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Michael Jackson Justice: Extra - Retraction Overdue!

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Extra - Retraction Overdue!

First I would like to ask you all that you please forgive me for what I am about to type. At this point all decorum is going out the window. I am TICKED OFF!

Thanks to a couple of ever-vigilant friends online, I come home today from work to find the announcement that some 300 pound butterball is under the delusion that Michael Jackson would not only EVER find him attractive, but that Michael would EVER be desperate enough to be his lover. (blogger chokes on tea as she desperately fights for air during hysterical laughter).

Jason Pfeiffer gives a very unconvincing, delusional and rehearsed account of his "relationship" with Michael Jackson. I would put the link up here but why promote this desperate garbage? Let's instead fight lies with the truth. Here is what Michael Himself has said about his sexuality:

Deposition in 2006 - When Tom Sneddon was STILL trying to nail him for false allegations of child misconduct.

Peter Pan Syndrome - Interesting story behind the author of the original Peter Pan story. I don't agree completely with this author's assessment of Michael Jackson because he leaves out the real reason behind Michael's abstaining from sex (Biblical, confessed by Michael in many interviews, and in the Schmuley tapes, reason Michael gave was his brothers' conduct on tour when he was young).

"Here, in a Time Magazine article featured in "Icons,
Intimate Portraits" by Denise Worrell, Seth Riggs, Michael's vocal
teacher, comments on a conversation he had with Michael.
"Everyone thinks Michael is, and I said to him one day. 'You know Michael, a lot of people think you're gay.' Michael
started to laugh. He... said, 'I know. The other day a big,
tall, blond, nice-looking fellow came up to me and said, "Gee, Michael,
I think you're wonderful. I sure would like to go to bed with you." I
looked at him and said, "When's the last time you read the Bible? You
know you really should read it because there is some real information
in there about homosexuality." The guy says, "I guess if I'd been a
girl, it would have been different. And I said, "No, there are some
very direct words on that in the Bible too."
- Contributed by Rg Huffman, quoted from a Time Magazine Article "Icon's Intimate Portraits"

These rumors have been re-animated so many times since the 1970's. It's amazing to me that someone like Michael, because he was a pop artist and did not sleep around, that he had to be gay . . . or because he was not disrespectful to women (as a black man? Come-on!) he had to be gay. Because he was a high tenor, he had to be gay. Or because he wore makeup he had to be gay.

List of men who wear makeup:

Bill O'Reilly
Conan O'Brien
Arnold Schwartzenneger
Every male anchor on the ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News and the Weather Channel.
Jackie Chan
Sean Hannity
David Lee Roth
Huey Lewis (Remember them?)
Tom Selleck (NRA and Mascara . . . yes!)
Sylvester Stallone
John Wayne (LOL, yes indeed! But mostly on the set)
Robert Mitchum
Johnny Cash (and he didn't like it either!)
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
ELVIS, man!
Paul McCartney (all the Beatles except maybe Ringo Starr, because nobody could find his eyes)
Mick Jagger (and I don't think it helps either)
Steve Tyler from Aerosmith
ALL MEMBERS OF KISS (lots of it . . . how come nobody questioned their sexuality?)

Most of your entertainers wear makeup even off the set or stage. Michael wore heavy makeup most of the time because he needed to cover the large areas of splotches on his skin brought on by Lupus and the Vitiligo (enlarge pictures on top of this update to see rough skin on Michael and discolorations, then hit the back button to get back to the blog).

This story folks, is another distraction. Michael has battled gay rumors before and no one that ever worked at his concerts, or saw him with other girls saw evidence he was gay. He fired Mark Schaffel because he was a gay porn producer and did not tell Michael before he was hired to film the 9-11 benefit "What More Can I Give".

I will lay you odds that Sony is behind this latest attempt to smear Michael's name and distract those who support and defend him. Maybe they are beginning to feel the heat? I'm sure they are well aware by now that more than just a few "fans" are digging into the quagmire they tried to make of the evidence now surfacing.

This is what happens when you are uncustomarily nice, chaste (he wasn't but by Hollywood standards, he was chaste), shy and FAITHFUL in the entertainment industry. You are made a freak to keep everyone else from looking bad.

