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Michael Jackson Justice: David and Goliath - Michael's Sling Shot

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Friday, April 23, 2010

David and Goliath - Michael's Sling Shot

April 23, 2010 David and Goliath - Michael's Sling Shot

I woke up this morning with the dream still in my head. There was no purpose to the dream other than words and thoughts were left in my head, and they continued to pour in after I woke up. One part of my dream was Michael standing with three or four other people, on a set. I couldn’t tell you if it was a movie set or a set for a video shoot. He was talking and gesturing with his arms for emphasis but I could not hear what was being said. All I remember was the expression on his face. He was focused, he was articulating something he wanted to accomplish and he was very intense and direct about it.

The last thing I did before I turned off this computer last night was post the update to my blog. On that blog I had a link to “Earth Song”. That video is particularly moving to me. That one and “We’ve Had Enough.” Watching those two videos it struck me that this is what God must see when he looks down here. And we still don’t get it
Most of Michael’s music after 2003 leaned very heavily toward trying to get the message across that we are going in the wrong direction. Songs like “Earth Song”, and “We’ve Had Enough” and “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Cry”. Have you ever seen the lyrics to “Cry”? He can’t do it by himself. We can’t do it by ourselves. It was these songs going to albums in the latter part of his history with Sony that the effort to get him cut down began in earnest.

Michael’s battles did not start with Sony, they started with the press and the media. If it weren’t for the campaign those two entities had against Michael, Sony would have never been able to accomplish the destruction of Michael that they did. Sony just “fell in” to what was already churning, like a gear inserted into an already operating machine to increase its power.

Michael had a moral compass that had two directions on it . . . right and wrong. What he witnessed was either right or wrong and he based his decisions on it. This didn’t make everyone around him happy. When a decision Michael made based on right or wrong put someone off, they retaliated. People don’t take kindly to paying the consequences for their actions. They take it personally, especially from someone like Michael, to whom they were so emotionally attached.

Lynton Guest used to work for Sony. He wrote a book about what was happening to Michael Jackson as a result of Sony’s backdoor maneuverings. The common denominator in everything surrounding Michael Jackson’s death is John Branca. A quote from Lynton, featured on MJJ-777’s web site:

…So those at Sony had to find a way to rid the company of Jackson but keep hold of the rights to his recordings. There was also the matter of Sony ATV, in which the Japanese were determined to acquire a controlling interest. Norio Ohga could not have envisaged it would take ten years, a high-profile criminal trial, and the personal destruction of music’s greatest talent before the objective was finally realized. -Lynton Guest

Sony and Michael Jackson never repaired the relationship. Much like the rest of the P.R. cover Branca and companies have put out over the last ten months, it is propaganda . . . and the press has been a convenient and perfectly fitting accomplice. A video to remind those of the strife Michael was put through over his ownership of the Sony/ATV catalog: A Timeline

Unbreakable, was the song Michael wanted as the first single. The lyrics to Unbreakable may have been why Sony didn’t want it released. Could there have already been plans in motion involving a journalist and a project to follow Michael through 8 months of his life in hopes of finding something to nail him with? This video featuring Michael’s speech of frustration while trying to promote his own album, was back in 2002 . . . not long before the broadcast of Bashir’s “Living with Michael Jackson” and quite possibly while Bashir was tagging around with him all over the world.

Michael had to promote his own album (something a music company is contracted to do as part of their rights to consideration . . . or profit percentages from that album), and organized a 30th Anniversary celebration at Madison Square Garden. Sony was unhappy with this and refused to promote the concerts. They actually sent out a memo world wide forbidding promotion of the concerts to their offices. Michael also organized an album signing in New York, which according to the article was something he had never done before.

Remember Michael needed sales from this Album to reach 10 million in order to keep from defaulting on the loan Sony made to him over half of Michael’s share of the Sony/ATV catalog. The battle in the press however, looked a lot different:

Forbes Article 2003 blames Michael's spending. This gives a less sensational version of the story. blames Michael's huge production costs for videos. (Didn't seem to bother his other albums though!) claims Tommy quit Sony. They also claim that Sony spent $30 million to promote “Invincible”. It was Michael who spent $25 million when Sony refused to promote it after laying out only $5 million. $5 million! For an artist of Michael’s caliber! Pretty sad!

