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Michael Jackson Justice: The Smoking Guns Part 1, The businesses

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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Smoking Guns Part 1, The businesses

May 24, 2010 – The Smoking Guns Part 1, The businesses

Things have been moving very quickly or should I say, information has been moving very quickly. Sifting through it all and discerning the relevant from the out there in left field is a job all by itself. Only then can we begin matching the links, monkey’s arms notwithstanding. (yes, I’m still obsessing on the barrel of monkeys with the blow-torched plastic arms).

I am going to try not to get sidetracked by the 11 month mark tomorrow. I hate to be negative but I’m sure someone, somewhere out in media-ville will say or print something particularly insensitive just to fill their ego’s with the flood of Michael-defending emails they will inevitably receive. Just try not to give them too much attention and stay on the investigation. It’s hard, I know.

Tohme is the mystery man that no one seems to know anything about. I’m not even sure what side of the fence he is on.

The only information online about Tohme not connected to Michael Jackson’s business or death is on the website TRW James Weller is also listed on this site as one of the principles. TWR Advertising – Tohme’s website according to Fox News. Link to Tohme’s website

This page new work shows commercial running on British T.V. for “King of Pop” This is it concert shows, Disney and corporate video for Colony Capital. Jerry Weller is creative director and writer. Web archive in April 9th 2005 shows Tohme, Rogich and Weller but current information on the website shows only Weller. Since AEG concerts and This is It concerts were advertised in 2009, is this still Tohme’s company and why isn’t it listed anywhere on the ad agency listings? It is also not listed as a business in California, at least not under that name.

Interesting – Earliest web site listing in the web archives is on October 12 of 2004 and nothing before then.

Another tip sent me to the California State Website for Business listings. A TRW Capital Management start up was registered as a California company doing business in California on 9-11-2009, entity number 200925810090. This link on the California web site lists the status of the company as active, Jurisdiction Delaware (surprise!). Entity address is 1999 Avenue of the Stars #2550, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Searching Delaware business registrations on came up with nothing.

On 4/12/1999 a business was registered for Tohme Trading Company, LLC with a status as canceled.

MJJ Productions, entity number C0944110, address listed as Hayvenhurst, Encino California, status is suspended, agent for service of process is CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY WHICH WILL DO BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA AS CSC - LAWYERS INCORPORATING SERVICE . . . the same one as for TRW Capital Management which wasn’t registered until September of 2009. So who is CSC – Lawyers Incorporating Service? A suspended business entity, according to the State of California web site, can happen for one of the following reasons: We suspend businesses for at least one of the following reasons:

• Failure to file one or more tax returns.
• Failure to pay the business' balance due. This can include the penalty for failing to file the annual Statement of Information with the Secretary of State.

So MJJ Productions is suspended. If this is under the Jackson Estate and Branca as executor is supposed to be handling all this, then why is it suspended? When was it suspended? This means that anyone can now apply for this business name. According to Raymone Bain on this web site, in 2007, MJJ Productions is being phased out by TMJC (The Michael Jackson Company) and TMJC was changed from Inc. to LLC in February of that year.

TMJC or The Michael Jackson Company is not found in California. The only listing under inc. is C228420408 /09/2001 SUSPENDED TMJC PROPERTIES, INC. JEFFREY A. UNGER. Under LLC, however TMJC Enterprises, LLC is active and filed in March of 2007. That information is here:

Entity Number:200707910065
Date Filed:03/16/2007
Entity Address:8660 MOUNTAIN MEADOW DRIVE Entity City, State, Zip:MOUNTAIN RANCH CA 95246.

Possible Listed Michael Jackson Companies:

The Michael Jackson Company LLC (This is not yet showing up in the Delaware business registry)

MJJ Productions Inc. (old company, recently suspended in California)

- Music:
MJJ Kingdom LLC (Reg. in CA., Jurisdiction in DE. Reg. on 8/18/2008, did eights replace the sevens?)

MJJ Records LLC (active in CA, reg. in DE on 9/04/1997, owns releases under MJJ Music with Sony, ugh.)

- Videos:
MJJ Ventures Inc. (active in CA on 1/31/2002, owns MJ's musical videos)

Optimum Productions Inc. (active in CA on 9/21/1983, owns some of MJ's musical videos' rights, amongst others "Thriller", not a Michael owned company)

- Licensing:
Triumph International Inc. (active and reg. in CA, on 03/09/1984, owns MJ's intellectual property, not a Michael owned company)

- Publishing:
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (active in NY, reg. in DE, on 05/14/1999, MJ appointed Joel Katz as his representative in the company. The company owns amongst others the Beatles catalogue.)

MJ Publishing Trust (active in CA, Delaware, holds publishing rights to MJ's songs and other artists)

- Other:
New Horizon Trust I. (activce in Delaware, holds publishing rights against debts)
New Horizon Trust II. (activce in Delaware, holds publishing rights against debts)
New Horizon Trust III. (activce in Delaware, holds publishing rights against debts) None of these companies shows up in California or Delaware. Looking under New Horizon Trust, no returns. Looking under New Horizons only one shows us with a similar agent for service of process and that is Horizon Energy Development.

Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC (active in CA, reg. in DE on 07/15/2008, the Estate owns 50% of Neverland through this company)

Sunrise Investors LLC/William Bone & Randall Bone – Reg in Nevada on Nov. 2, 1996, Active. 200 Eagle Dance Circle, Palm Desert, CA 92211 (This is the Bone’s listed address)

Sunrise Nevada Corp. – Randall Bone, registered NV on August 11, 1997, Entity number C17175-1997, Nev. Business ID NV19971240784. This is active.

Sunrise Colony Limited Partnership – General Partners COLONY SR GENPAR LLC and SUNRISE NEVADA CORPORATION, active NV corp. reg. in DE on August 8/13/1997.

Sunrise Colony Management – Managing member SUNRISE COLONY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, active NV registered in DE on 8/13/1997

Sunrise Colony II Limited Partnership – General Partners COLONY SR GENPAR II LLC and SUNRISE COMMUNITIES INC, Active in NV and reg in DE on 9/08/1998.

Sunrise Colony II Management – Officers are managers Sunrise Colony II Limited Partnership, registered Nevada on 10/27/1998.

Interesting new file date of 4/28/2010 for Sunrise Investment Group, LLC, registered in Nevada. No officers listed yet. Will keep an eye on this one to see who shows up.

Colony Capital – Doing business as ColonyGP Affiliated Capital in CA, Reg. in Delaware on 10/20/1992, suspended. Address is in the same building as TWR Management on 1999 Avenue of the Stars but in suite 1200 in Los Angeles. Colony Capital shows original registration in 1970 in California, and is active.

Sunrise Company and Colony Capital, Inc, on October 6, 1997 formed a partnership to pursue the acquisition and development of master-planned residential golf communities nationwide. The partnership, based in Las Vegas, will aggressively pursue the acquisition of residential golf communities, in addition to public and private companies. These are the people rumored to want to develop Neverland. There are also other rumors of mineral value under that land in the form of shale and/or oil. Not that California would ever let them drill.

There is more. For now I just wanted to put what I have for the businesses involved in this thing. There is still more businesses to look into and people linked together.

Month Eleven is tomorrow. It will not be an easy day, but I will have a continuation of this tomorrow. For now keep praying for justice, for safety for Michael’s children and family. Say a prayer for the others that are working on this that are closer to the family.

Goodnight and God Bless!

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