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Michael Jackson Justice: Dangerous Liars - Troubador Publishing Victimizes Michael Jackson's Family

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dangerous Liars - Troubador Publishing Victimizes Michael Jackson's Family

Date: May 25, 2010
Troubador Publishing Ltd
5 Weir Road
Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicester ENGLAND LE8 0LQ

Dear Troubador Publishing,

At a time when children are battling for the survival of their innocence and survival from a growing population of sexual predators, the last thing we need to be doing is promoting a book by someone who not only advocates the lowering of the age of consent to twelve, but has been arrested and served time for owning one of the largest collections of child porn in England (possibly the world).

Thomas O`Carroll is writing under the pen name, ‘Carl Toms‘. He is a former chairman of the now defunct Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and was at one time a prominent member of IPCE, formerly known as the International Paedophile and Child Emancipation. The goal of O’Carroll and all those connected via the pedophile networks – is to normalize pedophilia in the media and thus the public arena as part of wider, more insidious pro-pedophile agenda. Examples of O’Carroll’s writing are the recent book promoting the normalcy of pedophilia using none other than the deceased Michael Jackson as his subject.

Police Charge Man over Child Sex Ring

Two Jailed Over Large Child Porn Library

“Carl Toms” identifies himself as Thomas O'Carroll on page 572, 577 and 592 of his forthcoming book.

Dual nationality Anglo/Irish writer Thomas O'Carroll, was arrested and charged with distributing child pornography in 1981 and again in 2006. O'Carroll is also a well known activist and advocate for the promotion and acceptance of pedophilia.

If we take Michael Jackson out of the equation in this book, well . . . we don’t have a book. But the subject matter is an abomination all by itself. O’Carroll was arrested for having child porn in his house. Anyone caught with so much as evidence of child porn on their computer in the U.S. is charged and arrested. Why would a publishing house be any less liable of promoting such horrifying behavior? If Troubador needs criminally deviant, child destroying authors to make sales, maybe they should find another business to get into.

If we put Michael Jackson back into the equation, yes, we must discuss the children.

Let’s discuss the 300+Million dollars he poured into children’s charities, hospitals, orphanages not to mention the off-record kindness and compassion he bestowed upon those in need all over the world.

Let’s discuss the tens of thousands of inner city and disadvantaged children who, at Michael’s expense, spent fun-filled weekends running through his property, riding carnival rides, horses, visiting his zoo, swimming in his pool, jumping on his trampoline, watching magic shows and movies in his full sized on grounds theater, basically getting to do what they may otherwise have never gotten to experience.

Let’s also discuss the well being of Michael’s own children, who after losing their father and protector, now have to put up with dodging the same old disgusting rumors born of tabloid greed. How would you feel if someone took your children aside and told them that despite the fact that you were found innocent in a court of law, you were a bad person and hurt children? Can you live with being responsible for inflicting yet more pain on his family?

Speaking of his family, who is currently fighting to get the man who killed their son/brother behind bars, they don’t need to see this garbage. If you aren’t sued by them, chances are the lawyers running Michael’s estate will. Slander in writing is still slander.

I’m writing to you as an advocate and lifelong admirer of Michael Jackson and his contributions to improving the quality of life for children and others in need the world over. Victimizing Michael Jackson after his death is not going to help you sell books, to the contrary people are getting tired of it. The reviews on over another Michael-victimizing book have sadly disappointed the author in sales.

This link promoting your disgusting book by “Toms” on Amazon seems to be already removed. Truth wins eventually.

Freedom of speech is not free and it does not come without responsibility. A lie is a lie and it is not told without consequences. It is time to put a stop to irresponsible writing and publishing. It is not good business to advocate for a convicted child porn proliferator. Not only could you be liable legally, you could be liable criminally.

There exists a veritable army of Michael Jackson advocates who refuse to accept further denigration of Michael Jackson’s character, legacy and reputation. We stand ready to take action against your book, but we would rather you do what is right on your own. If Troubador would like to break into the elite of publishers, there are plenty of opportunities and good authors who write truthfully and don’t victimize others with their works.

I thank you for your time and pray that you will stand on the side of integrity. Do not help this man, Thomas Carroll (‘Carl Toms’) promote causing pain to children by using one of the most brutally abused and persecuted yet giving men of our time.

There is so much more positive out there to publish. Take this opportunity to promote good authors who can positively affect people’s lives.

A voracious reader of inspirational heroes, writer and blogger,

Bonnie Cox


  1. BLESS YOU dear Bonnie! Beautifully written (again!) THANK YOU for your time and investigation into the matter. Your compassion is very real and your dedication to justice for Michael is beyond commendable. Let's hope your plea reaches listening ears (eyes!)and can make a difference. Even though we can see the evidence, the power of prayer is beyond our human comprehension. As I know you are a prayer warrior, I join you in this Holy honor daily and know that we are heard.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. You are amazing. Keep the Faith. Peace, Missy

  3. Very well said, Bonnie. You do honor to Michael Jackson. "If you want to know why there's a love that cannot lie; Love is strong. It only cares for joyful giving." Mr. Toms has no ground to stand on, and those who love truth will see that. Michael's heart was pure, and his acquittal on all counts stands as testament to the TRUTH of his innocence. Thank you for your courage & speaking for Michael, his children, and his family. God bless you.

  4. So true! I'm speechless... no doubt, a powerful article that every single soul should read!

  5. If you have a chance, I would write to Troubador Publishing and quietly commend them for at least investigating this and taking it out of circulation while they do so . . . They won't publicly say that the fan's response and letters prompted their decision, but they are at least taking a step to protect children from this guy by not legitimizing his preditory practices.

  6. Thank you so much Bonnie for always standing up for truth. I know in my heart the moment I found your blog you are truly God's messenger. The Love Michael has for children and for our planet is immense. Your investigations and bringing up this lie should be heard by many. I will do my best to spread your work and suggesting to everyone I know to visit your blogs. I will write to the above publishing company as you said. God bless you Bonnie. You are a true HERO.


  7. I was just messaged that Troubador Publishing is taking the Michael Jackson Book off the Market as per their legal team. I want to publically thank Troubador for taking the time to investigate, protect children and the integrity of the publishing business. I'm sure Michael Jackson's family thanks them as well.

    I don't know if Amazon will be able to sell a book that is not going to be in circulation. It now has no publisher, but keep writing your letters.

    God Bless everyone helping bring this to their attention. You have not only helped Michael, you have probably also saved a publisher by alerting them to a legal liability.


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