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Michael Jackson Justice: Signs of Angels - God, Free Will and Michael Jackson

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Signs of Angels - God, Free Will and Michael Jackson

May 18, 2010 – Signs of Angels - God, Free Will and Michael Jackson

To set the mood of tonight’s blog, I want to share with you a link my husband sent me. Everyone who has read the poem I wrote “Feathers in the Wind” and knows t he story of the feathers that kept appearing (and that I now have taped to my computer screen) will appreciate this link:

Signs from Angels

For the short version of why feathers are significant to me (besides this article), feathers started floating down from nowhere shortly after I wrote “Feathers on the Wind”. I have two of them taped on my computer monitor’s frame.

The article linked above states that a feather is usually in direct connection to a thought, prayer or question you had in mind. Since the feathers appeared when I was thinking or crying about something to do with Michael, this particular article confirmed that these feathers I have taped to my computer have huge significance.

It says angels bring you feathers and other signs tailor made to your level of faith. Considering what my thoughts were at the time these feathers appeared, I have to tell you I am overjoyed and I have a strengthened belief that God is watching this whole thing, and Michael will see justice. (one floated down from the inside of my car when I was driving. I batted it away until I saw what it was. How can a feather get into a closed space?) Just keep getting the truth out there about Michael. Remember to keep your anger out of the picture. God can’t get in there to use you if you are angry.

Sometimes the signs you get aren’t understood until later. It is that way with me and the feathers. I knew what they were about, I just didn’t know what they were trying to tell me. Forgive me, but I am so in awe right now . . . so many answers coming together. I feel so very blessed and humbled.

It is important to get the truth out about Michael. Just get it out there. I’m just one person. There are many of us out there that have learned so much about him since last June. We really have to concentrate our efforts and focus on the truth. If you sense that someone is out for personal promotion or glorification, you are probably right. Instead of embarking on a campaign to expose that person, leave them be and just concentrate on what we are supposed to be doing to help Michael and his family.

It is so easy to succumb to the emotional warfare that some of Michael’s enemies put out there. As hard as it is, ignore it. Do not give it recognition . . . just focus on getting the truth out about Michael. That is the best way to help him right now.

Sony and Branca . . . get your letters out to the authorities. Just keep putting them out. Write your articles, even if they don’t get published . . . just keep writing them and putting them out there. Keep them factual to what you know and can prove via documentation, interviews, ect.

Michael Jackson has been ripped for his choices in the press, in books, in documentaries. Those that victimized him burrow under the excuse that Michael made bad “choices”. Another abuser’s weapon of defense. The only thing I could probably fault Michael with is his choice in friends and business leaches . . . I mean associates.

Michael has been seen in the press and by T.V. camera’s much more often than those who abused him. The evidence of Michael’s misconduct is just not there. Michael’s usual comment, if any offered at all, when asked about what someone said or did to him? “They know not what they do. Words of Jesus. They (those who come against him) don't even know me. It has no foundation what they are doing. How can they say it....they don't even know me?”

I have been all over this blog about Michael and his faith. I have had responses from people telling me they “saw no evidence” that Michael as a Christian, which made me laugh. Of course not . . . how could they see anything beyond the latest tabloid story about him? What was their incentive for them to even look? There was no benefit in it for them so why bother?

Michael was not the only one with choices to make. His abusers also had an opportunity to make choices. Some want to peg Michael with sins that were not his because they saw what happened to him as a consequence of the choices he made. I charge that Michael paid for other’s choices.

An interviewer back in 1977 asked Michael: “But there's a lot of ugliness in the world, too, a lot of cruelty. Did God create that?”

Michael’s response was, “No! That's because of man! Man is because of the fallen angels. It says in the Bible that all this would happen, and it's all coming true.” Have you been watching the news lately? Is he wrong? That was in 1977. Imagine Michael’s conviction as he was suffering through the battles with Sony and the media, combating injustice. It’s amazing what this man foresaw and wrote about in many lyrics in his songs. He was a prophet and didn’t know it.

