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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael, Novel, Mottola, Malnik and Bandier

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michael, Novel, Mottola, Malnik and Bandier

June 30, 2010 – Michael, Novel, Mottola, Malnik and Bandier - What Really Happened?

People have mentioned the name of Gordon Novel before, but until today never really did any digging in his direction. Novel visited Michael Jackson at his “Neverland” Ranch back in 2005, during Michael’s trial. Reference

That article tells a story from Novel’s point of view, of Michael seeking someone who could do some covert investigation into the people that were trying to sabotage his career and force him into bankruptcy in order to gain control of his 50% share of the Sony/ATV catalog. As Novel tells it, he didn’t want to have “Tommy on his bad side.” He said his “sources in New York said Tommy was a dangerous guy.” Novel turned Michael down and didn’t take the case. Amusing that he mentioned that Michael stiffed him (of the plane ticket he was told would be waiting for him at the airport) and he had to call the family to get his plane ticket back home paid for. If this is true, I take it Michael was more than a little ticked at being charged $25,000 for a consultation fee that went nowhere.

So who is Gordon Novel? His Biography is not only diverse, it is creepy. Novel has been involved in everything from JFK’s assignation investigation to UFO’s. He is one strange character, but Michael should probably count himself lucky that Novel didn’t get involved. "In his youth, Gordon Novel belonged to a neo-Nazi group and was arrested and charged with bombing a Metairie, Louisiana, theater that admitted blacks.” Wrote A.J. Weber and quoted on “ .

In the “Daily Pulp” blog above, Novel is interviewed and gives account of his meeting with Michael Jackson. He paints Michael as “afraid of being killed in prison” (this meeting was during his trial), and being “very, very afraid of going to prison”. We all know that.

Novel added in answer to questions, that he believed Michael was probably “set up” but wouldn’t commit to any assumption that it was Mottola.

Novel told the interviewer that Michael believed Mottola was mob-connected and that Malnik was representing the Mob. Novel also said that he couldn’t vouch for any of what Michael believed and that he had nothing against Mottola.

Michael had told Novel that Malnik had betrayed him. I was surprised by the revelations by Novel that Michael had a “special loathing” for Malnik because the man had betrayed him. Novel told Michael that Malnik had said that Michael had made him the executor of his will. Novel said that he believed that Michael and Malnik were no longer friends just by how “pissed off” Michael was about what Malnik was telling every one. Novel also mentioned that Michael’s mental state “was excellent” and that he was lucid and did not appear to be on any drugs. This is during Michael’s trial.

So WHO keeps peddling the drug stories? (Wisner, Konitzer, Klein, just about every tabloid, Dimond, various family members, even though they won’t use “drug” and “addicted” in the same sentence nor mention “drug” and “interventions” in the same sentence or in context of the same decade).

During 1993, since many of us are unsure if there was a strong enough reason to believe that Sony, Mottola or anyone within Sony (Branca?) would have been after the ATV catalog (this is before Sony “partnered” with Michael in the music publishing business), I thought the chart above would be interesting. You can click on it to make it bigger, then click “back” to get back to the blog. This was courtesy of Brian Everett. He said, “The chart above, is the 1993 case ....[THIS WAS 17 YEARS IN THE PAST, NEW EXECUTIVES & OWNERS...NOW], is very hard to lay this out, using just words, so we think this will make it clear..I only had a small part in the case, as you can see.....once Evan Chandler started his war, the whole thing went from control, to destroy.”

Sony knew Michael had the catalog when they purchased Epic Records and thereby effectively buying his contract. When Michael’s contract was renegotiated, he was offered the highest royalties in the business by Mottola, which sent Yetnikoff into a panic, even though Yetnikoff liked Michael.

I found this paragraph on the MJFiles web site:

“In June 1993, Tommy famously married the then-fledgling teenage singer Mariah Carey. The same year, he started having problems managing Michael Jackson, whose US sales were steadily dropping, partly because of the well publicized molestation allegations from Jordan Chandler. “I knew it was always your problem,” a Mottola aide claims he heard Tommy tell Michael when the latter was requesting a $30 million check and a Sony statement of support. “But you better @#%$ stop. You hear that Michael? You better @#%$ stop.” Mottola denies ever having said anything of the sort.”

What else happened in 1993? That timeline is also interesting.

In February of 1993, Michael Jackson gave a 90-minute interview to Oprah Winfrey and refuted all the tabloid rumors and discussed many personal subjects such as the pain of his father’s abuse and the history of his skin disorder, Vitiligo.

