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Michael Jackson Justice: Why did Michael’s Friends Turn?

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Why did Michael’s Friends Turn?

May 11, 2010 – Why did Michael’s Friends Turn?

Michael Jackson. Everyone wanted to be friends with him. Everyone who came in contact with him was devoted to him. “He is so kind”, “Michael is so humble”, “It was (the friendship) something very special”, “He was my friend” and it goes on. Now according to this site, Dieter Wisner, a onetime “friend” and business manager of Michael’s and turncoat extraordinaire, owns one of the many hoax sites. This is a short but to-the-point blog. I don’t know how true it is, but could Sony possibly be behind the death hoax sites to drum up revenue?

Personally, I cannot wrap my head around the idea of wanting to betray someone let alone someone who was as sweet and giving as Michael. I don’t understand the mentality of people that can do this. It’s akin to the same mentality of being able to hurt or kill someone without remorse. (Hey now!) I doubt everyone listed below worked for Sony, but obviously they were corruptible. Everyone of his business managers who uttered these phrases either took him to court or to the cleaners. Let us look at the friends and employees who sued or betrayed him (this is a short list, I know there is more):

Shmuley Boteach – Jewish “friend” and spiritual advisor (paid friend)
Uri Geller – I still don’t know what this guy was. A spoon bender and certainly no friend.
Tohme Tohme – “friend” and Business Advisor . . . the last year of his life.
Dieter Weizner – German “friend” and Business advisor
Conrad Murray – A cardiologist who forgot how to administer CPR, killed Michael Jackson
David Gest – Concert Promotor and one time “friend”
John Branca – Michael’s business attorney, originally negotiated Michael’s purchase of ATV catalog
Dr. Klein – Michael’s long time dermatologist
Mark Schaffel – Film producer fired for deception
Ronald Konitzer – Worked with Wisner as Michael’s Business Advisors (another payroll friend)
Al Malnik – Friend of Michael while secretly friends with Mottola
Bob Jones - One time Business Advisor who wrote a book about Michael
Stacy Brown -
Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa
Randy Taraborelli - Wrote "Michael Jackson The Magic and the Madness" "friend" and journalist
Myung-Ho Lee - Business Advisor
Raymone Bain - Publicist and Business Advisor
Marcel Avram - Movie producer
Steven Spielberg - Movie producer/director
Sandy Galin - Co-Author "Man behind the Mask"
David Geffen - Movie producer/short films/videos
Frank Dileo - Business Manager
AEG - Concert Promoter
Kenny Ortega - Choreographer/concert director

Could the almighty dollar really have that much power and influence over friends of Michael? What about the ones not involved in AEG or the Sony Juggernaut?

Above, a picture of a chart that Hulya Julie posted a couple of days ago, showing the relationships in and around Michael during the last year of his life. Until I had seen this, I had no idea that Tom Barrack also owned Dr. Conrad Murray’s house, or that Colony Capital does. Colony Capital is part owner of Neverland Ranch. This company also owns Red Rock Country Club, where Murray’s house is located. You can view the interesting details here: Murray, Barrack and Sony

All this over a music catalog? But we’re not just talking about the Beatles now, are we? No. MiJack and Sony/ATV combined is worth in the tens of billions. They wanted both. Killing one man that the corporate controlled media had already mortally wounded would be easy. Especially considering Michael had lost his spirit to fight after the 2005 trial. It wouldn’t be a hard sell at all, would it? All they had to do was find a doctor smart enough and greedy enough to pull it off. This was an epic fail in t he “smart” department, but hey, when the iron is hot!

Regardless of what you believe about Sony’s involvement in Michael’s death, the fact remains that Sony brutalized Michael when he was still alive and under contract, beginning with his wrangling with Mottola. If Sony and Branca expect to capitalize on the revenue from Michael’s fans, they may end up very disappointed in the long run.

I would love to be the accountant working on the books at Sony right now. I would give almost anything to know what Sony has invested into this conspiracy because the returns may not be worth it. As word gets out and reminders are handed down to fans who have been decades loyal, distaste for Sony’s new-found windfall may begin to outweigh the fan’s desire to hear new or hidden music from Michael. There is always Youtube and websites by the hundreds of thousands to share more of Michael, personally, with fans then Sony could ever hope to understand.

