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Michael Jackson Justice: March 25, 2010 - Are we Confused Yet?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010 - Are we Confused Yet?

March 24, 2010 – Anyone Confused, Raise your Hands!

After attending the much Twittered Ustream Event with Brian Oxman last night, I’m beginning to seriously believe that the Jackson “insiders” really know little more than we know and I’m starting to resent the colossal waste of my time. But I’m going to pull back a little and give them some space, because it’s also obvious to me that they do little talking to each other.

Our poor host tried her best to remain diplomatic and polite and I have to hand it to her, she did a great job in keeping certain participants from jumping through the phone at each other.

However, I was not convinced that anyone really knows what is going on. I am back to thinking this whole thing is just one giant marketing ploy and EVERYONE is in on it.

I am disgusted and I am plagued with the thought that there will be no justice for Michael because self promotion is still the name of the game. Things are not making much sense, AGAIN.

The call-in guests we had were of course Jackson Family Lawyer Brian Oxman, the medical expert registered nurse who’s name escapes me (because I was so floored with her information), Samantha DeGosson and Eddie Jones, Jr., President of Los Angeles Civil Rights Association and our host, Hulya (Julie).

Before I debrief you on the event and its contents, let me just first say that I do appreciate each and every minute these folks devoted to us and answering our questions. Second, let me just ask each of them . . . what was the point?

Brian was on first, spending a little over 30 minutes with us. The first question Brian answered concerned the will and if it will be contested.

His reply was that Katherine had withdrawn her objection to the executors of the will. He expressed concern but didn’t really know why she had done that. Many of the fans feel that Katherine was pressured or coerced by being threatened with probate and a loss of income over a period of time until it was settled . . . probably by John Branca.

The will, in Oxman’s opinion, is highly questionable. He is aware of the fact that Michael was nowhere near L.A. the day that it was signed and dated by him, and the signature of Michael itself is questionable. He is also of the opinion that John Branca was fired by Michael in February of 2003, and is aware of the current conflict of interest of Branca and McCain being executive producers of AEG’s “This is It”, and on the board of Sony/ATV with a now-defunct 5% interest in said catalog. (supposedly John signed off on his share back in 2006 . . . sold it, but I have seen no paperwork to that effect).

However, Mr. Oxman will not even entertain the thought of a Sony conspiracy . . . why? It’s all over the evidence he himself recited during the Ustream event! My reaction to this dodge was not charitable. Why are people so afraid of Sony? He seemed more concerned with promoting and defending the T-shirt Merchandise of “A wonderful lady who really loves Michael Jackson” then wanting to get to the bottom of who was behind Michael’s murder.

Oxman is working with Joe Jackson. He is Joe Jackson’s attorney in this case. Joe Jackson believes there was a conspiracy. Oxman does not or won’t admit that there is one. If Oxman won’t represent Joe Jackson in his desire to investigate such a conspiracy, then why is he wasting Joe Jackson’s time? I was shocked at his refusal to even consider it.

Joe Jackson has filed objection, but Oxman said the judge ruled that he didn’t have standing. Brian Oxman filed an appeal on the grounds that the father of a child does have a standing.

Discussed was the possibility that a handwriting expert could be solicited to determine signature of Michael’s which looks like John Branca’s . . . but there “is no conspiracy and no evidence of a conspiracy.”

No evidence. Right. Mr. Oxman should spend less time in front of the t.v. cameras and more time investigating the case. The evidence is all over the place. If the fans know about it and the hired lawyer does not, something is wrong.

Mr. Oxman said that nine different drugs were in Michael’s system, seven of them administered by Dr. Murray. All of them were benzodazaphines and Propofol.

The only medications Michael could have taken on his own were the Ephedrine (an asthma medication), and a prostate medication that were found in his system. None of those were contributing to his death.

Michael had symptoms of propofol overdoses (or use over a long period of time) as he attended rehearsals. Among those discovered during the autopsy were anemia, brain swelling, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Michael did have a hard time singing and Karen’s Faye’s assertions that Michael had a hard time singing or finishing songs were confirmed. Also in line with previous statements of Karen’s were Michael’s exhaustion and his being “cold to the touch.”
Michael often complained of being cold and that he couldn’t get warm. He was freezing and he was constantly complaining about it.

Sammy DeGosson testified on the call-in event that Michael had a heater next to him in June in the staples center. He was wearing layers of clothing while rehearsing, which anyone who viewed the “This is It” movie could plainly see. Yet Phillips and Ortega insist Michael was in "great shape". Co-conspirators.

Mr. Oxman did confirm that Dr. Tohme (Even though this Dr. has no medical license, Mr. Oxman corrected himself and inserted “Doctor” Tohme into his statement), is actually related to Jermain’s wife. He also confirmed that Tohme ( I have the luxury of omitting this non-existent title of doctor), is intertwined and has relations with those involved in Colony Capital (who bought the note on Neverland Ranch to keep it out of foreclosure).

