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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael and The Media - March 3, 2010

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Michael and The Media - March 3, 2010

Michael and The Media

I am including a link tonight from an article a gentleman by the name of Charles Thomson wrote about the media’s bias against Michael. This, aside from the trial and this murder investigation, is one of the many untenable battles Michael faced all through his life.

The media has spun so many intertwining lies about Michael throughout his life I’m surprised if Michael didn’t start to forget who he was. Before the trials, the rumors were relatively benign bordering on the ridiculous. After 1993, it was no holds barred and Michael was in the battle of his life. He didn’t have time to address every single fallacy that came out in print.

I have some of the older rumors listed and debunked at . The media seems to want to add to the rumors, I guess to see if they can create as many as they did when he was alive, now that he’s gone. Nothing is sacred in this country anymore. If anything really makes me angry it’s that anybody can believe there is any truth or integrity in the media anymore. Forget it. There is none.

Nothing would make me happier at this very minute then to learn that someone had devised a way for the whole media industry to get suckered into a story that got worldwide attention, only to see them end up with egg on their faces and embarrassment that would take them ten years or more to recover from. There has to be a way to make the media a victim of their own treachery. Maybe someone with a higher IQ and degree of creativity than I can come up with a way. Until then, the only way to fight them is to not support them by buying the tabloids, newspapers, or supporting the advertisers that make it possible for them to victimize people.

At times, I often thought, maybe that’s what happened? Maybe this whole thing had been planned for years after the 2005 trial? Maybe Michael, in his ingenuity and creativity said one day after recovering from the trial, “You know what? There’s only one way I’m ever going to win with these people. Use the very lies they’ve promoted about me to finally enact my escape.” I thought it could be that all the recording sessions in Ireland castles, the travels around the world, the drug depositions and merry-go-round of friends were a smokescreen. “This is it”? A smokescreen. The interviews with previous business managers-turned-gossip-mag-stars? Conveniently timed cover for what was going to be death-by-sleep-aide-drug-overdose.

Unfortunately, no Michael has jumped up and waved his hands, pointed his fingers and said, “haha! Gotcha with your own lies, media!” And being torn between two theories was wasting a lot of my time.

What doesn’t make sense, is trumping what does and none of the questions are leading to sanity.

It has now come out that Randy Phillips and Frank DiLeo are related. I have also heard that Malnik (who met Michael through Brett Rattner?) was also related to Tommy Mattola, who was also related to DiLeo. You know the game “connect the dots”. Well I did, and the picture I am left with is something a psychiatrist might use for an inkblot test. And the person that can figure out what that inkblot is has got to be insane . . . right?

What doesn’t make sense:

TMZ. They seem to have a corner on all news Jackson. Who are these people?

Well, I found out that Harvey Levin, who is the producer of “Celebrity Justice” and a previous lawyer, is the managing editor of TMZ. TMZ is a joint venture between AOL and Telepictures, but is now under the sole control of Warner Bros. They went “live” online in November of 2005 . . . only five months after the conclusion of Michael’s 2005 trial. For such a young and upcoming news outlet, I thought “How are they getting the first run on these stories? Even before CBS, Fox or even MSNBC?

TMZ was the first to break the report of the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009. The report was treated with caution by mainstream media sources at the time and beat the major broadcast and cable news outlets by almost 3 hours. TMZ was also the first to receive the coroner's report of the singer on February 8, 2010, proving Propofol dosage and negligence killed Michael. Read more here.

There was rumor that One of the Jackson Family extended was part owner of TMZ or an officer in it, but I have yet to confirm this. Did TMZ just get lucky with its Jackson coverage? (reference ) I wondered if TMZ didn’t actually have a CONTRACT with the Jackson family or the Jackson estate.

I did a search on Harvey Levin (resource) and after reading about him, doubted the family would have anything to do with him. However, he WAS an entertainment lawyer . . . and Michael has had plenty of those under his payroll over the years. I’m sure some of HIS lawyers at least knew him. Talk about networking! It bears further digging. How would they get exclusive break on a story about Michael Jackson when no other news station who had been in operation for decades and had more sources could break the story?

Who is reporting Jackson news to TMZ? Lately it was the stun-gun incident with one of Jermaine’s children and Blanket. Child Services got involved. Isn’t this a personal matter? In any other situation, child protective and anything to do with child services is ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL! Not only did TMZ have this information, he’s quoted Katherine Jackson as explaining that child services usually does a follow up visit. The state agencies do not give this information out and Katherine was perfectly within her rights to tell TMZ to take a flying leap! Why is this not odd to anyone else?

Another decoy? Child services doesn’t exactly dispatch their social workers through radio transmissions. How did this information get out?

Since 2005, has signed Revlon, Chrysler, Hilton Hotels and New Line Cinema as being charter advertisers to their website. (Advertisers to write to if you want to apply pressure not to renew their advertising).

Instead of a link between TMZ and the Jacksons, how about a link between those connected to Sony and TMZ? Since it’s coming out that everyone there is related, here is another piece of information I found:

“There were stories that Martin Bashir's brother was in fact Tommy Mottola's limo driver. There are also a number of links between the manager of AEG - Randy Phillips and Tommy Mottola.” (We knew that one). I had also heard that Frank DiLeo and and Phillips were cousins, as I stated above. “Deliverance” marries “Hollywood Babylon”? (shrugs shoulders in a frustrating manner).

Sony owns a percentage of the publishing rights of the songs Michael wrote while he was under contract with them. These rights apparently revert back fully to Michael and The Jackson Estate in 2011”

I am connecting the dots like a mad woman! I’m getting writers cramp, no . . . carpal tunnel!

Do you remember the Movie “Outbreak” with Dustin Hoffman? Remember all the papers he had taped to a map where the possible “host” of the disease could be? That’s what my wall over my desk looks like with the names of those associated with Michael through AEG/Sony/Mattola/DiLeo/Malnik/Tohme/Grace/Jermaine/Phillips/Ortega/Bashir. Anybody else want to jump on board? No wonder Michael had back problems! Try carrying all these people!

So who was really behind Michael’s death? Was it the media? Or was it someone USING the media? Will the media ultimately end up vindicating Michael and unwittingly aid in bringing justice for him?

I have heard an analogy a long time ago, that if enough lies are told, they eventually circle back around to bite the creator in the butt.

This is going to be one great big bite.


  1. I once thought, Sony =TMZ
    Bright note,Bonnie, THANKS

  2. Your rumorvstruth link is dead.

    I do wonder who has infiltrated the Jackson camp...or who the betraying family member is that reports all this private information to suspect TMZ.

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    You're wondering how TMZ is getting their info and they very well may be getting it from a source inside the family but I also think they are just guessing and if they're right (like on 6/25/09) great!! (for them anyway) and if they're wrong, oh well... Take for instance a few weeks ago when they ran that story about Jason Malachi posting his "confession" on Facebook regarding the fake "Michael" album tracks. They posted that story very quickly after it was posted on Facebook, they obviously didn't call Malachi to confirm it. If it had turned out to be true it would have been a coup....just like 6/25/09. That seems to be their MO, post the story without checking into the facts. When it turned out that Malachi's FB page had been "allegedly" hacked, oh well, TMZ just posted the update, no apologies, no nothing, just business as usual. I think they figure a 50-50 chance of being right is worth whatever egg they might end up with on their face if they turn out to be wrong. Look what it did for them on 6/25/09. Bunch of sleazebuckets.


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