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Michael Jackson Justice: Irreversable Damage the Press Did to Michael

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Irreversable Damage the Press Did to Michael

May 12, 2010 – Horrendous Irreversibility Damage in False Allegations

Please forgive me. It happens occasionally when something in the news prompts me to scrap (or put aside) an article for the purpose of its relevance to justice for Michael. This is one of those times. The “Why Michael’s Friends Turned” blog will be completed, but right now this is more important.

Today, I heard on the news that the kindergartner teacher, Tanya Craft, was acquitted of all charges of child molestation. Anyone familiar with this case will remember that Ms. Craft was accused of molesting three little girls, one of them being her own daughter. She was a much loved and revered teacher in Chickamauga Elementary School, in which she taught. I found this link on it.

The only difference between this case and Michael’s case is that Tonya is a female accused of abusing female children. The similarities, although much smaller scale, eerily shadow Michael’s 2005 case.

Tonya turned herself in and was arrested before she could tell her side of the story.

So was Michael.

Tonya was charged with 22 counts against three children. Michael was charged with 14 counts against one child.

Tonya was released after arrest on $50,000 bail. Michael was charged $3 million.

During the trial, Tonya’s lawyers submitted convincing evidence that the three children (one was her own daughter) were coached in their testimony and they were not coinciding with each other. Michael’s lawyers submitted evidence that a possible conspiracy was in play since the accusers were actually defending Michael (video).

Both incidents were alleged to have happened in the homes of the accused with no witnesses other than the accusers (or children, the accusers were actually the parents).

Michael’s trial lasted five months. Tonya’s lasted four weeks. Both were acquitted of all charges against them.

To my knowledge, Tony Craft’s house was not raided, searched or torn apart as Michael Jackson’s home and parent’s homes were. Thankfully, Michael’s children were not taken away from him but they were trying. Tonya’s daughter was removed from her home and she was forbidden to see her for the two years between her arrest and her trial. She now has to battle to regain custody. She will never teach again.

Michael’s house was raided by 70 police from the sheriff’s department. A warrant was issued and it was all over the news before Michael Jackson even returned home to turn himself in. He was arrested upon his arrival, handcuffs slapped on his wrist (the swelling from this is seen on his 60 minutes interview after the arrest in 2003), he was locked in a feces-defaced bathroom for 45 minutes even before there was an accuser. This all happened just as a result of the Martin Bashir Documentary. The thought of tabloid press running our local justice departments is horrifying.

As a result of the documentary and the arrest, Gloria Allred went into high gear to try to get Michael’s children removed from the home. This ultimately did not happen because there was no evidence to suggest anyone had been abused, since there were still no accusers.

You can read Wikipedia’s version of what happened to Michael Jackson here: The 2005 Trial

Aphrodite Jones was one of the press who had a front row seat during Michael’s trial. You can view Aphrodite Jone’s interview about her experience here: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

With the recent irresponsible use of Michael’s name by to promote their website and organization to protect children from sexual abuse, we cannot discount the irreparable damage that false allegations inflict on the accused. In Michael’s case, it ultimately resulted in his death. What was done to both Tonya and Michael was criminal. And for what? Nobody wins. Except in Michael’s case, maybe Sony and John Branca.

The media has surpassed it’s usefulness and become something else. It is no longer a valued medium for news and truth. Tabloid and Network news have crossed into each other’s territories. I know I have mentioned this particular song before, but those “Eagles” had it right: Dirty Laundry

One of my friends wrote to the owner of a web site who was promoting a book about Michael Jackson. The title of the book was “Dangerous Liaisons”. You can guess for yourself what the book may be about. The response she got in return was the same nefarious staple used by all liars trying to use art as a shield to escape responsibility: “We have freedom of speech in this country”.

Freedom of speech and slander are not the same thing and the last time I checked, slander and libel were punishable by both fine and threat of civil action. Defamation of character is still against the law and lying about someone for personal gain is not art, it’s evil and punishable in a court of law.

On the Ustream even tonight, the slick slope our media has decided to let itself slide into was discussed. It is time to approach our elected officials to get something done about this destruction of people and our society. Michael Jackson is not the only public figure the media has lied about and his personal life is not the only propaganda that has been fed to us. They infect us in areas of economics, foreign affairs, corporate news, politics, family, current events and more. I can tell you what is behind the media and their agendas but that would take another whole separate blog, which I may end up starting.