Michael didn’t suffer because of God, he suffered because of men. The situation with Sony and the people surrounding him during the last months of his life remind me of the little Tibetan boy in “The Golden Child” . . . In a cage, surrounded by evil on all sides, saying his prayers to keep the evil away at arms length. He was isolated and could not get out to get help. He just prayed, fasted and awaited his deliverance. It finally came on June 25th, 2010. It would appear that those committing his murder are being rewarded with his spoils. But the story is far from over.

Michael’s purpose was to heal people. As his sister Janet once said, he had so much love in him. After suffering abuse as a child, suffering abuse by those he paid to protect him and manage his businesses and career throughout four decades, where did that love come from?

Psalms 10:14 – “But You have seen, for You observe trouble and grief, To repay it by Your hand. The helpless commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless.” Here David is talking about God and his mercy. God works through people on earth. Michael was a willing and selfless volunteer.

Michael tried to be a helper of the helpless. Most of the time, this went uncovered by the press. It wasn’t something Michael believed he should promote. He believed in charity without recognition. There are countless stories of Michael secretly helping a victim of a riot, or a child who was dying because he needed a kidney, or befriending a six year old burn victim, or feeding someone in a crowd who was close enough to Michael’s security for him to hear the man ask for food. Then there were the quiet visits to hospitals in every city in which he performed during his tours. The new bed sheets and blankets, supplies, diapers, food, toys he brought in for the children. There are Pictures of him in orphanages in countries with no money to staff them. Michael in private videos picking up children and holding them, rocking them and singing to them for probably the first time in most of their young lives. He read to them, patted their backs, cradled them, kissed them and cried over them.

This is what the media and the press destroyed. This is what Sony sabotaged. They took this man’s career, his catalog, his money, everything he had built up to help these children. This is what Michael’s purpose was. This is what he said he lived for:

“It’s for the children. I do this for the children. I live for them. If it weren’t for them I would throw in the towel.” Michael Jackson, Living with Michael Jackson Documentary

What do you think Sony and Branca are going to do with the money that is now being earned off the work they have stolen? Are they going to be marching into these hospitals and orphanages across the world? Of course not. They couldn’t even make the choice between Michael and money. They conspired to destroy a human being for the sake of a few billion dollars. AEG was a tool, Bashir was a tool, Malnik was a tool, Wisner and Konitzer were tools, Rattner was a tool, Murray was a tool. Murray was the lethal weapon.

Someone once asked during a debate about faith, why God would give us free will if he knows all . . . if he knew we were going to sin and turn from him, why wouldn’t he just create us to obey?

My response when I thought about it, reminded me of why God created us in the first place.

God wanted beings to love him out of choice. Not like his angels but because we chose to. I believe he knew we would fall, much like we know our own children are going to fall, make mistakes, disobey us and unfortunately have to learn through consequences. Every prominent character in the Bible and their story reflects the same lesson . . . love God, prosper, face a choice. Through each trial we learn what love is, if we are listening. We are such selfishly centered creatures and that mindset colors everything we see, hear and feel. This is why we need God.

He created us because he loved us. The only way true, unconditional love can exist is if there is free will to chose. If you CREATE someone who loves you out of demand or obligation, it is not spontaneous and it is not unconditional . . . and therefore is not true love.

I believe Michael knew this difference. Michael did have unconditional love for people. He expected other people to understand it. He was looking for genuine, unconditional love from others. He had known only “conditional” love all his life. When adoration from people who ended up working for him turned into an attitude of entitlement, Michael got discouraged and grew distant. When those people sensed Michael’s distance, what did they do? How did they respond? Most latched onto what they thought they were entitled to. They felt hurt, grew resentful, and the result when they ended up being let go, you have seen in countless trash magazines over the years.

