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Michael Jackson Justice: Smoking Gun 2 - The Convenient Child Molestation Case in 2005

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smoking Gun 2 - The Convenient Child Molestation Case in 2005

May 25, 2010 – Smoking Guns Part 2 - The Convenient Child Molestation Case in 2005

It is no secret, even in the justice department in California, that Tom Sneddon probably needed an exorcist where Michael Jackson was concerned. But few people know how deep the misconduct with Tom Sneddon and his staff, the judges and the police department was in Santa Barbara County. Some other abuses of power were documented, with civil lawsuits filed, here.

Is there a connection to the 2005 child molestation trial (I still hate that word!) and the other business figures in Michael’s life?

Interesting tidbits on the after-math of the trial:

Michael took him and his children and left Neverland Ranch the home he created to give himself and thousands of visiting ill and disadvantaged children a childhood. “I won’t live there again. It’s a house now. It’s not a home anymore.” - Michael Jackson, speaking about Neverland after being acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005. He moved to Bahrain and stayed with the Royal family and Prince Abdullah there in late 2005.

Tom Sneddon licked his wounds from losing a case he spent so much California tax payer money on and broke so many laws trying to win. The press ran their stories that eventually died down to a low roar since Michael was no longer in the country to harass.

Everyone that was working for Michael in a entertainment capacity was let go. Michael was so traumatized by the 15 week long trial, his health had deteriorated and he just wanted to be alone with his children to mend.

John Branca was working for Sony and representing other artists.

Frank Dileo was managing the careers of Taylor Dayne, Jodeci, Laura Branigan, and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Frank became CEO of ValCom in 2007. His “DiLeo Entertainment Group” is a private company categorized under Entertainment Bureaus and located in Nashville, TN. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of less than $500,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4. It was founded in 2007 and at last reporting had three employees and gross sales of $85,000.

Tommy Mottola is currently heading Universal Music Group in a joint venture with his 50% ownership of a resurrected Casablanca Records.

Sony did their best to destroy Michael’s career and finances through any means necessary to gain control of his half of the Sony/ATV catalog (and the coveted Beatles Catalog included). The smoking gun? The timing and the trial itself. How could anyone not see it coming? Click here

Many maneuverings, banks, financiers and business investors rushed to Michael’s aide (I mean rush to his Music Catalog). Michael now owned half of one of the three largest music publishing businesses in the world). Jermaine the brother rushes Tohme to the aide of his brother, who arranges Tom Barrack and Colony Capital to save Neverland from foreclosure. Did they also try to save the catalog? This is why I cannot understand the involvement of Tohme. Tohme is the only one who was not on Michael’s payroll. He was not an employee. He appeared and disappeared.

There was confusion after Michael’s death about who exactly was managing Michael. It was Tohme, then it was Frank DiLeo, then Tohme said at the hospital that it was him.

Tohme’s background is shadowy at best. Next to no one seems to know anything about him. He is related to Jermaine’s wife, he is related supposedly, to Randy Phillips, or was, as the ex-wife of his sister. He also knows and is/was friends with Tom Barrack of Colony Capital.

Frank Dileo is a old-timer in the music industry, starting as a rackjobber in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s been employed in management for CBS Records, Epic Records (both bought out in later years by Sony), RCA Records and the now defunct Bell Records. He has been tied to the Gambino crime family and was a close friend with many of the “indies” (independent record promoters networds) who were mob connected. Interesting article on that here. Today Frank has founded DiLeo Entertainment Group based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Frank knows just about everyone in Sony, including Michael’s nemesis Tommy Mottola and John Branca. His career with Michael as his manager ended in 1989 abruptly with no explanation. By that time, Michael was already proud owner of the ATV music catalog which included the coveted Beatles songs.

Tommy Mottola also began his music executive career running CBS records. All these men no doubt shook hands in and around the growth of Michael’s career. It is no surprise to see them all as bedfellows during the fallout of Michael’s financial collapse. However that collapse was orchestrated and the orbit around the nucleus of Michael’s empire after his death was intense enough to create a black hole, sucking them all back together once again . . . like one big happy Italian family. But let’s not just blame the Italians. We have some middle east and and Nation of Islam, like space junk which inadvertently got pulled into the gravitational pull, it will be interesting to see who gets sucked into their destruction first.

You can read the rest of the people and their backgrounds here, here and here

This is a short blog tonight. I have been working on a Michael Jackson Timeline. I feel this is the best way to start tying ends together. We have the people, we have the events, now we need the timeline, dating all the way back to the purchase of the ATV catalog.

Goodnight and God Bless you.


  1. Bonnie, you are absolutely amazing. I hope you don't mind my advertising your blog on my YT channel? You have a gift for writing and your ardent defence of Michael leave tears in my ears with every blog post. Thank you for Michael, His fans, and his family.

  2. Hi Bonnie!
    Look into this, pls:
    Michael Jackson Appoints New Management?

    «On a related front, much confusion remains over the alleged switch of management according to the press release put out by Champion Management last week. The statement proclaimed that Dr. Tohme Tohme had been replaced by Leonard Rowe in the management of Michael Jackson, and included alleged quotes from Michael Jackson and Mr. Rowe. However, this press statement was curiously never distributed to any news wires and Leonard Rowe has since told several sources that he did not conduct any interview nor issue any statements about Michael Jackson's management, nor did he have any comment on the matter.

    Dispute Between Frank Dileo, AllGood Entertainment, AEG

    Randy Phillips Dispels Health and Concert-related Rumors

    Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC (LLC=offshore),,id=98277,00.html

  3. Hi Gloria - No I'm not amazing. If you had told me this time last year I would be doing this, I would have said, "nuh-uh". I am way late on the drawl and like most people grew to know him, I regret I didn't know enough to come to his defense back when he was suffering. My prayer is that this doesn't happen to anyone else, and that people learn from this before his children have to hear the disgusting things that were printed about their father.

    Hello Skeptikos - Ahhh . . . thunderstorm is going to cut me short . . . okay quick: You are a wealth of information. You are finding some things that I have not found. Particularly the irs link (I wrote to them reporting a certain somebody). Also the descrepency in management I thought was between Tohme and DiLeo, not Tohme and Rowe. DiLeo was brought in for what reason? I read that AEG actually brought Branca and DiLeo back to Michael. If AEG contacted these clowns, then Phillips and Tohme connection holds some significance, but who knew to contact Branca and DiLeo? Why were they even sought? Unless Branca and DiLeo were actually pulling the AEG strings and not the other way around???

    I doubt I will get all this cohesive by tomorrow's update, but I will try.


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