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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson's Circles of Influence Converge

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Michael Jackson's Circles of Influence Converge

April 27, 2010 – Circles of Influence Converge

John Branca is the common denominator in everything to do with Michael Jackson. Evidence to the contrary exists as to any possibility of him being hired back by Michael. There is a letter of dismissal written and delivered in February of 2003. No letter of reinstatement has ever been produced by Branca.

John Branca and John McClain are the co-executors of Michael’s Estate. The will in question, is a will written in 2002 and signed and dated and witnessed on a day that Michael was nowhere near Los Angeles. The signatures and initials on the lines do not look like Michael’s signatures. But the judge in Los Angeles passed this will as valid.

John Branca and John McClain are also executive producers of “This is It”. The movie that AEG and Kenny Ortega edited from an alleged 100 hours of rehearsal footage. Randy Phillips is the head of AEG. He and Kenny Ortega were responsible for hiring Dr. Murray to “help Michael sleep.” John Branca is also represents Sony and sits on the board of the Sony/ATV catalog. For now, let’s just look at John Branca’s circle of influence, since he is on all three sides of the businesses to benefit from Michael Jackson’s hard work. (That would be his estate, AEG concerts, and the Sony/ATV catalog) Let’s see who we run into.

Interesting Article on John Branca here, explains that 2003 wasn’t the only time Michael fired Branca. He also fired him in 1990 because David Geffen had told Michael that Branca had too much influence and control over Michael and his business. The article states that Michael fired Branca grudgingly and hired Burt Fields. Burt Fields resigned in 1993 over his disagreement with the settlement offer Sony and their insurance companies wanted to make to the family leveling the child molestation allegations against Michael. If you read the article, Branca not only went after Fields, taking his clients, he also persuaded Michael to rehire him.

Burt Fields ended up fielding a number of lawsuits, two of them by clients that Branca took from Burt Fields. Four of those lawsuits leveled at Burt Fields were for impropriety and conflict of interest. Yet Branca claims he was not out for revenge.

If Branca, as an entertainment lawyer, knew how to “find” evidence of conflict of interest, chances are, he also knew how to hide it.

Branca was with Michael for a long time. Between 1986 and 1990 before he was fired the first time, then again between 1993 (after the first child abuse charge that was leveled at Michael) and 2003 when Michael discovered the conflict Branca had with Sony. Interestingly in 1993, Michael was persuaded to let Sony's insurance companies pay off the Chandlers . . . after John Branca was hired on, instead of fighting it out in court. This heavily damanged Michael's reputation as well as public opinion about his innocence. Could the conspiracy have been set in motion as far back as 1993?

Slanted articles such as this , try to re-write history and it is this blogger’s educated (after some nine months now of research) opinion Sony had much more than a few business advisers marching in and out of Michael’s life. Seems just as Michael would suspect and fire a business employee, another one would step into their place. The article linked above is yet another one that gives the account that John Branca is the one who left Michael, not the other way around. Documents of Branca’s dismissal prove that Branca’s story is just that . . . a story.

If Branca quit working for Michael over his inability to control Michael’s decisions on who he hired to manage his business (which is something John was supposed to be doing in the first place), then why was he so quick to come back not once, but twice? In 1993 John wormed his way back into Jackson’s circle. Why? Not because of Michael, but because of Michael’s investments. His music catalog as well as the Sony/ATV catalog was now worth quadruple what it was when Branca negotiated that purchase back in 1986.

Why did Branca “condescend” to come back into Jackson’s fold in 2009, a miracle 8 days before the singer was killed, after being fired for conflict of interest in 2003? Again, not because of Michael, but because of a music publishing business that was now worth in the tens of billions. At the very least, Branca’s argument is disingenuous considering the documents on file that contradict his story. At best, John Branca again fulfilled yet another vindictive coo. In the world of entertainment executive elites, black entertainers better know their place. Michael badly embarrassed Sony when he went public with his battle back in 2002 over his album “Invincible” and the fight over his half of the Sony/ATV catalog.

The article above also states (again) that Michael fell into financial ruin because of his “spending habits” and his “failing career”. It ironically fails to mention the conspiracy of the 2005 Child abuse trial, the failure of Sony to live up to it’s contract to promote an album THEY produced and had rights to, the Branca and Mottola partnership to defraud Michael, nor the theft of money from the business advisers that came and went out of Michael’s life just long enough to cause a little more damage.

It does mention the long list of litigious ex-employees and “hangers-on”. It fails to mention that many of these lawsuits were unfounded, many more were from people Michael had never met. There were so many lawsuits being fielded at any given time, Michael had a team of up to 100 lawyers working to sift through the ungodly mess. More times than should have been necessary, Michael settled. There just weren’t enough Michael’s to go to court to testify against them all. Besides a law to limit what the press can print about a person without verification, Michael should be another reason that limits on litigation should be passed.

Aside from the value of Michael’s half of the music publishing business (to include his own MiJack catalog) in the billions, Michael had earned just over $500 million in his lifetime, just from album and concert ticket sales. A recorded (and a world record) $300 million of that was given to children’s charities. Another countless tens of millions was spent on lawyers, courts and lawsuit settlements and another countless was stolen from employees (and you think Walmart had problems with shrinkage).

