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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael’s Year a Personal Testimony

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, June 28, 2010

Michael’s Year a Personal Testimony

June 26, 2010 – Michael’s Year a Personal Testimony

2 Peter 3: 8 & 9 - But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 9 The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

June 25, 2010 started out with a little trepidation than most this year. It was different than that 25th dates of every month. This was one solid year after the change of my life. One year to the day that the death of Michael Jackson threw my life a curve ball.

I had spent all night on the computer on the 24th, after coming home from working with a client at 11pm. The project? The 1st year Anniversary web page and of course, the blog to accompany it. I had already had the links and the text prepared on a word document. It should have been a simple cut and paste with some photo additions to the web page, but of course as I worked on it, I felt it was incomplete so I researched and filled a few perceived holes.

My goal was to be able to complete a poem before I finally retired, but by 4:30am when my husband arose for work, I was still cutting, pasting, arranging and viewing videos that ripped my heart out. I broke to prepare his lunch for work, then finished the web page. By the time I finished my blog and began posting the “project” it was 7:13am and I had not been to bed yet. I had to leave for work myself at 3pm, so the poem would have to wait.

I always feel guilty when I can’t get to all my emails and private message notifications. On the 25th, I didn’t feel guilty. I knew many people I talked to would be at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The evening of the 24th, I spent with a client in her home. We watched the Oprah special on Michael Jackson. I had wanted to comment about some of the things that she said because it reminded me of a few things about Michael Jackson (Like we needed to be reminded).

Of everything she was asked about, three things stood out for me that weren’t really discussed in previous programs. The rumors about his changing skin color and his loneliness.

When talking about his Vitiligo, Oprah mentioned her surprise when she got close to him, how incredibly thorough the depletion of the pigmentation in his skin actually was and how translucent it made his skin. I thought about that and I really began to smile about how complete Michael was as an artist that God even chose to reveal what was beneath his skin. I wondered if Michael ever realized how much of a living, walking testimony he was with every trial he had physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Oprah’s observations about his loneliness was nothing different than what I heard before. But to be that lonely and still endure the onslaught from the public that he endured? Michael had a few friends that were close throughout his life, like Liz Taylor, MacCauley Culkin, The Cascios, Mark Lester, that Michael could relate to because most were childhood stars. They understood the isolation from your childhood because of growing up in the spotlight.

My interpretation of Oprah’s mindset during the interview was one of regret and a hint of sadness that she did not get to know him better than she did, citing professional distance as an interviewer. She said during the interview that he was incredibly likable, but she made no mention of the comments she made in the past about her erroneous assumptions about the child allegations in 1993.

I made it through that interview without getting upset, even with the mention of the loneliness. My client was most awed by the layout of Neverland, uttering a “wow” at the amusement rides. However, on the ride home after watching an interview like that, I found myself digging into the center console looking for napkins so I could see to drive.

I didn’t get to bed until 7:30 am the next morning because of working on the web page and the blog (the project). I slept dreamlessly and awoke with the alarm at 12:30pm. I made lunch, talked to my husband and answered some emails before driving out to my client’s house. It was a slow day online as many people I know were on their way to Forest Lawn Cemetery.

At my client’s house that evening, I first watched a special on CNN with her which was commemorating the anniversary of the “King of Pop’s” death with a retracing of the dreadful events of that day. Both Brian Oxman, Joe Jackson’s attorney, Dr. Murray’s attorney Ed Chernoff, and Adam Streisand, Katherine Jackson’s attorney were interviewed. Stark differences in what really happened surfaced between Chernoff’s account and Oxman and Streisand’s account.

This Interview with Ed Chernoff explains that Murray was not the one that killed Michael, that someone else had to administer the amounts of propofol that they found in Michael’s body, including the possibility that Michael administered this himself in the two minutes that Murray says he left the room. So they are still entertaining this defense?

Ed Chernoff said that Murray was a good, conscientious doctor, that his patients loved him and that Murray was not a neglectful doctor. He stated in that interview above, “Murray had the necessary equipment and administered the proper care”, but that he had not had previous experience with administering anesthesia.

If what Mr. Chernoff said is true, and he insists that Murray had the necessary equipment, then what of those emails back and forth between AEG and Murray, asking for the life-saving equipment that was needed? Did Murray have what he needed or not? If he did not, why did he chose to proceed with pumping Michael full of anesthesia every night?