To reiterate, Tohme is related to Jermaine’s wife. He is also responsible for Nation of Islam body guards for Michael, and he is also related to those within the workings of Colony Capital (but there “is no conspiracy”).

When asked why Tohme and Grace Rwamba were hired back, Mr. Oxman’s explanation was “Once you’re in the Jackson family, you can’t get out . . .”
My typed reply “Huh???”

So now there is a Jackson Mafia? I almost laughed out loud! This is not the Roach Motel! This is America! (At least it was before that health care vote on March 21!) You can permanently fire anyone you want!

Tohme sued against his own contract with Julien’s Auctions because Michael was furious. He did not want his personal items sold. He told Tohme to stop the sale of his personal belongings. Tohme told them to stop, they asserted there was a contract, Tohme threatened them, and that prompted the firing of Tohme by Michael.

According to Mr. Oxman, the administrators of estate (Branca and McClain) appointed Julien’s to auction same stuff on June 25 of this year. So we can safely assume that Tohme is now under this “Branca-estate-AEG-This is It-Sony” umbrella. What doesn’t add up is the family’s actions (only Joe, LaToya and Randy fighting this thing in earnest) and the fact that Jermaine has been very supportive of a conspiracy theory, which would cut the throats of his benefactors, IF Jermaine and Tohme are in on this.

Once Samantha DeGossen came online and missing security tapes and hard drives were discussed, there were differences of opinion. Strong ones.
Brian says there were no security cameras inside the home Michael lived in. Samantha insisted there were.

Things went down hill on the integrity scale from here on out.

The registered nurse, who was the medical expert (and I’m sorry, I did not write down her name) opened with discussing the results of the autopsy, which still upset me even after all this time. She explained the conflict with Michael’s weight from the time he was weighed at the hospital by the corner, to the time he was weighed during the autopsy. (please bear with me, this is not easy to discuss and I really have to admit that I hate that I know all this now).

The nurse explained that fluids from the medications he received and the intravenous fluids made Michael weigh more. the 136 was actually closer to 116. This sounded conceivable to me because I had been through a major surgery where I was fed fluids for eight days in lieu of food. I blew up like a balloon. Easily 20 pounds could be added to what I weighed. There was a loss of these body fluids when he was opened up for autopsy. (poor Michael!)

According to previous testimony from Karen Faye, the mortician weighed Michael in at about 108. If that is the case on a five-foot, nine inch tall man, I wonder how he was still walking around? I also question why involuntary commitment to a hospital was not enacted, as in the case of Brittney Spears. Especially with as bad physical shape as Michael was reportedly in. The Jacksons would have a wrongful death suit not just against Doctor Murray, but also by Michael’s “employers” and supervisors at AEG. No other employer I know of would come to your house, wrest you out of bed while you were suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis and severe chills and make you go to work! Why would AEG get such a pass on this behavior?

Other symptoms of prolonged propofol use was again discussed by this nurse: Severe chills, which Michael reportedly had, he had fluid in his lungs from pneumonia, bronchitis was present, he was groggy and he Received propofol every night. (How would this nurse know this?) Groggy, unable to complete physical tasks or focus on conversation for any length of time.

Most footage used in TII are last two to three days at Staples. It was explained that the best footage for the “This is It” movie was also taken from those last two to three days. If Michael was in declining physical shape, how then could they get the best days of footage out of the latter days?

Samantha explained that Michael was mislead to believe he would only do one show and it would be taped. That was why he was in better spirits last three days. But Samantha said they never intended to do that and he died three days later.

The conversation went way off topic with the nurse, about how exceptionally gifted Michael was, how loved he was, how hunted he was, how lonely he was . . . I was getting irritated at this point. We all know this we already know what kind of person he was, how gifted he was, how giving etc. We needed to stay on the topic of obtaining justice for him.

The nurse explained that this was a war? That was the most puzzling statement I have ever heard from a medical expert involved with this case. I thought they were discussing way too much information before there was even a trial. Opinion or not, any possibility the defense could move for a mistrial should not be offered to them on a silver platter.

DeGosson testified during the phone-in that the bodyguards and Karen waited for the LAPD to interview them and they never did. They had to call the papers and go public before LAPD would interview. That seemed very suspicious to me.

Integrity downgrade number two: Oxman and DeGosson parted ways on the authenticity of the ambulance photo.

Sammy says that ambulance pictures were real with the reflection and angle of photo, which contradicted Brian Oxman’s assertion the photo was fake and that there was no way, with the angle the photo was taken, and the proximity of Michael to the floor of the ambulance, that it could be real. Oxman argued that there was no window in the place it would have to be for them to get that picture. He said photo shop. DeGosson said authentic.

I believe it is fake. Michael looked way too healthy in the ambulance picture, his skin was darker, he looked younger, and there was a noticeable protruding vein in his forehead. If Michael had already been dead for ANY amount of time, there would have been NO FLOWING BLOOD to make that forehead vein protrude.