Websites like this one, which fans can read not only personal quotes and sentimental poems Michael wrote, but some in-depth analysis of the Sony/AEG relationships with the “This is It” collaborators.

A very popular and growing site, Reflectionsonthedance is a heart wrenching rebuttal to most of the rumors that the press tried to hard-sell the public about Michael over the years. This is also a good place to get to know Michael personally, as many quotes from people who worked with him in recording studios on various albums share some funny and endearing stories about Michael.

Thisisnotit which is the website combating the lies and deception peddled by those involved in the making of “This is It”. Their focus is on adequate charges for Dr. Conrad Murray and the investigation of those complicit and enabling surrounding the scheduled concerts promoted by AEG and Randy Phillips.

Michaeljacksonjustice which is my own half-finished site but has contact information for Sony’s different offices as well as public officials to write to on behalf of Michael.

There are thousands more sites out there both extolling Michael’s personal qualities as well as his accomplishments over his expansive career. There is also a growing number of “justice” web sites out there who’s sole purpose is bring awareness to the truth amid a growing campaign to slander the name of someone who is no longer here to defend himself. Fans can now get to know Michael has they have never known him before and as Sony could never show them.

What Sony thinks it will accomplish by exploiting Michael and the day of his death (Julien’s Auction of his personal belongings okay’d by John Branca ), and the tributes across the globe claiming that Michael “is alive” and will be there in disguise is doing the opposite Sony intended for it to do.

A backlash against Sony is growing. Sony may very well escape any responsibility for Michael’s persecution and death. But a growing number of fans don’t see it that way. And they are willing to forfeit some Michael Treasures to send Sony a message . . . Their dollars are staying in their pockets. Anything Michael Jackson they want, they are willing to wait for or obtain through someone other than Sony. Many of the fans believe that Sony was responsible for killing him financially and may have even been behind the 2003 child molestation allegations.

What happens with Michael’s estate remains to be seen, but fans will always remember the treatment Sony dished out to Michael, the most loved, the most talented and brilliantly creative artist they will ever have on their labels again.

You know the saying . . . You don’t know what you’ve destroyed until it’s gone.

John Branca said in a recent interview “We and Sony feel that the future for Michael Jackson is unlimited”. Just think of how much more he would have been worth if Sony had worked with him back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s instead of sabotaging his work and finances for the sake of a music catalog. What they did was evil, plain and simple.

And those “friends” of Michael who sold him out for the few green crumbs that Sony will trickle their way? It could have been so much more rewarding for you if you had just remained his friend and backed him up when he took on the battle with Sony alone. The fans will remember.

Messages from Randy Jackson on Twitter two nights ago. I had no idea this was going on. Friends of mine in and near Rome, could you please private message me on Facebook or email me if you know anything about this. Randy’s Twitters are below:

randyjackson8 I have some serious concerns about this tribute to my brother on the 25th of June in Rome...
randyjackson8 I have 4 concerns... First, where are the proceeds from ticket sales going...??
randyjackson8 Second, the coordinator is telling fans that my brother is alive & will be there in disguise.... That deeply disturbs me.
randyjackson8 Third, I fired Brian Oxman, but he is still under attorney-client restriction with me and cannot speak publicly.
randyjackson8 And lastly, My family has plans to be at Forest Lawn on the 25th of June...
Another Sony ploy to ratchet up profits? Stay tuned.


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  2. Bonnie,
    I'm sorry I only read this today, so of course my answer is of no use now - as you certainly know, the Rome tribute concert was cancelled due to extremely low ticket sales... as much as I felt (stupid me) angry about "people not caring about Michael", I then took some time to reflect and gather a little info about it, and of course I am now quite happy of how things turned out. The tribute was the humptenth scandalous way to sell out our precious Michael, nothing else. It is a good thing that it never came to be. This is certainly NOT how we can honour him.

  3. Easy Money is the route to all evil and each and everyone of these ppl is still making money off him in some kind of way.. I personally feel that Murray and AEG are one in the same... Murray aint making that much money so how is he living such a wonderful life? paying for how many lawyers at a single time? they dont really think we are that dumb..


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