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Michael Jackson Justice: June 2010

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michael, Novel, Mottola, Malnik and Bandier

June 30, 2010 – Michael, Novel, Mottola, Malnik and Bandier - What Really Happened?

People have mentioned the name of Gordon Novel before, but until today never really did any digging in his direction. Novel visited Michael Jackson at his “Neverland” Ranch back in 2005, during Michael’s trial. Reference

That article tells a story from Novel’s point of view, of Michael seeking someone who could do some covert investigation into the people that were trying to sabotage his career and force him into bankruptcy in order to gain control of his 50% share of the Sony/ATV catalog. As Novel tells it, he didn’t want to have “Tommy on his bad side.” He said his “sources in New York said Tommy was a dangerous guy.” Novel turned Michael down and didn’t take the case. Amusing that he mentioned that Michael stiffed him (of the plane ticket he was told would be waiting for him at the airport) and he had to call the family to get his plane ticket back home paid for. If this is true, I take it Michael was more than a little ticked at being charged $25,000 for a consultation fee that went nowhere.

So who is Gordon Novel? His Biography is not only diverse, it is creepy. Novel has been involved in everything from JFK’s assignation investigation to UFO’s. He is one strange character, but Michael should probably count himself lucky that Novel didn’t get involved. "In his youth, Gordon Novel belonged to a neo-Nazi group and was arrested and charged with bombing a Metairie, Louisiana, theater that admitted blacks.” Wrote A.J. Weber and quoted on “ .

In the “Daily Pulp” blog above, Novel is interviewed and gives account of his meeting with Michael Jackson. He paints Michael as “afraid of being killed in prison” (this meeting was during his trial), and being “very, very afraid of going to prison”. We all know that.

Novel added in answer to questions, that he believed Michael was probably “set up” but wouldn’t commit to any assumption that it was Mottola.

Novel told the interviewer that Michael believed Mottola was mob-connected and that Malnik was representing the Mob. Novel also said that he couldn’t vouch for any of what Michael believed and that he had nothing against Mottola.

Michael had told Novel that Malnik had betrayed him. I was surprised by the revelations by Novel that Michael had a “special loathing” for Malnik because the man had betrayed him. Novel told Michael that Malnik had said that Michael had made him the executor of his will. Novel said that he believed that Michael and Malnik were no longer friends just by how “pissed off” Michael was about what Malnik was telling every one. Novel also mentioned that Michael’s mental state “was excellent” and that he was lucid and did not appear to be on any drugs. This is during Michael’s trial.

So WHO keeps peddling the drug stories? (Wisner, Konitzer, Klein, just about every tabloid, Dimond, various family members, even though they won’t use “drug” and “addicted” in the same sentence nor mention “drug” and “interventions” in the same sentence or in context of the same decade).

During 1993, since many of us are unsure if there was a strong enough reason to believe that Sony, Mottola or anyone within Sony (Branca?) would have been after the ATV catalog (this is before Sony “partnered” with Michael in the music publishing business), I thought the chart above would be interesting. You can click on it to make it bigger, then click “back” to get back to the blog. This was courtesy of Brian Everett. He said, “The chart above, is the 1993 case ....[THIS WAS 17 YEARS IN THE PAST, NEW EXECUTIVES & OWNERS...NOW], is very hard to lay this out, using just words, so we think this will make it clear..I only had a small part in the case, as you can see.....once Evan Chandler started his war, the whole thing went from control, to destroy.”

Sony knew Michael had the catalog when they purchased Epic Records and thereby effectively buying his contract. When Michael’s contract was renegotiated, he was offered the highest royalties in the business by Mottola, which sent Yetnikoff into a panic, even though Yetnikoff liked Michael.

I found this paragraph on the MJFiles web site:

“In June 1993, Tommy famously married the then-fledgling teenage singer Mariah Carey. The same year, he started having problems managing Michael Jackson, whose US sales were steadily dropping, partly because of the well publicized molestation allegations from Jordan Chandler. “I knew it was always your problem,” a Mottola aide claims he heard Tommy tell Michael when the latter was requesting a $30 million check and a Sony statement of support. “But you better @#%$ stop. You hear that Michael? You better @#%$ stop.” Mottola denies ever having said anything of the sort.”

What else happened in 1993? That timeline is also interesting.

In February of 1993, Michael Jackson gave a 90-minute interview to Oprah Winfrey and refuted all the tabloid rumors and discussed many personal subjects such as the pain of his father’s abuse and the history of his skin disorder, Vitiligo.

Michael became friends with Jordan Chandler, a boy who Michael was introduced to by Jordan’s step father who ran the “Wrent-a-Wreck” that Michael and his bodyguard went to when Michael’s vehicle broke down. Later that year, Evan Chanlder, Jordan’s real father would attempt extortion, then file charges when Michael didn’t cave. Jordan’s mother sided with Michael until Evan managed to get the court to agree that he should be awarded with custody of Jordan. Then she agreed to take part when threatened by Evan of losing out on “the deal”.

November 24 of that year, Michael announced that EMI Music Publishing would begin managing his ATV music catalogue, which included the Beatles songs. Michael would receive an annual amount of $70 million in advance against revenue that EMI expected to generate managing the catalogue’s publishing rights during the five year contract.

On December 8, Michael’s sister LaToya went on air in Israel and betrayed her own brother by stating she could not stand by and let Michael hurt children. She later recanted, saying her abusive and jealous husband forced her to say those things about Michael. My first thought was, who paid LaToya or her husband?

December 14, Jordan described Michael’s private parts to the DA and detectives. As a result, a search warrant issued by Tom Sneddon subjected Michael to a humiliating examination and photographs of his private parts in his home by a court paid doctor with a detective and Michael’s lawyer present.

On January 24th Michael and his insurance companies settled with the Chandler family for approximately $20 million; the amount Evan had originally tried to extort from Michael to fund a screen play he wrote.
Here is a telling excerpt from an article published in 1993 by Andrea Adelson:

THE MEDIA BUSINESS; EMI to Pay Michael Jackson $70 Million to Manage Music | Nov 25, 1993

"The pop singer Michael Jackson said through his lawyer yesterday that EMI Music Publishing would begin managing his 6,000-title music catalogue, which includes most early Beatles hits, in a deal being described as the most lucrative in music publishing.

Mr. Jackson will receive $70 million in advance against revenue that EMI expected to generate managing the publishing rights to ATV Music. The catalog, acquired by Mr. Jackson in 1985 for $47.5 million, includes the classic Lennon-McCartney Beatles compositions, as well as songs from Little Richard, Elvis Presley and the Pointer Sisters.

Total revenue over the deal’s five-year term is estimated to be $150 million, said Martin N. Bandier, president of EMI Music Publishing, which controls 900,000 songs in its own catalogs."

Martin Bandier is now the CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. This makes it much more believable that this conspiracy to destroy Michael Jackson could have begun as far back as 1993 with the Chandler case!

Did Bandier and Mottola tag-team Michael? Are they buddies? According to this real estate article, they now live in the same neighborhood.

Sony/Jackson Estate announcement tries to convince the public that Michael Jackson’s “continuing relationship” with Sony would negate the bad press Sony received after Michael’s allegations of racism and artist sabotage in 2002. We are to believe that there was a “continuing relationship” when indeed their was not. Michael broke ties with Sony and during contract manipulation Michael found out he still owed them two albums. Michael was done. Michael’s own “Mijac” catalog rights were due to convert to him the month after he died. The Sony/ATV partnership, along with Mijac Music, which controls rights to Mr. Jackson’s own song writing, made Michael one of the largest independent music publishers in the world.

Interestingly, in 1985, Bandier and Michael had gone head to head in bidding for the ATV catalog originally, but Michael had cash and agreed to perform a benefit concert in Perth. Bandier lost out. Bandier managed the ATV catalog under EMI. Now he “manages” it under Sony/ATV Publishing. Did Bandier and Mottola conspire?

Michael sold 50% of his ATV catalog to Sony in 1995. Two years after the allegations and the $20+million settlement. In this article on the “MJ Files” toward the bottom of the article it says, “Just a year later, Michael Jackson would be forced to sell Sony a 50 percent stake in his ATV catalog to the tune of more than $100 million, the official line being “in order to help shore up his wobbling accounts”.

