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Michael Jackson Justice: Day of Reckoning for Michael Jackson's Murderer

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Day of Reckoning for Michael Jackson's Murderer

June 14, 2010 – Day of Reckoning

I woke up this morning and revisited some pictures from this time five years ago. Two words came to the forefront of my mind:

Not Fair.

As I pray today, I feel my heart connect directly to God’s. I keep thinking as I pray, if I did something wrong, please don’t let it affect what needs to happen today.

Today Murray stands before a judge in a preliminary trial that was supposed to take place back in April. Maybe it will even be in the same courtroom where one year and one day ago to this day, Michael stood awaiting a sentence on the rest of his life, so gripped in fear and anxiety that he could barely breathe.

After months of listening to people he befriended, opened his home, wallet and heart to sell him out to a jury and a prosecutor that cared so little for justice that evidence was falsified to try to make something stick, Michael had nothing left. What strength he had left, he borrowed from God.

After months of watching a child he helped bring back from the brink of death by stage four cancer accuse him of the most disgusting actions, a boy he taught how to pray and use faith to heal himself accuse him on a witness stand, in front of family, friends and the press of acts beyond his own comprehension . . . Michael had enough energy only to let one tear slip down his face as each verdict of not guilty was read.

It was not the actions of Michael’s enemies that hurt him. He knew about them. He knew what they were made of. What hurt was the betrayal of a child. Michael knew that adults could be greedy, self serving, deviant and corrupt. What hurt Michael was the reality that an innocent child could do that to him after everything he had given him. Michael was unprepared and could not comprehend the hate that could convince this child to hurt him.

We put God through this every single day. Every time we commit an act of sin, it hurts. It hurts the man that went to the cross for us. How could we, as his children who were given love, compassion and trust enough to make a choice, turn and betray him for our own wants? Michael’s trial played out almost like an allegory written by C.S. Lewis.

Michael was destroyed over the course of that five month trial. If there is a way to eviscerate someone’s soul, this country found a way to do it. We all watched the press and the media take Michael apart one strip of flesh at a time. We watched a malignant justice system do it’s best to convict an innocent man, using the media pre-trial to pre-convict him. It didn’t work. Or did it?

Michael was found innocent unanimously on all fourteen frivolous counts by the jury. But the press had already done it’s damage. Public opinion was split on Michael’s innocence. Journalists irresponsibly pontificated on the luck of celebrity.

Michael, who so like a child himself he had to sleep with lights on to feel comfortable, had nothing to celebrate. He thanked God and left the celebrating to those who were closest to him. After five months of stomach ulcer-producing stress and anxiety, he went home to collapse with his children and family.

This time last year, I wasn’t even aware Michael Jackson was preparing for concerts let alone the other struggles he was going through. I had no clue about any battle with Sony, no hint that he was a billionaire who was being siphoned by those he trusted to watch over his businesses, had no idea he was fighting hundreds of lawsuits leveled at him mostly by people who had never met him. This time last year, I was preparing for a visit from my own brother and his daughter for the week of Independence Day. I had no idea Michael Jackson was even back in the country. To me, he was a name of the eighties.

One year later and I am in amazement of how much my life as changed because of the things his death and the learning about his life has opened my eyes to.

Michael Jackson was a human being. He had to die for me to learn exactly that. He was a human being, probably more so than most of us, because he was not afraid to be in touch with the pain and suffering of others.

One of Michael’s children (he called them that), whom he loved and prayed over through chemo-therapy and rejoiced over when it was learned that the boy was cancer free, repaid him in the most viciously, emotionally destroying ways possible . . . Accused him of hurting what he loved the most . . . children.

In the Arms of Michael
Michael being honored at his school, Yes this is the same school that now refuses to uncover his name on the auditorium he donated to because of POLITICAL INFLUENCES.

Michael arriving to his trial in April of 2005
Michael found not guilty on June 13th 2005. Tom Mesereau said Michael looked terrible and a good interview conducted by my friend Deborah Kunesh explains Tom’s feelings on that day.

Tom Mesereau Interview with Deborah Kuneshh
There are some days I’m not sure where the crime of murder originated . . . With Dr. Conrad Murray, with AEG, with Tom Sneddon and that frivolous 2005 trial, Sony and Branca, Tommy Mottola or the malignant media.

I pray the correct road of justice was embarked upon today.

Good night and God Bless.


  1. Hi Bonnie, hope you're feeling better.
    According to 2005 trial testimony, Branca was working for Sony at the SAME time he was working for Michael. Branca and Tony Mottola had an offshore account where some of Michael's money was sent. Sere here:

    And Pls take a look here:
    19 FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2005
    I did not see an engagement letter. I was

    7 instructed by Mr. Jackson to submit all documents

    8 that were to be signed by Mr. Jackson, they were to

    9 be reviewed by Mr. Malnik before presentation to Mr.

