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Michael Jackson Justice: From AEG to Sony – Michael’s New Friends March 5, 2010

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

From AEG to Sony – Michael’s New Friends March 5, 2010

From AEG to Sony – Michael’s New Friends

I am writing with a bit of a bitter heart tonight. I am trying to keep things real, but if you detect a slight flavor of biting sarcasm, that is why.

Drilling down into some background, we know Dr. Murray’s background. Murray was hired as Michael’s personal doctor for the “This is It” concerts. Let’s take a closer look at the people involved in “This is It.”

At this link here you can see a list of the cast and crew to include vocalists, dancers, instrumentals and producers.

Interesting list of producers, for a sloppily edited sorry attempt of a movie. Did they REALLY need nine producers? NINE??? I laughed out loud when I saw this.

Definition of a producer, in show biz terms: a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works, someone who finds financing for and supervises the making and presentation of a show (play or film or program or similar work, (reference)

So a producer either finances or FINDS financing for a film, program or similar work. So all nine of these people FOUND the money to make “This is It”. I thought this was an AEG production since they were supposedly paying all of Michael’s living expenses, doctor, security, etc? So if AEG put out the money for this concert-that-never-was, then how did Branca, McClain, Payne, Bearden, DiLeo, Feghali, Ortega and Gongaware get placed as producers? Let’s look at the backgrounds (short version) of each of these fellas. We’ll leave Randy out for now, because it’s general knowledge that he worked for AEG anyway.

Paul Gongaware, Producer: His filmography includes “Michael Jackson’s This is It” and “IMAX Michael Jackson’s This is It.” So he cut his teeth on Michael Jackson . . . not the FIRST person to do that. Paul has been a production assistant and a concert promoter through AEG. You can find more information on his body of work (which isn’t much to be honest) here. He currently works for AEG, as what I have no idea. Maybe he and Phillips arm wrestled for the position of promoter.

Kenny Ortega, Producer: He was also the director of “This is It”. He’s been associated with Michael Jackson over the years as his choreographer. Kenny began as a dancer and broke into directing in the 1980’s. Among those was the hit Dirty Dancing (choreographer) and the High School Musical series. His first feature film was “The Rose” in 1980. Kenny became associated with Michael in the early 1990’s creating and designing the Dangerous World Tour 1992-1993 and the HIStory World Tour 1996-1997. Reference

Interesting note in Wikipedia says “Ortega directed the Michael Jackson Public Memorial at the Staples Center in Los Angeles memorial service, which was broadcast live on several networks on July 7, 2009. It reached a television audience of 31 million in America, and hundreds of millions (statistics even say billions) more worldwide and via the internet. At the end of the service, he introduced a rendition of Jackson's 1985 charity single "We Are the World" created for the This Is It concerts, featuring Jackson's backing singers on lead vocals with his dancers performing around them. He directed Michael’s memorial service. Think about that one.

Did he and Michael ever have a falling out? I have not been able to find anything. If anyone has a link to something concerning any falling out Michael had with Kenny in the past, please let me know on the comments below.

Randy Phillips, Producer: Randy was the former manager of Rod Stewart and head of Gasoline Alley Record Label before he joined Anschutz Entertainment Group in 2002. AEG owns the Staples Center in L.A. while Sony owns the O2 Arena in London. I have more information on Randy Phillips on this article.

Chantal Feghali, Co Producer: (What is that?) Has worked on “Terminator Salvation” and “World Trade Center” previously before “This is It”. Has worked as production manager and/or Visual Effects supervisor for numerous other films, credited and non-credited. Reference. She has a facebook page, but no biography available on any of the sites I looked up, only filmography. I don’t know who she is or how she is connected to AEG other than maybe the special effects.

Frank DiLeo, Co-Producer: (Again, what is that? There’s nine of them!) Frank’s filmography includes “This is It”, “Wayne’s World”, “Kiss of Death” and “Goodfellas”. Frank was Michael’ s manager for five years through “Thriller” and “Bad”. Michael had his then lawyer fire him, presumably because Frank failed to secure the theatrical release of “Moonwalker”. Frank says he did but not for the sum that Michael wanted, and he was fired “without warning”. Reference. Now he is suddenly back as a “co –producer” for “This is It.” Before Michael, He began his career in the music industry in the late 1960s, shortly after high school, as a rack jobber (distributing records to retail stores) in Pittsburgh. Following a number of brief, higher-profile jobs, he was hired as a promotion staffer in Cleveland by CBS Records subsidiary Epic Records in 1968. Reference. Sony now owns Epic Records, so I guess we know how Frank DiLeo came back into picture with Michael via “This is It.”

