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Michael Jackson Justice: Letter to D.A. Brown - March 11, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Letter to D.A. Brown - March 11, 2010

Dear D.A. Brown, March 11, 2010


One of the most beautiful things about Michael Jackson was his childlike trust and enthusiasm. Unfortunately trust can be manipulated . . . so can money, finances, contracts and human beings.

I never understood how someone as good as Michael could attract such loathsome personalities. None of those relationships was about friendship, it was about control. These people didn’t want to be his friend, they wanted to possess and control him.

What I learn as I get deeper into this is frightening. There are MILLIONS Mr. D.A. that are investigating. This doesn’t end with your department.

Imagine what it was like for Michael. Imagine trying to revive a career that a jealous, vengeful parent and the press tried to destroy, while at the same time having to field accusations about your business associates by another business associate. Living isolated while not knowing if you could trust even the people that were keeping you isolated.

Michael Jackson was SMART to be paranoid. He HAD to be to survive as long as he did.
How did someone like Michael get tangled up with the mob-like heavies?

Tommy Mattola was running Sony Music when disagreements on artistic creation brought to the surface the underlying conspiracy to gain control of Michael’s 50% share of Sony’s music catalog, growing in value at that time into the nine digits. This is when the trouble with the invincible album began. Sony’s lack of promoting it begged the question of Sony deliberately sabotaging an album they produced, to bring down an artist in an effort to gain control of his holdings and music rights. It’s been done before, but this time, it was someone more high profile.

If it is true that Mottola, along with others worked to set up Jackson to bring him down, would they go as far as cavorting with those closest to Michael? Including those now running the MJ estate?

People aren’t even bothering to cover their tracks up anymore . . . It’s in the paperwork, Mr. Brown! Everyone that has followed this case from Tom Mesereau in 2005 down to the very last fan around the world knows! We also know that YOU ARE NOT INVESTIGATING IT!

Why else would such a blatant conflict of John Branca serving both Michael Jackson, Sony AND AEG be given the red carpet by a judge for him to continue running Michael’s estate? I guess murder for money is okay now? Is this a law enforcement agency or a store front for “murder for hire” contracts?

How is it that someone as big as Michael Jackson can be swept under the rug of justice? How is it possible that such blatant errors in covering up their tracks go without the media picking up and running with it? This is Michael Jackson for crying out loud! He was murdered! Where is the news coverage of all these shady characters?

Why did Branca not take heed to Jackson's request to turn over all documents when he was fired? Branca was demanded to resign of his duties by Michael Jackson back in 2003! Hand delivered letter here!

Michael Jackson Terminated John Branca because of Embezzlement. In 2003, Michael Jackson launched an investigation into Matolla and Branca’s embezzlement activities regarding his money getting sent to offshore accounts.

The investigators, the firm of Interfor in New York, reported in February, March, and with a final report on April 15, 2003, there was an improper relationship between Tommy Mattola and John Branca whereby Branca and Matolla were illegally funneling Michael Jackson’s money to off-shore accounts in the Caribbean. This was used in Michael’s 2005 trial for child misconduct. Apparently Mesereau knew something then and so did Michael. If the FANS can find this information and put two and two together, why can’t you?

Millions were spent in TRYING to convict Michael Jackson of a crime he did not ever commit. I would think that, since his death has already been ruled a HOMICIDE, you could put as much effort into INVESTIGATING it. Six months to offer a charge of INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER? Did you decide this over a sandwich and some fries at your desk? Flip a coin?

Why wasn’t Murray handcuffed? You didn’t want to hurt his feelings? Do you really think that man had more to offer the world than Michael Jackson did? Just what is it that you have in for that man? It was YOUR DEPARTMENT’S DECISION to make the fools of yourselves that you did in 1993 and 2005, not Michael’s. A website to recruit “testimonials” before a trial was your office’s biggest embarrassment. So I guess this is your revenge?

The story behind Sony’s “lifeline” to Michael in 2006, when they agree to loan Michael money using half of his share of the ATV catalog as collateral. MOTIVE!!!! ? Do some digging! It’s all right there!

John McClain and John Branca, executors of Michael Jackson’s estate and 5% owners of the Sony/ATV catalog are also executive producers of “This is it.” Look at the other names on here. This is a listing of the producers and credits for “This is It.” Interesting! Now we know who is shaking who’s hands.

Could criminals who wear ties really be this stupid??? DiLeo WORKS for Sony. He got started at Epic Records which is now OWNED by Sony. It’s not that hard to figure out.

And they wonder why people think there was a conspiracy to kill Michael. Every one of his enemies and conspirators are now in bed with “This is It” and the Sony Music Corporation as well as his estate.

Where is the justice Mr. Brown? Where are the arrests, L.A.P.D.??? Where is the zeal in which you went after Michael Jackson in 2005? We are watching. We know where the money flows. There isn’t one Michael Jackson advocate that is not aware of what is going on. Millions are watching, Mr. Brown. Millions know. The money will not last as long as the wrath that is sure to follow.

For everything he has done for the children in that city, in that state, and around the world, you should be ashamed.

We are watching. We are getting the word out about the real Michael Jackson and the REAL culprits in his murder. We know. Please don’t let money succeed in keeping you from doing what is right.

This man’s children lost him. Michael did not kill himself. Michael was not weird. Michael was a good person, he was trusting, he was isolated, he was lonely, he was faithful to God, he did everything he could to help children avoid the pain he lived with every day, and he was very, very wealthy.

Please give people a reason to have faith in what justice system we have left.

Thank you for listening,

Bonnie L. Cox

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  1. Imagine what it was like for Michael. Imagine trying to revive a career that a jealous, vengeful parent and the press tried to destroy,

    This was a great letter Bonnie but, what did you mean by the above statement? Which parent are you talking about? Can you please elaborate?



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