Back to Malnik and Mottola’s relationship, I wanted to know more about that. I found no business dealings between Malnik or Mottola. Only references to Malnik receiving a phone call from Mottola when Michael was visiting there and the fact that they both have connections to the mob.

After much digging, I did find that the rumor (because no other proof is available or cannot be found) concerning Martin Bashir’s brother working for Mottola supposedly came from the Schmuley tapes. I was of the impression that the Schmuley tapes were made before the Bashir documentary came out and that the book Schmuley and Michael had planned to published based on those tapes, was halted because of the Bashir documentary and subsequent child molestation charges. I did not see it mentioned in the book version I have.

This article from a November 1996 Vanity Fair, posted on a forum, gives some really good insight to Tommy Mottola and previous dealings with artists.

Seems Michael is not the only one in which Mottola tried to play the “bankruptcy game”. According to the article, Tommy’s protégé’s Hall and Oats also were put in a position of borrowing money and filing suits to find out what happened to all the money, only to come to a confidential, “amicable settlement”. Billy Joel was also on the outs with Mottola at one time, settled again, out of court. It's a very interesting article. You should read it. It makes me want to not buy another CD, DVD or anything from the entertainment industry ever again.

Currently I see a bigger conspiracy between Mottola and Bandier than I do Malnik. Bandier had been there even before Tommy was in the picture. Bandier was the original bidder against Michael Jackson for the ATV catalog and he has been within spitting distance of it since 1985.

Most notable in all this mess was Michael’s reserve of strength. It still boggles the mind, the covetousness, the sense of entitlement and the complete disregard for the life of a person who put them on the map and made their companies what they are today, as the music industry has for it's artists.

As far as Tommy Mottola is concerned, my opinion is, that someone has to be incredibly insecure to have a personal body guard walking his wife back and forth to a bathroom door within their house for fear a dust bunny would make a pass at her.

I believe that Michael’s death has little to do with AEG and MUCH to do with Tommy Mottola and Sony’s Martin Bandier.

Al Malnik dropped his claim of being Blanket’s biological father and of Michael Jackson’s estate. He never offered an explanation as to why Michael’s friendship with him cooled around the time of the 2003 molestation allegations and he still praised Michael and his fathering skills. But from the looks of Michael’s face in photos taken during the latter part of Michael’s time with him in Florida, he looked completely and totally miserable. Perhaps those photos marked the time that Michael learned that Malnik was in cahoots with Mottola?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Who is Killing Michael’s Friends?

June 24, 2010 – Who is Killing Michael’s Friends?

Taking a break of sorts to observe the year without Michael and reflect on the changes he’s made in my life is a bit emotionally depleting. But the tears are tucked away and the anger is back. I have been praying in earnest today because I want and we need God’s help in this. Many things are scaring me and the more I read or see what is going on in the news, the more I believe that Michael just knew what was coming. Not just in his own death, but in what is coming around the corner of human existence. But that is for another blog.

Much like the presidency of William Clinton, people around Michael Jackson are turning up dead.

Four people are the focus of this blog: Bruce Ayers, Evan Chandler, Peter Lopez and Michael himself

Bruce Ayers – Found Dead on L.A. Sidewalk, Apparent Drug Overdose.

Bruce Ayers was one of the assistants that previously worked for Dr. Klein, Michael’s dermatologist of 30 years. According to this article in The Examiner, Bruce Ayers was previously fired by Klein because he stole drugs. Dr. Klein testifies in this article that he knew Ayers had a problem but believed he was on the road to recovery when he hired him. (Then why hire him?).

Bruce Ayers was found dead in the middle of a sidewalk on December 18th of 2009. He was 44 years old. In the article it states within the same sentence that Ayers had “met Michael several times and was a known drug abuser.” It also states that hospital records show that Ayers was hospitalized 3 different times for “pain issues”. I thought it was interesting and telling that they didn’t say “drug issues”, but pain issues. So other than Klein stating Ayers was a drug addict, where was the proof?

This video on Youtube rehashes an article on TMZ, stating that Bruce Ayers was fired from Dr. Klein’s office in February of 2009 (right before Michael’s London Press Conference announcing his “This is It” concert series), after working for Klein for approximately three years.

During the course of the 30 or so “procedures” Michael supposedly visited Dr. Klein for, according to those interviewed on the 20/20 special, some of those visits Michael made were simply to get away to get some sleep in one of the back rooms. Klein had submitted a bill to the estate that listed 51 intra-muscular injections. On the link covering the claim Klein submitted to the estate a bill and on the bottom of the link above, you can see some of the procedures he billed. Of interest to me was the intramuscular injections of which Klein billed for 51 times.

I didn’t know what the intramuscular injections in a dermatology session would be for, so I did a search and found this link on Dermatology Online Journal. The written piece opens with a description of a “asymptomatic, depressed plaques, localized to both buttocks after receiving a single intramuscular corticosteroid injection in his right buttock for treatment of lumbar pain” on a 15 year old boy after he received the corticosteroid injections for treatment of asthma.

Michael was said to have a similar lung ailment or inflammation of the lungs and it was mentioned on the autopsy report. Michael’s autopsy report mentioned lesions (thought to be associated with bed sores), and the depressions in the lower back or buttocks. These, according to this report, can be caused by such drugs administered with intramuscular injections.

According to Klein’s claim submitted to the Jackson Estate, there were a lot of these intramuscular injections. I wanted to find out what they were for. Searching under dermatology I found in “Skin and Allergy News” uses of corticosterioids, by either oral, intramuscular injection or topically. It is used to treat various skin disorders from lesions to acne, according to this article in “Australian Prescriber”. This could solve the mystery of the depressions in Michael’s upper buttocks and the lesions or bed sores mentioned in the autopsy. That could be what Klein was treating him for, or possibly for skin flare ups in relation to his Lupus.

I don’t want to get into the possibility that Klein may have over-billed, but many have questioned Klein’s behavior since Michael’s death. Things were tense during the early to middle part of 2009 with a pop star that did not want to tour again, was tricked into signing contracts with changing terms (10 increased to 50 concerts) and knowing that someone wanted to kill him. Ayers was fired in February, the month before the London Press Conference. He had spoken to Michael a number of times. Klein has made outlandish and quite frankly, mental claims since Michael’s death. Ayers is killed (oops, did I say killed? I meant “found dead”) in December of 2009. We haven’t heard much from Klein since, have we?

Did Klein go mental or is he afraid? Klein has been treating Michael since 1986. Surely if Michael has kept him around that long, it was because he trusted him. And if Michael treated him as a confidante, what happened to all the confidentiality after Michael was killed? Klein is spilling the beans in stories about drugs, about Michael urinating in front of people, about Michael and another assistant of his having a “relationship” that Klein was “happy for them” about. Then silence. Job Done. (Thank you Dr. Klein. We’ll let you live . . . for now.)

Was Ayer’s a warning? Was it incentive to get Klein to assist in an “addict” story to cover for the crime? Or was is simply as the press has it appear . . . A drug-addled assistant dropping dead in the middle of a sidewalk in December who just happened to work with Michael Jackson’s long time dermatologist?

Evan Chandler – Apparent Suicide, November 1993

The month prior to Ayer’s body being found on an L.A. sidewalk, Evan Chandler, the father of the boy who accused Michael of Molestation back in 1993, was found dead in his Jersey City apartment of “an apparent suicide, according to the New York Post, Daily News and the online tabloid Popcrunch. No suicide note was left.

All three articles describe a man who was possibly critically ill, and loner and depressed. The son he used to get $20 million out of Michael seventeen years ago, had disowned him shortly after turning 18, when his father hit him with a barbell. Those familiar with that particular case saw Evan Chandler as someone who was not only obsessed with Michael Jackson, but possessive of him. During one tape recorded conversation between Evan Chandler and the step father of Jordan, Evan had revealed that he was angry that Michael stopped calling him and that he was going to destroy him and his career.

During that same taped phone conversation, Evan was also heard saying, “I have people positioned, all I have to do is make the call . . .”, “I will get everything I want, there is no way I lose.”

I originally believed that Evan’s infatuation-turned-vendetta against Michael had to do with jealousy when Michael began distancing himself due to Evan’s harassing him about funding a screen play he wrote. Could there have been more to it?

