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Michael Jackson Justice: Joe Jackson Guns for AEG

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Joe Jackson Guns for AEG

June 21, 2010 – Joe Jackson Guns for AEG

There are two things I admire most about Joe Jackson, father of the “Jackson Five”: His pit-bull mentality when engaged in battle and his ability to sniff out every possible angle to achieve an objective. I admit that most of us have probably questioned those objectives from time to time, but the latest is an attempt to get to the bottom of the murder of his son, Michael.

Very few people know or understand Joseph Walter Jackson, who will turn 81 on July 26 of this year. Joe Jackson was born in Fountain Hill, Arkansas, as the eldest of four children. His father, Samuel Jackson, was a high school teacher and his mother, Crystal Lee King, was a housewife. His mother and father split up when Joe was just twelve years old. Joe originally stayed with his father and they moved to Oakland California. His mother moved to East Chicago, Indiana.

Like Michael, Joe grew up lonely, without many friends. When he was eighteen, he left his father to live with his mom in Indiana.

Joe was studying to be a boxer and was already married when he met Katherine Scruse. He was just beginning to make progress in boxing and fell hard for Katherine. He got an annulment of his first marriage to be with her and left his boxing hopes to work as a crane operator for U.S. Steel to support what was already growing to be sizable family. Rebbie was the first Jackson child to be born, only six months after Joe and Katherine were married. They had nine more children and Brandon, Marlon’s twin, did not survive. Michael was number seven of the surviving children.

Joe still had desires to make it big but it wouldn’t be in boxing. Both Katherine and Joe were musically inclined. Joe started a band with his brother Luther, called “The Falcons” but they broke up within a couple of years, sending Joe back to the steel mill full time. By 1963 however, Joe caught Tito playing his guitar and began noticing some musical talent in his children.

Joe coached the three boys, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine as the “Jackson Brothers” and began entering them in contests. Michael turned five years old that year and a story Katherine told of a baby Michael singing while making his bed prompted her to bring Michael’s talents to Joe’s attention. Joe was reportedly resistant to the idea of adding Michael until Katherine made him listen to Michael sing. By 1965 a six year old Michael and his four older brothers renamed “The Jackson Five” began making a name for themselves in the R&B clubs. Reference: Joe Jackson Biography

The success of the Jackson Five has probably done to that family what would happen to any family thrown into the sudden fortune and fame and targets for manipulation that followed their success. Michael had always testified that his father was brilliant for the way he accomplished things for the Jackson 5’s career. Michael began talking about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Joe right around the time that Michael’s solo career was taking off. Michael and the other brothers left Joe’s management eventually, Michael leaving for the nurturing he received from Berry Gordy.

Joe Jackson’s ambition as been demonized, especially since Michael’s death last year. He has been portrayed as a self-involved, greedy, narcissistic glory hound both in the press and by many of Michael’s fans. Most fans know the story of Michael’s abuse, and interviews like this didn’t help score points for Joe: Michael talking about dad’s coaching with a belt

During many interviews, Joe explained his heavy use of discipline by reminding people that his boys didn’t run the streets and didn’t die criminals like many in that Indiana neighborhood did. This interview with Joe explains Joe’s duty to family. Although according to interviews with Michael in the past (Schmuley tapes) telling of Joe’s philandering, Joe did not believe in leaving your children and the family you started. It must have been a struggle to break through the pattern that Joe saw so much of in steel-town families. His own parents separated and despite a weakness for the temptations that touring and fame brought, he didn't abandon his family.

In the same interview, Joe explains that after their fifth child, he took up another trade and studied to be a welder and worked another job as an arc welder to support the family. He worked two jobs for almost ten years. His fear, as he explained, was to have any of his children end up in prison or dead as he says so many of those Michael wanted to play with ended up. Joe said in this same interview that he knew Michael complained, but he thought Michael had a good childhood, grew up close to his brothers and sisters and they entertained each other.

