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Michael Jackson Justice: A Plea to Kenny Ortega - Help Him

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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Plea to Kenny Ortega - Help Him

May 17, 2010 – A Plea to Kenny Ortega - Help Him

Deuteronomy 30:19 - I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;

Kenneth Ortega – The one person in the “This is It” debacle that probably could have, if he cared, saved Michael. Any of the crew, dancers, technicians or vocal or artistic directors really could have saved him, but Kenny was in a special position as his stage director, to assert some influence.

Kenneth could have chosen compassion. Instead he chose greed.
Kenneth could have chosen recognition that something was wrong. Instead he chose to turn a blind eye under “fear of loss” . . . not of his one time friend, but of the millions they planned to make.

Of the “producers” listed in the “This is It” credits, Kenneth probably knew as much about what was really going on with Michael as anybody there. He was there for everything; the lighting, the sets, the pyro-technics, the dance rehearsals (he did begin his career as a dancer and a choreographer), the sound tests, the run-throughs. He was also one of the ones who made more than one trip to Michael’s house with either Payne or Phillips to drag Michael, sick, out of bed to rehearsals.

Kenneth Ortega worked with Michael for over 20 years. He knew Michael better than most. Was Kenny aware of the battles with Sony back in 2001 and beyond? Probably. The question is . . . just when did he turn the corner? When did money and fame suddenly become more important to him than Michael’s life? As director, why didn’t he shut down production and tell Phillips, “Look, he’s not healthy! Let Michael broadcast one concert world wide.”

Did he ever do that? Judging by the posturing he’s done promoting “This is It” and doing interviews with Randy Phillips, I would say no, he did not.

"This is It" could have been a boon for Anschutz Entertainment Group. (form 6K, SEC report partnering O2 Arena and AEG Live) Interesting background of Phillip Anschutz mentioning his plans to build a concert venue at the Millenium Dome in London. (is this the “Dome Project” I keep seeing on certain message boards?

A September 2008 report in Variety Magazine condenses the deals made by Anschutz in the Business Week link above.

AEG’s contact page on their web site (This is AEG Live)

In Feb. 2009, the O2 went up for sale. AEG holds the long term lease on it and does not own the landmark. Reference I looked and there is no reference to Sony owning either facility.

Back to Kenny Ortega, you can bet he’s not sitting around, crying over Michael Jackson videos like most of Michael’s fans. THIS is what Kenny has been up to around May 1st. If I were him, I would feel mighty uncomfortable behind a microphone on stage without thinking about Michael.

This article on “The Wrap” reports that Kenny may be teaming up with Paula Abdul for an NBC dance show. Isn’t that nice? While Katherine and Joe are fighting for a fair chance in court for Michael against Murray, Kenny signing deals and stomping on Michael’s memory.

Kenneth, if you were a man, you would come forward, right your wrong and admit you did NOTHING to help your one-time friend. You hide in the recognition obtained on the man you helped kill by diving into the fame pool with both left feet. Without a heart to keep you afloat sir, you will sink.

Does this man feel any guilt at all? I thought at one time, it would eventually haunt him, the murder of his one time friend. Maybe his soul has been eaten alive by green, rectangular pieces of paper too. This article was particularly heart-warming: “Michael Jackson Inspired ‘This is It’ Director to Give Back” That is a good idea . . . you can start with HIS LIFE.

Kenny Ortega worked with Michael for over twenty years. He knew of Michael’s gift of compassion and empathy. It is unclear why he let this go on. He stood by while Randy Phillips lied about Michael’s physical condition. He himself lied about the shape Michael was in. Michael was deteriorating and they knew it. He was 50 years old. He suffered from Lupus and a number of accompanying physical ailments due to the medications he had to take for that disease. His lower back was in bad shape due to a fall at a concert. Michael was not in his prime and he was possibly going blind in one eye, according to one report. The paramedics reported they did not even recognize him when they arrived to transport him.

Kenny Ortega is also one of those employees who called Michael his “friend”. Yet the charade continues and Kenny remains silent. Michael wasn’t the only one murdered. Every child that might have lived because of his caring and compassion was murdered. Will that be your legacy Mr. Ortega?

