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Michael Jackson Justice: Andrea Peyser – What the World Needs Not is Hate

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Andrea Peyser – What the World Needs Not is Hate

June 21, 2010 – Andrea Peyser – What the World Needs Not is Hate, Sour Hate

When someone takes time out of their obviously boring and lifeless day to write something so hateful and racist that even the KKK would cringe, you have to wonder what their mother did to them growing up to produce such a loathsome creature.

Andrea Peyser, who writes for the very unfortunate New York Post (might answer why they are losing so much money as per this article and this article), has launched an attack on the father of Prince, Paris and Blanket just days before the anniversary of his death.

Could it be she secretly fell in love with Michael and failed miserably as a scorned fan-follower because Michael saw right through her slitted pupils? Would it be because she hasn’t yet figured out that Michael’s popularity came from his sugar and spice, not from the methane she exhales? Or maybe it is because Andrea feels the envy stemming from emptiness, the lack of love and the absence of a fan base she will never have? Maybe it's a wealth thing? Maybe it's a black thing?

It’s bad enough that this woman thinks what she wrote is funny. It’s even worse that she can victimize innocent children on the anniversary of their father’s death.

This piece is sewage even for New York Post Standards. Her bio is listed here. According to this, she has previously worked for the Associated Press, the AP Bureau, then CNN. I can see why she no longer works there. She was “promoted” to the New York Post? (snicker) Journalism is something she has yet to aspire to. It’s a tough rope walk teetering between fiction and sado-fantasy on your way to reporting, isn’t it Andrea?

With the New York Post lowering its standards to new depths with the likes of Peyser on board, it stands to reason that they must have been taking Michael Jackson a little too seriously when he said that “Good news doesn’t sell . . .”

It’s pieces like this that should be jolting people to awareness. There needs to be serious consequences for slander and media bullying. Can anyone that writes such hateful, disgusting trash about another human being possibly be a good mother or role model? I wonder how she handles adversity in the home, because obviously this woman has little tolerance for anything other than over-privileged, Jewish princesses who’s own parents never taught her that pulling the innards out of a living creature is not acceptable or sane behavior.

Andrea needs to remember that other people (aside from immigrants from Israel) have feelings and a right to live unharassed by by vermin such as herself. Michael’s children are no different than her own daughter . . . aside from the fact that Michael was a much better parent and human being than she.

Some research on Andrea opens some understanding, like this article, where Andrea says that her parents grew up with a “different value system” and that she wished her parents were “more materialistic”. The same article also mentions a reprimand from Rupert Murdock himself for calling CNN’s Christiane Amanpour the “CNN War Slut”. (Oh . . . THAT’S why she no longer works there…making friends and influencing people is obviously not her strong suit). The rest of that article reveals how many jobs she went through, blaming “some wealthy guy complained because he thought I was neglecting his table.” (So it’s a wealth-envy thing? Someone else who thinks black artists shouldn’t make more than her?)

Here Andrea Peyser victimized those protesting the Wall Street Bailouts, writing "Some hated their jobs. Others hated school, the cold, living up in frigid Buffalo. The prospects of the Yankees. Their complaints had no common theme." Reference This details her lack of compassion for those that have to work for a living. I wonder what her excuse is going to be when she’s running her daughter back and forth to rehab.

This column pits two Michael-haters in the same article . . . Gloria Allred, who was defending a client who was fired for going on reality T.V. show to be “surgically enhanced” and Peyser, who attacked the woman for it in a column she wrote. That is two people Peyser attacked for making surgical adjustments to their appearance. While she’s picking on Michael’s nose, maybe she should consider making some improvements herself? Maybe she needs a nose that size to turn over a new leaf?

Papers like the New York Post need to see more heavy dollar lawsuits for the criminally slanderous and blatant lies they allow to be published on their pages. And Journali – er – excuse me, fiction writers such as Andrea Peyser should be paying heavy fines for the destructive damage the inflict on innocent human beings. Anyone on the street saying this to a black man would be hauled into court and slapped with a hate crime charge.

What Andrea Peyser should remember is that media bullying is really no different than cyber-bullying. New York does have Megan's Law on their books. Since all three children of Michael's are minors, Andrea Peyser and the New York Post should have charges brought against them for harassing and causing undue pain and hardship for printing libelous and viciously damaging lies about their father on the anniversary of his death. Enough is enough. Andrea needs some serious time spent in community service working as a vendor at the Apollo Theatre, or maybe sitting in church and listening to a good sermon by Jesse Jackson, or maybe getting saved and baptized in a swift running river by a group of Michael Jackson fans.