    10 Jackson. That instruction was given to Ronald

    11 Konitzer and Dieter Weizner as well.

    12 Q. Have you attended meetings with Mr. Malnik
    Court transcript May 13, 2005. Answers by witness (& former attorny of MJ) David LeGrand.


    Q. As far as the John Branca and Tommy Motolla investigation by Interfor, Interfor never found any evidence that Mr. Motolla or Mr. Branca were engaged in any with Mr. Jackson, did they?
    A. That’s correct. I had no evidence delivered with that report to substantiate those claims.

    Q. And in fact, that report only indicate that Sony was depositing money in some offshore account, apparently for Mr. -- on Mr. Jackson’s behalf, true?
    A. I’m not sure about the “Mr. Jackson’s behalf.” I would need to see the report.

    Q. Okay. But you have no reason to believe that any funds transferred to an offshore account by Sony, you have no reason to believe that those funds were somehow defrauding Mr. Jackson?
    A. I was given no credible evidence to support those charges. I would be doing Mr. Branca and Mr. Motolla a great wrong if I said otherwise.

    The Offshore account in the Caribbean "that Mello mentioned" was owned by Branca and Motolla.

    Branca was an attorney in Los Angeles doing music work for Michael.

    Branca was a partner at the Ziffren law firm in LA. That firm also represented Sony.

    Sony paid money into the offshore account for Branca with the intent for Branca to sell out Michael.
    Bear in mind that in this time period, Michael was in conference talks with Sony concerning both of their interests in the catalog.

    Here is one question put to LeGrand by Mr Mesereau.

    Q: Was it your belief when you started this investigation that Al Malnik, Tommy Motolla, John Branca and people at Sony were trying to find a way to get Mr Jacksons interest in that Music Catalog.

    A: I'm not sure that I would include Al Malnic in that group, but certainly was concerned that Branca and Motolla in particular, had set the stage so to speak, for Sony to be able to obtain Michaels interest in the Sony/ATV joint venture.

    Last link has also another interesting reading about «Sundaram’s allegations against Sneddon»

    Thomas J. Barrack, Jr. (from Colony Capital) - Business Partner

    Dr. Tohme R. Tohme - Manager/president of MJJ Productions, Inc.

    Randy Phillips (President AEG Live)

    L. Londell McMillan (from Dewey & LeBoeuf) - Chief Legal Counsel and Business Manager

    Thomas C. Mundell (from Mundell, Odlom & Haws) - California Legal Counsel

    Peter M. Lopez - Attorney (attorney; mainly music career)

    Martin Bandier - Chairman, Sony ATV Music Publishing

    Celena Aponte (Outside Organization) represents AEG Live

    Dr. Arnold Klein - Dermatologist

    1. peter lopez dead suicide i am not sure i belive that wat klein on this team for>> I mean what can he contribute u sure this list is legit?

    2. No, I'm not sure it's legit either but this was a copy of a post from back in March of 2009. Lopez was still alive then. This is copied from someone elses blog by someone that was exposed as a Sony plant.

  2. MIJAC CLAIMED ON 18.June.2007, BROTHER RANDY STOLE HIS MONEY,2933,258016,00.html

  3. Hi Bonnie. Some days I'm not sure either but although there were many sharks of all kinds in and out of Michael's life along the way (and some of them are still there trying to get what they can), I believe it starts and ends with Sony.

  4. Bonnie, I am new here but I have been reading your blog for some time now. You are very intelligent and your research is fantastic!

    I relate to you concerning MJ. I thought he retired a while back and left the country, too.

    So I was surprised to hear about the O2 comeback concerts just like you.

    I agree with everything you have posted from way back concerning MJ's passing and Murder.

    Only your last post confuses me. We know he was murderd but it's up to the authorities to investigate and figure who is involved.

    Don't lose hope, Bonnie. I personally feel it starts and ends with Sony.

    I just pray God will bring someone in to investigate the murder..someone who will have evidence to prove it. Someone like Mesereau.

    Keep up the good work here, Bonnie.

  5. Bonnie, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I have searched many other blogs and none of them compare to yours, IMHO.

    I am addicted to your blog. It helps me get through the grief process.

    I fell in love with MJ all over again after he died. I was busy raising my kids at the time he was popular. I always liked him and his work.

    But since his death, I have needed someone to talk to about him. Someone to share my feeling with. Thanks for being that someone.

    May God Bless You and Your Family, Richly.

  6. I'm reading MJ's book, "Moonwalk" at this time.
    I miss him so much.

    But I believe if we (all the fans) stick together, we will see Justice Prevail.

    Today's verdict on Conrad Murray didn't surprise me but, it did hurt me. They are just dragging this out hoping the fans will give up.

    Michael never gave up so we must not give up either.