This read was horrifying in itself: Michael's Money Woes

Michael’s money troubles again. The man was a billionaire . . . on paper. He was a genius on stage and on film. He was a humanitarian out in the world from which he was isolated. He was a witness that God still worked through people on earth. But at home, he was lonely, and afraid, and hunted and in constant anguish. Aside from that it just appears that none of the business managers he hired did the job they were paid to do.

Kenneth, if you believe for one moment of time, that an answer for your actions will not be forthcoming, then you never knew Michael. You never knew him. Forgiveness is something only God can grant you now. The trouble is, forgiveness is not forced upon the unrepentant. It’s something you have to confess and ask for. Help him, Kenny. There is only one thing that lasts through eternity, and it’s not money or fame. Michael needs your help. Tell them what you know.

Hebrews 6: 10-12 – “For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of[a] love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister. 11 And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, 12 that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”

You can stop all this right now. You are now living off the money Michael's children were supposed to get. You are allowing Branca to get away with murder. When you are standing in front of your maker, with Michael off to the side as one of your judgers, are you going to be able to convince God it was worth it?


  1. Hi Bonnie, this is LaKeisha Harrod. I whole-heartedly agree with you in this blog entry. Do you think Ortega will ever fess up? I can't stand the sight of his face anymore. I don't even look at him in the same way. It's impossible for me to watch This is It and not get upset.

  2. Hi LaKeisha, I know what you mean. I wish Ortega would get a conscience, I really do. He knows Michael deserves better. None of these entertainers have any backbone. Most of them are under contract either with Sony or a Sony affiliate. If they all joined together they could fight them. Kenny. His day is coming.

  3. you truly beLIEve that kenny would betray him in such a manner? i don't. he is working for and with him, orchestrating the whole thing. he never said a bad word about mj. he preaches the same things mj said. it is as if he speaks for him. trust michael. he knew his body, his health and his issues. he wouldn't risk his life. no. he did what was nessesary. and he continues to do so. with kennys help.
    trust mj.

  4. I agree that KO should not have continued with the "production". However we should be cautious in laying the blame on him regarding Michaels condition.

    If MJ was abusing prescription drugs, no one could have prevented it. We can offer our assistance, but we do not have the capability to stop the behavior.

    If we did, then millions of addicted individuals would be cured with simply the support from their families.

  5. I personally am not sure what to believe anymore. All I KNOW for sure is that Michael is gone and his children are fatherless--and that could have and should have been prevented.

  6. Feuerkindjana,

    Do you really believe that Michael is going to pop back into existence after putting his fans, friends and family through all this? Do you think Michael is like that? I have a hard time with that and trust me, I struggled with the possibility of him being alive too. I also do not believe that Michael would do harm to himself or put himself OR HIS CHILDREN at risk by taking dangerous drugs. I have seen copies of notes he wrote (taken during the Neverland raid in 2003) where he was jotting down possible alternatives to drugs that were non-addictive for his back pain and arthritis. I do not believe Michael was a 'drug addict' any more than I believe he hurt any child. I DO BELIEVE that Michael was drugged by people that wanted to make sure he was under control.

    Your post is very interesting and I'm glad you posted. Yes, there are still things out there that make me question EVERYTHING that is going on. However, I do have a very hard time believing Michael would intentionally hurt people. If he was alive, he would probably be watching the internet intently and be on top of everything that was going on. He would see people putting their last dollar into a gift of sunflowers. He would see people were in pain over this and different fans were fighting over this. He would see everything that was going on. He could even be a facebook friend of mine under a fake name! Who knows?

    I would love to believe that Michael was alive and okay. But signs I've gotten say no. Michael is not deceitful. And if what you believe IS true, you would be putting Michael and Kenny at risk by mentioning it.

    As far as Kenny goes, I really don't trust him. If he was on Michael's side, would he think this whole production (whatever you want to call it) was a good idea?

    Thank you for your post. You haven't convinced me, but you did succeed in upsetting me. Most of us are having enough trouble with this as it is.

    Kenny never said a bad word about Michael . . . publicly. I agree with that. But neither did Tommy Mottola.