Michael Bearden, Associate Producer: Michael Bearden’s filmography includes “This is It”, “America the Beautiful”, “Constellation” and “Redrum”. Musical director and composer, Bearden’s pre-Jackson credits include recording with the likes of Madonna and Dizzy Gillespie. He is now the bandleader for “Lopez Tonight”. He was the musical director for “This is It”. Good article here. He went to high school with Michelle Obama, worked with Mary J. Blige and Usher (which is how Michael may have come in contact with Bearden).

Travis Payne, Associate Producer: Filmography includes “This is It”, “The Ten Commandments, the Musical”, “Date Movie”, “A Man Apart” (with open captions). Travis Payne is a choreographer and worked with Michael and Janet on the video “Scream” and Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts”. He has also worked with artists “Salt N Peppa”, “En Vogue”, and with shows “Ally McBeal” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. Is Travis Payne a friend? Travis also worked with Michael on his “Dangerous Tour”. I have seen no falling out reports between Travis and Michael. Reference.

John Branca and John McCain, Executive Producers: Filmography, the only one listed is “This is It”. John Branca and McCain are also the executors of Michael Jackson’s will. Branca was allegedly fired as Michael’s lawyer when it was discovered that Branca was also representing Sony and owned 5% of the Sony/ATV catalog. Allegedly, Branca never turned over the will and after Michael’s death, Installed himself back on as the Jackson Estate attorney. How he came about being an executive producer of “This is It”, is a mystery. Sony owns the O2 Arena, but it does not own AEG unless there is a partnership that has not yet been unearthed.

This link describes the bid Sony made for the movie rights to “This is It.” It is speculated that Sony was awarded the bid because John Branca was still on the board of Sony (As Michael’s representative in the Sony/ATV music catalog?) and is an executive producer of “This is It” Branca and McClain also get 10% of any increase in the Jackson estate. Interesting bedfellows, aren’t they?

I am sending this blog to the D.A. in Los Angeles. DiLeo’s connection to Epic records alone and John Branca’s smooth maneuvering to get as big a chunk out of Michael as he can should have been enough to suspect premeditated murder and brought about a charge of Murder 2 at the very least!

I am still battling some “Hoax” people, since this latest TMZ exclusive involving the stun gun, Grace and Michael’s boys. The story as told does not make sense. Speculation runs that Grace is trying to make Katherine look like a bad parent to get control of Michael’s children and get custody. Aside from the fact that she is of no relation to them and would have to fight at least nine other siblings, how about the plain and simple fact that SHE is the HIRED NANNY! If anyone looks bad because one of the kids almost got hurt, I would think the problem would be nipped in the bud if they got rid of Grace and hired a more responsible Nanny. Where was Grace when this happened?

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment. This is turning into the Greatest Show on Earth. Michael would be proud if this wasn’t so sad. Leashes getting tight yet?



    Any response from the LA DA?

  2. Bonnie - just looking through your older blogs; you ask in this one if anyone knows of a falling out Michael had with Ortega to let you know. You may have already become aware of this, but in 1999 Michael was seriously injured in a fall from a bridge set while performing Earth Song, which was directed by (guess who?) - Kenny Ortega. It is reported that Kenny left the set after Michael was taken to the hospital the following day and that Kenny never returned; perhaps that was the last and/or only show, who knows. But bottom line is that between 1999 and Kenny's employment to direct TII, the tour, Kenny never apologized or said "sorry" to Michael (Kenny being the director was "in charge" and responsible for MJ's accident). Michael is said to have commented when KO was hired for TII tour that in those ten years he never apologized and only DID apologize to Michael personally after he was hired for TII, the tour. So yes, MJ and KO did have a falling out; was KO actually hired by Michael for TII, the tour, or did AEG hired KO? It just doesn't sound like Michael would have hired KO himself after TEN YEARS of no apology for this horrific accident which has several YouTube versions.

  3. Paul Gongaware had known Michael and been the person in charge of every single one of his world tours and concert events. EVERY SINGLE ONE. He had known Michael for years BTW his title at AEG is Co-CEO of Concerts West- The live touring division at AEG. Just FYI

  4. @Chris - I have a completely different view of AEG and Gongaware's involvement of Michael since posting this almost a year ago due to further research. See

    It was right around May-June I began to suspect that AEG was actually helping Michael and trying to keep the Sony people away from him.

    Thank you for your post. :o)

  5. Bonnie,

    This is starting to get a little meaty :)

    I really appreciate all your research and the links.

    One thing I disagree with, and you might have corrected in a later post, is that the O2 in London is not owned by Sony, as you state, but in fact is owned by AEG, as is the Staples Center. I read a few months ago that AEG owned both venues and I was kind of surprised about that and I did a little looking and found that AEG does own both of them, as is stated on the Staples Center website AND the O2 website, as well as wikipedia.

  6. Hi Deb . . . Yes I certainly did correct it later on and when I posted this it was actually a brain-bubble, and was SUPPOSED to say AEG. I am still catching errors like that every once in a while where I mean one thing and type another because I think ahead of where I type.

    Thank you.


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