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Michael Jackson Justice: Calling Randy Phillips to the Stand

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Calling Randy Phillips to the Stand

June 5 – Calling Randy Phillips to the Stand

Mr. Randy Phillips is the head of AEG Live, the concert promoting leg of AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group). They should rename it AEG Death.

Could any other artist or talent seriously consider doing business with a company so unprofessional and ill-experienced, that it could try to convince those that may yet have asked for a ticket refund, that a show was actually going to happen?

For a responsible, professional company to put on a concert, you would think that they would know how long it would take to organize and create the show. Michael Jackson knew how much went into putting a show together. Michael Jackson knew the shows were never going to happen!

Two weeks before the concert was due to open it’s first show, costumes were still not done, sets were still not built, pyrotechnics were still not tested and organized, full rehearsals had not ever been accomplished and the line-up of songs was not even completely agreed upon.

Phillip Anschutz owns this company. Mr. Anschutz, why is Randy still employed? Even if your fella’s had not killed or ordered the death of Michael Jackson, the show still would not have gone on. And it’s not because of Michael, Mr. Anschutz, Michael KNEW all his songs and dance steps. He’d done them in hundreds of other concerts! It was your CEO trying to put together a concert posthumous the failed everyone, including you! Unless that was the plan?

It is common consensus now that AEG is or should be under investigation for what they have done. Michael Jackson signed a contract for ten shows. TEN SHOWS. He told Leonard Rowe ten shows, he told his family he agreed to only ten shows. The posters all over London advertised 10 SHOWS!

So why did Randy Phillips lie and say Michael agreed to 50 shows when 40 were added after the signing of the contract? Randy? Have you seen this?

I can’t stand the lies from AEG etc saying Michael agreed to 50 U.K shows! Lies!!! Let me tell you know that I live in Central London and all the posters promoting “TII” stated 10 LONDON SHOWS!!!! THATS RIGHT 10 ( TEN ) LONDON SHOWS!!!!!! Brandon Vella from Facebook

A word from Leonard Rowe.

For a professional company experienced in producing and promoting concerts, you would think they would have had more on the ball. It is not the talent’s job to organize and test pyrotechnics, it is not the star’s job to make the costumes or complete the building of the sets. Take a look at this report:

Extra content from the This Is It DVD

For those of you who cannot get into this page, I will copy below:

Today at 6:45pm
All data comes from the extra content of the This is it DVD. My words between [ ... ]


- Staging the Return: The Adventure Begins

Randy Phillips: “ The O2 Arena was built 2 years ago. I asked Michael if he wanted to do some shows there, but he said no. In September 2008, they told me he was ready”

[In that date, Michael was producing a new album with the Two Seas Records label. There was no Sony contract. Why make this tour to enrich Sony?]

Paul Gongaware: “The tickets were on sale on march. Sold-out. There were still 264.000 fans asking for more, that’s enough to sell another 50 shows”

Randy Phillips: “I told Michael, it’s been great, we need to add more shows. He said, ok, do it"

[This contradicts what Phillips himself said the 13th of March 2009, when he stated Michael phoned him, crying, begging him not to add more shows. One day later, AEG added 20 more shows]

Kenny Ortega: “Michael wanted to do more than 50 shows, he wanted a worldwide tour”

[Michael said to several people that he didn’t want more than 10 shows. Furthermore, years ago he stated that if he did another tour, it would kill him]

Kenny Ortega: “We started working on the beggining of the shows”

May 29

Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne, etc talking about how to start the shows

Bruce Jones: “Michael himself participated in some dangerous scenes”. “After including the 3D thing, we had to start all over again with the whole stuff”

Travis Payne rehearsed in front of Michael, dressed like him.

[“Still the King” is a tour that was announced few months ago and was supposed to start in 2010. Travis would be the “star” impersonating Michael. Maybe This is it was a good place for him to start rehearsing...]

