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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael’s Estate in a Tug of War Could be Hope

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Michael’s Estate in a Tug of War Could be Hope

June 7, 2010 – This Could be the Hope We are Looking For!

There is another interesting yet disturbingly greed-ridden story now unfolding between the Jackson Estate, aka Johns Branca & McClain and Michael’s “Heal the World Foundation”. One could understand the Estate wanting to sue for trademark infringement by some rogue lady who decided to start a charity with the name of Michael’s Foundation after he died to capitalize on his name. But that’s not what happened here. That’s just what Branca and company want the public to believe.

Please watch these two videos (part one and part two) to get the background of this story and learn how the Jackson estate, under control of John Branca, tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the public and Michael’s fan base.

Hijacking of the Jackson Estate, Part 1
Hijacking of the Jackson Estate,

I remember when these little news blips first started showing up a couple of months ago, about a woman who was trying to start a “Heal the World” charity like Michael’s and the accusations of her impersonating the actual foundation. Well guess what? It IS the actual foundation.

Those “friends” of Michael’s on his payroll, who were supposed to be taking care of and MANAGING his businesses? They ignored repeated attempts by what was left of “Heal the World” staff, to renew Michael’s business trademarks associated with “Heal the World”. They were ignored. So the staff managed to scrape enough money together to save the trademarks. Now . . . NOW John Branca wants to sue to get the trademarks back. They want to control ALL the trademarks associated with Michael Jackson and his companies.

Michael’s business managers during the history of “Heal the World” included, but were not limited to, Konitzer and Wisner, Branca, Bain, Rowe, Tohme, DiLeo. Now granted DiLeo didn’t have much time to “fix” things by the time he was inserted, but we know why he was manager. AEG brought him back. DiLeo replaced Rowe who may or may NOT have been fired by Michael. Rowe replaced Tohme, who Michael did fire because he was too controlling and he didn’t trust him. Tohme replaced Raymone Bain, and Bain replaced . . . well, it doesn’t matter. Just about every one of these people tried to sue Michael for money they obviously did not earn. How can people sincerely doing their jobs make such a mess of Michael's estate? Who was the manager in charge when “Heal the World” staff was trying to get someone to pay attention to Michael’s brands?

Go to 3:44 minutes into part one of that video above. Displayed is a criteria list for “Financial Exploitation”. As the interviewee states, this is something that is investigated to prove manipulation by family members during a contesting of a will. This is prevalent among the wealthier elderly.

Notice beside each criteria, there are the words in red “present with Jackson”. I agree with that. If this lady can get a lawyer and fight this using the “Financial Exploitation” she would have to prove each of these charges. You know that what means?

It means they would have to INVESTIGATE each one to prove it. This means that every one of those questionable characters around Michael would have to be pulled in and questioned. Every bit of crap that they have pulled when they were killing Michael that the authorities have ignored would have to be dissected. This could finally open up this investigation!

This lady is currently looking for help to hire a lawyer and fight the Estate-aka-Branca. TO DONATE TO Melissa so that she can get a lawyer to defend Estate Execs : & . Tomorrow, I am making some phone calls. I have an idea.

According to this article “Estate earns almost 1 billion”, John Branca just stole himself and John McClain almost $100 Million dollar paycheck this year alone. John & John earn 10% of any increase in the Jackson Estate. The year since Michael died is not even over yet and Michael has already earned over 2/3rds since June of last year, what Elvis has earned since his death in 1977. One has to question how the same bunch of incompetent gangsters who couldn’t accomplish while Michael was alive, what they have managed since his death. The answer is simple . . . They weren’t interested in helping him while he was alive. They couldn’t control his estate while he was alive, therefore no incentive. Amazing how they could accomplish this ONLY after they killed him!

For those of you not that familiar with John McClain, a friend of mine sent me an old article with a good background on him. Even though the article is 1998, Michael Jackson is mentioned as well as Janet.

Back in The Club - Another tie to gansters. What I didn’t know is that John McClain (some of you may already know this) and Trudy Green co-managed Michael in the early 1990’s. This article mentions him as well as a blurb about Tommy Mottola “engineering” the 2005 trial against Michael.