This is why, my friends, that you must not give up and do not shower the undeserved attention on people like Jason-Perogie-Pfeiffer. Look at him, pray for him and hope that God thinks it's worth his time to put his head back on strait. Because chances are, if Jason EVER had a lover (of any sex, nationality or species) he is probably just lashing out at Michael because he is still trying to find where he misplaced his last partner.

Jason . . . try jumping up and down . . . they will fall out eventually! (This is about where I need to ask you forgiveness now...)

Michael Jackson on Michael Jackson. You will have to forgive the comments by Rabbi Schmuley (another hanger-on that did Michael no favors and is also being investigated by this blogger), but Michael's responses to most of his feelings about his childhood, life, girls, faith and more are touching and it is worth the read. Your heart will go out to him after you finish reading this , so sit down, grab a big cup of (coffee, tea, whatever it is you drink) and get to know Michael.

We have to start taking a stand against this kind of garbage reporting. Libel and slander USED to be against the law! Whatever happened to the consequences for these horrible crimes? A reputation is something you may never, ever get back!

In Baltimore, close to where I live, kids got expelled from a city school for "bullying" another girl with Cerebral Palsey. A couple of years ago, a teenage girl killed herself because of rumors spread about her through Facebook and group ostracizing and isolation. The mother of another child who instigated this was charged with her death.

The press needs to be held accountable for the damage and irresponsible destruction of another human being. Freedom of speech DOES NOT GIVE THE PRESS CARTE BLANCHE TO TRAMPLE ON THE FREEDOMS OF OTHERS . . . be it Michael Jackson or your own brother or sister.

Please start writing your congressman, senators and representatives in the U.S. House of Congress! This garbage has got to stop!

I don't care how much money a person makes, how successful they are at their craft, skill or talent or how famous they are. That gives NO ONE the right to interfere or destroy their right to life UNHARASSED, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

Michael Jackson hurt no one. He was a faithful, painfully lonely and a child-like innocent and isolated man who did not and DOES NOT deserve this continued treatment!

Please take action today and start working to get something done about the abuse and treachery of the media and the press. One of YOUR LOVED ONES could be one of their next victims.

I will be away for some R&R with my husband this weekend with some dear people from church. If you need to contact me those that have my cell phone can call me and I will reply to the message. Those of you emailing me, be patient until I get back and I can answer you Sunday or Monday. I do not have a laptop and will not be able to reply until I get back.

Love to you . . . keep the faith! God will not let these people continue with this for long.


  1. I mean no disrespect when I ask you what you meant by the statement concerning Michael not being disrespectful,but you went on to say "as a black man,come on".We are in this fight for Michael together with no room for prejudice or racial stereotypes.Not all black men are disrespectful.There is good and bad in every race,creed and color.Forgive me if I am being too sensitive to your statement, but I am an African American,who doesn't tolerate the ignorance of prejudice.I love all the people of the world ,every color.Fact is ,there is good and bad in every race.There are plenty of respectful men,Black,White,Mexican,Hawaiian,etc.I apologize,if I have taken what you said out of context.I love and respect you.I love your blogs.I just feel that if we resort to ignorant racial stereotypes and statements,then we are no better than the ignorant bastards who are trying to crucify our Michael.

  2. Interesting point about Sony. The tabloid rumours died down long long ago, then this guy pops out of nowhere to rehash his story which nobody bought last August. And on the same day Aphrodite's positive documentary came out. Rather coincidental hmm?

    (Btw, he was Arnie Klein's former lover and CEO of his med corp.)

  3. Dena,

    Thank you for bringing that up and you are exactly right . . . that IS the stereo type of black men and that is why I mentioned it. Because Michael would not be put in that mold, people believed he was "not normal" and that is what makes me angry . . . I don't stereo type but I am exposed to much of it and see it every day. My statement in parenthesis was not meant as disrespect, I was just pointing out what Hollywood and the entertainment industry thinks of black men.

  4. Hi Cookie,

    Do you have a link where you found that information on Arnie? I would like to have it to refer to in future blog updates. Thank you for that information!

  5. LAWD i wanted to hit that heffer all lies Michael was not gay .... Michael just had manners ok and proper broughtupsy( Jamaican patois) he was raised well that does not make him gay at all. LOL anyway i heard Klein was backing this looser and the fans went in on them lol they have to get security now u know some these fans on the deep end sending death threats. He and Klein make a perfect couple...but as for Michael he will stick with God and Women thanks much :D


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