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Michael Jackson Justice: Stop It . . . Now! Michael Jackson Has Had Enough!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stop It . . . Now! Michael Jackson Has Had Enough!

May 8, 2010 – Stop It . . . NOW! Michael has had enough!

The night before Mother’s Day and I am going to approach this as if I were Michael’s mother (which I’m not and don’t want this misinterpreted). This is what we are battling, people. is an organization which began in the U.K. to raise awareness (and money) to assist child victims of abuse. I had never heard of them before until last night, when I saw this link posted on my wall: Jackson’s Legacy, Help Adults Stop Abuse.

At first I thought “What an honorable way to continue the work Michael did for helping children who were neglected and abandoned in orphanages and hospitals all over the world". However, when I opened the link and read it, I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach.

In the opening paragraph on this page it says, “In the midst of the hype around Michael Jackson’s death, the legacy of his life can directly help us prevent child sexual abuse.” (why mention the hype around Michael’s death? What does that have to do with child abuse?) The legacy of his life, I assumed, was the $300+ million dollars he funneled into 39 different children’s charities and the little-publicized individual children he helped throughout his life. The next paragraph brought me to my knees:

“Let’s finally take stock of what we have still refused to see or productively confront—the warning sign behavior Michael Jackson exhibited towards children. Responsible adults should be able to separate his individual talent, transcendent image & global stardom from the personal weaknesses that went beyond eccentricities.”

As a mother of a child that most would consider “not normal” (my real son) I have had to deal with snide remarks, holier-than-thou-know-it-alls who knew nothing of my son’s condition. I lived in a neighborhood of gossip queens who took pride in trying to take a young mother apart using her child and his disability to do it. I reacted like any fiercely protective, (rabid cougar in the high country) mother would. I am a kinder-gentler mom now. So as a “mature” and “Christian” mom, how would I handle something like this being published about my son? Ignore it?

No. Not on your life.

They said: “Let’s finally take stock of what we have still refused to see or productively confront—the warning sign behavior Michael Jackson exhibited towards children . . .”

In order to do that, they would have to identify “those warning signs”. Do they? What were Michael’s “warning signs”? Let’s quote the source:

“Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.” – Michael Jackson before his 2005 Trial . . . And he was right. The truth won.

“I am bewildered at the length to which people will go to portray me so negatively,” - Michael Jackson, 1993 We are not bewildered. It revolves around money and the recognition Michael’s name gives anyone who can’t seem to get their act off the ground without exploiting him.

“I will say again that I have never, and would never, harm a child. It sickens me that people have written untrue things about me.” – Michael Jackson during his 1993 battles with the Chandlers.

It is May of 2010. Michael has been dead a little over 10 months. A month shy of five years since he was acquitted of every single one of the 14 charges against him. Libel and Slander USED to be against the law. What happened to change that?

So what were the warning signs, Deborah Donovan Rice? Not in general terms, but specifically with Michael? The tell-tale signs from Michael were this . . . He was a media target. He was a financial target. He was a career boosting target. How many pedophiles do you know that only had two victims in ten years after having hundreds of thousands of them at his house every other weekend for the seventeen years he lived at Neverland?

How many pedophiles do you know, give more than half of what they’ve earned in their lifetime to children’s charities? How many pedophiles do you know, would continue to “help and love people the way Jesus said to . . .” and put his heart and soul on the line in a documentary only to have it shredded and devoured by the media who wouldn’t understand the first thing about sacrifice? How many pedophiles have you even read about that has been persecuted and crucified as much as Michael Jackson was BEFORE he even stepped foot in a court room to defend himself? I know of none.

He spent most of his life either on stage, in hospitals surrounded by sick children and their caregivers or in depositions for any number of frivolous lawsuits. The tell tales signs of abuse, if you want to be brutally honest, were from the ones surrounding Michael, his ex employees, the producers of “This is It” and the Sony Corporation, the music industry and the press, not Michael himself. Michael was the victim. The corporate controlled media has a really bad habit of doing that . . . as MOST abusers do, blame the victim. Michael has never, ever blamed either child who’s families’ accused him. He blamed money.

What legitimate organization of any humanitarian effort would choose to promote their charity and try to raise money by exploiting and abused, murdered child?

They said: “Responsible adults should be able to separate his individual talent, transcendent image & global stardom from the personal weaknesses that went beyond eccentricities.”

First Ms. Rice, explain to me YOUR definition of a RESPONSIBLE adult. Do responsible adults read tabloid stories to develop their “profiles” or lists of “tell-tale signs”? Do responsible adults continue to condemn a man who was found innocent in a court of law for the sake of selling a website or attracting donors to their cause? (I said RESPONSIBLE!) Michael was found innocent by a jury of his peers in a town that is conservative and surprisingly anti-Hollywood. See this documentary for reference to what was behind the allegations.

Your sentence should have read, “Responsible adults should be able to separate fiction from fact, accept the verdict of ‘not guilty’, grow up and find another way to promote your web site then using the name and spine of a dead man." Michael’s individual talent and transcendent image made it impossible for him to be a pedophile. His faith kept him strong despite the chunks being taken out of him by vicious jackals. His personal weaknesses were his tendency to trust, to view from a child’s eyes, his innocence of how evil people could be, his transparency and the access the public had to him. His eccentricities were his health issues (see this article for reference).

Ms. Rice links a New York Times article, which after reading only confirms my suspicion that they have a visceral hatred for anyone who is of faith, has any money that isn’t politically obtained, and is not above lying and exaggerating (string of accusations? There were two . . . ever, DESPITE the millions D.A. Sneddon spent traveling the world to trying to recruit victims that didn’t exist), to get their political agenda across.