    If you want to discuss what I KNOW, please private message me. I don't want to upset anyone else. Thanks again.

  7. erkasey911 - I don't blame Kenny for drugging him. I blame Kenny for not taking action. There is much he could have done, up to and including refusing to continue with the production until MJ got help.

    I don't believe Michael was a drug addict, not even to prescription meds. I believe Michael was medicated and controlled. I don't think Kenny killed Michael . . . but I think he did nothing while Michael was slowing dying every day he dragged him into rehearsal.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    I would not hold your breath on Kenny Ortega.

    For more information please go to:

    Bonnie Vent

  9. Bonnie, Thank you for this note. I agree but I doubt Keeny O. will ever concede. Too many $$ signs. @Bonnie Vent, I did listen to the video about Sony. I did hear Billion also. Wonder how much went to the portion of the estate for Michael's children? Keep the Faith. Peace, Missy

  10. @mis2955 The instructions of the estate have been sealed by the court so we do not know for a fact what might be specified there. What we do know from media reports is Katherine Jackson is receiving an allowance for Michael's children. The admin of the estate gets a 10% commission and applied to court to get additional fees. If the children were receiving the proceeds I would think powers that be would say the children are getting MJ's royalities. Instead they always say the estate which is not necessarily the same as the children or the Jackson family. There were a lot people listed in the credits of "This is It", they would also receive royalities. Without having the contract we really do not know where the money is going.

    BTW...The autopsy report says he was in good health for a man his age. It is a contradiction that some say he was seriously ill. He does not look ill in the movie and there is no hard evidence that he was ill or taking any drugs other than what he was given by the good doctor. He was thin but he weighed more than his driver's license weight in the autopsy report. Of course I am assuming these documents are true and accurate, but with this case you just never know.

  11. I deleted that other person's comment. There will be no cursing on my blog. If this person read the rest of my blog, she would know that I did not blame JUST Kenny. I took him to task in THIS particular blog because he is the one who could set the record strait. Karen Faye DID get the word out, so this person I deleted is out of line.

  12. For the record, I sent Kenneth Ortega an email tonight. I can't disclose what I said because it was particularly sensitive. I doubt he will even read it. If I am wrong about Kenny I will most definitely print an apology.

  13. Bonnie Vent . . . I agree with you.

  14. Interesting comments, and I don't profess to know the truth, but I like to look at people's motivations. The undeniable conclusion is that, even if Kenny Oretega were just a selfish, money grubber, he would at least have wanted to keep MJ alive for his own monetary gain, not to mention his ego, which surely matched MJ's. It's just hard to justify why KO would not have done everything conceivably possible to ensure MJ continued good health, EVEN IF his motive may not have been particularly charitable.

  15. I met Ortega in the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall around xmas 09 and wanted to ask him about the music they used for the soundtrack release instead of the live music recorded during the rehearsals and he said its up to Sony. His wife was nice, but he would not even look at me when he talked to me. Too busy shifting through the scarf table. I will say that he did know Michael well and like all the people Michael knew and wanted/did call friend, they all NEVER put thier foot down to say, "hey, this is gonna kill you." Ortega HAD to know Michaels pill issues, sleeping issues and the anesthesia ovr the years. No one wanted to risk not working with him to save him. They could have involved authorities to lookk at his pill use or mis-use. He was in pain and it is hard to have his life and not want to make the pain go away, fast...Michael is a human being like us at night, just trying to survive his fast moving, never yielding, traumatic life.

  16. Now that the judge is releasing the Sony THIS IS IT tapes to Conrad Murray's defense team, a LOT will be revealed about Kenny Ortega.
    Kenny has "talked the talk" about his "friend MJ" for years... but the 100 hours of tape will show another side of Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne.

  17. Anonymous - To the contrary it could very well prove that Kenny Ortega was a good guy. I believe Sony had such a hard time releasing the footage for other reasons. Trust me, they weren't trying to protect Kenny.

  18. Kenny Ortega, Frank DiLeo, Brando, Randy Phillips and Tohme have been out of the media and the spotlight for quite some time. There has been a blackout on DiLeo and Ortega for months. Were'd they go???


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