There was contention between DeGosson and Eddie Jones Jr. which in my opinion, had nothing to do with the death investigation itself and more to do with how Joseph treated Michael as a child. Mr. Jones pointed this out several times before we got back on topic.

In conclusion, The whole Ustream event left me confused and a bit angry. Nobody seems to know what is going on. Mr. Oxman, in my opinion, should know more about his client and his son’s history with Sony then he does if he is going to effectively fight this case. Everyone else just needs to stop fighting.

I also distinctly remember no security camera's being in certain areas of the Neverland house because Michael was concerned about privacy, especially in his bedroom. He feared any of those tapes ever getting out or getting sold to tabloids. Brian Oxman insisted they didnt' exist anywhere inside, while DeGosson insisted there were cameras inside. There could have been security cameras set up in certain rooms where surveillance would be needed, however I didn't think Michael ever had them in the bedrooms. Samantha had been in the Neverland house before. It wasn't clear to me during the interview if she had been inside the Carolwood house. Brian had not been in the Carolwood house to my knowledge.

I have more thoughts on this whole interview. It was three hours long and I am just touching on the highlights. I will let you ponder these thoughts. If you would like to comment on anything I did not mention on this blog, please feel free.
I don’t know what is going on, the drama is getting to be too much for me and for many others. We need to move beyond that and stick to facts if we are going to make any progress at all for justice.

Michael deserves better than this. He is not going to win if this is the way things are being handled. I am disgusted, I am leary, I am not very hopeful and I am so tired of the lying. If someone is not sure of something just say so, so that others can find out. What is going on? That was what I asked Michael’s picture the whole time I was listening to this. I rolled my eyes and threw my hands up more times than I can count.

I am sorry about the length of this blog. Trust me, it won’t happen again. Three hours of misinformation, contradicting information and battles for supremacy are going to end up being critical wounds in any defense that may be afforded Michael and his children. This is the second day in a row I have wanted to throw up.

I am angry and for now, I am out of here. Love you more….I’m sorry, Michael. I guess we still can’t move past “self” in fighting for you. At least we know God can do a better job.


  1. ALL I can say is THANK YOU and I TRULY LOVE YOU. You just spoke exactly what I was thinking and feeling. I knew the moment I first read any of your postings I liked you and you were REAL. So what do we do. Twitter is driving me crazy. People on there with GROUPS? just for certain fans?????? Other fighting over stupid stuff! Judgement, Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Competition,and so much more. I LOVE twitter and some of the REAL LOVERS but I just can't take all the ???? anymore! There is someone called @MJLivesHEre I think just posted similiar stuff and said she is off until the courtdate. I wanted to get off for awhile too but I LOVE so many on there. Like I told you before I am here for you and want to assist in anyway. I haven't been able to get any information you haven't already. You're too good. :) Please let me know what should I do. Where is the LOVE and how are we going to get Justice4MJ with the way people are acting and with what they are doing. Please repond. @legacyofmj on twitter email I used before with you is but now I'm using for all my MJ stuff. I love you hang in there I feel you are the closed thing we have to the real deal.

  2. thank you so much for this article! i wasn't able to participate in the UStream event and thanks to you i feel like i was THERE! thank you so much for this re-cap. it is so nice to know that there are real hardcore fans out there who won't stop until justice is served!

    and i totally agree with you on the twitter stuff lol

    thanks again! i will certainly be looking for more of your insights!

    love lives forever,

  3. Thank you so much Jennifer and mjfan_247. But I am going to have to change some things on there. It's hard getting all the information from a three hours call in event and make sure it is accurate.

    To be fair, Sammy DeGosson DID KNOW MICHAEL before 2007, only I wasn't aware of that. She does have info and pictures from after the 2005 trial with Michael. I was going by only what she said on Ustream . . . "for the last two years". She has actually known him longer than that.

    There are tempers flairing and flying and it is not right. But I do understand Sammy's anger. She was one of the fans that tried to intervene the day before he died. I can just imagine how she feels that these people are getting away with what they did.

    There is a lot of anger there, within the family, with some of the fans that were actually closer to Michael and with Michael's "true" friends. So please try not to judge. I too was susceptable to this. I don't think these people are trying to do any harm. I just think some of it rolls over when they are communicating.

    We need to remember that we all have one purpose, and that is to do what we can . . . be it digging, investigating, keeping notes, blogging, advertising online, putting index cards out in stores near MJ merchandise, writing letters to officials . . . whatever we can do together to make sure Michael's children see their father's murderer's pay for their crime.

  4. *Claps Hands*
    Awesome blog post!! Well said!
    Its nice to know others had the same perception as I did with that ustream.
    Myself and 2 other ladies hold ustream events if you are interested - we only talk about justice and we dont invite Brian Oxman or Eddie Jones to join - we like to stay on topic LOL


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