  7. Hi Bonnie,

    Did you see this article on Huffington Post yesterday? If you did not here is the link:

    I thought it was very interesting article about the media and what happened during the trial. Some people who make comments about this article want to help this article to go up to Google ranking so many people can get a chance to read it.

    I just want to share this.


  8. Thank you skeptikos, Josie, Bunnieroe and Mesrak. I'm sorry I confused everyone with the last paragraph where I stated I wasn't sure who was responsible for Michael's murder. I most definitely believe Sony is behind it and Branca. That last paragraph was more how I felt about the whole process of bringing Michael down and it started with the media and worked it's way up to the Sony's rape of Michael (and every other artist who is too yellow-bellied to take up the fight).

    Michael exposed that whole shameful, sordid industry with that battle he had with Sony. He also exposed the evils of the press, the media, Hollywood, celebrity, corporate greed, personal greed and the sickness of our whole society as well.

    I am just thankful to God that I have been woken up because I was just as blind to it all as most people out there. I knew some things were going on, but I didn't know it was this bad.

    Sometimes I am caught between letting God handle it and not knowing if I am supposed to used in that "handling" of it. I have never been so furious about something happening to another human being in my whole life, as I am about what has happened with Michael Jackson.

    Mesrak, I did see and read that Huffington Post article and it was awesome! I also read somewhere that someone was going to make a movie about what the press has become in this country (and others) and I hope they do it!

    I would love for someone to come up with an idea that would turn the media and the press in on themselves so we could all watch them implode!

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    Did you watch Larry King interviewing the teacher who is acquitted on child molestation charges yesterday? Her lawyer was saying he is preparing to sue the government for violating everything such as lying , cheating, fabricating evidence, forcing her own children to testify against her and so on. Why is that in Michael’s case suing the government especially Tom Sneddon did not happen? Why is his lawyer did not attempt to sue just like the teacher’s lawyers is going to do? Do you think Michael did not want to go through the ordeal since he was already exhausted? I am absolutely furious that nothing was done to fight back the District Attorney and LAPD.


  10. Hello Mimi - I know your comment was addressed to Bonnie but I can't help but weigh in on this one. Michael was devastated by that trial. He just wanted out, and listened to his brother Jermaine about moving to Bahrain, of all places. I personally felt that if he had ridden it out, stood his ground, and returned to Neverland, he would have fared much better. It was reported he said he could never go back to NL as after all the raids he didn't consider it his home any longer. But I've often wondered if Tom Mesereau, his lawyer, did ever suggest a lawsuit similar to that being brought by the acquitted teacher interviewed on Larry King last evening. It might have done something to improve MJ's image in the US, which was his biggest detractor since 2005. Sneddon was every bit as guilty of witness tampering, fabricating evidence and all the other disgusting elements present in this teacher's case. Did you know that from the time of MJ's arrest he was under a gag order but the mainstream media, of course, was NOT under such an order. That period of time was the most heinous and disgusting as Michael could say NOTHING in defense of the kitchen sink that was tossed his way by the media and by leaks from Sneddon's office. As I was watching that teacher on LKL, I was amazed at how her case paralleled MJ's. Can you imagine being the biggeset star in the world and having that trash thrown at you. He never recovered.

  11. And I meant to say one more thing. Were you aware that Michael was sued well over 70 times in his lifetime by people trying to make a buck off him using the US justice system? As Mr. Mesereau has often commented: why work when you can sue Michael Jackson? I am certain that Michael's reticence to sue after his acquittal we because he could no longer stomach our US system of justice.

  12. I saw a quote by Michael somewhere that in 2001, he was quoted as saying that he no longer believed in our Justice system. That was even before the 2005 trial. He was sued THOUSANDS of times, but most were tossed out before being heard. The seventy times I believe were cases that were actually heard. Michael would have spent his life in a court room if he had to appear at every one!

    and I agree with June's statement in regard to Michael suing after that 2005 trial. Michael wasn't just exhausted. He was deathly afraid. He was also very sure that the whole case was part of the conspiracy to drive him and his career into ruins so Sony could take over his Music publishing catalogs. I am sure Michael's attorneys brought up the notion, but Michael was in such poor physical and emotional health, he just would not have survived it. Not to mention that Michael was never going to get a fair shake in that state. A jury acquitted him of all counts charged against him, but would he have faired just as well in a civil lawsuit? Would the emotional wreckage have been worth it?

    Remember what happened to Michael after that trial. He went home, did not celebrate and fired just about everyone except security because he wanted to be alone with his children to heal. Then he left the country. He was sick of it and I don't blame him.

  13. Thank you June and Bonnie for elaborate explanation why he did not take the government to court. I truly understood now. I was so anger when I saw the teacher and what her lawyer is about to do but nothing being done to Michael. Oh God, what a hurt full situation still is.

    God bless Bonnie and all of you who are supporting this blog. Please let us stick together for Michael because he is still with us.



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