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Michael Jackson Justice: Sony Kills Mus... Michael – Cooley Sells Justice to Run for Attorney General

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sony Kills Mus... Michael – Cooley Sells Justice to Run for Attorney General

Sony Kills Mus.. Michael – Cooley Sells Justice to Run for Attorney General

On the cusp of getting this blog finished on Tommy Mottola (aka, the “Devil” per Michael Jackson), I run into this piece of news posted on a Michael advocate group:

Michael Jackson Estate Sony Record $250Million Deal

I don' t care if they are placating Katherine and his children with this deal . . . wow. They get a piece of it. How CHARITABLE of them!!!!

This is Michael's work! Here kids! Here's a percentage of $250 million dollars for the life if your father! There there . . . feel better now!

This was my reply to a post that met me on first sign on this morning. My blood was boiling!

“This is so they can TRY to look charitable toward the family after KILLING HIM FOR THE MUSIC CATALOG!”


You know what this is? This is the deal they told Katherine they were going to offer her, if she would shut up and stop fighting for control of his estate. This is her shut-up money for the children. That's what this is. They just waited until after Murray was charged, made sure he was only charged with manslaughter, then went ahead with the deal after things "died down".

Are we going to let things die down?

Most think Michael was priceless. $250 million for a life. Michael’s fans need to determine where their loyalties lie. Sony is not Michael. Michael’s music does not belong to Sony. The fans that are out there buying or thinking of buying Michael’s unreleased music are essentially paying for the killing of the very man they claim to love. I’m sorry but it is what it is.

I heard there was a shout down in Germany over this news. Fans are being divided left and right. The ones that are adamant about purchasing Michael’s new music? Think about this for a minute.

Are you going to tell me that Michael and Sony kissed and made up after Sony sabotaged Michael’s last album to force him to default on a loan Sony made to Michael with THE MUSIC CATALOG as collateral? This was an illegal deal to begin with considering the conflict of interest.

Who worked this deal? Why John Branca, the CURRENT co-executor of Jackson’s estate! John Branca was FIRED back in 2002 because he and MOTTOLA (head of Sony at the time) were funneling MICHAEL’S MONEY to offshore accounts. Michael was also furious after he found out that Branca was also working for Sony while representing Michael.

Just try and convince me that Michael, buy SOME Miracle, suddenly forgave Branca SEVEN DAYS BEFORE HE WAS KILLED and rehired him. If you believe that you are a fool. The letter firing Branca is here.

There is no letter of reinstatement. This man should not and should never have been allowed to continue to represent Jackson’s estate. It is a blatant conflict of interest and the Judge allowing this should be disbarred!

Enter District Attorney Steve Cooley, who we are supposed to believe, thoroughly investigated this homicide (not accidental death, Mr. Cooley, a H-O-M-I-C-I-D-E). That means murder for those of us who didn’t BUY our way through grade school!

Six months to investigate (work out a deal) with Sony to cover their tracks starting with Dr. Murray! All that time and all they can "find" is involuntary manslaughter? And we're supposed to believe this? What strikes me as odd is the audacity in which the players are listed on the “This is It” credits as “producers”. They have the prime investigator in their back pockets ( with money MICHAEL made them!) and the rest of these talentless wastes of humanity are cashing in on the death of the man who MADE them! I hope their souls are eating them from the inside out!

Kenny Ortega should be ashamed of himself. But I guess the money was just too good to turn down. Yes, go “celebrate the man” Kenny. Dance on his grave. His clout got you where you are and it still wasn’t good enough was it?

And what of the fans who insist that it’s okay to buy Michael’s music from Sony? If it helps your conscience to tell yourself that most of the money will be going to his children, think again. A percentage of the $250 million one time payment is NOTHING compared to losing their father. It’s also nothing compared to the ATV/Sony music catalog that will now revert back to Sony “In case of death” which of course has already happened.

You will kill Michael every time you purchase his Music through Sony. Every time you purchase anything that Sony has a license to, such as dolls, and anything else the Jackson Estate puts up for sale, because folks, that doesn’t belong to Michael anymore. It belongs to SONY controlled by BRANCA!

You artists out there that were silent on support for Michael until after he died. You are not artists . . . you are money changers. They talk about you in the Bible. Hypocrites. You have helped destroy music. You stand on nothing and your music is empty because you mean none of it. You might as well start writing songs about the greenback because that is all you stand for. Gutless! Sony counted on you to be the narcissistic, shallow people you are and you did not disappoint, did you?

It is going to be the fans and admirers of Michael and his principles who make a difference because none of the above mentioned care. They do not care. They want what they want and that’s it.

The only way to stop them is to keep writing letters and for the love of Michael, stop buying his music! Do not buy anything that Sony is a part of. Check the labels before buying anything. Stop supporting the evil!

Do not let them win. You are going to have to sacrifice some time with Michael’s new music of you want to save his name. You are going to have to stop buying Michael’s music if you want justice for him.

The only way to stop these people is to hit them where it hurts . . . and that is in their wallets.