June 6

Trying pyrotechnics, only 35 days away of the first show

- Staging the Return: Beyond the show

Robb Wagner: “MJ Air was the only piece to be screened in the Staples Center”

June 24

Randy Phillips: “Michael was about to start the full rehearsals in UK”

Kenny Ortega: “There were no cameras, no microphones... we were lucky we could made the movie”

[AEG hired Tim Patterson and Sandrine Orabona as camera people with a budget of $80.000. Travis Payne and Kenny Ortega also had cameras]

- The Gloved One

Kenny Ortega: “Michael has been working with Michael Bush for 31 years”

AEG hired Zaldy. Zaldy: “We only had 2 months to finish the clothes”

[Just 2 months?!]

Kenny Ortega: “Workers needed to wear sunglasses because of the reflection of the clothes”

[So what about the fans in the show? Sun & 3D glasses on to watch the gig? Wow...]

Zaldy: “Michael only managed to try the pants on”

Zaldy: "The Black or White costume weight is 5 kg"

- Memories of Michael

Meeting of 6, 8 hours. Michael went to rehearse every day

[Nevertheless, all footage from This is it comes from the 22, 23 and 24th of June. Did he really went to rehearsals every day?]

Auditions for the dancers started in April.

- The Unifinished Rehearsals

“Dirty Diana and Smooth Criminal were not yet complete, and were never fully rehearsed on-stage”

“Dirty Diana was just a drawing on a napkin”

Michael had breathing vents down the stage

[So he wasn’t fit enough to perform 2 hours in a show]


- Meet the dancers

Started to rehearse in May. 6 days a week.
Travis Payne: “Michael gave them 2 weeks to adapt”

- Meet the Band

May 25

Rehearsing the start of The Way You Make Me Feel

Screenshot from the DVD: (See photo attached below)

[A total of 21 songs. 1 – Maybe they wanted to perform all of them. In the Dangerous Tour, Michael performed 17, it was in 1992, he was 34. So now, 17 years later he was supposed to perform 21? 2 – Maybe they just wanted to rehearse these 21 songs. But then, why waste time on rehearsing so many songs just a month away of the start of the shows in London?]

- Meet the vocalists

Rehearsals for “Dancing Machine”, “Can You Feel It”, “Stranger in Moscow”, “Will You Be There” and “Dangerous”.

The contract states: “Obliged to perform for at least 80 minutes at each show”

This is it CD

1. Wanna Be Starting Something
2. Jam
3. They Don’t Care About Us
4. Human Nature
5. Smooth Criminal
6. The Way You Make Me Feel
7. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
8. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
9. Thriller
10. Beat It
11. Black Or White
12. Earth Song
13. Billie Jean
14. Man In The Mirror

According to Sony, this was the order the songs were about to be performed at the O2. You have to add The Jackson 5 Medley and the songs I mentioned above.

Thank you to Karmen for sharing this and the link. Please promote that link to as many places as you can! I want people to know what AEG did to Michael and what Randy Phillips did to kill this man!

Although I don’t particularly subscribe to the ideology of this particular periodical, I do agree with this writer’s opinions of the contribution the media made to Michael’s death. Please read this article.

The role mass media played in Michael Jackson’s troubles

And for those who have not yet seen this article, it is just a reiteration of things we already know, but a good reinforcement of the relationships.

Tomorrow I am taking a heart break (heartbreak is different) and doing a soft article, from a mother’s view. :o)
Good night and God Bless you all for defending what is right.


  1. Do you know what they mean by he "had breathing vents down the stage"? I thought I noticed he was having some breathing issues in some of the video clips myself. Where is the quote from Randy regarding Michael crying on the phone to him about adding shows on March 13th?

  2. That above picture of Michael is so painful to see, he looks so bad :( How could they do this to him !!

  3. @Nikki - I do not know exactly what they meant by breathing vents. I even googled the term. I assumed that those are the vents that blow Michael's clothes and hair up when he moves to one side of the stage or the other during his performance, but the use of "breathing" in that term is what throws me. I sent you the link in pm about the quote from Randy.

    MichaelPureSoul - Michael looks extremely thin in that picture, but that is still one of the few "TII" pictures where he still looks like Michael. I have to keep telling myself that that Michael aged so it doesn't hit me so hard.


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