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Michael Jackson Justice: Carolwood a Compromised Crime Scene

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Carolwood a Compromised Crime Scene

June 22, 2010 – Carolwood a Compromised Crime Scene

In Two days there will be tributes and memorials the world over commemorating the day Michael Jackson was murdered.

When John Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980, the culprit was apprehended quickly, Mark David Chapman didn’t flee the scene. He stood where he was when he shot him, turning the pages of “Catcher in the Rye”. He had no known motive for killing Lennon, other than his explanation that a voice in his head said “Do it, Just do it” when Lennon walked by him.

Mark Chapman was arrested, tried and is still serving time for that crime. He was given twenty years to life.

In comparison, Michael Jackson was murdered by his doctor, in his own home. The doctor admits to administering propofol, but that is where the similarities end with Lennon’s murder.

It is now learned that security cameras were throughout the house, including private areas, like Michael’s bedroom. There are security tapes missing and gaps in other security tapes, as described in the National Enquirer.

"Insiders close to the investigation say Michael's death - possibly his murder - was captured on camera, but the video has not been recovered.

"There are also gaps in some security camera footage stored on computer hard drives. Police are combing through personal computers recovered from the house." It states.

This article tells the same story.

Two of Michael’s sisters were taking Michael’s “personal things” out of the house the day after he was killed. Both articles speculate that it was the two sisters that removed “evidence” including bed sheets, security tapes or that they had the security tapes removed. We also have to consider that both articles and most other places reference to this can be found are either on tabloids or message forums.

Both Lennon and Jackson had FBI Files on them. John Lennon’s files were not released until 2006 (the remaining ten pages). Michael Jackson’s files were released, on request of the A.P. (ASSociated Press) on 12-22-2009 less than six months after he died.

Even posthumous, Michael has not been granted any privacy or peace. Every document in relation to his death and the investigation has been released to the press, primarily through TMZ. One has to wonder if someone in the Jackson family has on ongoing contract with the tabloid.

Most of the breaking news concerning Michael, including time of death, has been released through TMZ. His death certificate, the amended death certificate, court documents from previous lawsuits, his autopsy report (redacted), the will, the trust, AEG contract, yet for some reason, no one can find security tapes nor can anyone seem to get information regarding the rehearsals. What special pinnacle does AEG sit on that guarantees it more right to privacy than Michael Jackson over his personal and health records?

Several questions about the two days following Michael’s death have yet to be answered. Not surprisingly a rundown of the last day of his life was written up and submitted through the A.P. and, not surprisingly, they again had to get their jabs of lies in there.

I am going to quote part of this article below:

“ . . . Behind the once-proclaimed King of Pop was a bleak stretch of pain and artistic decline.”

I agree with the pain part. Artistic decline? I highly doubt that the $250 million dollar deal Branca just gave Sony for all of Michael’s unreleased music that he had been working on between the mid-nineties and 2009 could be called artistic decline. Some of the most beautiful songs and poems, prose and creative ideas for business came from Michael’s brain in the last years of his life. Michael’s problem wasn’t artistic direction, it was the same thing that ills the rest of the United States . . . The corporate-owned press, itself in decline in more ways than one. Most of Rupert Murdock’s papers are losing money. Most of the network news is losing money and viewership, except Fox News, which has somehow managed to steal the viewers from the other networks by portraying themselves as fair and balanced.

The above article goes on to say this before they actually get to the facts:

“Jackson was poised for a great leap of faith, one testing himself and those who believed in him. It was a chance to silence detractors who had mocked his increasingly clownish, artificial appearance and what appeared to be an equally artificial and veiled version of family life with the three children he was raising alone.”

Clownish, artificial appearance more accurately describes this piece as a news item. Michael’s appearance has changed many times, depending on weight, age and whatever trauma that happened to be inflicted upon him at the time. When you are faced day to day by press shoving camera’s into your face only to have them turn and mock, humiliate, slander, bully you and attack your character, I would want to look like someone else too, just to keep them away! Micheal’s children, in the words of Frank DiLeo, were “beautifully educated”, taught how to pray, about the Bible and God, were mature and very well mannered according to every body guard that ever gave an interview. There was nothing artificial about Michael’s children or the way he raised them. Yes they were veiled! Michael wasn’t so naïve that he believed the press would treat his children any better than they treated him. And of course, he was right. Michael protected them and he did a fantastic job.