According to this article on Wordpress, (be careful, they quote Diane Dimond and Victor Guteirrez in this as well) Evan Chandler was Bi-Polar and had a painful condition called Gaucher Disease. But if the disease was so painful that Chandler had to walk around on crutches, why wait until after Michael’s death to commit suicide? Is it just timing, was there a sense of remorse? After all he was infatuated with Michael and very possessive of his attention at one time.

Evan mentioned during one of the version of the taped phone conversations about Michael, that he “had people positioned”. Who were those people? At that point in time, Michael already owned the Beatles and Elvis music catalog better known at the ATV Catalog, and Sony had just purchased Epic Records, so Michael was under contract with Sony at that point. Sony had not yet made the offer to purchase a partnership in that catalog.

Could they have already had their eye on it before Making the $90 Million dollar offer to Michael in 1995? Could Sony’s plans to drive Michael toward involuntary bankruptcy have begun that far back in their history together? Remember, this was not an isolated incident. These shady practices had been perpetrated against artists in the music industry for years, and wasn’t brought out into broad daylight until Michael Jackson began blowing the whistle in 2001. It is something to think about. And I have come to realize that you can’t assume what you read, hear or see is as it is on the surface in this whole investigation.

Peter Lopez – Found Dead in Back yard, apparent suicide

Peter Lopez was found dead from a single gunshot wound to his head (Just like Evan Chandler) on April 30th, 2010. No one was around to witness, it was done in a part of his back yard that was up and away from the house. Lopez was Michael’s business attorney from 2006 through 2009, when much of the reorganization of Michael’s businesses was taking place. He was originally hired by Raymone Bain before she was fired.

The circumstances around his death is also suspicious. This article in TMZ stated that Peter Lopez was found in his back yard, and a cryptic “suicide note” was found at the scene stating that he loved his wife and children and asked for forgiveness, but no motive for pulling the trigger.

This article in “Entertainment” magazine recalls neighbors hearing a single gunshot and that police officers were puzzled over the suicide note. None of the neighbors interviewed, nor his wife or children had any reason to believe Lopez would have killed himself. Friends interviewed say that Lopez was stressed in the last couple of weeks, but did not have details as to why.

911 call reveals no weapons laying around Lopez initially and wife Catherine was afraid to go back outside for fear whoever shot husband would shoot her.

This is the 911 Call audio with both Catherine Bach and her assistant trying to describe the scene to the emergency operator.

Peter was a partner at Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy & Klein LLP. He had assisted Michael with refinancing on some of his businesses and helped him with the “Thriller 25th Anniversary” album production. He had also worked with Michael on the Kraken Opus, (The Official Michael Jackson Opus) and collaborated with Michael on recordings he was beginning for a Spanish Album in appreciation for Michael’s Spanish speaking fans. Reference

Interesting on this link I found that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Lopez to the California State Athletic Commission, which regulates boxing, and as the director of the California Exposition and State Fair Board. So Lopez also had some political connections.

This is Peter Lopez being interviewed seven weeks after Michael Jackson’s death. Amazingly Peter Lopez was answering questions in relation to the investigation. Peter Lopez was not present during any of Michael’s rehearsals and had not been working with Michael since late 2008. In 2008 to 2009 Tohme and DiLeo are handling Michael’s affairs. I could find nothing concrete that Michael let Lopez go or had fired him. If anyone has information to the contrary please let me know. The last known association on the timeline I have, is early January of 2008 with the “Thiller 25th Anniversary” being released February 12 in the United States.

(It is mentioned in latter 2008 on the timeline that Michael patronizes the “40/40” club in Las Vegas three times in a month. Does anyone know why?)

Press conference at Peter’s Home covering Peter Lopez’s death.

Further investigation into Peter Lopez’s death, especially in light of his interviews about Michael Jackson on CNN and the intricate association he had regarding Michael’s businesses. Many feel he knew something and that his death was no suicide.

I want to include the beautiful words from a beautiful friend, who wrote some beautiful words about Michael. Please visit The Greatest Romance web page and read what she wrote. Most of you would know her. Her name is Micheline James.

Michael’s Year a Personal Testimony

June 26, 2010 – Michael’s Year a Personal Testimony

2 Peter 3: 8 & 9 - But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 9 The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

June 25, 2010 started out with a little trepidation than most this year. It was different than that 25th dates of every month. This was one solid year after the change of my life. One year to the day that the death of Michael Jackson threw my life a curve ball.

I had spent all night on the computer on the 24th, after coming home from working with a client at 11pm. The project? The 1st year Anniversary web page and of course, the blog to accompany it. I had already had the links and the text prepared on a word document. It should have been a simple cut and paste with some photo additions to the web page, but of course as I worked on it, I felt it was incomplete so I researched and filled a few perceived holes.

My goal was to be able to complete a poem before I finally retired, but by 4:30am when my husband arose for work, I was still cutting, pasting, arranging and viewing videos that ripped my heart out. I broke to prepare his lunch for work, then finished the web page. By the time I finished my blog and began posting the “project” it was 7:13am and I had not been to bed yet. I had to leave for work myself at 3pm, so the poem would have to wait.

I always feel guilty when I can’t get to all my emails and private message notifications. On the 25th, I didn’t feel guilty. I knew many people I talked to would be at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The evening of the 24th, I spent with a client in her home. We watched the Oprah special on Michael Jackson. I had wanted to comment about some of the things that she said because it reminded me of a few things about Michael Jackson (Like we needed to be reminded).

Of everything she was asked about, three things stood out for me that weren’t really discussed in previous programs. The rumors about his changing skin color and his loneliness.

When talking about his Vitiligo, Oprah mentioned her surprise when she got close to him, how incredibly thorough the depletion of the pigmentation in his skin actually was and how translucent it made his skin. I thought about that and I really began to smile about how complete Michael was as an artist that God even chose to reveal what was beneath his skin. I wondered if Michael ever realized how much of a living, walking testimony he was with every trial he had physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Oprah’s observations about his loneliness was nothing different than what I heard before. But to be that lonely and still endure the onslaught from the public that he endured? Michael had a few friends that were close throughout his life, like Liz Taylor, MacCauley Culkin, The Cascios, Mark Lester, that Michael could relate to because most were childhood stars. They understood the isolation from your childhood because of growing up in the spotlight.

My interpretation of Oprah’s mindset during the interview was one of regret and a hint of sadness that she did not get to know him better than she did, citing professional distance as an interviewer. She said during the interview that he was incredibly likable, but she made no mention of the comments she made in the past about her erroneous assumptions about the child allegations in 1993.

I made it through that interview without getting upset, even with the mention of the loneliness. My client was most awed by the layout of Neverland, uttering a “wow” at the amusement rides. However, on the ride home after watching an interview like that, I found myself digging into the center console looking for napkins so I could see to drive.

I didn’t get to bed until 7:30 am the next morning because of working on the web page and the blog (the project). I slept dreamlessly and awoke with the alarm at 12:30pm. I made lunch, talked to my husband and answered some emails before driving out to my client’s house. It was a slow day online as many people I know were on their way to Forest Lawn Cemetery.

At my client’s house that evening, I first watched a special on CNN with her which was commemorating the anniversary of the “King of Pop’s” death with a retracing of the dreadful events of that day. Both Brian Oxman, Joe Jackson’s attorney, Dr. Murray’s attorney Ed Chernoff, and Adam Streisand, Katherine Jackson’s attorney were interviewed. Stark differences in what really happened surfaced between Chernoff’s account and Oxman and Streisand’s account.

This Interview with Ed Chernoff explains that Murray was not the one that killed Michael, that someone else had to administer the amounts of propofol that they found in Michael’s body, including the possibility that Michael administered this himself in the two minutes that Murray says he left the room. So they are still entertaining this defense?

Ed Chernoff said that Murray was a good, conscientious doctor, that his patients loved him and that Murray was not a neglectful doctor. He stated in that interview above, “Murray had the necessary equipment and administered the proper care”, but that he had not had previous experience with administering anesthesia.

If what Mr. Chernoff said is true, and he insists that Murray had the necessary equipment, then what of those emails back and forth between AEG and Murray, asking for the life-saving equipment that was needed? Did Murray have what he needed or not? If he did not, why did he chose to proceed with pumping Michael full of anesthesia every night?