Also, if Chernoff is going to proceed with the “Someone else-including-Michael" administered that massive dose of propofol, how are they going to explain that, within the two minutes Murray says he went to the bathroom, Michael was asleep, woke up, found and injected his own I.V. with 100mg of propofol, fell asleep and stopped breathing as Murray was walking back into the room? How would anyone have enough time to do that and have that effect in two minutes including Michael’s eyes and mouth being wide open?

Another really irritating point was that they showed the very same ambulance photo that has been proven to be a fake. After that, the CNN special lost all credibility.

After the CNN special, we clicked through a couple others channels, all reviewing the year in Michael Jackson, when we found the ”20/20” special.

It was sweet listening to people talk about Michael, the artist and Michael, the child. Ola Ray, Michael’s girl in the short film “Thriller” and Michael’s first “on screen girl friend” was interviewed. My favorite part of her interview was when she discussed how normal he was in his interest in girls and the explanation she gave for Michael spurning her advances . . . “he said that another guy in production liked me and he didn’t want to cross that line . . .” When asked what she saw when she looked at Michael and looked him in the eyes, she said, “A child.”

Of the two hour special, the most anticipated part for me was where Karen Faye and Michael Lee Bush were interviewed about working with Michael on “This is It”. I knew from previous conversation with Karen that what she witnessed contradicted what was being put out in the press. There were several points during the interview with both she and Michael Bush that I wanted to comment on.

Michael Lee Bush described a moment where he noticed Michael was skin and bones. Michael grabbed his arm and said to him, “You promised you wouldn’t tell . . .” When Vargas asked Bush “Tell what?” Michael Bush responded in a broken voice, “What I was seeing!”

Karen Faye testified to the stress and the possible fear Michael had of returning to the stage after such a long absence, not wanting to endure the scrutiny, rumors, ridicule and attacks that plagued him through most of his adult career. The stage was, according to Michael during more than one previous interview, where he felt most safe. He was secure, confident and in his element on stage. It surprised me that Michael would feel any differently about it even after a ten year absence.

Karen, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush talked about outfitting him for concerts and how Michael contributed to what he wanted in an outfit. Tompkins described Michael's style as "Liberace Gone to War".

Bush and Tompkins created Michael's outfit for his rest trying to combine design from a couple of Michael’s favorite concert outfits and Karen talked about doing his makeup one final time. Personally, I don’t know how they did it, how they COULD do it and get through it. That would be like me doing my grandfather’s makeup when he died. It would be an emotional impossibility. But they wanted to do it.

I was encouraged that all three mentioned on national television the condition of Michael, in stark contrast to what AEG’s Randy Phillip’s, Director and producer Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne had testified to.

According to all three of them, Michael was extremely thin and was not sleeping. He was stressed and unhappy about the number of concerts they had forced on him, he had agreed to only 10. Michael Lee Bush testified to Michael’s health, the bronchitis he had and the heater they had to keep beside him to keep him warm when he wasn’t dancing.

When he was dancing, Karen pointed out the number of shirts he was wearing during rehearsals to keep warm when the other dancers were in sleeveless t-shirts. Other observations included anxiety, missed rehearsals, Ortega and Payne driving to Michael’s house to drag him out of bed to attend rehearsals and the creative editing on the footage of “This is It” rehearsals. These showed Michael running through songs, but in sometimes five different outfits because, as Karen said, He never completed run through of one song.

They did talk about the damage to Michael’s confidence and emotional health during the 2005 trial. Karen Faye described a daily routine of getting to Michael’s room at about three in the morning, and before washing his hair, they would kneel on the floor together. Michael would put his arms around Karen, put his head on her shoulder and cry. Then they would pray together.

I drove home that night and yes, I again cried at the wheel. I have to stop doing that. It has been a rough year. I never expected to be taken over by and driven to do something like this in my whole life.

Since that day last year when a certain gentleman raised my hackles by attacking Michael Jackson on my Facebook page, I have not stopped. The first three months I spent trying to get to know Michael as a person, so I could defend him. From there, it was a quest to find the reason why someone, anyone would want to hurt such a benevolent, creative, loving and gentle life. Michael has become to me, the son that was picked on in society for the simple reason that he refused to be put into a box he did not fit into in life.