Michael speaks of a conspiracy in this video of a 2003 interview (a year after this famous Sony Kills Music speech and please forgive me for the language, I did not make this video), and this article confirms that Michael believed Al Malnik and Mottola were conspiring to take the Beatles album. If someone has just one picture of Michael with Malnik where he is actually smiling, please send it to me. Because in every picture I have seen of Michael with Malnik, the man looks absolutely miserable.

I found this video which also shows part of that 2003 interview where Michael says “conspiracy”. What I wasn’t expecting was an interview of Jermaine talking about the conspiracy and he breaks up. Notice what he says about how the court gave more seats to the media and had not enough seats for the Jackson family . . . and the REASONING they did this. I was floored! Even the lady interviewing Jermaine had to hold back her emotions.

There is an angle that I thought of tonight that I cannot discuss, but I have found a possible angle. I hope it’s not too late.

See what you can do about donating to the “Heal the World Foundation” defense fund that I posted at the top of this blog . . . This may be our chance to see justice. I can’t say anymore.

Goodnight and God bless. I will leave you with the reason we are doing this, below . . .

From Notes on Micheline’s page:

“Several years ago on a trip to Africa, Michael passed a crowd of villagers with their hands outstretched to touch him - a scene played hundreds of times during his travels around the world. On this visit, a man was sitting on the ground - an invalid perhaps, or maybe not - but he was clutching Michael around his lower legs, as if holding on to a savior for dear life! This is how genuine the world's love for Michael was, and the emotion of that moment was overwhelming. The clip is in one of the hundreds of humanitarian videos we have seen so many times.

It made me think back to that adorable, yet sad little boy, who at the age of 11 sang with the voice of an angel, and had a pure wisdom of life's purpose far beyond his tender years. Far beyond what any of us were even aware of in our own lives, or at least had lost somewhere along the way. This was the same boy king, who grew to be so beloved by the masses around the world. When Michael was very small, his mother remembers the two of them crying watching babies die of starvation in a TV documentary. Michael was so affected by what he saw that he made a vow to do something to help as soon as he was financially able. We know he was earning a considerable income since the age of 10, so Michael must have been quite little when he said that - maybe 8 or 9! He said to his mother while crying, "I know I can't do it all, but I promise to do whatever I can." Destiny was calling that little boy. He just didn't know it at the time.”


  1. IMO, Branca and McClain are the refuse of society, I will do all I can to STOP these VULTURES from destroying this amazing Charity on behalf of Michael.

    EVERYTHING I Do Is, ALWAYS, All For YOU, Michael.......L.O.V.E!!!

  2. You should know there are laws now against Internet slander/libel. Don't be surprised if the Estate comes after you for spreading accusations you know you can't prove.

  3. Andrew - I have also made some inquiries and sent some documents to some people in regard to the Branca suit against HTWF. Let's see what comes of that.

    cathcoy - I am not worried about anybody coming after me. I am not worth their time. There are many others bigger and better than me putting the exact same information online : for one, and many, many other blogs. I don't t think "The Estate" wants to risk having to prove any of these people wrong. but thank you for your comments.

  4. Bonnie I found in addition to Robert Earl Carter for Conrad Murray and also Conrad BonnickMurray for aliases.

  5. Bonnie,
    Thanks for all that you are doing. I'm praying that whatever plan you have will help. When I saw the videos the other night my first thought was why did they wait until the last minute to go public with the HTWF information. I know it's not too late, this may be the answer to all our prayers. this will start the ball rolling in a complete investigation.

  6. Htwf has a preliminary injunction against them by the Estate which keeps them quiet they are not even allowed to mention Michaels name! They had to be very careful how they went about it.

  7. Hi Bonnie, HTWF mentioned the lawfirm Greenberg Traurig. That name and the name of Joel Katz is mentioned in an article from 2008 in connection with James Brown's Estate.

    "Now, a lawsuit filed Tuesday by two court-appointed trustees of his estate accuses his longtime business managers, including a retired judge, of stealing millions of dollars from Mr. Brown. The suit, filed in South Carolina state court, also accuses the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, one of its lawyers, and a South Carolina bank of breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and conspiracy to defraud the legendary soul singer."

    "...Also, the suit says that Greenberg Traurig and one of its lawyers, Joel A. Katz, worked with the three to rake in excessive fees and commissions."


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