What amazes me, is that for all the press Michael has gotten AFTER his death, about his children’s upbringing, his alleged drug abuse (again, see autopsy report, no evidence of drug abuse, he was healthy), his face, his skin, his behavior, his wheelchairs etc, etc, etc . . . The REAL journalist would be doing what most of Michael’s family, friends and fans are trying to get accomplished and start inquiring about what is being done about his murder!

Where is the public outrage? Why isn't the press digging into the fact that Dr. Murray has only been charged with involuntary manslaughter? Why isn't the media asking questions as to why "This is It" staff, crew and performers have not been called in and questions as witnesses? Why haven't they jumped on the fact that Cooley and Brown campaigns were funded by donations from both Branca's firm and Colony Capital?

We have missing security tapes! We have a concert promotion company that has forbidden anyone working on “This is It” from talking to the press or to the authorities. We have authorities who are more concerned about the murderer’s FEELINGS then investigating the murder! We have a judge in California that has slammed Richard Fine, 70 years old, in jail without a charge for the last 15 months, to keep him from squawking and revealing the bribes Judges in the Supreme Court there have taken.

We were told by one person who has been working on Richard Fine’s case, “If you want to expose what was done to Michael Jackson, we need to get Richard Fine out of jail.”

People want to continue to believe the press as they are being lied to and programmed day after day after day. The press is used by special interests for one purpose only, character assassination. They are the propaganda pieces of the people in power. That is it. They have no other purpose.

The Jackson family, for whatever reason, is afraid. They know what is going on, but they won’t talk. There are fans of Michael that do not understand why they are doing the things they are doing, with planning tributes, selling memoirs about Michael, selling outlandishly expensive tickets to a tribute to fund a museum in Gary Indiana when a crime against their son and brother has not even been solved yet. You would think all resources would be devoted to that. This only feeds the press with confirmation of the Jackson’s disregard for the well-being of Michael and his children. This of course is what the press in turn, feeds the public and this is why you see articles like the one above.

Asking for the justice system in California to focus on this case is, I realize, too much to ask. Hoping the media or the press would want to focus on the murder instead of the shape of Michael’s chin is just unrealistic. However, it would be nice if the people claiming to be his friends and his family members would at least appear to take this case seriously. Nobody is going to forget Michael Jackson. He’s already in the record books numerous times for numerous things. His music is everywhere and his charity is legendary. His suffering is prolific.

We have been dancing around this issue of justice for a year. We have gotten nowhere. We have just as many people who loved Michael working against him as we do working for him.

The mantra seems to be, he’s not coming back, so let’s get as much money out of this so the bad guys don’t get it all. Money is flying everywhere and justice is getting buried under it all.

Michael was murdered. He was murdered by doctor who was not working alone. Michael was forced into a concert deal that he could not physically sustain. Michael was surrounded by people who kept those who cared about him away long enough to kill him.

Michael Jackson was stolen from by just about every business manager he had, according to one of his lawyers during the 2005 trial. No trial against those managers was ever pursued because no lawyer would take it, including the one that did the investigation. One lawyer that DID know too much, Peter Lopez, was found dead on his front lawn of a gunshot wound, quickly ruled a “suicide”. Thanks again, California. When in doubt or too lazy to investigate (or not sure who's political side the victim is on) just rule suicide.

Michael Jackson was vindicated of any drug abuse stories after the release of his autopsy. The only drugs found in Michael’s system was the sleep aides that Murray administered, and the lethal overdose of Propofol.

Michael was vindicated of “bleaching” his skin with the revelation of “Vitiligo” splotches on his chest, arms, forehead, legs and back as revealed on the autopsy report. It also revealed he had arthritis and more catheters and I.V. holes inserted in sensitive places then a person could endure while conscious.