Maybe Rupert Murdock will finally get it . . . that people are on to the press and that victimizing people in the press does not build respect for that industry.

One blessing from what I am reading, is that if things keep going the way they have been for Murdock, Andrea Peyser and the likes of her will soon be out of a job. And it wouldn’t happen to more deserving people.


  1. There was a second article too Bonnie and that one attacked Paris's good-bye to her father. That is so low that even a snake couldn't get under her. Martin Bashir got brain cancer I can't wait to see what God does to her. Maybe He will call her child home to live with him. That seems like the best thing that could happen for her child. I know up here where I live teen suicide is sky high. The only bad part of that is a child usually goes through a lot of suffering before they get to that point and we all know where Michael stands on children. All but Peyser anyway. I was reading her writing and was beside myself that she passed her English courses. I think I might use them to represent to the Dept of Education in NY that they desperately need to up their standards.

  2. Kim, LOL! And here I was thinking I was being mean-spirited. I know what you mean by her writing. It was like she fought hard to make a choice between stuffing her article with as much hate-centered vitriol as she could, or writing a coherent sentence . . . I guess we know which won out.

    Maybe the post should replace their editor too, while they're at it?

  3. This is very good Bonnie, thank you!

  4. Bonnie,
    I hope they do a thorough investigation into AEG because it sounds like they are involved in Michael's murder.

    If it's true AEG didn't get the proper equipment for Dr. Murray....well that in itself, speaks volumes!

    As for this Andrea,.....Don't let her get you off track. People like her (and I used that term loosely) come and go.
    She's nothing more than a parasite.

    Michael's life and legacy will stand up to all her useless bashing.

    Take Care and God Bless.

  5. Bonnie i couldn't have written this any better, outstanding, Thank you!!!!!!! Is she going to be able to get this somehow?? I hope so, she needs to see it. I firmly believe god does not sleep and God does not like ugly , she will get paid back 10 fold for the horrible human being that she is.

  6. Bonnie,
    You are right about this Andrea. She shouldn't get away with this slander. Her article is very spitefully written.

    Voicing one's opinion is one thing, but she went way too far! She should be Forced to write a Retraction!

    She's asking for trouble and all the Michael Jackson Fans just might give it to her!

  7. Josie - Trust me, Andrea did not get me off track. It took me no time to look up who she was (since NOBODY knows her) and write that up.
    As for AEG, I try to keep in mind who had the medical license and who made the decision to administer the meds without the equipment. How did the good doctor find the funds and the equipment to medicate him, but couldn't seem to find the needed equipment in either of the clinics he worked out of? (Vegas . . . Houston?) Will keep a watch on what happens there. That doctor knew right from wrong. Nobody forced him to medicate Michael and leave him while talking on the phone for over an hour!

    nodf3031 - I did send the Post editor a link to the blog along with a letter. Probably won't ruffle their feathers though. Sad to say.

  8. Bonnie, excellent point about Murray and his medical equipment. Didn't he leave both Houston and Las Vegas practices? Wouldn't he have had excess equipment in those offices? In his good-bye letter to his patients, I don't recall him mentioning a substitute dr. while he was gone. Regarding this Andrea person, she has just completely humiliated herself. She will be at the NY Post until retirement or layoff, because no one will hire such a vicious person. If you were an H.R. person and read this article, would you want to work with her? LOL.

  9. The most troubling example of demagoguery in the American press for me was looking at the New York Post yesterday morning immediately after Strauss-Kahn had been released on his own recognizance to see this woman again be allowed to refer to Strauss-Kahn as a "filthy frog." I teach just outside Dachau where those referred to as "Dirty Jews" or other such epithets were sent after being castigated and the masses whipped into a frenzy. DSK is Jewish; maybe this explains the racist language. The editor of the main such rag, Der Stuermer, was hanged at Nuremberg for this very reason. Just like Streicher, this reprehensible writer uses emotive language whilst ignoring facts and judgement to whip up the crowds. How on earth can the US, a country that seems to be falling further and further into the abyss of ignorance, extremism and reaction, allow such racist language in a daily newspaper?


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