Joe’s drill sergeant demeanor would probably strike fear in the heart of any child, even though he seems to have softened a bit by the time this interview was given. In a family with slavery in their not too distant past, Joe was saddled with the burden of maintaining pride, rising above poverty, fighting the fear of his children falling into any of the traps other families in that Indiana neighborhood fell into. It was interesting to learn that Michael’s grandfather was a professor, in the deep south where you didn’t see many black men back in that time driving around in nice cars. Joe Jackson was very proud of that and he did not want his children disrespected.

As a child that grew up with a belt over her head, I see so much of Joe in my own mother. I can understand Joe because I understand my mother. It seems to be a pattern with children that grow up lonely with few friends, broken homes, fighting for survival and trying to coach their children away from poverty. With my mother, the belt became an insurance policy that her children were not going to shame her. However, through all the discipline and success in keeping your children out of jail, the virtue of nurturing seems to get neglected. Joe missed much of his own share of being nurtured. From the age of 12 through the age of 18, he was without his mother.

Michael’s Oxford Speech was a moment where in a public forum, Michael made peace with his father. It was a speech that I have saved in my files to this day, as it explains a lot not only about Michael himself, but of his father and Michael’s relationship with him. His precursor to the Oxford Speech, the Carnegie Hall speech (launching Heal the Children) Michael talks about his father and the good memories that got buried under the bad ones. I wonder if Mr. Joe Jackson has ever heard these speeches?

If you are interested in listening to the Oxford Speeches, you can view them in four parts here, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Sometimes in our quest to raise positively productive children, we forget that they are still children. We forget that they still need the soft, fuzzy things, the stories at bed time, the extra helping of ice cream, the day here and there in the middle of the week where the “schedule” gets thrown out the window for something a bit more spontaneous.

At 5:29 on the above interview with Joe Jackson, he talks about the spark he saw in Michael. Look at his face and see the love and pride in his eyes as he tells the reporter the talent he saw in his children and how Michael made that group of boys really come alive, doing dance moves that Joe had never seen.

There was one quote of Michael’s that the interviewer asked Joe about, where Michael said (quoting interviewer) “Talent is something God gives to a performer, but my father taught us how to cultivate it” . . . the resulting smile on Joe’s face and look of shock, “where did you get that? I never heard that before!” gave me the impression that there were some good things Michael said about his father that his father didn’t know about. I have to admit that I smiled at Joe’s reaction and he became at that moment, just a little more human to me.

Joe talks about Michael’s generosity back when they were still living on Jackson street and told a story about Michael buying big bags of candy with the money he got from singing and would sit in the middle of a circle of kids from the neighborhood and hand out candy to them, laughing and having a good time. Joe also talked about the checking that the lawyer LeGrande did during the 2005 trial on everyone that worked for Michael and he stated in court that every one of them had cheated Michael. Every single one. And that LeGrande had told Joe that if anyone had pursued this, they would do something to him (LeGrande). Peter Lopez immediately came to mind.

Nobody’s family is perfect and I don’t expect everyone to suddenly fall in love with Joe Jackson. When I began my quest to get to know Michael, I wasn’t too happy with Joe or what Michael had said Joe had done to him in different interviews. I also wasn’t originally happy to see that Joe was displacing responsibility from Dr. Conrad Murray to AEG for Michael’s death either. I had even posted a comment on one of the Facebook group pages that Joe was going to end up getting Dr. Murray off the hook and nobody would end up paying for the murder that was committed. This really upset me.

After some thought and continuing research I am slowly coming to the conclusion that someone has to start looking beyond Murray and get the investigation going beyond him. Most of us know that Murray was not working alone. I believe AEG and the people involved in the “This is It” production should be called out, but not at the expense of putting Murray behind bars. Murray made the decisions to administer anesthesia in a home without the monitoring equipment. Dr. Murray is an adult with a license in medicine. He knew right from wrong. Originally an investigation encompassing Sony, AEG and "This is It" producers is what we wanted to see happen.

I pray that this is what is supposed to happen. God is driving this golf cart. I think we are going to have to get comfortable with putting the gear in neutral letting him drive and not interfere. In this article, Brian Oxman is said to filing a wrongful death suit with AEG as defendant if investigations unearth evidence they were involved.