Why did the police wait so long to do a crime scene investigation? Why did the Jackson sisters clean out the house before the police COULD do a thorough crime scene investigation? Why did Tohme fire the staff and send them away hours after Michael was pronounced dead and before the police could question them?

What are the Jackson's afraid of? Who is hiding what?

During the latter part of 2008 into 2009, Michael was not just getting ready for a concert. He was also getting businesses reorganized, streamlined and established in preparation for whatever was going to happen as a result of the concerts, this with the help of Colony Capital and Anschutz Corporation. During this time in 2008, Peter Lopez was one of Michael’s attorney’s. Next blog we will find out more about Peter Lopez.

As always, God bless and please keep up your prayers!


  1. More dots connected here:

  2. Thank you Bonnie, for your well thought out comments. I just found your site and am glad I did! I became an MJ fan after his death. So this past year I've read and seen it all, so to speak. (thank God for youtube!) I'm just now hearing about Richard Fine and don't know too much yet about Peter Lopez. So I look forward to your next post. You raise a good point about the security tapes - all other personal info and crazy stuff is freely reported on, but nobody cares to look for or investigate the missing tapes, which is a key factor to solving this whole thing. Anybody that was in the house that day has disappeared along with those tapes, never to be seen or heard from again. All very interesting. I'll continue to tune in.

  3. Bonnie,
    I read where they say the Jackson Estate has made $1Billion so far on "Everything Michael Jackson."

    $1Billion in 1 Year! That's a lot of money!!!!


    that WAS the MOTIVE for Assassinating Michael Jackson! He was not only Murdered.....he was Assassinated!

    I wish you were on the LAPD Investigation Team!

    Your facts are Right-On however, I find myself getting Depressed reading them.

    With all these loopholes and gaps and now the Jackson's being afraid....I wonder if Michael will ever get Justice.

    I will be watching some of the tributes this Friday, for sure. I just hope they are done with good taste.

  4. skeptikos - I have a lot on Peter Lopez, but I could not find an exact start and stop time that he worked for Michael . . . just between 2007 and 2008 but no exact dates. I even checked the timeline. I had to correct some of the info on that blog in the comments. She's getting MJJ kingdom confused with Kingdom Entertainment I believe. Two different entities. MJJ Kingdom is still active in California and was only established in August of '08 as was another MJ company (music publishing) Also the partnering with Sycamore Valley Ranch Co. Lots of activity in 2008 not only with Michael's companies and meetings, but with Colony shell companies and filings. Interesting is Waleed is involved in Colony, previous partner of Michael, and has the same ambitions as Anschutz in the entertainment industry. Waleed was also very, very fond of Michael and appeared in one interview as rather disgusted with the way American press and the companies treated him. I would not want to be Mottola right now (or anytime actually. He's just loathsome)

    sas1253 - Thank you for visiting my blog. The investigation and the reporting of it is a team effort. Some I credit . . . some don't want to be credited, but everyone contributes to the information I write about. Purpose is getting these people exposed. Nothing will be done, I fear, unless they can get this case investigated outside the CA justice system.

    Josie - I agree with that term . . . assassinated. I wouldn't make it on the LAPD investigation team because I'm not for sale.

    Don't get depressed. This is typical garbage Michael had to deal with. People are digging and something will happen. I have total faith in that, even though it is going to be slow going. Because of who we are dealing with, we have the "gloat" issue . . . and the people around Sony and "this is it" are showing their true colors. There is something the Jacksons are hiding and it could very well just be investigation related, but judging by the level of fear, there seems to be more to it. It's deeper than that.

  5. Bonnie, You say the Jackson's are afraid and won't talk. You say the level of fear is great.

    Could you give me an example of this. What makes you think they are afraid?

    What happened that makes you think they are afraid? I really don't understand this.

    Please help me understand it.

  6. Josie - They won't talk. They know who it is and if you watch the interviews, especially Janet, there is a lot of fear there and also anger. They know something but can't or wont' say and I know it may have to do with compromising the investigation, but it's deeper than that. One of the brothers is working with McClain. It's nuts!