Despite Sony’s refusal to take part in the promotion of an album they produced (they were looking at much bigger profits with the Sony/ATV catalog they were after), “Invincible” became number 1 in 13 countries INCLUDING the U.S., thanks to Michael’s efforts. Sony took credit for it’s success. After only five months, Sony deleted “Invincible” from it’s “International priority” list. Do not believe the lies being put out there by John Branca, AEG and Sony officials. They have as many trolls out there as the press, trying to counter the truth that is now coming to the surface of the scum in the pond.

Seven years after Tommy Mottola was supposedly fired from Sony over the conflict of interest between him and John Branca and he is interviewed on the “Today” show concerning Michael’s unreleased music: Tommy Mottola. Tell me, why would Tommy Mottola still be speaking for Sony? Why would Tommy Mottola be the “gatekeeper” of Michael’s unreleased music after his death? He spoke very admiringly about Michael and his talent, but I couldn’t suppress the automatic reflex to duck when I saw the saliva flying from the drool he was unable to control. Maybe he looked down at the beginning of his interview to hide the complete glee in his eyes over what they had just accomplished? (I’m sorry. That sounds a bit tabloid-ish, doesn’t it? I digress…)

Michael did not have many enemies. Michael had one enemy who used many hired hands to bring him down, some paid more than others. Some of those people had their own agenda or reasons for taking part in the attack: money, promotion of their own work or career, their 15 minutes of fame. For some, it was just an opportunity to have access to him.

The media, although evil and self serving on it’s own, was really just a player. Michael’s real enemy was sin, in all it’s forms. Greed for what Michael possessed was the main cause of what happened to him. Unfortunately most of those people couldn’t even identify what it was that Michael had that they so wanted, so they substituted what they DID understand . . . money, fame, possessions, recognition.

What Michael really had, was in his heart, not in his bank account. People saw it, they saw it in his eyes, in his conduct, but they could not identify it. When you don’t understand something what do you do with it? You pull it apart to learn more about it. People end up destroying what they want and cannot have. It reminds them of what they are not. Hence Michael was tried, tempted, bullied, oppressed, betrayed . . . They threw everything at him they could.

If you want to destroy someone you get to know them, their deepest reason for being. Michael’s biggest motivation was his love for people – This is how they got in.

Michael’s most prominent quality was his love for children. They used that to destroy him. By the time Sony saw the unwillingness of the media to let go of the rumors surrounding Michael, they knew exactly what they were going to use to bring him down. I no longer believe any of this was a coincidence. I no longer believe that this was just some conspiracy theory cooked up by life-long fans that refuse to believe that Michael’s behavior contributed to his own demise. To the contrary, Michael’s behavior was admirable in spite of what was done to him.

Although the media would be my first target for exposure, most already know this industry is not the bastion of truth that professes to bring us “news”. Sony has to be our concern, since they had the most to gain from Michael’s death.

Please take time to look at this site: SonyBoycott

This is where this will have to start. I also have a website (currently unfinished, thanks to the time I spend researching for this blog on this link.

Here you can even contact Sony at its different offices around the world. However, it is best to concentrate on promoting the information behind John Branca, the forged will, the Sony/ATV catalog and the bridge of AEG and “This is It.” Visit those two web sites above, then contact any of the administrators of those sites for more information.

How much did Michael know, when and why? Find out in our next update, when we learn from Michael just what he knew was going on through interviews, phone recordings and even his own song lyrics.


  1. Hi Bonnie!
    I want you to know what is going on with $ony and Cirque du Soleil. Please take a look here:

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  3. Everything people did to manipulate perception falsely will come back to them.

    Karma will get those who did wrong and I do believe God knows exactly who those people are.


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