayed what his makeup artist had said about Michael during TII rehearsals, I was again hit with the brutal finality of him being gone. It brought back all the sorrow, anguish, anger and tears anew. It starts your mourning process over yet again. Much like the alcoholic taking a drink after success of time spent on the wagon. There is a certain shame associated with this.

The length of this investigation and all the sensational gossip surrounding the who’s who of Michael’s world does nothing in bringing closure for those stuck in this hopeless cycle. I cannot help Michael if I cannot even admit to myself that he is gone. If I can’t do that, I can’t effectively hold those who killed him responsible.

This is an acute prayer moment. When you are this confused, you pray to the one who has all the answers . . . so that’s what I did. I was told to take a break. So my husband and I did just that for his birthday and got out of the house. Then he got sick but that’s another story.

I went back to TII the DVD-Documentary to try to understand a few things: – This video shows some interesting points about the production of This is It (TII). It points out the false dates and rehearsal times, the lack of wardrobe Michael wears in this supposed 100 hours of footage over 85 days. There are only approximately four or five outfits plus and minus jackets and coats he wears over them, during the whole movie.

Also take note (You can’t see it in this video, but if you have the DVD TII, check it out), of the different hairstyles and makeup on the same outfits in different shots. Very, very confusing. Joe Jackson has argued that a body double was used in several scenes to make it look like Michael was healthy and performing. Watching TII myself I have to agree. Michael with different sized hands and Michael with a slightly more narrow jawline (camera angle from below). Comment me for photos of you want a comparison and don’t have the DVD). - This is the scene where Michael complains about the ear monitors (plugs). Entirely different camera angle on this video then I have on my Movie version of the DVD. Michael is filmed at a distance, his voice sounds distinctively different and there is giggling heard in background noise. It almost looks like someone filmed this from their cell phone. However, the “camera” position changes to the side as it was in the movie, but still the same low-quality lighting and definition as the beginning of this video. Michael’s voice sounds different but may have because it was being filmed from a cell phone . . . Does Ortega know this got out?

Another discrepancy, Michael stutters on the word “Oral . . . oratory . . . ears” but does not in the DVD movie version. In the DVD version Michael says, “Oratory . . . ears” and he is filmed from the side. I don’t know who was let into the Staples Center to film Michael, but if it was one of the dancers or crew that did this, I think Kenny has lost control a bit. I wonder if maybe there isn’t other video out there that shows the TRUE condition of Michael and what was NOT spliced together for the movie. MJ TII clothes. This was very interesting. I thought the pictures (which I have stills of also) were horrific, showing the condition of Michael, but upon closer observation, I believe that the actual “Michael” in these photos was a mannequin.

Stop the video at these intervals and this is what I noted:

:38 - :42 Michael’s face is very shadowed, almost dirty looking. Smudgy. Dark glasses on. His ears look two dimensional as there is no shadow where the hollows and folds would be, almost like a plastic dolls ears. There are indents but no depth to them. Nostril flairs are shallow and the tip of the nose curves up. Notice how the camera pans up and down really quickly so to make it impossible to hang on any one detail too long. If the shoulder pieces were the focus of these shots, then why pan away from them so quickly for a rapid scan up and down Michael’s body which is covered by decidedly unimpressive street clothes? And why no video of the fittings? They videoed everything else!

1:17 – The photo they have on the wall of “Michael” in the lighted pants, look at his feet. One foot is light colored and I’m not sure if it is a shoe or a foot covered in a sock. The other foot is covered. Lighting is terrible and looks like it is actually designed to make Michael look bad. Why would they do this if they were trying to promote that Michael was healthy?

1:33 – White outfit with Jacket. Michael’s legs are too short for his body. There is no way this is Michael.

1:34 – White costume with no jacket. Looks like a balloon for a shirt or a bag. Legs again are too short and his hands are in the exact same position (even the fingers and thumb) as in 1:33.

