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Michael Jackson Justice: He Deserved More Than This

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

He Deserved More Than This

May 16, 2010 - He Deserved More Than This

I need to post this short blog update tonight in regard to the Ustream Event we had yesterday with Eddie Jones, Joe Jackson, Majestik the Magnificent, Geraldine Hughes and Brian Oxman.

If anyone else was upset by some of the things said during this event, please comment below and let me know it is not just me.

I realize that we cannot all remain distressed and in a state of perpetual grief, but there are some things I have noticed being said during Ustream events, Twitter posts and mentioned on other forums that make me believe that some of us have forgotten what we are supposed to be doing.

Michael Jackson was murdered. His murderer is not being charged with the crime he committed. There are others complicit in this crime and it is either being glossed over, or ignored by the authorities. There are free-loaders and publicity seekers peddling false stories to the media on a daily basis to help them either sell a book, a radio show or a movie and Michael's children will sooner or later be exposed to this.

The Ustream event yesterday, I would like to sincerely thank Eddie, Geraldine, Oxman and especially Majestik and Mr. Joe Jackson for taking their time to talk to the fans, keep them updated and in the loop as to what you know about the investigation.

I would like to thank Geraldine for mentioning the fact that the fans are finding more information than the police who are supposed to be doing the investigation (the PROFESSIONALS).

I would like to extend my appreciation to Brian Oxman for letting us know that yes, there is recognition that Dr. Murray was not the only player in Michael's murder and that there was much more behind it.

I would like to thank Majestik for pointing out that rumors being propagated that Michael may still be alive is not only hurtful to the family, but is particularly cruel to the children and may give Michael's children false hope if they keep hearing such false rumors. They may be well raised and polite beyond their years but they are STILL children and they STILL mourn the loss of their father.

Joe Jackson, Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the protective fighter you are and expressing your sincere appreciation for Michael's fans. And thank you for reminding us how much Michael loved his fans and how much Michael knew they loved him.

Eddie Jones, thank you for reminding those present to be sensitivity to those still raw from losing Michael.

Please, we do not need to resort to shock tactics to remind people that Michael is gone. We do not need to know what private anguish the children went through in the hospital when they learned they lost him. Please, no more of this.

I don't understand why someone would want to tell a radio audience that one of Michael's children described the temperature of their father's body. I don't understand why the laughing and joking around during what is supposed to be a serious and somber period to discuss justice for a murdered man.

I know that everyone deals with their mourning in their own way, but please, please remember that the fans and everyone listening and watching these events are hurting too.

Also remember that the fans are not the only ones attending these shows. Without a doubt, those from the AEG and Sony camps will be happening upon these shows too. We need to remember this and practice a little decorum.

I am sorry if this blog update offends anyone. But this is about Michael and seeking justice for him. We can "entertain" once we have accomplished that.

Thank you, God Bless and Good night.

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