This absolutely will not stop unless you do something about it. You can start with Michael, since they continue to attack him. His children are now at risk. Their faces are already all over the news and tabloids, the internet . . . their privacy now gone. A victim of the guise of freedom of the press.

Freedom of the press? A man is dead. A friend of his also died at the hands of paparazzi as her driver raced through a tunnel in Europe to escape them. So who benefited from that “freedom”? They’re dead! Isn’t “freedom” for everybody? Do you think they will stop at Princess Diana and Michael Jackson? Does anyone care that his children are next? Does anyone care that other artists of any medium are somehow believed to be bereft of the right to privacy and dignity?

If Bashir had been held accountable for the atrocious editing and deception of that Documentary “Living with Michael Jackson”, Tom Sneddon would never have had an opportunity to go after Michael. If the press had not disregarded the “Not Guilty” verdict when the trial was long over, Michael may not have felt he needed to run to other countries to escape the constant hunt. If the press were held to journalistic integrity back when they FIRST began getting out of hand, the news would still be news and not another piece of Jerry Springer entertainment.

They killed this man in spirit, Conrad Murray killed him physically. The press found Michael guilty before he even went to trial. Fair? Of course not. When did press gain access to the court room? Especially for something as heinous and personally painful as child molestation?

The press has succeeded in getting soldiers killed, celebrities killed, they are given an unbridled free rein to criminally harass like no other entity on this earth. Why? The way celebrities are stalked is akin to workplace bullying on a world-wide stage.

This has got to stop. We can’t bring Princess Diana back or Michael, or Elvis, or Freddie Prince, but we can begin holding those responsible who publish lies with malicious intent.

The media’s abuse of Michael Jackson went unpunished. This brought all sorts of vermin crawling out of the woodwork. It made the perfect cover for a corporation to rid themselves of a liability while stealing everything he worked for over his 40+ year career. It was like watching a lamb scurry back and forth in increasingly smaller space looking for a hiding place while the wolves enclosed on him. It was only a matter of time.

Yes Murray needs to be punished. Yes Branca and Sony need to be audited and investigated. Yes, the surrounding characters who participated in cornering him need to be investigated. But the press and media are the ones who drew first blood. Once the scent was on the wind, his fate was sealed.

Please help him. You can’t save him but you can save someone else. You can contribute and do your part to keep this from happening again, to anyone else. Write to your congressmen and senators, prime ministers or other lawmakers and get them to work on legislation to stop the press from destroying lives. There has to be accountability in reporting or the truth will suffer.

To get more information on who you can write to, visit this site: Michael Jackson and get a list of the California officials in which to write. Ask them to investigate writing and introducing legislation to limit powers of the press to invade privacy and harass.

You can also message Hulya Julie Tipi on her facebook page for a sample letter you can use.

Thankyou, Goodnight and Godbless!


  1. Bonnie,

    I agree with everything you said. On the other hand, Tanya Craft is not a celebrity and there is no money to be made in her name so the media is careless, and also there is no fame and status to be gained by the prosecutors so they did not do to her to the same extent what they did to Michael. I believe the color of media is GREEN. I remember watching a youtube video of Aphrodite Jones when she was asked why the media is butchering Michael to this extent. She said there is a huge interest by the public to know negative news(it doesn’t matter whether it is a lie or not) about celebrities. It is the public interest that drives this media to slander any celebrities as long as there is MONEY to be made. Even Michael said it in many occasions not to buy their publications and watch their TV programs. But the public continually participate by watching any TV program that slander and crucify him and help raise their ratings and buying their gossip papers and help them pocket million and million dollars. I completely agree on what you said by contacting our representatives to come up with some kind of legislation to stop this madness by the media. However, we also need to inform and teach the public that our action (supporting the media in any form) is resulted in the distraction of celebrities that finally lead to their untimely death. I believe the media is nothing without the public support. The public need to be held accountable too for their collaboration in giving the media a free pass by buying and listening their garbage. The media will not change unless there is a law that stops them or the public cutting off their many making machine, which is to stop listening to them in any form.

    God loves you for all your effort.

  2. Mimi, I agree with you wholeheartedly that the public is also complicit in this behavior and contributing to the scourge that is our media. The best way I can think of to wrest support from the media is to hit their advertisers. Most of them do not see dollars directly from the public, but from the public via their advertisers. The tabloids and magazines would have to be hit on both sides. Their readership needs to go down in order to make them less attractive to advertisers. I have half a mind to start a tabloid against tabloids, but it would probably backfire. Can't fight lies with lies.

    Thank you for your comments. That was a very educational post.


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