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Michael Jackson Justice: Tom Mesereau and Frank DiLeo? Feb 24th 2010

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tom Mesereau and Frank DiLeo? Feb 24th 2010

Flirting with the Hoax Theory . . . And This is Why

Before you start thinking that I am a hoax-theorist and believe that Michael Jackson is alive, I want you to pay close attention to the things I am about to point out.

There is obviously some strange and coincidental things going on that bear our time. However, I also want to point out that all along, there has also been information planted out there to throw people off, and that includes videos, blogs and news stories to put into our heads that maybe, just maybe there is a possibility.
Either there are some people that know he’s alive or it is yet another smokescreen . . . something to throw us off course again.

Yesterday, just as I was researching for yesterday’s blog post, someone sent me a link to this.

You will recognize Tom Mesereau right away. And who is he with? Why it’s Frank Dileo! While I was still rubbing the bottom of my jaw after it hit my desk, there was also another notification in regard to Debbie Rowe and Mark Schaffel together at Michael’s tomb, and here .

Mark Schaffel sued Michael Jackson in 2004 over production and loans to the tune of $3 million. Debbie Rowe had called Mark Schaffel a “vulture” during Michael’s 2005 trial. Not sure how they got together, but you can see Mark in both videos with Debbie Rowe.

It’s nice that two people come together over Michael, but it was still one of those things that made me say “hmmmmm”. But was this significant? Was it relevant to anything going on with the investigation? Since everyone else got together for “This is It” as executive, associate and co-producers, why not the other people in Michael’s life?

I’m not sure what to make of Tom’s tete-e-tete with Frank DiLeo. Tom hands Frank a legal sized envelope from the trunk of his car as they come out of a restaurant. Tom answers a couple of questions about the upcoming trial of Dr. Murray and Frank looks uncomfortable. Tom looks relaxed and not very emotional about the loss of his friend. But it’s been eight months. Maybe they are just further along in their mourning than I am . . . plus they’re guys.

No, indeed both of these seem a little strange to me. Things are growing toward the unbelievable what with the child services call to the Jackson household over a stun gun that was purchased by a 13 year old over the internet. Jermaine’s testimony on that is unconvincing and the tweets coming from Jackson family members and friends seem surreal. I commented on that whole situation here on last night’s blog.
With all this unbelievable behavior going on, the people outside the gate have no choice but to flirt with temptation of believing in a hoax death, because it’s an escape. It’s an escape from the sensationalism and the drama. I can’t take much more, I don’t know about you.

Seeing Debbie Rowe crying did not help me in improving my advancement in the mourning process. You see these news items and the unbelievable networking amongst those who were his enemies, you think “just maybe . . .” then you are thrust right back into the painful reality that yes, the King of Pop is gone.

I don’t even like to call him that anymore. I feel it’s a demotion of sorts to survive what he did and still maintain that same, eighties-something title. Michael Jackson is not just the king of pop. He is and was a loving and admirable human being. I wish the media would let him be just that and I wish his friends and family could do a better job in making sure the media couldn’t get their claws in him.

I wish Michael had someone during the course of his life that nurtured him, not just loved his dance moves or songs. I wish Michael had the rhinoceros skin he said he did (no true artist has that, they need to be able to feel).

I wish Michael had peace while he was here. I wish Michael would have known what it was like to be a recipient of love and not just the giver. I wish Michael could have looked in the mirror and saw what we saw – The eyes of a child and the soul of a saint. I would like to personally stop missing him so much.

I want to understand why, with all this man has given, people sought to hurt him. I want to understand why justice is such a tough commodity for Michael to obtain. I want to understand where the hatred comes from because If we can understand that, we can stop it at its core.

Truth has a million witnesses but only one source.

Michael, I’m sorry you never found what you were looking for while you were here. I want you to know that none of us will. That’s why God gave us life. This isn’t it, is it?


  1. I really find it so odd that these two people were found together, I'm still dumb struck. Why, why, what business do they have to do meeting each other and handing out envelopes? After learning about Dileo signing a contract with Goodman that seems to have been done behind the Jacksons back, my God please throw some light into all the darkness, where is the TRUTH??!!

  2. I thought I was the only 1 who noticed Debbie Rowe & Marc Schaffel in the fans' pictures at Forest Lawn. Everyone seemed warm & fuzzy about the fans' contact with Debbie, but I think it was calculated. I think she knew the fans would be there that day. I don't know what her motive(s) was/were.

    Also, shortly after MJ passed and the press were following Debbie and asking her questions as to whether or not she was going to try to get custody of the kids, Debbie & Marc were photographed together & he was acting as her spokesman. I wonder if its is as the saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

  3. @MIchaelPureSoul - I do not know what business they had together. I noticed from the video that Frank looked tense and Mesereau looked relaxed. Mesereau looked into the envelope, checked the contents then handed it to Frank who finshed closing it. With Mesereau checking the contents my guess is he had more than one envelope in the car and wanted to make sure he handed Frank the right one . . . that really stopped me in my tracks! Because Mesereau is not even involved in this investigation . . . so what other business would they have together if not to do with Michael???

  4. @myrnaturner - I remember seeing that too but it was a while ago and forgot to reference it. I can probably find that you YouTube also.

    There is a lot of "planted" information out there via video and online articles, even so called "fans" are plants. We are being steered either away from something or TO something. I'm just trying to figure out which it is and where they are wanting to lead us.

    I was told by a very wise lawyer one time (research lawyer), that if you want the truth stick as close to the source as possible. Michael is as close to the source as you can get. When listening to and reading posts by people that say Michael didn't like so-and-so or fired so-and-so, or was sick or nervous . . . all you have to do is study the man's face in these photos and videos, even the TII DVD. Michael's eyes reveal everything and I'm not seeing the animosity between him and Kenny either in the stills or the videos of TII. He may not have liked Phillips, but Michael wasn't dumb and may have realized that Kenny was being pushed by Randy.

  5. Ahh, I meant to say AllGood Ent. ha ha, that got me I was so frustrated. =(


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