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Michael Jackson Justice: Cry . . . Didn't He Do Enough of This?

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cry . . . Didn't He Do Enough of This?

This is not a blog update, this is a reminder that despite what else is going on in the world, there are still people out there that apparently haven't gotten the message.

For those of you who have been unable to resist the urge to veer off course, I wanted to remind you all of something.

Michael Jackson is dead. He is dead because of greed. Greed for money, for power and for recognition and fame.

Personally, would want to follow in the footsteps of the victim, not the greedy ones that took him down.

In the last two days, I have been unable to get a blog update written on the research I have done because of headaches. I come back to find my inbox getting flooded with hate-filled emails going back and forth between one party or the other. These two people used to be friends. I don't know what happened, I don't know who started it and thankfully, I am not involved.

Glory is an awfully seductive temptation to resist, isn't it? There are only two entities I've ever been exposed to in my entire life, who are worthy of Glory:

God and Jesus Christ.

All this fighting over Michael Jackson is ridiculous. He's gone! And even if he were still here, he would probably do what he's done with every other person in his life that felt it necessary to attack another person to get close to him . . . Leave the both of them in the dust from their scuffle!

Nothing good is ever going to come of this kind of in-fighting. Michael Jackson was pummled into the ground over rumors like this and we are going to continue to do this to each other?

What kind of memories are you adding to his legacy? Look at what is happening! How in the world is any official going to take anyone fighting for justice in this seriously, if they see us acting like this?

Take a look below. I copied this from the messages. In and around the time I was watching hateful emails pop into my Facebook account, a tiny ray of light!

THIS is what it is all about. Setting the record strait, undoing the decades of LIES, deceit and libel from the Press so that this poor man and his children can finally get his name cleared! Michael needs justice not just in the courtroom, but in the public arena! But there are those that are too busy making sure their name is first on certain "charitable" works and acts of "selfless" sacrifice to help him.

This, my friends,is what justice looks like . . . This is what "selfless" works to get a person's name cleared looks like.

It's not about your name being attached to a good deed . . . it's about the result of the good deed.

Martine Vaudon June 13 at 2:59am Reply
Remember I send you a message to comment at 'MJ jokes' page !!!
GUESS WHAT !! We REMOVED IT !! ITS NO MORE !!! The girl Lulu who send this message to everyone got a reply from that site !! Check it urself !!
Thnx for your help guys.. I told ya that ITS WORTH SPENDING SOME MINUTES !!!

"hi Lulu

good news!! you started a revolt! we’re converting the joke page into
a story on how you mobilized MJ fans."

I want to THANK each and every person who has left a comment there, has spread word and has supported this idea, Than you all so much!

I want to thank our dear member Celia MJ once again for bringing this link to our attention!

And once again I want thank Martine Vaudon, Siobhan Buckley, Jarmila Bukovska, Severine Gerard, Tracey Jayne! You've done great job! Thank you!

We are really a huge, great MJ Family here. And it shows us once again that United we are strong! We still have to get rid of a lot of horrible vidoes and groups and articles unfortunately, but if we stay Together like this we will succeed in bringing them down! Some may take longer some less but Together we will do it!

"There's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voices as one!" - MJ

Thank you all once again!


Those of you fighting with each other . . . you know who you are. Just stop it. Michael doesn't need any more scars. Please.


  1. Bonnie, I was just commenting this to a friend today. I am really sick of this too and deleted myself from some groups already. Just sad that credit is so important to some people :(

  2. I love you Bonnie. Thank you for all that you do and for reminding me to not engage. It is so hard for me to step back when I see someone I care about being attacked. Thank you for reminding me to keep my focus and hold to the Rod of God. I hope those headaches leave and stay gone. I love you more!

  3. Mel and Kim - I know what you mean. The reason I even "engaged" in this fight for the injustice Michael suffered is because I cannot just sit and watch someone get taken down or attacked either. We are supposed to be able to look beyond ourselves and see the CORE purpose of what we labor for.

    This really is a learning experience. Look at everything we have had to deal with since starting this (what do I call this? A journey?). We have all probably experienced at least one or two experiences that Michael has had to deal with all through his life.

    Michael was put down by people who fought with, connived, took advantage, manipulated, lied to and raped him of any sense of trust in anyone. The man had no security. And it MAKES ME ANGRY that people are continuing to DO THIS TO EACH OTHER knowing what happened to him!

    It's really sad to see history repeating itself. We don't have to let it.


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