Michael received the best qualities from both of his parents. He exhibited his mother’s loving and generous nature, and his faith. From his father, the stubbornness and focus. Michael surprised quite a few in the industry by going solo against Sony and exposing their practices, opening the doors wide for all to view what goes on under the sludge of business dealings in the music industry. Michael was not usually confrontational, but it had been going on for years. When he learned the depth of the thievery and saw other artists getting swallowed, Michael took on the fight. I suspect that Michael drew on this particular strength from his father.

While many fans may not agree with Joe’s methods, there is no questioning his tenacity and drive. We need Joe in this fight. Michael needs Joe in this fight. Let’s try not to kick the legs out from under him as he stands his ground. Whatever else you may think of Joe W. Jackson, he is something to watch when he is facing adversity . . . almost as entertaining as watching Michael dance.

I wonder what Joe Jackson thinks of AEG and Sony…oops, I mean Branca, estate executor teaming up to pay for Michael’s memorial to the tune of $1.3 million? AEG was under no obligation to do this. I wonder if this was hush money, or if AEG just chalked it up to cost of production?

I would like everyone to keep one thing in mind . . . For the millions of fans who are missing Michael and wish things could have been different, there is probably no one who wishes this more than Michael’s father.


  1. Thank you Bonnie for that wonderfully informative article. I must admit like you as time has progressed I am beginning to understand Joe's reasoning. When you are a parent yourself you can understand the actions of others. I really dont believe he is the total crook others make him out to be.

  2. Even though this article isn't about Joe's raising money for the museum, etc. in Gary, it sort of ties into that. I think he is trying to do something like what Dolly Parton did for her family in building Dollywood. The museum and complex would be an industry that would financially support family and neighbors through local jobs. There are many sides to Joe Jackson, and you can't say he sticks his head in the sand.

  3. Hi Bonnie, I understand what you meant about Joe Jackson and also understand his complaints. What I don't understand is:
    1)If all that equipment was requested to AEG, then it should have been a clear sign that MJ was in no condition to perform.
    2) However, it explains also AEG's Insurance policy.
    3) If all this was true how MJ passed '09 Physical for Tour Insurance'? How the hell could he pass a five hour physical exam "with flying colours"?
    I mean, did they look at him? Did the tests ever happen? If those tests took place there's either incompetence or corruption going on with those tests, isn't there?

    Btw: «(...) AEG seeking to keep the details of its involvement in Michael Jackson’s final months as well as his death, under wraps. Details which, we believe, if revealed, will result in a massive wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live and Colony Capital, co-promoter of the 50 concerts slated in London. We also believe that yet another person will be involved, the “mysterious” Dr. Tohme Tohme, who recently “returned” $5.5 million in “secret cash” and items from Neverland which belonged to Jackson and which were originally slated to be auctioned off prior to Jackson’s death to the Jackson estate.(...)
    Billboard reported that a “source” claimed there wasn’t an insurance policy in place and that even if Jackson had passed a physical, any “pre-existing condition or drug or alcohol related, a normal cancellation policy” wouldn’t have covered AEG’s losses.

    Another interesting item:

    (...) On July 23, reported that AEG Live had filed papers in order to petition the probate court handling Michael Jackson’s estate. According to the AEG spokesperson, AEG filed a request for “special notice, meaning we can receive copies of papers filed as part of the proceedings”. AEG went on to state that they were an “interested party” and that they have a right to be aware of the information”.

    « What’s interesting to note is just who responded to Katherine’s request: the attorneys handling the Jackson estate, John Branca and John McClain, and AEG:
    “Attorneys for Jackson’s estate and AEG, which was to promote Jackson’s big comeback concert this summer in London, countered that her request is “voluminous, burdensome and invasive.” They also expressed concern that Katherine would not uphold a confidentiality agreement for Jackson’s concert deal.”»

    More here:

    4) Why the authorities don't turn their attention to all this?
    5) How did Joe know about those requests? After or before MJ's death?
    6) If JJ knew all this in due time why does he now blame his wife and didn't do a thing to stop those shows, or did he?
    7) I really don't understand Mj's will either. Yeah, it's a fake one, but what about the trust?


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