They said: “Like many people who sexually abuse, Jackson was a complex individual with many problems.”

So all people who are complex with many problems are sexually abusive? Wouldn’t that pretty much include the whole world? The only thing complex about Michael were the lies the press spun about him. The more Michael confronted the press, the worse the attacks got. (Tabloid Junkie, Unbreakable, Invincible, Ghosts, Privacy, just to name a few. Michael confronted in music, lyrics and poems . . . sometimes even drawings. I guess that makes him abnormal. If he had broken into the lobby of the “National Enquirer” and shot the journ( jackals)alits that printed those stories, he would have been treated as a victim of society and hailed an icon worthy of sympathy and understanding. Every one of the convicted murderers and child molesters arrested in the last five years in Baltimore received better treatment then Michael did before and during his trial.

What I would like to know, Ms. Rice, is why Michael, who was found innocent, is highlighted on your web page and not Roman Polanski, who WAS found guilty. I understand he is not as big a box office draw as Michael. Maybe if Polanski had PRAYED or talked about the Bible in every interview he did, he’d be a more attractive target.

Ms. Rice, most of the ADULTS are well aware of what is behind this campaign against Michael. There is a doctor on trial for killing him, there is a music corporation who has motive for seeing him dead, an entertainment lawyer who after being fired shows up with a bogus will, a new title of executive producer of a film he had nothing to do with, and orchestrating his own financial gain on both sides of the Sony/ATV fence.

In retrospect, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, looking at this list of charities Michael supported over his lifetime, I don’t see YOURS there. Maybe this is the only way you could get your money out of him? Fran Henry, take down this lie!

Fran Henry is the founder of She founded it in 1992. According to this page, she is no longer in a leadership role but does work productively with the organization. According to their “about us” page under the heading “Our Approach” they claim amongst other things, “Promoting accurate information”. I think we should hold them to that.

This has been an enlightening read Ms. Rice and Ms. Henry, if you are interested in accurate information:

From one victim of child abuse to another, Fran Henry, I am asking you to take down the page referencing Michael Jackson. I no more believe that he could be capable of harming a child then I believe Jesus could harm a child. When I see Michael’s face during his trials, I see a fellow victim. Please just take it down. You don't need to use Michael and slander him to find people sympathetic to abused children. You can stick to the truth and accomplish your goal. Michael has been abused enough.

From one mother to another . . . take it down, now!

From one rabid cougar in the high country to anoth . . . well, let's give you the benefit of a doubt first.

And Fran? Ms. Rice? Happy Mother's day. Now leave my son alone!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Bonnie, thanks for defending my son.
    Ms Rice/Fran shame on you for your blindness.

  3. Bonnie, Thank you so much. Keep the Faith. Peace, Missy

  4. Hi Roalers,

    No thanks necessary. There are children being exploited for political, financial, commercial and personal gain all over the world, every day. Michael Jackson just happens to be the most famous of the persecuted children.

    If they win and Michael loses . . . all children lose. Michael was abused in just about every way you can imagine. It is a horrible gift to give someone who only wanted to love and be loved. The personal pain he endured was so that only God could relieve it. I sincerely hope more people learn a lesson from him and the strength of his faith in all this. Thank you for commenting roalers.

  5. Hi Missy,

    Thank you. Stay strong. The stuff being put out by these people is specifically intended to hurt. Stay on the path and focused on the purpose. Love you!

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  7. Wendy, thank you. Did you see that the page in question has been "access denied" to everyone? This is a worthwhile charity if they can only remember that integrity is important. They don't need to do that to Michael, his children, his family or his friends and fans. Someone had told me that Majestik was contacted and he may have been instrumental in helping bring attention to this page. There could be many more out there. I just do not understand why they felt they had to do this.

    Ms. Rice, IF you are reading this and you are removing the slanderous page on Michael, please accept my thanks. That man never hurt anyone and he's been abused by EVERYONE! We want ALL children protected . . . even the ones who are now adults. Thank you.

  8. Hi BonnieL,

    You surely poured your heart out in your letter and your love and care for Michael shines through!

    I wanted to ask you and any others who might view this to please stop and consider before visiting, posting, having or keeping a link to that or any site that is speaking negatively about Michael Jackson.

    You see in sharing links to idiotic web sites people unwittingly log onto those site and give them what is known as "hits" which move them up a scale for web search engines.

    When a website has many "hits" and someone for example googles Michael Jackson it will be more likely that they see things that are derogatory because fans have reported idiots to other fans and moved them up the list of search results.

    In essence the fans are giving the people/idiots who speak negatively about Michael exactly what they want which is attention and web hits.

    I urge you and all of the fans if you are going to protest something stick with faxes, emails and phone numbers but do not go to their websites!

    Thank you for writing such a lovely letter and taking the time to read mine!

    God bless you!!!

  9. Hi Symphony,

    Thank you for your comments. Your concerns about the search engine rankings and hits are valid. I used to do internet marketing and I am familiar with SEO methods. I send people to these sites because I know of no other way to obtain their contact information. Someone has to go to these sites and extract this information.

    I do not expect people to blindly follow what I say which is why I include references in my blogs. I in turn do not believe every post out there and I do my own investigating. We have found quite a few sites that were reported to have been hate sites, which upon further reading, we found out were not.

    Unfortunately we have to investigate in order to combat this intelligently. The point of this is, of course, to get the offending page removed or the information on the page removed. They may get a spike in hits, but it won't last long.

    Thank you for bringing attention to this. It is something to keep in mind when deciding how much and how many pages of an offending site to research.

    Love you and God Bless!



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