1:38 – Hands in different outfit in the exact same position again, including the position of the thumbs.

The only different position “Michael” is in is in two of the photos pasted to the board where Zaldy is pointing to the lighted pants and in THOSE two pictures, one arm is bent in the same position.

Now what am I supposed to think? They look like mannequins. They may have done this after he died and needed a “body” to put the outfits on, but if they were going to go through the trouble of doing that, why not just have a plain mannequin? Why go through the trouble of making a Michael Mannequin and why make him look other than the healthy man they claimed he was? What am I supposed to think? I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here. - This video Geraldo is interviewing prosecuting and defense attorney’s on Michael’s murder investigation. They are adamant about their being more arrests, about those behind Dr. Murray and that the D.A. told them that Murray was just the tip of the iceberg. So what happened between then and now?

What happed to the arrests, Mr. Brown??? Did they suddenly know LESS information then they did when they made this statement? Who’s being paid off here?

As we get closer and closer to Dr. Murray’s trial and get further and further from the date of Michael’s death, less and less is making sense.

Michael said that if you wanted to get to know him, listen to his songs, read his lyrics. I’m afraid you will have to stay just as close to Michael if you are ever going to find the truth. It wasn’t in the media or the news when Michael was going through his life, we are not going to find it out there after his death either.

Be prepared to continue to be confused and sent in the opposite direction by trolls and plants. Get the drama behind you and focus on the facts . . . which are few are far between.


  1. They don't look like mannequins. There are different shots of him in the same outfit and his arms are in different positions.

  2. Ear monitors video - "removed by the user".

    I agree about the white costume, it's an oddly shaped body, never shows his head, could easily be and in the other I noticed the lack of definition to the ear and the trachea shadow is odd especially in comparison to the chin shadow. but I also notice what a good job in likeness to his teeth if it is a mannequin.

    Why go to the trouble? Well, maybe because of stories circulating that say the costumes were nowhere near ready for the concerts, hadn't even been fitted.

    Geraldo video - "Dr. Tohme charged with one thing, to bring money into Colony Capitol" You still think Colony Capitol is ok?
    Taraborrelli - Praising up Branca then says this: " of the reasons why John Branca left in the 1990s was because Michael was constantly attracting this element of people into his circle." How could this be if there is documentation proving he was fired?

    I have wondered about Taraborrelli and his books. He doesn't really present himself like the friend he claims to be. Hhhhmmmm.....

  3. First off I do believe that there were body doubles in that movie. Michael just looked way too different in some of those scenes. I mean even if some of the scenes used were from day 1 of the rehearsals and others were from day 85 and he'd lost a ton of weight in between, I don't think that would account for him looking so different. I mean his face shape looked definitely different in some scenes and he just looked like a different person. And he was either very drugged or a completely different person while singing I Can't Stop Loving You because hey, the man had to have sung that song at least 1000 times during his career, night after night over a period of years and for him to forget the words? Come on, I just don't buy it.

    Next Bonnie said: Another discrepancy, Michael stutters on the word “Oral . . . oratory . . . ears” but does not in the DVD movie version. In the DVD version Michael says, “Oratory . . . ears” and he is filmed from the side.

    I wonder if 2 different versions of the movie were sold? Because my DVD has the stuttering, however the word he's using is "aural" which is pertaining to hearing and "auratory", and I think that might not be a word but since he used aural he just went the next step and used auratory instead of auditory if that makes sense. Anyway, the shot was from the front and not the side so I'm still wondering, are their different versions of that movie out there?

    I do agree with you about the clothing video. Those shots looked like mannequins. Why weren't they video taped? Another mystery. Also, the interviewer said that Michael did see the Thriller jacket and Zaldy said that Michael said let's see it making it seem like Michael did see it but then he said he had a surprise for Michael, the demon in the jacket which he said Michael WOULD have loved. Now, did Michael see the jacket or didn't he? So many inconsistencies that it's hard to keep track of!!


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