Just because Sony stopped promoting Michael’s album didn’t mean the press stopped promoting Michael or his “weirdness”. Michael still needed security even more so because he had three children. He was still fending off lawsuits, he was still trying to survive the chaotic mess his toxic business managers left of his finances and he was still making music. The $250 million deal Branca made Sony for Michael’s unreleased music should attest to the rabid foaming of the mouth Branca had for getting back inside the Michael Jackson Industry.

Branca and Mottola were and are still friends. In the same article it mentions Dr. Tohme and claims he is/was an orthopedic surgeon-turned business man. Other investigators had yet to ever find a medical license ever for this Dr. Tohme. It also states that Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s brother, introduced Michael to Tohme in an effort to save Michael’s ranch from foreclosure.

Branca also knew Al Malnik (pictured above with wife) . . . another brief but well publicized “friendship” during the same time period Michael was battling Sony. Did Michael look happy in those two pictures above (with Al and Nancy, and with Brett holding his son Blanket) Mottola also knew Malnik and so did Frank DiLeo. Tight little Sicilian circle, isn’t it?

So why would Michael’s brother sell Tohme to Michael if Jermaine knew that Tohme was a bad guy? Well, maybe he didn’t.

Tohme is reportedly related to Jermaine’s wife, Alejandra. Jermaine married Alejandra in 1995, according to Wikipedia.

According to the LATimes article above, Dr. Tohme called friend Tom Barrack, a “distressed properties” billionaire and owner of Colony Capital, to talk to Michael about a plan to save the Neverland Ranch. As the article states, Barrack was at first reluctant to get involved because another friend of his was interested, but ultimately agreed. It then says that Barrack contacted a fellow friend and business associate, Philip Anschutz who owned, amongst other things, AEG Live - the very concert promoter who organized the “This is It” concert for Michael Jackson . . . the concert that became a Posthumous movie that earned another $200+ million worldwide in ticket and DVD sales.

So Barrack is the one that contacted Anschutz and not Tohme as had been reported originally? Barrack knew Anschutz and between 2008 and 2009, AEG suddenly became Michael’s nanny?

We are supposed to believe that AEG, seeing the wheelchair-bound, frail Michael Jackson in a “run-down” (I’d hate for them to see MY house, if that is what they called Michael’s then residence) housing compound, decided that investing in Michael’s living expenses, security, home education for Michael’s children, personal doctor at 150K a month PLUS costs for producing a concert were going to be a good deal? Can they really expect us to believe that the frail, wheelchair-bound Michael was deemed “healthy” enough to put on 10 concerts, let alone the 50 they added after he signed the contract that was “read” to him?

I’m sorry, but their story is not adding up. If they are going to hire writers to put out these planted articles, they really need to keep better track of the stories they are putting out because the gears in their machine don't fit. They must have gone to the same school of plausible deniability that Murray attended?

Barrack said it best when he was quoted, "There are very few individual artists who are multibillion-dollar businesses. And he (Michael Jackson) is one." Motive one.

Payback? Motive two, from both Branca and Sony. After all, Michael called to attention not only Sony’s tactics to get Michael’s music properties, but also what they did to George Michael and Mariah Carey. Michael brought to light what had been going on in the music and entertainment industry mainly off the radar until they went after one of the most popular and world-recognized artists of all time. Michael wasn’t just an artist. He had become an industry.

We will follow this network as it branches out beyond Branca, Barrack, AEG/Phillips and Tohme.

My suspicions are, in light of the claims of the LATimes article, if true, Tohme may have had nothing to do with Michael’s downfall and was in fact trying to help him. If it is true that it was Barrack that got AEG and the other jackals back into Michael’s life, Tohme and Jermaine could be cleared in this conspiracy. Tohme has disappeared from the public shortly after Michael died after giving a couple of short interviews. The rest of the clan however, is still very much in the picture and the profit, of Michael Jackson’s name.

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  1. Hello Bonnie,

    I have found your site about 3 weeks ago and enjoy reading every bit of it. I believe I read about four of the blogs so far and hoping I will read all of them soon.
    I really appreciate and admire you for what you are doing defending Michael and spreading the truth on his behalf.

    My question is, if Tohme is not part of the conspiracy, why was that Michael told his spiritual adviser named June he was afraid of Tohme and was not letting him see anyone including his lawyers and accountant and so on. I am completely confused with this entire saga. Here is the link below of the “Today” show when he was speaking his frustration about Tohme. I am sure you’ve seen this already. Also, Michael has a large family, and why is that the family not fighting the alleged forged will? Is there anything in the will that preventing them to fight back in court? I feel so desperate and my heart aches every time I read someone is taking advantage of him even in death. I am sorry if my questions are unreasonable. It’s evident from your writing how John Branca and all of these people you mention are out there looking how they can make money for themselves using his name. How do we know for sure this is to be true not just pure conspiracy theory, and what kind evidence do we have?

    The story you are blogging are very compelling, and I have learned a lot. But I am not too sure what fans can do to make Sony and their allies to be investigated. Where are the families? Why we don’t hear what they are doing? I am sure they are aware of these dire situations.

    Please let me know what I can do to help.



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