Also, if Chernoff is going to proceed with the “Someone else-including-Michael" administered that massive dose of propofol, how are they going to explain that, within the two minutes Murray says he went to the bathroom, Michael was asleep, woke up, found and injected his own I.V. with 100mg of propofol, fell asleep and stopped breathing as Murray was walking back into the room? How would anyone have enough time to do that and have that effect in two minutes including Michael’s eyes and mouth being wide open?

Another really irritating point was that they showed the very same ambulance photo that has been proven to be a fake. After that, the CNN special lost all credibility.

After the CNN special, we clicked through a couple others channels, all reviewing the year in Michael Jackson, when we found the ”20/20” special.

It was sweet listening to people talk about Michael, the artist and Michael, the child. Ola Ray, Michael’s girl in the short film “Thriller” and Michael’s first “on screen girl friend” was interviewed. My favorite part of her interview was when she discussed how normal he was in his interest in girls and the explanation she gave for Michael spurning her advances . . . “he said that another guy in production liked me and he didn’t want to cross that line . . .” When asked what she saw when she looked at Michael and looked him in the eyes, she said, “A child.”

Of the two hour special, the most anticipated part for me was where Karen Faye and Michael Lee Bush were interviewed about working with Michael on “This is It”. I knew from previous conversation with Karen that what she witnessed contradicted what was being put out in the press. There were several points during the interview with both she and Michael Bush that I wanted to comment on.

Michael Lee Bush described a moment where he noticed Michael was skin and bones. Michael grabbed his arm and said to him, “You promised you wouldn’t tell . . .” When Vargas asked Bush “Tell what?” Michael Bush responded in a broken voice, “What I was seeing!”

Karen Faye testified to the stress and the possible fear Michael had of returning to the stage after such a long absence, not wanting to endure the scrutiny, rumors, ridicule and attacks that plagued him through most of his adult career. The stage was, according to Michael during more than one previous interview, where he felt most safe. He was secure, confident and in his element on stage. It surprised me that Michael would feel any differently about it even after a ten year absence.

Karen, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush talked about outfitting him for concerts and how Michael contributed to what he wanted in an outfit. Tompkins described Michael's style as "Liberace Gone to War".

Bush and Tompkins created Michael's outfit for his rest trying to combine design from a couple of Michael’s favorite concert outfits and Karen talked about doing his makeup one final time. Personally, I don’t know how they did it, how they COULD do it and get through it. That would be like me doing my grandfather’s makeup when he died. It would be an emotional impossibility. But they wanted to do it.

I was encouraged that all three mentioned on national television the condition of Michael, in stark contrast to what AEG’s Randy Phillip’s, Director and producer Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne had testified to.

According to all three of them, Michael was extremely thin and was not sleeping. He was stressed and unhappy about the number of concerts they had forced on him, he had agreed to only 10. Michael Lee Bush testified to Michael’s health, the bronchitis he had and the heater they had to keep beside him to keep him warm when he wasn’t dancing.

When he was dancing, Karen pointed out the number of shirts he was wearing during rehearsals to keep warm when the other dancers were in sleeveless t-shirts. Other observations included anxiety, missed rehearsals, Ortega and Payne driving to Michael’s house to drag him out of bed to attend rehearsals and the creative editing on the footage of “This is It” rehearsals. These showed Michael running through songs, but in sometimes five different outfits because, as Karen said, He never completed run through of one song.

They did talk about the damage to Michael’s confidence and emotional health during the 2005 trial. Karen Faye described a daily routine of getting to Michael’s room at about three in the morning, and before washing his hair, they would kneel on the floor together. Michael would put his arms around Karen, put his head on her shoulder and cry. Then they would pray together.

I drove home that night and yes, I again cried at the wheel. I have to stop doing that. It has been a rough year. I never expected to be taken over by and driven to do something like this in my whole life.

Since that day last year when a certain gentleman raised my hackles by attacking Michael Jackson on my Facebook page, I have not stopped. The first three months I spent trying to get to know Michael as a person, so I could defend him. From there, it was a quest to find the reason why someone, anyone would want to hurt such a benevolent, creative, loving and gentle life. Michael has become to me, the son that was picked on in society for the simple reason that he refused to be put into a box he did not fit into in life.

Michael was guilty of three things: Loving God, loving children, loving art.

I know it is frustrating going through a whole year without any progress in the solving of his homicide. To keep them occupied, Michael’s siblings have tried to keep busy.

This link gives a run down of what the Jackson siblings have been up to lately. Scroll to the bottom of the article about Michael’s children.

Job 30:28 - “I go about mourning, but not in the sun; I stand up in the assembly and cry out for help.”

There are yet many things we have to learn, and even more that people need to be made aware of. The same press that contributed to Michael's torture through life, and contributed to his death is the same press leading us down that same path.

Michael's son lyrics are clues. Michael was an avid Bible reader. Take a look at what is happening in our world today and take another look at Michael's lyrics. Do some searches on of the keywords in some of Michael's songs. Let me know what you find. Just pick a song and start there.

Good night and God Bless you...

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Year of “If Only . . .”

June 25, 2010 – The Year of “If Only . . .”

It is 4:51 in the morning on June 25, 2010. No, I have not been to bed yet, thanks for asking. I came home from my client’s house at 11pm, ate a very late dinner then went to work on the Anniversary web site and of course, the blog that I am typing now.

It has been one year. I would have thought by now God would have come down and righted all this wrong. At the very least, I expected the man/people that murdered Michael Jackson to be either standing trial or in jail. But no, that would only happen if Michael had murdered himself because judging by the behavior of The D.A. Cooley, Jerry Brown (figures) and every other useless, imperial California official I have written to, the only thing Dr. Conrad Murray is guilty of is doing the county of Los Angeles a favor.

Fans are encouraged to rally behind the Jackson family in their quest for justice, but that is a little hard to do when we don’t even know where most of them stand. A third of them are self promoting, another third are fighting the first third, and the latter third are just going along with whatever feeds their bank accounts. Sounds a little harsh doesn’t it? I agree. But it’s been a year and the same disregard is being displayed by some of the family members as by the press. Do they care if his murderer(s) are brought to justice?

The thing that sticks in my mind over this year is the difference between the two Michael’s. Pre-trial and post trial.

I remember the lively, intense dancing and spinning pipe bomb of an entertainer who laughed with joy at children jumping breathlessly from the amusement rides on his Neverland ranch, yet spoke in such soft tones during interviews you could barely hear him. I remember how shy and humble he was when receiving a compliment, only to snarl into the microphone with such convincing ferocity during a song that the “shy boy” became just a figment of your imagination.

I remember the leaps into the air and squeals of pure delight after a massive pie fight to blow off steam after a video shoot. I remember his cousins stealing his hard sought-after Easter eggs only to shrug and let it roll off his shoulders because after all, it was for the kids.

I remember how many awards he won, and the thousands of stages over his lifetime he dropped pounds of sweat onto, making sure each show was better than the last.

The first concert clip of him that I ever saw was when I just happened to catch the SuperBowl half time performance on T.V. (first husband was a football watcher) and the exquisitely perfect timing of the pause between popping up through the stage and breaking into the song “Jam”.

I remember when he was on top of the world. And while he was there, not once did he let himself become jaded, entitled or insensitive.

Then something happened. While on top of the world, Michael Jackson inadvertently bought his way in to the battle of his life when he purchased a coveted Music Catalog that, while few were willing to pay the price he paid for it, began resenting Michael for purchasing it. A twenty eight year old black man with publishing rights to 251 Beatles Songs, Elvis songs, Chuck Berry songs and numerous others.

Sony bought out the label Michael was contracted under and they saw this as a way of not only controlling the most revenue-generating artist in history, but also to take control of the very music catalog they had been drooling over since before they bought out Epic Records.

What happened to Michael Jackson next will be covered up by the press and the media for the foreseeable future.

If you believe the press . . . The fame, lack of childhood and extreme wealth made Michael Jackson Crazy. If you follow the money trail . . . everything leads back to Sony right on back through the very first, 1993 allegations of child misconduct leveled at Michael Jackson.

