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Michael Jackson Justice: Justice for Michael - Michael's New Voice March 12, 2010

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Justice for Michael - Michael's New Voice March 12, 2010

Michael's New Voice

For those of you part of the Ustream event tonight, I want to thank you and for the participating in the twitter event. It's hard to keep 2 things going at once, isn't it? Justice4MJ was number one Twitter event for quite a while.

Now think about trying to manage hundreds of millions in business, duck and dodge hundreds of lawsuits at a time, field complaints and suggestions from your closest inner circle about other members of your closest inner circle, prepare for concerts, fight a huge music and entertainment conglomerate, STILL try to maintain a normal atmosphere for your children, cringe at the unfair treatment, rumors and lies from world wide tabloids, OH . . . AND be the King of Pop.

This is another strait blog tonight . . . no research, just heart to heart talk because I am quite raw after participating in the Ustream event. We had the privilege of having Brian Oxman answer questions (those that he could) about the investigation, Michael's state of mind, physical health and family and business relationships since 2005.

I cried through the whole thing. I could barely type questions and participate.

Listening to Brian Oxman talk about the complete incredulous situation regarding the lackluster homicide investigation into Michael's murder by a doctor that not only neglected common sense care to his patient, but CRIMINALLY AND WILLFULLY tried to hide his actions.

There is no doubt in my mind that Michael is no longer with us after listening to this interview, but that is not why I cried. I've already cried about that hundreds of times.

I cried because I was ANGRY!

Listening to Brian talk, I could envision a man who, by standards of reasoning, should not have ever been left alone by people that truly loved him.

I envisioned a man that had to choose between the lesser of two evils constantly, because that's all the choice he had.

I envisioned a man who, despite the fact that he gave more money to charity than most of the people that killed him would make in their lifetime, those people decided that killing him was justified to get his money and holdings.

I envisioned a man who KNEW for NUMEROUS years, that they wanted to kill him . . . and nobody took him seriously.

I saw a man becoming frail while those that truly cared about him could do nothing for him because at that point, he was already too far gone to help himself.

I saw a man who, while lying on a bed in his house, with catheters and punctures in sensitive areas of his body for poison to be administered, finally succumbed to the abuse.

I saw a man who, by many accounts, lie dead for possibly hours on his bed before the doctor that was earning $150,000 a month to CARE for him, spoke on a cell phone before calling 911 AFTER that man stopped breathing.

I saw a man who was being falsely resuscitated in a defensive attempt to hide a crime, while his young son looked on, an unwilling witness.

I saw a man that, despite the fact that millions loved and admired all over the world, died cold, alone, hungry, dehydrated, physically mutilated by catheters with only those that sought his demise around him.

This is not a reealization one can just put down to make dinner or finish laundry. This is absolutely crippling to anyone with any heart.

I have tears dripping down over my lips as I type this. For the life of me, I cannot even come close to understanding the mentality of someone who could just do to a human being, what has been done to Michael Jackson.

This hurts my heart so much because I know that if we let this go . . . more is to follow.

This is evil.

Anyone that can look into the eyes of a baby seal and crush their skull is evil.

Anyone that can rip a living, moving baby out of a womb is evil.

Anyone that sit there and video tape a 14 year old kid getting his head kicked in by a gang of his peers is evil.

And anyone that can sit there and make jokes about Michael Jackson's makeup while his children cry to sleep at night missing the hugs they no longer get from him . . . evil!

What in the world is happening to us? You still want to go out an by a tabloid? You still want to watch Entertainment Tonight or those other worthless tabliod t.v. shows?

You still dont' care that AEG is going to be getting the money from that concert you just bought tickets too? Or that Sony will reap every dollar from every Michael Jackson item sold?

You still want to put a label on another human being in some vain effort to elevate your own self worth?

Can you sit there and justify Michael's murder in your mind because he was "weird"?

And what of the uselessness of being upset about this? What of the "he's dead . . . you can't do anything for him! Let him rest in peace."

Because you can't throw away justice OR the fight for it, just because someone is dead . . . because you, or your children, your mother for father, brother or sister could be next!

Michael Jackson had too much money to personally manage. Unfortunately the trust he put in those he hired to manage it ended up being what killed him. All you have to do is look at the list of producers on the movie "This is It" to know who killed Michael Jackson.

You can also look at the long list of tabloid stories covering his life and death to find out who was complicit in his killing.

Then, if you still haven't managed to work up any compassion, maybe you can try putting your sons or daughters into the shoes of Michael's children.

If you still feel comfortable joking about a man who lay dead on a bed with multiple catheters in his body dripping propofol into viens that had long collapsed hours before while a murderous doctor pounds on his chest with his young son watching him . . . Well, there are animals in the Serengeti with spotted fir, laughing barks and long front legs that are more civilized than you.

If you would like to be a human being, and justice is something that matters to you, please visit this site and learn what you can do to get this poor excuse of a manslaughter charge upgraded to 2nd degree murder: A Plan to Seek Justice for Michael Jackson.

Tonight, Hulya, Ingrid, Seven, Wendy, Taaj, Dana, Anastasia, Britta, Marce, Jennifer, Laura, Brian Oxman and I'm sure more . . . Renewing faith in humanity.

We are now Michael's voice. We are the ONLY voice he has. Do not let these people get away with abusing, torturing, terrifying, using and neglecting the one consistent advocate for God's love we have had in our modern history.

Join the Facebook group "A Plan to Seek Justice for Michael Jackson" today and find out how you can help.

After tonight there is no question that this has to be done. God works through people just as God worked through Michael to gather, then deliver his message to love one another.

Do this with love . . . do it with faith that God will prevail, and do it for Michael in the name of every abused, tortured and terrified child out there.

Love you more


  1. Bonnie amazing your comment about the evinnig on Twitter with BO. I'm speechless right now, but u said all what my heart feels and i thank u for write it on here.All the world must know we are now Michael's voice and his voice is louder tha ever.Lot of LOVE hun, and Thank u for doing this <3
    *Laura Isabel*

  2. Laura, thank you for your contributions to the Twitter event and the Ustream interview with Mr. Oxman (I saw you there too!) Julie was actually the one that said that we have to be Michael's voice, so I borrowed that from her. I'm sure everyone feels that way after last night. This can't continue to go on

    One of the promises God made to us is that our enemies will face justice. Michael was one of God's children and more than that, he was an advocate of God. God saw what happened and I have no doubt justice will follow.

    Love to you Laura! And thank you again.

  3. Thank you,Laura!


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