Michael was guilty of three things: Loving God, loving children, loving art.

I know it is frustrating going through a whole year without any progress in the solving of his homicide. To keep them occupied, Michael’s siblings have tried to keep busy.

This link gives a run down of what the Jackson siblings have been up to lately. Scroll to the bottom of the article about Michael’s children.

Job 30:28 - “I go about mourning, but not in the sun; I stand up in the assembly and cry out for help.”

There are yet many things we have to learn, and even more that people need to be made aware of. The same press that contributed to Michael's torture through life, and contributed to his death is the same press leading us down that same path.

Michael's son lyrics are clues. Michael was an avid Bible reader. Take a look at what is happening in our world today and take another look at Michael's lyrics. Do some searches on of the keywords in some of Michael's songs. Let me know what you find. Just pick a song and start there.

Good night and God Bless you...


  1. You said something so eloquent it must be repeated:

    "Michael was guilty of three things: Loving God, loving children, loving art."

    No true words have ever been spoken. Thank you.

  2. Bonnie,

    I have another question I've wanted to ask for a long time but was afraid you might misunderstand.

    Here goes. It's been reported that Michael was afraid "They" were trying to kill him. I believe this to be true.

    Question is: If he was afraid, then why would he
    trust ANY Doctor to give him Propofol?

    He literally put his life in this Doctor's hands!

    Was he calling their bluff or had he given up?

    Thinking if they do kill me at least it will be painless.

  3. Bonnie,

    I watched the Tributes for Michael and just got more depressed.
    I wish he would have sold that Damn Catalouge to Sony and then he'd still be here with us, today.

    Maybe they would have left him alone then, and he could have gotten on with his life.
    I know he was a fighter and had every right to keep that catalouge.
    It's just sometimes I don't think it was worth it, ya know?

    Of course, he would have had to sell it to Sony long before the 2001 Protest.

    He probably didn't realize they wanted his catalouge til 2001 and then by that time it was too late.

    I'm sure he never thought they'd go this far either. I'm rambling...sorry. I just hurt and I'm so damn angry!

    Michael deserved to live a long life watching his kids grow up!

    God in Heaven, I pray you make the people who did this...Pay!..... and in Our Lifetime!

  4. Bonnie,

    I just realized something! By them trying to get people to believe that Michael killed himself
    not only would get Murray off but, it would make Michael look like a failure as a Father!

    It would mean that Michael cared about the children of the World, but left HIS 3 children orphans!

    Even in Death they are trying to Assassinate his character!!

  5. I just saw the video They Don't Really Care About Us.
    I had no idea those cops and security gaurds were REAL!

    Michael was very angry in this video and he pointed to the security gaurds!

    That took a lot of courage on Michael's part!

    I never realized "How Much" of a fighter he was!

    I'm surprised no one tried to Assassinate Him via a Gun Shot!

    All the more reason for me to believe he would NEVER take his own life.


  6. During the making of They Don't Care About Us...

    The officals were angry but the people were happy.

    Seems the officals had banned MJ from filming there but....MJ's people got an Injunction!

    Lots of controversy involved in the making of this video!!

    I don't know if the security guards knew MJ was going to point at them or not,

    but either way, they had to stand there and take it. (I'm assuming this)

    And also, (either way), it took guts for MJ to point at them in the first place.

    What a statement!

    Sorry, for all my posts. I'm rambling again.

    I'll stop now.....sorry.

  7. Bonnie, I saw your anniversary project and you truly captured Michael Jackson.

    Your work is awesome, Bonnie!

    I just wish Michael would have been able to Protect his Inner Child better.

    If he didn't have that Damn Catalouge, someone else would have come along and tried to rip him off but, I wouldn't have been as bad.

    I just wish things would have been different. I'm obviously grieving and I know it.

    I haven't really cried and I don't really want to. I just wish this hurt would go away.

    Keep up the good work. You have several gifts and I'm glad you are sharing them with us.