Michael became friends with Jordan Chandler, a boy who Michael was introduced to by Jordan’s step father who ran the “Wrent-a-Wreck” that Michael and his bodyguard went to when Michael’s vehicle broke down. Later that year, Evan Chanlder, Jordan’s real father would attempt extortion, then file charges when Michael didn’t cave. Jordan’s mother sided with Michael until Evan managed to get the court to agree that he should be awarded with custody of Jordan. Then she agreed to take part when threatened by Evan of losing out on “the deal”.

November 24 of that year, Michael announced that EMI Music Publishing would begin managing his ATV music catalogue, which included the Beatles songs. Michael would receive an annual amount of $70 million in advance against revenue that EMI expected to generate managing the catalogue’s publishing rights during the five year contract.

On December 8, Michael’s sister LaToya went on air in Israel and betrayed her own brother by stating she could not stand by and let Michael hurt children. She later recanted, saying her abusive and jealous husband forced her to say those things about Michael. My first thought was, who paid LaToya or her husband?

December 14, Jordan described Michael’s private parts to the DA and detectives. As a result, a search warrant issued by Tom Sneddon subjected Michael to a humiliating examination and photographs of his private parts in his home by a court paid doctor with a detective and Michael’s lawyer present.

On January 24th Michael and his insurance companies settled with the Chandler family for approximately $20 million; the amount Evan had originally tried to extort from Michael to fund a screen play he wrote.
Here is a telling excerpt from an article published in 1993 by Andrea Adelson:

THE MEDIA BUSINESS; EMI to Pay Michael Jackson $70 Million to Manage Music | Nov 25, 1993

"The pop singer Michael Jackson said through his lawyer yesterday that EMI Music Publishing would begin managing his 6,000-title music catalogue, which includes most early Beatles hits, in a deal being described as the most lucrative in music publishing.

Mr. Jackson will receive $70 million in advance against revenue that EMI expected to generate managing the publishing rights to ATV Music. The catalog, acquired by Mr. Jackson in 1985 for $47.5 million, includes the classic Lennon-McCartney Beatles compositions, as well as songs from Little Richard, Elvis Presley and the Pointer Sisters.

Total revenue over the deal’s five-year term is estimated to be $150 million, said Martin N. Bandier, president of EMI Music Publishing, which controls 900,000 songs in its own catalogs."

Martin Bandier is now the CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. This makes it much more believable that this conspiracy to destroy Michael Jackson could have begun as far back as 1993 with the Chandler case!

Did Bandier and Mottola tag-team Michael? Are they buddies? According to this real estate article, they now live in the same neighborhood.

Sony/Jackson Estate announcement tries to convince the public that Michael Jackson’s “continuing relationship” with Sony would negate the bad press Sony received after Michael’s allegations of racism and artist sabotage in 2002. We are to believe that there was a “continuing relationship” when indeed their was not. Michael broke ties with Sony and during contract manipulation Michael found out he still owed them two albums. Michael was done. Michael’s own “Mijac” catalog rights were due to convert to him the month after he died. The Sony/ATV partnership, along with Mijac Music, which controls rights to Mr. Jackson’s own song writing, made Michael one of the largest independent music publishers in the world.

Interestingly, in 1985, Bandier and Michael had gone head to head in bidding for the ATV catalog originally, but Michael had cash and agreed to perform a benefit concert in Perth. Bandier lost out. Bandier managed the ATV catalog under EMI. Now he “manages” it under Sony/ATV Publishing. Did Bandier and Mottola conspire?

Michael sold 50% of his ATV catalog to Sony in 1995. Two years after the allegations and the $20+million settlement. In this article on the “MJ Files” toward the bottom of the article it says, “Just a year later, Michael Jackson would be forced to sell Sony a 50 percent stake in his ATV catalog to the tune of more than $100 million, the official line being “in order to help shore up his wobbling accounts”.

Back to Malnik and Mottola’s relationship, I wanted to know more about that. I found no business dealings between Malnik or Mottola. Only references to Malnik receiving a phone call from Mottola when Michael was visiting there and the fact that they both have connections to the mob.

After much digging, I did find that the rumor (because no other proof is available or cannot be found) concerning Martin Bashir’s brother working for Mottola supposedly came from the Schmuley tapes. I was of the impression that the Schmuley tapes were made before the Bashir documentary came out and that the book Schmuley and Michael had planned to published based on those tapes, was halted because of the Bashir documentary and subsequent child molestation charges. I did not see it mentioned in the book version I have.

