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Michael Jackson Justice: March 28, 2010 – Michael and his Dad and his Love

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Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28, 2010 – Michael and his Dad and his Love

March 28, 2010 – Michael and his Dad and his Love

I have written briefly about Michael’s relationship with his dad before but never really went in depth. His relationship with his father explains a lot about him and his advocacy for children.

Back this past summer, when I was still being walked through his life, this was one of the areas I had to stop and take a cry break. I had a lot of anger toward his father. Not only that, but his experiences brought back some anger I thought I had long let go of toward my own parents. I was thankful for what Michael had to teach me here about forgiveness. Then I found the video on his speech at Oxford.

An explanation of the speech is on the “This is It” website where he did forgive his father, however the author of this article falsely claims Michael’s parents raised ten children. Katherine had nine children. Unless they are including Michael’s half sister from an affair his father had, the author has his facts wrong. He should have included an explanation or omitted mention of Joe’s illegitimate daughter. It damages the integrity of the article.

You can see Michael’s Oxford Speech here (one of my favorites of his) where he forgives his father, through tears. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

This speech resonates with me because of the truth in it. Michael focused mainly on the love between parents and child, but that forgiveness needs to go beyond to our other relationships. There is healing in forgiveness. I wonder if Michael’s dad ever heard this speech. I cried when I heard this not just for Michael but for my own parents, who were descended from parents that hurt them. It’s generations deep in my family. Michael felt it acutely in most of the children he benefactored and it hurt him.

Michael’s ability to connect to the pain of others was also a gift probably just as great as his musical ability. In a world where we are taught to be tough and not to feel as we grow up, Michael could drill into the emotions of others. Sometimes I believe he may have taken on the pain of others just as some of his fans have taken on his pain. It’s crippling, but is it bad? Not if it moves you to action it isn’t. Michael made us all feel it in his music.

You watch this interview, this portion of it, look at Joe’s eyes and you tell me that he is not in pain at the loss of his son.

Joe is a scrapper. He’s a fighter. That is his gift. It’s not musical, it’s not going to win friends and influence people. But that gift of his will keep a pit bull pulling against the reins when all others have given up the battle and it’s backed by love.

We have to remember that we don’t all show love the same way. Joe’s drive spilled over into Michael in seeking perfection in everything he did. Joe is not perfect. Neither was Michael. Neither are those that write for the media and it’s time we stop beating on this man for things that Michael has long forgiven him for. Love him as Michael did. Joe is going to need our support. Give Joe Jackson room to give Michael what he so longed for, to show his unconditional love for Michael.

Joe’s is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. According to this news article (yes, I’m aware of the source, so take it with a grain of salt), Michael was dead at 11am, expert medical professional said.

This proves that Murray was knowingly hiding information to the detriment of Michael’s possible recovery. (This is up and beyond an act of involuntary manslaughter) He LIED to Richelle Cooper, the hospital doctor who took over the stricken star's treatment. This article says that Murray told her that Michael had not been ill when he had pneumonia, bronchitis and brain swelling. (According to autopsy report, Michael did not have pneumonia, but had inflammation and bronchitis).

Expert medical analysis obtained for the lawsuit suggests he was actually dead at 11am. The heart rythyms reported could not have been sustained spontaneously since Michael had probably already been dead two hours at this point. This is why you have to be careful what you read. He had heart rythyms after being shocked, but only for a few seconds after each application.

This lawsuit also mentions Murray’s visit to a strip bar. This coincides with Geraldine Hughes assertion that Murray was with “hookers”, however she stated it was after the propofol was administered to Michael. We still need to keep pressure on the California officials to up Murray’s charges.

It also states, “Among a huge quantity of powerful medicines found at (Michael’s) home were 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin, both of which are used to whiten skin.” This fails to mention that these two medicines are for treating Michael’s Vitiligo to even out his blotchy skin.

This article continues to falsely put forth that Michael was a drug addict. The lawsuit says no such thing as this article tries to lead you to believe. Michael was not a drug addict, he was “drugged” . . . big difference.

The attacks against Michael’s character for the sake of profit continues not only in the press but also by Sony. Almost mockingly, Branca has scheduled the auctioning of Michael’s personal items (which should go to Michael’s children) for the anniversary of Michael’s death, on June 25th of 2010. That is only couple of months away. Joe Jackson has made a plea to Michael’s fans: Do not to buy any of the personal items of Michael going up for auction. They were stolen from the estate.

I am making another plea: Do NOT buy ANYTHING from Sony. Most especially anything Michael Jackson related or with his name attached to it. It is time for us to stick by Michael the way he has stuck by his fans and the children he fought for.
Remember Michael’s quote:

"The best yet to come!, I'm going to make you (the fans)so proud of me!, All I wanted was to be loved!" These are the things that keep me going.”

Michael taught us what unconditional love was through following him in his struggle to search for it. He sacrificed his privacy, his childhood, his ability to walk down the street without being harassed and his life, for his love of people. He gave everything plus, to his fans on stage. He gave everything plus to try to save as many children as he cold. If we can’t put away our desire to hear a new song of his long enough for Sony to feel the pain of our turning our backs on them, then we have learned nothing from this great man.

Michael and Mozart – What did they have in common?

A post to another friend on someone’s facebook page made me want to dig into the similarities between the great Mozart and Michael Jackson. I was surprised at what I found.

Mozart was also ostracized and made fun of during his lifetime. His child-like qualities were seen as a mental or emotional shortcoming and not recognized as contributing to his genius and musical gifts until after he was long dead. His mentor also tried to capitalize on him (ride his coattails) as did others that made brief appearances in his life. It is speculated that Salieri may have succeeded in poisoning Mozart, but historians would disagree, attributing that story to the drama of the Movie “Amadeus”. We hope not to let that happen with Michael, leaving the battles with Sony as some drama-fueled rumor.

Artists have this intrinsic ability to detach themselves emotionally while at the same time channeling their emotions in their art. It is sometimes the only way they are able to connect to other people. Face to face they usually (the true artists) are either shy or aloof . . . not all, but many of your true artists.

Michael seemed to be the opposite. He wanted to be able to connect to people and had the ability to do so in ways that still puzzle those not his fans, however the walls he had to put up to protect himself gave little room for him to be able to reach out. As much as he was judged, his need to please was never satiated. Many of us feel the weight of that guilt in possibly contributing to that.

I almost feel that if Sony succeeds in contributing to Michael’s death while building an empire on his bones, we will have failed him. And Artists far below his caliber will easily succumb to the machine that commercial music has become.

Please join this group and even if you already have a group on facebook for Justice for Michael, join your group up with them also. We need to collect everyone in one place. A bunch of splintered support groups are not going to make as much of an impact as one huge, collective voice for Michael. Please join it today.

Also, this group is organizing the One Million Movement for Justice in D.C. on August 29th and 30th. Please join to keep updated on the time and meeting places. The plan is for a March to the Capital to meet with one of the congressmen. We have been sending letters and I implore you to continue to do so. Contact information and sample letters here.

Tomorrow, We’re back on Sony’s case with “The Audacity of Sony”.

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  1. Bonnie,
    This has really helped me in light of everything I've been feeling this past week. I was torn between previous feelings about him and the very different side I have seen lately. You are such a wonderful writer. Thank you for helping me along in healing my own emotions about this topic.
    *I think the reporter in the article must be referring to the tenth child as being Marlon's twin brother, Brandon, who died several days after birth if I recall correctly. I cannot imagine the devastation of losing a child, and Joe and Katherine have had to go through it's not right.


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