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Michael Jackson Justice: March 26, 2010 – Emulate but Never Advocate

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 26, 2010 – Emulate but Never Advocate

March 26, 2010 – Emulate but Never Advocate
Artists Need to Look IN the Mirror and not AT it.

Everyone is familiar with the saying “Imitation is the best form of flattery” coined by Charles Caleb Colton.

There are artists the world over that attribute their creative ideas to Michael Jackson, especially those in the performing art fields. The most prolific artists are those that know and study other people in order to learn how to reach them. Those artists that have admittedly ridden the coat tails of Michael Jackson’s innovation have managed to find a way to jump off the moving train without skinning their knees, leaving the train itself to derail without assisting in pulling the brake. T hanks, buddies . . . Thanks a lot.

I cannot count the number of tributes that have been performed by singers and dancers since the death of Michael. None of them were present during either of Michael’s trials and none of them spoke out against what was being done to him in the media. None of them spoke out against what Sony was doing to him over his last album “Invincible” and the Sony/ATV catalog.

None of them are at the court house or the D.A.’s office to rail against this sham of an investigation either. Where are they? Where are the artists? Do they honestly think they are safe in the foxhole they have dug for themselves until this all blows over? Think again!

Let’s take a look at some of the tributes to Michael from other artists.


Lionel Richie who didn’t perform, but introduced his children to accept an award.

Dancing with the Stars

MTV/VMA Tribute

Beyonce Knowles

The very emotional Stevie Wonder (This one made me cry. If you don’t you’re not human).

I don’t want to fill the page, but there were many other tributes on T.V. and at concerts. None of these people were there for Michael in 1993 (Well, Beyonce was 12 years old then so we’ll give her a pass). None of them were there for him during his 2005 trial. Why?

Why were none of those artists standing for him during that horrendous battle with Sony, when Michael discovered and tried to fight what record companies do to artists to maintain ownership of those artists creations? When Michael needed them, where were they? Are they artists or are they just marketing props?

I walked into an FYE store last weekend. For the first time ever, I realized just how pervasive the marketing machine is. The in-your-face life-sized cardboard cutout pictures of the “Twighlight” actors. The new Beyonce Album posters, and Taylor Swift. Advertisements for the latest Avatar merchandise. My son was there to sell back some video games. We walk up to the counter and there, just to my right was a framed, 3D hologram poster of Michael Jackson hanging up right next to a similar poster of the teenaged bloodsuckers (how appropriate).

While my son stood in line, I fumed. I felt used because I had the “This is It” movie sitting at home on my entertainment center. I had two Michael Jackson tribute books that different people had bought me for Christmas. Michael died because for the money that was going to be made for years to come, off his his death. The people that positioned themselves around this never-ending revenue producer and between a father and his children, for the rest of their lives all are the ones that killed him with their greed. Yes, Ortega, Phillips, Branca, McCain, DiLeo, AEG, Sony, Payne, Mottola, Tohme, Cooley and Brown! I’m talking about you!

At that moment I began digging into my purse (which is halfway between a respectable sized 40-something’s purse and the little-old-lady-beach-bag sized purse). I found an index card that I keep in there for writing down license numbers of cars that tick me off on the highway, and I found a red pen.

On the index card, I wrote in all caps and red ink, “SONY KILLED…” and slid it between the frame and the surface of the Michael Jackson 3D poster. If I had more pieces of paper or index cards in my purse, I would have visited the CD section next. The day after that weekend with my son, I went out and purchased two packages of multi-colored index cards, super sticky notes and a pack of markers. I have hit the mall in Westminster, Bel Air and White Marsh. Delaware and southern Pennsylvania are next (they are within driving distance). I have only begun mapping out record stores and video stores.

I am also contemplating expanding my letter writing campaign out to other artists, beseeching them to make a stand on something other than a billboard chart. Michael was one of them . . . their mentor. And if they don’t rise up and do something, they will be Sony or some other music producer’s next victim!

This is a call to twitter, email, facebook message and post and even snail mail all bands, vocalists and other performing artists to step up and put their money where their mouth is!

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