From an earlier post of mine. This is why Michael’s admirers are so different:

“It is so nice to come here and find out you are not alone. I think if Michael could have written more to his fans and actually corresponded with them (not just question and answer notes) Michael would have discovered that he was not alone either. Anyone that could fall apart at the lyrics of one of his songs KNOWS Michael because that part of the song they are listening to speaks to us of our experiences that HE put into words . . . even if for himself. We relate to what he wrote.

“Music is such a perfect womb in which hearts incubate and connect with all of our emotions that, until that one song, are unidentifiable. The God-given gift to be able to do that for other people is unequaled. Music is the perfect medium and left to individual interpretation . . . not owned by anyone but shared. It is pure. It is the one form of Art that I know that God made first . . . just like Love is the one emotion that God made first. Hearts fuse into one by the sound of it.
“I love you Michael. Never doubt the love that was out there for you . . .” Bonnie Cox

Do not let them win. Sony Kills Music. Sony Kills . . . period. Do not finance their treachery. Do not reward them for killing Michael. Stick together on this. The money flow has got to stop if there is going to be any justice.


  1. Permission I use this note for fans of Argentina,
    "La Corte del Rey del Pop"


  2. Bonnie can I use some of your quotes to spread on twitter? You made some good points here, Thank you.

  3. MBELA,5050 and MichaelPureSoul . . .

    You have my permission to quote anything on this blog. I want this information to get out there and to be discussed.

    Thank you very much for doing this for Michael!

  4. The business of death !
    All the deals made by Branca deals, untill now, did't serve any of jackson's familly interest but those of SONY!
    BRANCA is obviously the executor of SONY Will!

  5. @ Yasmeena, you might as well say Branca is the "executioner", not the executor . . . and leave it at that. There is no way anyone can look at all this and say Murray acted on his own . . . NO WAY!

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  7. I will spread it to .. Wondering also if I may add a section that you write on my blog? Will naturally link to your blog.

    Love Meddie

  8. It's going to take major restriction on our part... its so tempting to get the new music...but you're right... buying it... they win..especially the new stuff.
    I'm even kicking myself for recently buying a pair of $ONY headphones recently... WTF was I thinking?!

  9. "the ATV/Sony music catalog that will now revert back to Sony “In case of death” which of course has already happened."

    This doesn't sound right. The catalog will belong to ATV/Sony forever unless Michael petitions to have it transferred to him. Since Michael is gone, I assume the estate has the same right to do that. But since Sony has Branca in their back pocket, that's not gonna happen. So the catalog will REMAIN with Sony, not revert to Sony.

  10. Thank you so much Bonnie for creating this blog and all of the work that you have done on it.

    I always knew in my heart that Sony was behind Michael's demise but, I kept brushing it way because I thought I was being way too serious.

    Since I had not come across that many people that saw the signs like I did, I tried to tell myself that I was taking things way too far.

    But, the surprising thing is that after Michael's death, Sony's relationship to Michael kept coming up for questioning.

    Then I started to tell myself, do not ignore the signs, do not ignore your instincts. Slowly but surely, I became ready to face the truth.

    I just finished reading Lynton Guest's "The Trials of Michael Jackson". Needless to say, it blew me away and set me on fire. "SONY" now represents a "four letter" word to me. A "bad" four letter word.

    I have no doubt that the affect that book had on me led me to your blog. Whatever doubts I had about my instincts concerning Sony and their connection to Michael's demise are no longer there. I have no doubt now that the powers that be at Sony orchestrated and successfully accomplished the destruction of Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson.

    I HATE them for doing this and if the only way that I can hurt them for this crime is by denying them my dollar then so be it. My missing dollar may not even register on their bottem line but it will reverberate in my soul knowing that I did something to stand up for Michael against Sony.

    I never in my wildest dreams thought that there would be a world event in my lifetime that would want to make me stand up and fight for what is right.

    Believe me, I wish this world event never happened. I wish Michael was still with us and had never been struck down like an animal. But, sadly he is not. But, his death will also not be in vain and he will never be forgotten.

    If denying Sony my dollar represents justice for Michael, then so be it. Sony will never get another dime out of me and wherever I go, I will preach this stance. If my stance against Sony leads to another person becoming aware of the crime Sony committed against Michael, then I will know that I have made a difference in this world because I fought for what was right.

    Thank you again Bonnie for helping me see what I was not ready to see before.


  11. This is what Dick Gregory indicated a long time ago when MJ was the first black artist to own the majority of music with Sony. The clause that Michael signed. He said MJ was doing good until he outbid McCartney and that caused alot of jealousy towards him. No person of color has ever bought the rights of Elvis, the Beatles, and numerous others. This is what happened to Sam Cooke regarding his music and how his family and close friends have been ripped off in terms of receiving the royalties of Mr. Cooke's hard work. There is a book regarding Sam Cooke and I will find it out soon. Alot of people think that if he had not purchased that music he would have been better off. Alot of gospel artists are not too pleased with Sony based on how minority artists and women have been treated. I know of one Christian or at least a few gospel music artists who are of color who have learned through Michael including his good friends Andre and Saundra Crouch and their family about this. They were shocked to learn how record companies treat alot of artists. I remember reading about the well-known gospel great the late Bishop Walter Hawkins and how even in the faith music field so many black and minority artists could not even get black promoters. They had no say so.


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