  7. Bonnie,

    What gives you the idea that one of the brothers is working with McClain?

    Do you realize what you're saying here?

  8. Bonnie,

    I have another question I've wanted to ask for a long time but was afraid you might misunderstand.

    Here goes. It's been reported that Michael was afraid "They" were trying to kill him. I believe this to be true.

    Question is: If he was afraid, then why would he
    trust ANY Doctor to give him Propofol?

    He literally put his life in this Doctor's hands!

    Was he calling their bluff or had he given up?

    Thinking if they do kill me at least it will be painless.

  9. Bonnie,
    If I'm asking questions that you don't want to answer publicly, feel free to E-mail me and we can talk in private.

    Whatever is comfortable for you.

  10. Have you ever seen this site?
    Very good info there also, with alot of research and connecting of the dots.

  11. Josie - I came across this today. Maybe this is what Bonnie is referring to.

    "Jackson’s oldest brother, Jackie Jackson, is working with co-executor John McClain on a new album of 10 unreleased songs by Jackson, said one of the people. McClain is a long-time family friend and former head of urban music at DreamWorks. McClain didn’t respond to e-mails seeking comment."

  12. sas1253

    Thanks for your input.

    You may be right! What shocks me is it states that McClain is a "Long-Time Family Friend!"

    It's all just a little Too Cozy, to me.

    "Strange Bed-Fellows" ..(if ya know what I mean)

  13. Josie, I don't think that Michael would have given up. He has endured years of abuse at the hands of others. He wasn't someone who would give up easily. More importantly, he would never, ever have risked his life so willingly without even saying goodbye to his precious children. Fact is, he would never have willingly left them like this.

    As for the tapes, I heard that just after IT happened, all staff were subsequently fired. By who? The notorious Tohme Tohme? Who had the authority to fire staff other than Michael, and can we believe that this ever happened? I would love to know exactly who was on the premises on that fateful day. We already know Michael's children were there, and Kai, Murderay and Alberto Alvarez, but who else?

  14. Dee-
    I found your last comment very interesting. I have no proof, but I believe at least one more person may have been in may have been in Michael's room that morning. I agree with you that MJ would have never given up, he was one of the strongest people God ever put on this Earth. He was too courageous to ever quit.

    Have you ever seen the interview with MJ's other chef? It's very interesting. It's not clear exactly when he was employed, but he was there at the same time Conrad Murray was at Carolwood. I assume it was during the time before Chase was rehired. Here's the link-

    I have a question. It was reported last year that Michael had scratches on his knees and back at the time of his death. Have you ever heard this information before? It was mentioned briefly by the media last year and then dropped, like the missing security cameras.

    I was so glad that you addressed the cameras in your blog. This is a subject that has disturbed me this entire year. When it was reported on all the major news channels soon after Michael's murder, I thought it was bombshell information , but like so many other facts that were brought up, it was quickly dropped and never mentioned again. What real journalist wouldn't want to investigate the possible existence of a tape revealing the actual murder of Michael Jackson? This is a mystery that has nagged at me for a year.

    What is going on? Who has enough power to control the media and the court system? In my opinion, there are some very rich and powerful people behind the murder of Michael Jackson and AEG is just one small piece of the puzzle.

    I also want to thank you for your blog. Your writing is so well researched and convincing, I only wish if could be read by a wider audience. Since I'm a "new" fan too, I have much respect and appreciation for your efforts, you are a warrior for Michael, and you have my thanks and admiration.

  15. You do such an excellent job with your time-line investigation. I enjoy it very much and have learned a lot re Michael.

    I became a real fan the day he died. I'll never understand that completely. Somebody called it"The Michael Jackson Effect". That's pretty well sums it up. I've spent a yr trying to learn who he was. I wish I had paid attention when he was going through so much. At least I could have prayed for him. I pray for his family daily. SB

  16. Just a thought, I remember a report could be CNN back when it happened that Randy was also there at the house. I need to find it.prob gone just like the tapes.


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