Did he make himself an easy victim? No. He’s always been an easy victim. And the press made sure the responsibility for the actions of the greedy was always Michael’s. Like saying that having money gives someone a right to steal it. Wearing a pair of shorts means your asking to get raped. Being a NICE PERSON in the music industry means you’re asking to get cheated by the company you’re keeping alive.

I wanted to put up a web page commemorating one entire year that nothing has been done to solve the murder of Michael Jackson. Until justice is done, there is nothing to celebrate.

I would like to be able to say that it was “All for Love . . . L.O.V.E.” but it wasn’t. It was all for money. And until we can change the last word of that sentence, more people are going to go the way of Michael, only much more quietly. Right Mr. Lopez? Right Mr. Ayers? Right Mr. Chandler?

It was well worth the time I spent getting to know someone who before June of last year, was only a face I saw occasionally on the news and in the eighties on MTV. If I had only known back then what caliber of human being he was. If only my eyes were opened and my heart unscarred enough to feel what he was going through. I didn’t even pray for him until 2005 during his trial and it was a quick one, because I had problems of my own.

Please take some time to pray that whatever God’s will was for Michael Jackson, that it be fulfilled and that we understand why things happened the way they did. There is a reason so many of you that I have corresponded with this past year have been pulled to this as strongly as you have been. We need to pray about that too.

The web page below is for you, but it is also for those who don’t know Michael Jackson. I ask that you just book mark it and send it to the next person that asks you . . . “Why do you care about him?”

Michael Jackson became my friend this past year. Why do we always wait until they’re gone before we act?

1 Year Anniversary

Gift for Katherine on Michael’s Birthday.

I have to work again tonight, so no blog this evening. Peter Lopez will be up on the 26th.

Goodnight (ha!) and God Bless you…

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Carolwood a Compromised Crime Scene

June 22, 2010 – Carolwood a Compromised Crime Scene

In Two days there will be tributes and memorials the world over commemorating the day Michael Jackson was murdered.

When John Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980, the culprit was apprehended quickly, Mark David Chapman didn’t flee the scene. He stood where he was when he shot him, turning the pages of “Catcher in the Rye”. He had no known motive for killing Lennon, other than his explanation that a voice in his head said “Do it, Just do it” when Lennon walked by him.

Mark Chapman was arrested, tried and is still serving time for that crime. He was given twenty years to life.

In comparison, Michael Jackson was murdered by his doctor, in his own home. The doctor admits to administering propofol, but that is where the similarities end with Lennon’s murder.

It is now learned that security cameras were throughout the house, including private areas, like Michael’s bedroom. There are security tapes missing and gaps in other security tapes, as described in the National Enquirer.

"Insiders close to the investigation say Michael's death - possibly his murder - was captured on camera, but the video has not been recovered.

"There are also gaps in some security camera footage stored on computer hard drives. Police are combing through personal computers recovered from the house." It states.

This article tells the same story.

Two of Michael’s sisters were taking Michael’s “personal things” out of the house the day after he was killed. Both articles speculate that it was the two sisters that removed “evidence” including bed sheets, security tapes or that they had the security tapes removed. We also have to consider that both articles and most other places reference to this can be found are either on tabloids or message forums.

Both Lennon and Jackson had FBI Files on them. John Lennon’s files were not released until 2006 (the remaining ten pages). Michael Jackson’s files were released, on request of the A.P. (ASSociated Press) on 12-22-2009 less than six months after he died.

Even posthumous, Michael has not been granted any privacy or peace. Every document in relation to his death and the investigation has been released to the press, primarily through TMZ. One has to wonder if someone in the Jackson family has on ongoing contract with the tabloid.

Most of the breaking news concerning Michael, including time of death, has been released through TMZ. His death certificate, the amended death certificate, court documents from previous lawsuits, his autopsy report (redacted), the will, the trust, AEG contract, yet for some reason, no one can find security tapes nor can anyone seem to get information regarding the rehearsals. What special pinnacle does AEG sit on that guarantees it more right to privacy than Michael Jackson over his personal and health records?

Several questions about the two days following Michael’s death have yet to be answered. Not surprisingly a rundown of the last day of his life was written up and submitted through the A.P. and, not surprisingly, they again had to get their jabs of lies in there.

I am going to quote part of this article below:

“ . . . Behind the once-proclaimed King of Pop was a bleak stretch of pain and artistic decline.”

I agree with the pain part. Artistic decline? I highly doubt that the $250 million dollar deal Branca just gave Sony for all of Michael’s unreleased music that he had been working on between the mid-nineties and 2009 could be called artistic decline. Some of the most beautiful songs and poems, prose and creative ideas for business came from Michael’s brain in the last years of his life. Michael’s problem wasn’t artistic direction, it was the same thing that ills the rest of the United States . . . The corporate-owned press, itself in decline in more ways than one. Most of Rupert Murdock’s papers are losing money. Most of the network news is losing money and viewership, except Fox News, which has somehow managed to steal the viewers from the other networks by portraying themselves as fair and balanced.

The above article goes on to say this before they actually get to the facts:

“Jackson was poised for a great leap of faith, one testing himself and those who believed in him. It was a chance to silence detractors who had mocked his increasingly clownish, artificial appearance and what appeared to be an equally artificial and veiled version of family life with the three children he was raising alone.”

Clownish, artificial appearance more accurately describes this piece as a news item. Michael’s appearance has changed many times, depending on weight, age and whatever trauma that happened to be inflicted upon him at the time. When you are faced day to day by press shoving camera’s into your face only to have them turn and mock, humiliate, slander, bully you and attack your character, I would want to look like someone else too, just to keep them away! Micheal’s children, in the words of Frank DiLeo, were “beautifully educated”, taught how to pray, about the Bible and God, were mature and very well mannered according to every body guard that ever gave an interview. There was nothing artificial about Michael’s children or the way he raised them. Yes they were veiled! Michael wasn’t so naïve that he believed the press would treat his children any better than they treated him. And of course, he was right. Michael protected them and he did a fantastic job.

What amazes me, is that for all the press Michael has gotten AFTER his death, about his children’s upbringing, his alleged drug abuse (again, see autopsy report, no evidence of drug abuse, he was healthy), his face, his skin, his behavior, his wheelchairs etc, etc, etc . . . The REAL journalist would be doing what most of Michael’s family, friends and fans are trying to get accomplished and start inquiring about what is being done about his murder!

Where is the public outrage? Why isn't the press digging into the fact that Dr. Murray has only been charged with involuntary manslaughter? Why isn't the media asking questions as to why "This is It" staff, crew and performers have not been called in and questions as witnesses? Why haven't they jumped on the fact that Cooley and Brown campaigns were funded by donations from both Branca's firm and Colony Capital?

We have missing security tapes! We have a concert promotion company that has forbidden anyone working on “This is It” from talking to the press or to the authorities. We have authorities who are more concerned about the murderer’s FEELINGS then investigating the murder! We have a judge in California that has slammed Richard Fine, 70 years old, in jail without a charge for the last 15 months, to keep him from squawking and revealing the bribes Judges in the Supreme Court there have taken.

We were told by one person who has been working on Richard Fine’s case, “If you want to expose what was done to Michael Jackson, we need to get Richard Fine out of jail.”

People want to continue to believe the press as they are being lied to and programmed day after day after day. The press is used by special interests for one purpose only, character assassination. They are the propaganda pieces of the people in power. That is it. They have no other purpose.

The Jackson family, for whatever reason, is afraid. They know what is going on, but they won’t talk. There are fans of Michael that do not understand why they are doing the things they are doing, with planning tributes, selling memoirs about Michael, selling outlandishly expensive tickets to a tribute to fund a museum in Gary Indiana when a crime against their son and brother has not even been solved yet. You would think all resources would be devoted to that. This only feeds the press with confirmation of the Jackson’s disregard for the well-being of Michael and his children. This of course is what the press in turn, feeds the public and this is why you see articles like the one above.

Asking for the justice system in California to focus on this case is, I realize, too much to ask. Hoping the media or the press would want to focus on the murder instead of the shape of Michael’s chin is just unrealistic. However, it would be nice if the people claiming to be his friends and his family members would at least appear to take this case seriously. Nobody is going to forget Michael Jackson. He’s already in the record books numerous times for numerous things. His music is everywhere and his charity is legendary. His suffering is prolific.