This article from a November 1996 Vanity Fair, posted on a forum, gives some really good insight to Tommy Mottola and previous dealings with artists.

Seems Michael is not the only one in which Mottola tried to play the “bankruptcy game”. According to the article, Tommy’s protégé’s Hall and Oats also were put in a position of borrowing money and filing suits to find out what happened to all the money, only to come to a confidential, “amicable settlement”. Billy Joel was also on the outs with Mottola at one time, settled again, out of court. It's a very interesting article. You should read it. It makes me want to not buy another CD, DVD or anything from the entertainment industry ever again.

Currently I see a bigger conspiracy between Mottola and Bandier than I do Malnik. Bandier had been there even before Tommy was in the picture. Bandier was the original bidder against Michael Jackson for the ATV catalog and he has been within spitting distance of it since 1985.

Most notable in all this mess was Michael’s reserve of strength. It still boggles the mind, the covetousness, the sense of entitlement and the complete disregard for the life of a person who put them on the map and made their companies what they are today, as the music industry has for it's artists.

As far as Tommy Mottola is concerned, my opinion is, that someone has to be incredibly insecure to have a personal body guard walking his wife back and forth to a bathroom door within their house for fear a dust bunny would make a pass at her.

I believe that Michael’s death has little to do with AEG and MUCH to do with Tommy Mottola and Sony’s Martin Bandier.

Al Malnik dropped his claim of being Blanket’s biological father and of Michael Jackson’s estate. He never offered an explanation as to why Michael’s friendship with him cooled around the time of the 2003 molestation allegations and he still praised Michael and his fathering skills. But from the looks of Michael’s face in photos taken during the latter part of Michael’s time with him in Florida, he looked completely and totally miserable. Perhaps those photos marked the time that Michael learned that Malnik was in cahoots with Mottola?


  1. Thanks again for being so insightful--only those who conduct a thorough research can expose the untangled web around Michael.
    Please address this insulting article as well. Rev.Hoatson and attorney John Aretakis claim Michael bought off his aquittal.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Saw your reply to me on yesterday's blog, but I'm replying here to keep current. About the videos - did you click on the Speed Demon one? You gotta see that one. 4 minutes of Michael getting ready in his trailer being his cutest self. I think a few seconds of it was on 20/20. I will read your newest entry later today. But it looks interesting. And yeah, I didn't get the feeling Brian PI was credible.

  3. Maria - a bunch of haters. I am going to write to the museum. Why aren't these people protesting Roman Polanski? They are trying to get attention for their own foundation, and to do it on the back of someone who was railroaded and falsely accused is just as sickening. They want money for their organization.

    sas1253 - I did see that one and yes it was cute. What was Michael throwing at her and was that Karen behind the camera? I can't tell, everyone was so young. Karen sounded like a little girl if that was her. I love the fact that he also sings commercial jingles . . . I don't feel so alone in the world, LOL! I still sing that stupid Oscar Mayer Bologna commercial jingle from the early seventies! I can still see that curly headed kid sitting on a dock with a fishing pole, singing it before he takes a bite of his sandwhich!

    The useless fun stuff that occupies space in my brain is amazing. I the car, I sing even to the commercials on the radio. I found a Christian Contemporary song that Michael would just love . . . female singers but I can't remember the name of the group. They are good. The style of the song almost sounds like Michael and Akon's Hold My Hand. Lot of swich-ups, overlapping and blending of the vocals.

    Back to the subject at hand (sorry)Did Brian contact you the same way? (via email or private FB message)?

  4. Hi Bonnie - last night I found several articles stating it was Uri Geller who introduced Michael to Martin Bashir; in fact one article quoted Geller, after Michael's death, as saying he regretted that he had done so. I truly believe what was being said by these publications, which pretty much detonates the rumor that Mattola's driver was Bashir's brother in law. Now that I've read the quote by Geller, I feel confident in dismissing the "mottola/bashir/brotherinlaw-driver" connection and moving on to other important issues, unless someone has concrete proof that Geller did not introduce Michael to Bashir and/or that Mottola's driver did the introduction.

  5. Thanks, Bonnie, for another great article.

    Interesting that Malnik told people he was the executor of Michael's will, even though it wasn't true. According to Wiki, Malnik was born in 1933, making him 25 years older than Michael. It doesn't make sense to appoint someone that much older as executor, and even scarier to try to imagine why he was telling people this. Did he know Michael's death would be so close?