Michael and lawmakers working on Safe Blood for Africa. This is just one example of the many endeavors Michael took part in that next to no one ever heard about. Michael’s work and charity reached far beyond the stage, across political, religious and ethnic barriers. He didn’t ask if a person deserved to be helped. He saw a need in a human being and he acted, no questions asked. That is the kind of person I would like to be.

Genesis 42:21 – “Then they said to one another, “We are truly guilty concerning our brother, for we saw the anguish of his soul when he pleaded with us, and we would not hear; therefore this distress has come upon us.”

“Sony Kills Music” . . . no they didn’t. Their prey wasn’t music . . . their prey was hope. Their prey was love. Their prey was justice. Michael was the carrier, but the Sony cannot reach the source. Faith without works is dead. Works without faith is fleeting.

Stay united on this. Do not let the fringe stories upset or distract you. Stay united, focused, and pray. We saw the anguish of his soul . . . don't let it go unanswered.


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    you are truly remarkable. Every time I read your blog I cried. I believe Michael only shades his body, but his sprit and soul are all around us spreading the truth through you and people like yourself. I feel so much encouraged and jump up and down and wipe my tears when I read what you said about the feather and how God is watching all this and Michael will get justice. I become so hopeful and I pray every day.

    It is absolutely bogus for people not to see in Michael his Christianity and the LOVE of God. It’s all written in his music, interviews, his manners, his respectfulness, his aura, his humbleness, his generosity as a matter of fact in his entire persona. Those who actually say they “saw no evidence” on his Godly approach to everything he does are those who have deep, deep darkness within their beings, (tabloids junk, which is part of the darkness, love those people). When you have a layer of darkness inside you, it is impossible to see light for a second. However, light eventually REIGN SUPREME. This is God’s universal law.

    You are right, there are so many of us learned much more about him since June. What one can do to get the truth out and contribute to this great endeavor? What I mean is if you are not a blogger what action one can take beside supporting who is God’s sent like yourself. Where can you get Branca, Ortega, Sony, etc. addresses or phone numbers or emails and sample letters if one wants to make contact in defense of Michael? Or, is there any an organized effort that calls everyone who wants to participate in addressing the issue. I remember on one of your blog you suggested, I believe, to write a letter to the DA office and to get a sample letter from one of the girl who is part of the FaceBook. I am not a member in any of the social sites out there so I don’t know how I can be part of this. I know I need to be part of these social sites for the sake of Michael. To tell you the truth, every day I feel like I need to do something and since I don’t know what I need to do, I get really frustrated and incompetent. Oh God, I need your help. Please.

    As Michael said, It's All for L.O.V.E

  2. Thanks for this loving and thought provoking blog. Thanks for believing Michael will get justice. Without hope, what do we have? I believe it is important to believe and also to act as well, including as you suggest to get the message out their of Michael's innocence. I also think we need to act to influence or insist on appropriate actions which will lead to Michael's innocence being restored and I am hopeful this can be done in a number of ways through various official channels and organised fan groups. I also agree with your advice as to how to deal with 'haters'. There are some out there who will never change their mind and it is a waste of energy for fans to bother with them as nothing will ever work on them. Better to use your energy on the above.

    I am curious though as to your thoughts regarding Michael's last few months of life where you say "he just prayed, fasted and awaited his deliverance"? If that was true, then his prayers were answered. However, how do you account for the fact he was hopeful to do live shows so his children could see him perform live for the first time and his fans could see him once again after so long? I believe Michael was quite possibly a christian or at least spiritual. There was no question that Michael was also an extremely generous and loving man who suffered, however I am not so sure he wanted deliverance from being a loving father to his children? I hope justice is delivered to those who harmed Michael, both directly and indirectly as soon as possible. I also hope they are called to answer in all ways, shapes and forms. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words and thank for supporting Michael in this way. Lynn

  3. Paradis -

    I am sorry for the very late reply. When I mentioned Michael prayed for his deliverance, I don't believe that was death . . . Just ANY answer or relief from what he was enduring. An answer to a way out but not necessarily in death.


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