We have been dancing around this issue of justice for a year. We have gotten nowhere. We have just as many people who loved Michael working against him as we do working for him.

The mantra seems to be, he’s not coming back, so let’s get as much money out of this so the bad guys don’t get it all. Money is flying everywhere and justice is getting buried under it all.

Michael was murdered. He was murdered by doctor who was not working alone. Michael was forced into a concert deal that he could not physically sustain. Michael was surrounded by people who kept those who cared about him away long enough to kill him.

Michael Jackson was stolen from by just about every business manager he had, according to one of his lawyers during the 2005 trial. No trial against those managers was ever pursued because no lawyer would take it, including the one that did the investigation. One lawyer that DID know too much, Peter Lopez, was found dead on his front lawn of a gunshot wound, quickly ruled a “suicide”. Thanks again, California. When in doubt or too lazy to investigate (or not sure who's political side the victim is on) just rule suicide.

Michael Jackson was vindicated of any drug abuse stories after the release of his autopsy. The only drugs found in Michael’s system was the sleep aides that Murray administered, and the lethal overdose of Propofol.

Michael was vindicated of “bleaching” his skin with the revelation of “Vitiligo” splotches on his chest, arms, forehead, legs and back as revealed on the autopsy report. It also revealed he had arthritis and more catheters and I.V. holes inserted in sensitive places then a person could endure while conscious.

Why did the police wait so long to do a crime scene investigation? Why did the Jackson sisters clean out the house before the police COULD do a thorough crime scene investigation? Why did Tohme fire the staff and send them away hours after Michael was pronounced dead and before the police could question them?

What are the Jackson's afraid of? Who is hiding what?

During the latter part of 2008 into 2009, Michael was not just getting ready for a concert. He was also getting businesses reorganized, streamlined and established in preparation for whatever was going to happen as a result of the concerts, this with the help of Colony Capital and Anschutz Corporation. During this time in 2008, Peter Lopez was one of Michael’s attorney’s. Next blog we will find out more about Peter Lopez.

As always, God bless and please keep up your prayers!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Andrea Peyser – What the World Needs Not is Hate

June 21, 2010 – Andrea Peyser – What the World Needs Not is Hate, Sour Hate

When someone takes time out of their obviously boring and lifeless day to write something so hateful and racist that even the KKK would cringe, you have to wonder what their mother did to them growing up to produce such a loathsome creature.

Andrea Peyser, who writes for the very unfortunate New York Post (might answer why they are losing so much money as per this article and this article), has launched an attack on the father of Prince, Paris and Blanket just days before the anniversary of his death.

Could it be she secretly fell in love with Michael and failed miserably as a scorned fan-follower because Michael saw right through her slitted pupils? Would it be because she hasn’t yet figured out that Michael’s popularity came from his sugar and spice, not from the methane she exhales? Or maybe it is because Andrea feels the envy stemming from emptiness, the lack of love and the absence of a fan base she will never have? Maybe it's a wealth thing? Maybe it's a black thing?

It’s bad enough that this woman thinks what she wrote is funny. It’s even worse that she can victimize innocent children on the anniversary of their father’s death.

This piece is sewage even for New York Post Standards. Her bio is listed here. According to this, she has previously worked for the Associated Press, the AP Bureau, then CNN. I can see why she no longer works there. She was “promoted” to the New York Post? (snicker) Journalism is something she has yet to aspire to. It’s a tough rope walk teetering between fiction and sado-fantasy on your way to reporting, isn’t it Andrea?

With the New York Post lowering its standards to new depths with the likes of Peyser on board, it stands to reason that they must have been taking Michael Jackson a little too seriously when he said that “Good news doesn’t sell . . .”

It’s pieces like this that should be jolting people to awareness. There needs to be serious consequences for slander and media bullying. Can anyone that writes such hateful, disgusting trash about another human being possibly be a good mother or role model? I wonder how she handles adversity in the home, because obviously this woman has little tolerance for anything other than over-privileged, Jewish princesses who’s own parents never taught her that pulling the innards out of a living creature is not acceptable or sane behavior.

Andrea needs to remember that other people (aside from immigrants from Israel) have feelings and a right to live unharassed by by vermin such as herself. Michael’s children are no different than her own daughter . . . aside from the fact that Michael was a much better parent and human being than she.

Some research on Andrea opens some understanding, like this article, where Andrea says that her parents grew up with a “different value system” and that she wished her parents were “more materialistic”. The same article also mentions a reprimand from Rupert Murdock himself for calling CNN’s Christiane Amanpour the “CNN War Slut”. (Oh . . . THAT’S why she no longer works there…making friends and influencing people is obviously not her strong suit). The rest of that article reveals how many jobs she went through, blaming “some wealthy guy complained because he thought I was neglecting his table.” (So it’s a wealth-envy thing? Someone else who thinks black artists shouldn’t make more than her?)

Here Andrea Peyser victimized those protesting the Wall Street Bailouts, writing "Some hated their jobs. Others hated school, the cold, living up in frigid Buffalo. The prospects of the Yankees. Their complaints had no common theme." Reference This details her lack of compassion for those that have to work for a living. I wonder what her excuse is going to be when she’s running her daughter back and forth to rehab.

This column pits two Michael-haters in the same article . . . Gloria Allred, who was defending a client who was fired for going on reality T.V. show to be “surgically enhanced” and Peyser, who attacked the woman for it in a column she wrote. That is two people Peyser attacked for making surgical adjustments to their appearance. While she’s picking on Michael’s nose, maybe she should consider making some improvements herself? Maybe she needs a nose that size to turn over a new leaf?

Papers like the New York Post need to see more heavy dollar lawsuits for the criminally slanderous and blatant lies they allow to be published on their pages. And Journali – er – excuse me, fiction writers such as Andrea Peyser should be paying heavy fines for the destructive damage the inflict on innocent human beings. Anyone on the street saying this to a black man would be hauled into court and slapped with a hate crime charge.

What Andrea Peyser should remember is that media bullying is really no different than cyber-bullying. New York does have Megan's Law on their books. Since all three children of Michael's are minors, Andrea Peyser and the New York Post should have charges brought against them for harassing and causing undue pain and hardship for printing libelous and viciously damaging lies about their father on the anniversary of his death. Enough is enough. Andrea needs some serious time spent in community service working as a vendor at the Apollo Theatre, or maybe sitting in church and listening to a good sermon by Jesse Jackson, or maybe getting saved and baptized in a swift running river by a group of Michael Jackson fans.

Maybe Rupert Murdock will finally get it . . . that people are on to the press and that victimizing people in the press does not build respect for that industry.

One blessing from what I am reading, is that if things keep going the way they have been for Murdock, Andrea Peyser and the likes of her will soon be out of a job. And it wouldn’t happen to more deserving people.

Joe Jackson Guns for AEG

June 21, 2010 – Joe Jackson Guns for AEG

There are two things I admire most about Joe Jackson, father of the “Jackson Five”: His pit-bull mentality when engaged in battle and his ability to sniff out every possible angle to achieve an objective. I admit that most of us have probably questioned those objectives from time to time, but the latest is an attempt to get to the bottom of the murder of his son, Michael.

Very few people know or understand Joseph Walter Jackson, who will turn 81 on July 26 of this year. Joe Jackson was born in Fountain Hill, Arkansas, as the eldest of four children. His father, Samuel Jackson, was a high school teacher and his mother, Crystal Lee King, was a housewife. His mother and father split up when Joe was just twelve years old. Joe originally stayed with his father and they moved to Oakland California. His mother moved to East Chicago, Indiana.

Like Michael, Joe grew up lonely, without many friends. When he was eighteen, he left his father to live with his mom in Indiana.

Joe was studying to be a boxer and was already married when he met Katherine Scruse. He was just beginning to make progress in boxing and fell hard for Katherine. He got an annulment of his first marriage to be with her and left his boxing hopes to work as a crane operator for U.S. Steel to support what was already growing to be sizable family. Rebbie was the first Jackson child to be born, only six months after Joe and Katherine were married. They had nine more children and Brandon, Marlon’s twin, did not survive. Michael was number seven of the surviving children.