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    I think Michael was throwing grapes. Brian PI wrote a comment for an article on TMZ a while back and said to google his name, so I did out of curiosity. Nothing personal tho. I kind of stick to your site, the MJJ-777 and positivelymichael for my info and news. I was even checking out the Illuminati stuff, but I dropped that site. I'm interested in it all out of curiosity, but I really have to get the info quickly and not browse too much, as the time flies and... well, you know how it goes.

  7. Bonnie - Just read your post. You are quite the little investigator, aren't you? You know, this is such a tangled mess, you just wonder how MJ3 are going to grow up to manage their lives with all the shady characters that will be lurking about. And you know those cousins are always going to need a buck! And yes ,that is Karen behind the camera.

  8. Hi Bonnie, take a look into these comments here:

    Rather interesting info.

  9. It's not just Sony, AEG wants a piece of the pie too. See the AEG contract (

    "16.3 Security. To secure the faithful performance of Artistco [Michael] of Artistco’s and Artist’s obligations under this Agreement (including to repay the Advances), Artistco hereby grants Promoter a LIEN in all of Artistco’s right, title and interest in, to, and under the following PROPERTIES, ASSETS AND RIGHTS, WHEREVER LOCATED, WHETHER NOW OWNED OR HEREAFTER ACQUIRED OR ARISING, and all proceeds and products thereof (all of the same being hereinafter referred to collectively as, the "Collateral"): ... Artistco shall reasonably cooperate with promoter in its efforts to perfect such security interest."

    Not only did they want a refund of the advances should Michael fail to perform, they also get to seize his properties (Neverland), assets (catalogue) and rights "hereafter arising". Is that not referring to the song rights that were soon to revert to him?

    And what of bringing Branca back into the picture? And selling TII to Sony? Randy Phillips said that they sold it to Sony even though they're not the highest bidder because (something about Michael's music being with Sony and keeping it in the Sony family).

    Puh-leeze. AEG is as complicit in this as Sony, if not more!

  10. Awesome, simply awesome. Bonnie you're peeling skin by skin an onion. Thank you for this excellent work.

  11. Bonnie, I agree with Cookie, that AEG is as complicit as Sony. Michael started this venture fairly healthy but went downhill fast. I believe Karen Faye and Michael Bush that they tried to tell Ortega and Phillips but were pushed aside. Michael lost 15 pounds in just one week. Could it be the cumulative effects of the propoful? Could it be those nice healthy shakes by the good nurse Lee? Anyone who has worked the night shift will confirm that, as with these rehearsals, you can't come home at 1 a.m. and drift off to a peaceful sleep, but AEG kept pushing Michael to show up. Michael would not have passed the London physical right before the start of the tour; then what would AEG have done; perhaps easier to remove him, collect the insurance and issue refunds in the form of "souvenir" tickets. AEG has blood on their hands as well as Sony.

  12. There are no words to describe you and your dedication to MJ - Bonnie you're AWESOME and much gratitude to you. Embarrassed to say I was one of the sheeple that believed the crap they the media was peddling. I put MJ away in the "attic" for nearly 15 years. Fast forward to 20/20 MJ 1 yr anniversary special and I'm watching Karen, Bush and Tompkins' palpable genuine grief. Then I realized Latoya was not crazy, something is definitely fishy here.

    Anywho, I started pouring over various sites. To answer June's comments about Nurse Lee - I think she genuinely cared about MJ. Apparently she stopped treating him in March (based on her CNN interview) and she was very adamant that MJ was not a drug addict. Interestingly, Kai Chase said MJ was sleeping and eating 'well' in March and April, but she was surprised to see how much he had changed when she came back to work for MJ in June.

    Bonnie - when I tried to follow the trail of David LeGrand, as it seemed MJ was doing business with him again after he blew the whistle on Branca in 2003 It deadended with the Nation of Islam. Ha! it seems Joe was following the same trail too.

    I'm stumped as to who has MJ's most recent Will. My guess is Branca found it plus its keeper, destroyed it then silenced that person.

    I know this will sound very bizarre, especially since we just met. But what if Branca is the biological father of Prince and Paris - reason why JJ, KJ, siblings etc will not tangle with him, plus they've seemed to have stopped contesting the 2002 Will...

    Peace, Love + Gratitude :*)

  13. The trail leads from McCartney's involvement.

  14. Hi Anonymous - McCartney's a player, yes . . .

  15. say what branca might be paris and prince father??? u for real???


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