    Thank You, Bonnie

  8. Yes, Bonnie, I concur with everything written about your perseverence and overriding love for Michael manifesting itself in getting to the bottom of what happened to him. I emailed you today separately concerning another matter we had covered, that I still believe needs investigating. I was so moved by Karen Faye's comments about brushing his hair during the 2005 trial. For anyone so interested, and there should be many, a courtroom reporter named William Wagner in Santa Barbara is trying to drum up suppport for a pro MJ documentary of the courtroom proceedings (in which he Wagner sat in on all) concerning Sneddon's trumped up, falsified evidence and the fact that Sneddon can still be prosecuted for three felonies. The statute has not passed. So anyone interested, visit William Wagner's channel on YouTube.

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    During the one year anniversary of Michael’s death, I took a vacation to LA. I want to go there with two intentions in my mind. One was to go as many places where fans were gathering during this time such as Neverland, the family home at Encino, Hollywood where Michael’s star is, the mansion where Michael died, and of course Forest Lawn cemetery. Second was to talk to as many fans as I possibly can and see what they are thinking about Dr. Murray, Sony, AEG, John Branka and the whole conspiracy in the murder of Michael. What I found was very astonishing. I am going to divide them in groups:

    Group one – they know the murder of Michael is beyond Dr. Murray but they think it is very complicated and the puzzle will not be put together because of BIG MONEY and Michael will not get the justice he deserved. Therefore they think it is a waste of time to be bothered with something they can’t change.

    Group two – they have no idea if there are other parties involved besides Dr. Murray in the murder of Michael. They never heard of it at all. When I mention the possibility of other parties involved, they are very curious to know and asking me where they can get the information, which I direct them to your blog.

    Group three – they have heard other parties’ involvement in the murder of Michal but they think it is simply just a conspiracy theory with no truth in it. And they believe John Branka is doing a phenomenal job for Michael’s kids and mother.

    Group four – this group say Dr. Murray is guilty and they want him to pay the price, they don’t care and don’t want to know about other parties’ involvement. They don’t want to be bothered about the legal matter how he can pay the price, they just want to celebrate the man and his legacy and music and party and be happy.

    Group five – this group are very much in tune with what’s going on and the involvement of the mob gangs in murdering Michael. At one point in our conversation they say John Branka paid all Michael’s debt except the three hundred million dolors he took a loan from Sony. They said Sony already gave the estate executors a deadline to pay the loan. They believe since the executors and Sony goes to bed together, they will say they don’t have the money to pay and eventually sell Michael’s catalogue to Sony. When I hear this, I melted and I was so depressed. They also said there is a rumor that the estate executors paid Randy Jackson twelve million dolor to shut him down and buy off the other family member as well. Do you know anything about it? I was going to ask this people if they can direct me where I can find the information but we quickly got separated before I get a chance to ask and not see them after that.

    Continue on next post.

  10. On Saturday I participated in a protest for “Justice for Michael Jackson”. We marched from the Staple Center where he was practicing for the concert to the Los Angeles police department. It was a two hour long march. During this march, some fans were talking about this group called “Justice 4 MJ” trying to sabotage the march and bribe many fans who were committed to participate in the march to take them to Neverland wine and dine them for free if they don’t go to the protest. However, I have heard, some fans decided to be bribed and went along with their plan and did not come to the protest. I was very angry and furious and immediately thought about the blog you had and how fans are fighting for so called power and fame instead if coming together to fight for Michael who gave so much to the world.

    I was going around asking some fans what can be done to expose these people who are creating this division among fans. Some says the people in that group are very notorious and they do character assassination and tear everybody up who say anything against them. Who are these people have you ever heard about them?

    In my observation, I concluded that all Michael Jackson fans claim they love him and appreciate his music and his legacy but when it come Justice for him, they are all over and are not together. I remember when you said in your blog this king of division really helps the MOBS and not helping JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL. I am very happy I went there but sad to witness this kind of ridicules distractive division among us.

    Thank you Bonnie for all what you do.

  11. Hi Mezrak, I'm crushed for what you are telling here. First of all I didn't know there is so much division, and mainly about that group who tried to break the march.
    I can't believe it. What kind of people are they? It would be very interesting to identify them.
    I will try to find out with the fans who were there on Saturday. Thanks!
    And thank you Bonnie always for all what you do.

  12. Thank you for this poignant delivery of words that are so eloquently spoken. It has re-confirmed my research and glimpse into Michael's life since his homegoing. I do believe that the "true justice" that will be served to all who's hands have involved themselves in silencing the physical of an innocent voice..will be done at the judgement seat. God sees and God hears...Selah.


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