Joe still had desires to make it big but it wouldn’t be in boxing. Both Katherine and Joe were musically inclined. Joe started a band with his brother Luther, called “The Falcons” but they broke up within a couple of years, sending Joe back to the steel mill full time. By 1963 however, Joe caught Tito playing his guitar and began noticing some musical talent in his children.

Joe coached the three boys, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine as the “Jackson Brothers” and began entering them in contests. Michael turned five years old that year and a story Katherine told of a baby Michael singing while making his bed prompted her to bring Michael’s talents to Joe’s attention. Joe was reportedly resistant to the idea of adding Michael until Katherine made him listen to Michael sing. By 1965 a six year old Michael and his four older brothers renamed “The Jackson Five” began making a name for themselves in the R&B clubs. Reference: Joe Jackson Biography

The success of the Jackson Five has probably done to that family what would happen to any family thrown into the sudden fortune and fame and targets for manipulation that followed their success. Michael had always testified that his father was brilliant for the way he accomplished things for the Jackson 5’s career. Michael began talking about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Joe right around the time that Michael’s solo career was taking off. Michael and the other brothers left Joe’s management eventually, Michael leaving for the nurturing he received from Berry Gordy.

Joe Jackson’s ambition as been demonized, especially since Michael’s death last year. He has been portrayed as a self-involved, greedy, narcissistic glory hound both in the press and by many of Michael’s fans. Most fans know the story of Michael’s abuse, and interviews like this didn’t help score points for Joe: Michael talking about dad’s coaching with a belt

During many interviews, Joe explained his heavy use of discipline by reminding people that his boys didn’t run the streets and didn’t die criminals like many in that Indiana neighborhood did. This interview with Joe explains Joe’s duty to family. Although according to interviews with Michael in the past (Schmuley tapes) telling of Joe’s philandering, Joe did not believe in leaving your children and the family you started. It must have been a struggle to break through the pattern that Joe saw so much of in steel-town families. His own parents separated and despite a weakness for the temptations that touring and fame brought, he didn't abandon his family.

In the same interview, Joe explains that after their fifth child, he took up another trade and studied to be a welder and worked another job as an arc welder to support the family. He worked two jobs for almost ten years. His fear, as he explained, was to have any of his children end up in prison or dead as he says so many of those Michael wanted to play with ended up. Joe said in this same interview that he knew Michael complained, but he thought Michael had a good childhood, grew up close to his brothers and sisters and they entertained each other.

Joe’s drill sergeant demeanor would probably strike fear in the heart of any child, even though he seems to have softened a bit by the time this interview was given. In a family with slavery in their not too distant past, Joe was saddled with the burden of maintaining pride, rising above poverty, fighting the fear of his children falling into any of the traps other families in that Indiana neighborhood fell into. It was interesting to learn that Michael’s grandfather was a professor, in the deep south where you didn’t see many black men back in that time driving around in nice cars. Joe Jackson was very proud of that and he did not want his children disrespected.

As a child that grew up with a belt over her head, I see so much of Joe in my own mother. I can understand Joe because I understand my mother. It seems to be a pattern with children that grow up lonely with few friends, broken homes, fighting for survival and trying to coach their children away from poverty. With my mother, the belt became an insurance policy that her children were not going to shame her. However, through all the discipline and success in keeping your children out of jail, the virtue of nurturing seems to get neglected. Joe missed much of his own share of being nurtured. From the age of 12 through the age of 18, he was without his mother.

Michael’s Oxford Speech was a moment where in a public forum, Michael made peace with his father. It was a speech that I have saved in my files to this day, as it explains a lot not only about Michael himself, but of his father and Michael’s relationship with him. His precursor to the Oxford Speech, the Carnegie Hall speech (launching Heal the Children) Michael talks about his father and the good memories that got buried under the bad ones. I wonder if Mr. Joe Jackson has ever heard these speeches?

If you are interested in listening to the Oxford Speeches, you can view them in four parts here, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Sometimes in our quest to raise positively productive children, we forget that they are still children. We forget that they still need the soft, fuzzy things, the stories at bed time, the extra helping of ice cream, the day here and there in the middle of the week where the “schedule” gets thrown out the window for something a bit more spontaneous.

At 5:29 on the above interview with Joe Jackson, he talks about the spark he saw in Michael. Look at his face and see the love and pride in his eyes as he tells the reporter the talent he saw in his children and how Michael made that group of boys really come alive, doing dance moves that Joe had never seen.

There was one quote of Michael’s that the interviewer asked Joe about, where Michael said (quoting interviewer) “Talent is something God gives to a performer, but my father taught us how to cultivate it” . . . the resulting smile on Joe’s face and look of shock, “where did you get that? I never heard that before!” gave me the impression that there were some good things Michael said about his father that his father didn’t know about. I have to admit that I smiled at Joe’s reaction and he became at that moment, just a little more human to me.

Joe talks about Michael’s generosity back when they were still living on Jackson street and told a story about Michael buying big bags of candy with the money he got from singing and would sit in the middle of a circle of kids from the neighborhood and hand out candy to them, laughing and having a good time. Joe also talked about the checking that the lawyer LeGrande did during the 2005 trial on everyone that worked for Michael and he stated in court that every one of them had cheated Michael. Every single one. And that LeGrande had told Joe that if anyone had pursued this, they would do something to him (LeGrande). Peter Lopez immediately came to mind.

Nobody’s family is perfect and I don’t expect everyone to suddenly fall in love with Joe Jackson. When I began my quest to get to know Michael, I wasn’t too happy with Joe or what Michael had said Joe had done to him in different interviews. I also wasn’t originally happy to see that Joe was displacing responsibility from Dr. Conrad Murray to AEG for Michael’s death either. I had even posted a comment on one of the Facebook group pages that Joe was going to end up getting Dr. Murray off the hook and nobody would end up paying for the murder that was committed. This really upset me.

After some thought and continuing research I am slowly coming to the conclusion that someone has to start looking beyond Murray and get the investigation going beyond him. Most of us know that Murray was not working alone. I believe AEG and the people involved in the “This is It” production should be called out, but not at the expense of putting Murray behind bars. Murray made the decisions to administer anesthesia in a home without the monitoring equipment. Dr. Murray is an adult with a license in medicine. He knew right from wrong. Originally an investigation encompassing Sony, AEG and "This is It" producers is what we wanted to see happen.

I pray that this is what is supposed to happen. God is driving this golf cart. I think we are going to have to get comfortable with putting the gear in neutral letting him drive and not interfere. In this article, Brian Oxman is said to filing a wrongful death suit with AEG as defendant if investigations unearth evidence they were involved.

Michael received the best qualities from both of his parents. He exhibited his mother’s loving and generous nature, and his faith. From his father, the stubbornness and focus. Michael surprised quite a few in the industry by going solo against Sony and exposing their practices, opening the doors wide for all to view what goes on under the sludge of business dealings in the music industry. Michael was not usually confrontational, but it had been going on for years. When he learned the depth of the thievery and saw other artists getting swallowed, Michael took on the fight. I suspect that Michael drew on this particular strength from his father.

While many fans may not agree with Joe’s methods, there is no questioning his tenacity and drive. We need Joe in this fight. Michael needs Joe in this fight. Let’s try not to kick the legs out from under him as he stands his ground. Whatever else you may think of Joe W. Jackson, he is something to watch when he is facing adversity . . . almost as entertaining as watching Michael dance.

I wonder what Joe Jackson thinks of AEG and Sony…oops, I mean Branca, estate executor teaming up to pay for Michael’s memorial to the tune of $1.3 million? AEG was under no obligation to do this. I wonder if this was hush money, or if AEG just chalked it up to cost of production?

I would like everyone to keep one thing in mind . . . For the millions of fans who are missing Michael and wish things could have been different, there is probably no one who wishes this more than Michael’s father.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Two Theories of AEG-Sony Involvement in Michael Jackson

June 17, 2010 – The Two Theories of AEG-Sony Involvement in Michael Jackson

Just as I am getting ready to embark on part two of this subject of the Sony Series, another “news item” shows up to throw wrenches into the theories out there. This time it wasn’t TMZ however, but “The New York Post”, which has about as much legitimacy as TMZ.

