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Michael Jackson Justice: March 27, 2010 – Michael’s Heath Discussed Ustream Event

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 27, 2010 – Michael’s Heath Discussed Ustream Event

March 27, 2010 – Michael’s Heath Discussed Ustream Event

One of the issues that angers me to the point of pain is the media play on Michael’s health. We covered this during the Ustream event on March 26th (just last night) and I will review this and the article in the Yahoo News regarding the search warrants.

Eilleen Madore was one of the guests on Justice4mj’s 9-month remembrance special. This special also included Geraldine Hughes, and Taaj Malik. Hulya Julie Tipi has been hosting these events and If memory serves me correctly this is her third successful Ustream Event in honor of justice for Michael Jackson (Justice4mj on FaceBook).

Taaj Malik was the first guest on the call-in and she spoke of the VERY IMPORTANT Event in Washington D.C. on August 29 – 30th, Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday. The event is a planned march to the Capital Building to talk to a member of congress. As this is still in the process of being organized, I have no other details at this time. Eddie Jones Jr. will be there as well as Taaj Malik, Geraldine Huges, Eilleen Madore and thousands (we hope) Michael Jackson friends. (We are friends now, as we are all fighting for him.)

Taaj and Eddie are working on which congressman or senator we will be meeting with and as things come together, it will be posted. You can get more information for that here.

Geraldine Hughes was the next guest interviewed. Geraldine is the author of the book “Redemption”, which was about the 1993 allegations. Ms. Hughes was the legal assistant for Evan Chandler’s lawyer and she saw first hand the extortion attempt against Michael Jackson. She enlightened us to the bias in the D.A.’s office and the L.A.P.D which still exists today. Ms. Hughes book “Redemption is still available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It will give you an excellent fly-on-the-wall experience as to what was going on and what the motive was in ruining Michael Jackson.

Eddie Jones, who just happened to be working at the missions during the interview, graced our presence again in giving us more information on the Million March on Washington event in August. He answered questions that arose since the last Ustream event on the 23rd and also updated us on another travesty of justice, the case of Richard Fine. While Mr. Fine had nothing to do with Michael Jackson, Mr. Fine is an attorney that has been held unconstitutionally in solitary confinement for the last twelve months because of his attempt to expose the corruption in the California court rooms. Eddie and Taaj have been also working to get his case heard and get him released. Please read more on that here.

Eilleen Madore was the last guest online with us last night. She delved a little deeper into the health issues with Michael Jackson and what the autopsy revealed. As a registered nurse and a lead juror in a previous manslaughter case, Eilleen was able to shed some light on what could possibly come of the case against Dr. Conrad Murray given the evidence and possibility that Murray could spend no time behind bars.

Michael’s weight and the other side effects of the use of propofol over a long period of time on a person’s body was highlighted.

I want to reiterate that the only drugs found in Michael’s system that could have been self administered by Michael himself, were his ephedrine for his bronchitis and pneumonia, and his prostate medication. All of the seven other medications were the ones that Murray administered through I.V. and syringe, including the propofol.

(Correction: The link I went to on a Google search of Ephedrine incorrectly stated it could be used for lung congestion. Ephedrine is, in fact a weight loss medication that has been banned for use by the FDA because of its links to heart attacks. It is not known why Michael would have had this medication or if Michael took it knowing what it was because it was in an unmarked bottle, as per another person investigating the medical information in this by the name of Nikki)

Questions about Michael’s emaciated condition and the effects of the drugs administered were brought up. Eilleen informed us that it would not matter if Michael was at a healthier weight or not. The amount of Propofol given at one time, mixed with the other six sleep aides and muscle relaxers, would have killed him regardless of what his weight was. Dr. Murray gave him enough propofol at one time to put him in such a deep sleep, his heart and lungs just stopped working.

Some of the symptoms of prolonged Propofol use she discussed included insomnia, rapid weight loss, depleted appetite and circulation (couldn’t keep warm) and chills. He had swelling of the brain from fluid buildup which was also a symptom of prolonged use of the drug. It also has a tendancy to build up fluid in the lungs which could have been the cause of Michael’s pneumonia.

Michael was going on stage every night during the last week, sometimes having to be picked up at the house by Randy and/or Ortega and Payne suffering from chills, congested lungs, groggy and lethargic. This should have never been allowed to happen. There is no way anyone could NOT have noticed something was desperately wrong with Michael.

To hear the broadcast of the Ustream event in its entirety click here.


There are petitions that need to be signed if you want to help our friend, Michael Jackson.

This one is an appeal to have John Branca investigated. John Branca is the attorney in charge of Michael Jackson’s estate in conflict with his roles as “This is It” producer and board member of Sony.

This petition is going to Governor Schwartzenegger to implore the LAPD and the D.A.’s office to increase the charges against Dr. Murray to Manslaughter.

Michael’s Vitiligo Treatment Creams found at House

The article on Yahoo News today reports on what was found during a search of Michael’s house and bedroom after his death.

According to the unsealed search warrants, large quantities of the anesthetic Propofol and dozens of tubes of “skin-whitening creams” were found in the bedroom in which Michael was killed.

Some of the bottles of Propofol were found empty. What surprised me was that the reporter just had to mention “skin-whitening” creams, instead of calling them “Vitiligo treatment” creams.

Said Yahoo News, …”detectives found 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin, both of which are commonly used in the treatment of a skin condition Jackson had called vitiligo.” While I thought this was irrelevant to the murder case, it was almost refreshing that a news source mentioned Michael’s Vitiligo in defense of the creams that were found in the house.

I have seen more and more issues being reported in the news in favor of Michael’s side of the battles he’s had most of his life. I just wish they could have been honest when he was still with us.

Tomorrow, I want to write about Michael’s relationship with his dad. I have some very interesting and and heart-warming news on that issue that should make most people who love Michael feel a little more comfort about where their relationship was in the latter years.

Michael, we love you and continue to pray for justice for you, your children and your family.


  1. The autopsy report that has been released never said he had pneumonia--it concluded he had chronic interstitial pneumonitis--which indicates inflammation not infection. The cause of this inflammation is not known but it is likely an autoimmune process based on scarring in his lungs and other indications. Michael had two autoimmune processes already--vitiligo and discoid lupus, the latter of which can sometimes exhibit some systemic effects.

    Pnuemonia is treated with antibiotics, never, ever ephedrine. There is no reason for anyone to ever take ephedrine. The ephedrine found at the residence was in something called an "ECA stack". It contains Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. The ECA stack causes rapid weight loss without exercise and increases energy levels. It is not FDA approved nor is it safe--ephedrine is linked to heart attack and stroke even in young healthy patients. Why Michael was taking this is unclear but it is important to keep in mind the bottles were unlabeled, as were the capsules. He could have been told to take it having know clue as to what it was.

    Michael received a prescprtion for Flomax (medication for benign prostatic hyperplasia) on June 3rd. He had only taken 6 capsules by June 25th.

    Diazepam (Valium) is an oral medication but Murray admits to telling Michael to take it that night.

  2. Nikki, when you post these corrections, can you include links for these resources? There is a lot of misinformation out there and some of the information you are stating is not on the autopsy report that I have. There is no report of discoid lups on the autopsy report that I have nor any information on what bottles were unlabled or what was in them, only what was found in his system.


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