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Michael Jackson Justice: Where is the Love? Michael wants to Know! 3/4/2010

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Where is the Love? Michael wants to Know! 3/4/2010

Where is the Love? Michael Wants to Know!

I am sorry I have had to break up this blog again, with a note on this subject, but again things are getting out of hand.

There has been a flurry of activity involving fans on various Face Book pages, the news about the children in the Jackson household, the resulting and not surprising (anymore) exclusive from TMZ on that, the resulting X17online exclusive the next day that a “Jackson Family Insider” spilled the beans on who called children’s services to the Jackson Family Home and TMZ, and the corresponding Twitter comments about said revelation.

I am seeing some surprising behavior from some people that I never expected to see come from them. It is dividing fans, it is causing controversy and fan-class warfare, if there is such a thing, and it is causing distraction from the purpose at hand . . . Justice for Michael.

I have spoken to a few of the more sane admirers of Michael and most have mentioned becoming desensitized to all the drama. Some of what I am seeing myself is a bit over the top even by Michael-Jackson-Tabloid standards.

I am finding myself angry that certain people seem to want to stir up and play on the emotions of others. I am seeing people being encouraged to send hateful correspondence to certain individuals who as of yet, are not proven to be responsible for Michael’s death. Sending letters in support of the investigation is one thing. Suggesting someone should hang themselves or die is another. Is this what Michael was about? Not the one that I know!

There are stories being fed to us through media channels (if you want to call TMZ and X17Online media), through certain individuals who claim exclusive on Michael Jackson and the truth of the matter is, we still don’t know the truth.

We are all playing detective because we feel the REAL ones aren’t doing the job we think they should be doing . . . However, we don’t know what they are doing. The best we can do is send our letters, in a CIVIL TONE, in support of Michael and encourage the detectives and the D.A. to do right by this investigation as the world is watching.

I would love to tell you that I have all the facts that Michael was killed by Sony and that AEG and Dr. Murray set him up . . . but I can’t tell you that because I do not know. I search online for the facts, maybe call a few people on the legal stuff (which may or may not be something they can share). All I can do is report on the connections of the people involved with Michael. This is what I find and if I find it in more than one place, I report it.

I have found some ingenious marketing opportunities with some of the people starting “support” groups, all for “Michael’s defense.” And the power trips are getting boring.

The media does not need any help in making Michael’s death any more of a circus than it already has. We should not be contributing to it . . . AT ALL! We should not be supporting and encouraging hate toward anyone, no matter how guilty we THINK they are. How does one expect the authorities to take the fans seriously if we act like that?

There are people who are afraid of being ostracized or worse . . . banned from a facebook page of a popular “Michael Insider” if they disagree on an issue or have a different point of view . . . in other words, be a follower or get deleted.

People, where is the love? This isn’t a popularity contest and it isn’t about us.

Do you love this man? Do you agree that he was treated horrendously? Would you like to see him finally get the justice he should have gotten since 1993? Would you like to see his children be able to live their lives in peace and see their father’s name cleared?

Then please lets’ work together and remember we are not enemies. We are seeking the truth, not blood. Wishing someone dead will not bring Michael back . . . It will only put you in the same class with those who wanted Michael dead.

Murray . . . The closest one to Michael when he died . That is where we should be leaning. Forget the side stories and concentrate on Murray.


  1. wow!!!! Great article Bonnie!!!! LOved!!!! Loved!!! Loved!!!!
    Please share this article on facebook.
    You are absolutly right. Those last days I've been seeing and reading so many strange things which I couldn't believe and you just could organize that in put on wise words!
    thank you!

  2. Thank you Lia. How do I put this on Facebook? In my own blog on facebook or is there another place? I rarely have time to get to my own page!


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