AEG Music Labels in Talks Over Minority Equity Stake

This bit of news surprised me, but then it didn’t. I have placed AEG in the “I’m not sure” deck as to who’s side they were on. I had reported in a previous blog update that Colony had expressed interest in the Sony/ATV catalog. The status was still “pending”. This introduced to me the possibility AEG could have been possibly an ally of Michael. The dots were connecting more often with AEG in “help Michael” mode then as an enemy of Michael.

In the last blog update, I was getting ready to part the Red Sea of information into two theories: AEG Good Guy and AEG Bad Guy theories.

We know AEG Live has competition in the live concert industry from Live Nation. They also were in a position to lose millions of dollars after Michael “didn’t make” his concert dates. Were the concerts dates every going to go on? Considering that costumes were not finished, sets were not finished, an entire run through of the show had never been done (according to anonymous insiders), and Michael had never done a complete start-to-finish rehearsal of even one song by the time we got within three weeks of the first show. Then Michael was killed.

Zeroing in on AEG, who was funding “This is It” concert shows, Michael’s home, Michael’s living expenses, Michael’s children’s tutors, the cook, Dr. Murray, Michael’s other doctors, were all being covered by AEG. I visited AEG Live’s Web site. Apparently AEG Live does more than just promote concerts, sports events and corporate events:

Web Page Artist Development

This page describes how AEG becomes the “artist’s career team”. They become the artists manager, agent and label, as they describe on their site. They “Rather than simply being a promoter and a bank, we become a strategic investor in an artist's career by providing marketing services and, when required, production infrastructure that enhances the value of the "live" aspect of an artist’s performance."

Does this include personal doctors, homes, children’s education and security at home, intravenous homicide and crime scene cleanup?

I am reminded of this quote by Tom Barrack in an article published before the 02 press conference: "You are talking about a guy who could make $500 million a year if he puts his mind to it," Barrack said recently. "There are very few individual artists who are multibillion-dollar businesses. And he is one." (and he did . . . as a matter of fact, the Jackson Estate brought in just under a billion since his death last year.) Tom Barrack also said, "Between Anschutz and us, he's got plenty of capital," said Tom Barrack, Colony's chief executive. "He's serious, he's focused, he's healthy and he's listening." AEG and Colony were working together to bring Michael back.

Into early 2009, Michael was attending meetings with Randy P., Paul Gongaware, Tim Leiweke and the big boss, Phillip Anschutz. These were listed at “business meetings” on the MJ timeline. The January meeting is where the original “10 concerts” contract was signed.

On April 4th, Michael attends a show in Las Vegas with Kenny Ortega. Apparently they were still friends? Maybe this was before Kenny barked at him about the ear monitors. Then in May, Michael attends a business meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel with his parents and his children. This caught my attention because Michael had not had Joe anywhere near any of his business dealings since he was living at Hayvenhurst. Why would Michael’s parents and children attend a business meeting? Pictures taken on the 15th of May confirm this.

Click through those pictures and between this set, and the set in 2009 “various”, it seems Michael’s wardrobe has the same lack of variety as it does in the so-called “100+ hours of rehearsal footage” over three months. May 15th Beverly Hills Hotel Business Meeting (with parents and children) and May 21st Dr. Klein visit he is wearing the same outfit with the same hair. Several outings listed as different days are the same outfits in 2009. I don’t know why that would be. There are three different dates with the same “gold chunk” outfits.

During 2009 between January and May, Michael attended six business meetings. During the same amount of time, Michael spent time at Dr. Klein’s office a total of eleven times . . . almost every week except for the time he was in London or in Vegas for meetings and shows. Eleven times. He saw Dr. Klein twice in 2008 and only after meeting with Tom Barrack did those visits begin. Both visits to Dr. Klein were December of that year. He was there eleven times the following year before he was killed in June. That is just food for thought. Yes, I am thinking of the short film “Ghosts” right now. I am also reminded of a piece of an interview in which Michael said he could never go to Disney World as “himself” and would like to go in disguise and just “sit and watch people.” What did he need done eleven times? This may be how the “cancer” rumors started.

Back in July of last year, there were already reports that Colony was attempting to purchase the Sony/ATV catalog. This article in the San Francisco Sentinel, Claim Colony and another equity firm made “discreet inquiries” into purchasing large chunks of Michael’s estate, including Michael’s share of the Sony/ATV catalog. Did Colony acquire that 50% share? There is some interesting discussion on it in this forum.

Colony inquired, but didn’t acquire the Sony ATV catalog. In a previous blog I asked, why would an investment company who invested in commercial and undervalued premium residential properties, invest in a music publishing catalog? What would they put that under? Resorts? They have no experience in music publishing. Would they sell it to AEG? Or was there another purpose for which they were trying to acquire it? I had thought at one time, they may have been in Michael’s corner. But this inquiry was not made until a couple of weeks after Michael’s death.

On the MJJ Timeline part of the deal Anschutz made with Michael was that the parent company “Anschutz Corp.” would invest in a “pet project” of Michael’s, having to do with a 3D remake of “Thriller” as a movie. If this was part of the Dome Project (which consisted of the 2D and 3D creations for several of the songs in “This is It”) , I am left to ask myself if that “investment” in Michael’s project was part of the concert or a different deal altogether.

Now below, we see this from Rob Stringer:

“Rob Stringer, the chairman of Columbia Epic Records, the Sony division that will likely handle the releases, said the recordings will "span across different projects. There may be theater. There may be films and movies. There may be computer games — or multimedia platforms that I don't know about today that will happen in 2015."

How can Rob Stringer make such assumptions on deals that Branca has not even signed off on yet? If Sony knew about Michael’s projects (four business managers hired and fired between mid 2007 and May 2009) and were planning on hijacking Michael’s entire marketing empire via Branca, surely Michael had talked to Anschutz and Barrack about these very projects during those six business meetings in 2008 and 2009? Michael talked about these rather fleetingly during his interview with Geraldo and with Billy Bush in 2007 while recording with in Ireland.

Michael’s parents were present during the May 15th business meeting. Why would they be present? What about Michael so impressed Barrack that he changed his mind and decided to back Michael and save his ranch?

Dr. Murray’s attempt to make murder look like an accident was sloppier than any Dr. with his years of experience could convincingly explain. A rush job. Was Sony trying to pre-empt an AEG/Colony rescue of Michael by killing him?

Boycott Sony still needs signatures

Who is Jack Wishna? Has anyone ever heard of him before? Has anyone ever heard of a project called “Rock City”? Me either. Another, injected story to bolster a “drug addict” story or a story of a “mentally imbalanced” Michael. This video I thought would explain why Michael came back to the states. Jack Wishna claims he brought him back to America for the afore mentioned project. Is this another piece of tapestry woven over the true pattern to throw us off? Access Hollywood

Jack Wishna here, and here where Wishna talks about Michael’s “romper-room atmosphere” with his children at the home in Vegas. In one link Wishna talks about being a childhood friend and how the Michael getting off the plane from Ireland reminded him of the “Bad Era” Michael. Then in the next link, it says he met Michael in 2001 . . . that’s not the bad era. Another story that can’t stay strait.

Wishna is president and CEO of CPAmerica. What do you know? This man wanted a “series of concerts” out of Michael too. So that is CPAmerica, AllGood and AEG that were trying to siphon Michael.

Funny too is Wishna’s description of the “debilitated” and “depressed” Michael. That is not the same Michael that Barrack and Anschutz saw when they met with him in 2008. He was wowing them with his “intelligence and focus”, in Barrack’s words.

If AEG/Colony together were originally trying to help Michael, then what happened during “This is It” production? Did someone from Sony get to someone inside the production team of “This is It”?

We are days away from the year anniversary and still no answers. We all know a little more about everything that was going on, and we know a lot about what should have been going on and wasn’t.

I am putting together a book of testimony from other “Post June 2009” fans of Michael . . . those that got to know him after he died. If you would be interested in telling your story, please visit and fill out the form. All instructions are there. You don’t have to be a “new” fan to participate. Anyone who felt driven to learn more about him as a person after June of 2005 may participate. The book will be made into hard cover for the Jackson Family and digital copies will be available for download for participants and fans who would like to read it.

Please pray for answers. Pray for Justice and pray that the Jackson Family may find a way to unite.

Good night and God Bless