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Michael Jackson Justice: The Michael Jackson Heretic – Who to Believe? March 9, 2010

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Michael Jackson Heretic – Who to Believe? March 9, 2010

The Michael Jackson Heretic – Who to Believe?

Trying to keep up with all the news out there. Between tears and fears, there are a lot of questions and more keep getting thrown at us before we can inhale the prior questions.

Last post I talked about this video and the observations I and another viewer made. I still maintain that it is a mannequin. He does not look real in this video. You can read why here.

As I was discussing this video with someone who disagreed with me, I searched another link someone sent me regarding Michael’s body guards interview with ABC news. I viewed that video and wanted your comments on it. Click here

All clips give a decidedly different view of the Michael Jackson the media has been unwilling to report on until this point. This did my heart good. Michael’s body guards were not rehearsed, they were relaxed and talked about Michael warmly. They talked about frustrations and flying cell phones (Wow, Michael! Proud of ya! I wonder if I would beat you at a cell phone heaving contest?) They talked about Michael’s children and trying to sneak cookies, daddy scolding Prince, shopping trips and girlfriends in back seats. I laughed out loud when they talked about kissing in the back seat and that nothing improper happened. Finally a report on the REAL Michael, without the rumors.

However, they also dispelled a lot of the strange getups that Michael would venture outside with, such as bandages on his face being an actual disguise and not from surgery or treatments. They called it the “burn victim” disguise. It brought back visions of Dave-Dave and Michael’s heartfelt outpouring for him.

After viewing these videos I scrolled down to see if there was more (there were four separate videos, three rather short) and saw another link to a TMZ video titled “Jermaine Knows Who Killed Michael”. I had seen LaToya’s interviews but not Jermaine’s on this, so I clicked on it. This is what I saw.

Aside from the issue of Jermaine talking about someone behind Dr. Murray in this was something that again, sent my jaw to the top of my desk (It hit the keyboard and I made a typo!)

It was this line: “Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport ... I mean way before he arrived to the hospital."

I listened to this numerous times today. I also recall the expression and the shrug Jermaine made right after he said that. The gesturing and the facial expression almost reminded me of someone that was gesturing to someone behind the scenes, not the ones who were questioning him, like “Was that okay?” Was Ortega directing this too?

Someone help me with this. What does this mean?

I just followed TMZ on twitter . . . I want to see if anything else comes of this.
Could be that Jermaine just got off a plane to do this interview and made a mistake, but I'm feeling something is off. This isn't the only information out there that’s awry.

I have asked for opinions. One one support board, everyone was very understanding and we discussed how that slip made us feel. At another “support” board it was a different story. If you even so much as hint at a faked death on some of these sites, you are ridiculed regardless of how compelling the information is. What are they afraid of? That they may be wrong?

It's so very hard to face that he's gone as it is! Nobody likes going back and forth and having their hearts yanked out on sometimes a daily basis. When you see THIS STUFF It puts you right back to square one in the mourning process! These are not conclusions, they are OBSERVATIONS and if the truth is going to be discovered ALL evidence must be discussed or you risk closing yourself off from the right path.

Did you ever just follow your instincts when you KNEW a person was lying but didn't have proof, or you KNEW you were right about something but no one else agreed with you?

Wasn’t Michael ridiculed and ostracized by his own industry (except for the leeches of course) because he was about the only one who knew his own innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt?

That's how I feel right now. I either ridicule my own instincts or I go against popular opinion. It's like arm wrestling with yourself. You build up a sweat and you get nowhere.

Those ridiculing others for asking questions that fall outside their own perceived truths tend to attack. I am so sick of seeing that.

The last thing I want to do is cause or prolong anyone’s sorrow . . . I do that enough to myself. I also do not want to ever give anyone false hope that Michael would still be alive. I only report on what I observe, include links when I have them, and allow you have the information that others may not want you to even look at.

Is it controversial? Yes!

Is it uncomfortable? Yes!

Is it unpopular? Yes!

Is it truth? We do not know, nor will we if we don’t investigate what we see is off.

Another thing that really bothers me is the lack of interest from Michael’s fellow commerades in the biz. They will put on tributes but has a single one of them bothered to write the D.A. or make a statement against the injustices Michael suffered? They will come out publically and tell us who to vote for and how much toilet paper to use, but they are SILENT when it comes to asking for proper justice for the man THEY SAY they admire and emulate. Hollywood disgusts me. They stand on nothing but their own mirrors and sound bites!

There have been a few, like Jennifer Batten, Tom Mesereau, and a couple of rap and R&B artists that have defended Michael’s “normal” persona and defended him against the rumors, but not one artist who has done a tribute has come out against the injustice of Murray’s anemic charge of manslaughter, or publicly demanded that the D.A. get a backbone and investigate the other culpable parties.

Not one of them stood up in his defense during either of his trials. Why is Hollywood so silent? Is it because Michael is not a tree or a spotted owl? No. They came out in defense of Phil Spector and Roman Pulanski, both decidedly deviant . . . But not Michael Jackson? The innocent, record holder for children’s charities?

I wanted to leave you with a quote that someone posted from Tom Mesereau and think about this. Tom was Michael’s lawyer in 2005. That wasn’t that long ago. Just five years ago now.

“Michael was a very good person. But unfortunately when you’re that much of a genius, and you’re that wealthy, all of the sharks are going to come forward, and when you combine with that a certain level of naivety, a person who just didn’t want to be wrapped up in money matters all of the time or legal matters. He wanted to do creative things, he wanted to do humanitarian things. That makes him even more of a target for frivolous lawsuits and frivolous claims.”

Thank you for reading. I pray some answers . . . solid answers are forthcoming and soon, for Michael.


  1. My jaw dropped when Jermaine said that too, and it's the only thing that's made me wonder, if only for a second, about the possibility of him being alive. But I think his children make it impossible. Their pain is real, and there's no way he would abandon them.

    The point about no one in Hollywood caring about getting justice for Michael--I hadn't even thought about that. But you're right. So sad. No celebrities were at the court house last month either I believe. Such a depressing thought. Sometimes we(MJ fans) seem like so many, and then sometimes it becomes painfully obvious how few TRULY care.

    Thank you for your thoughtful analysis, Bonnie. I am also hoping that soon we will have more answers than questions.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Mel! Some of these mental forays into the world of "Is he alive" I think are also key elements in the healing process even though it actually stops or arrests your healing. It's why I mention them.

    However, I am serious about the ridicule that people get whenever they even want to so much as ASK a question that sounds remotely like a "hoaxer" question.

    A friend of mine commented last week that "The children don't seem all that upset." THAT I thought, was very disrespectful.

    Thank you Mel!

  3. I think is alive(need to believe)and their children know.
    About Hollywood, not bite the hand that feeds them, not loyalty no dignity, alone $$.
    (excuse my English translator)
    Thank Bonnie


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