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Michael Jackson Justice: More Loose Ends . . . It’s a Mob, er I Mean, Mad World

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Loose Ends . . . It’s a Mob, er I Mean, Mad World

June 11, 2010 – More Loose Ends . . . It’s a Mob, er I Mean, Mad World

The research into the Branca’s and Malnik’s of the world are kind of like digging into infested wood, only to find your skin crawling with the termites you suspected would be there. Termites infest what at first looks like perfectly healthy wood while they devour and destroy it from the inside out. This is what the financial parasites do to society. They foul it up from the inside out.

We have come to a place where we all have to be careful and discern the information now being thrown at us. There is misinformation all over the internet concerning not only the circumstances surrounding Michael’s death, but years before. Interesting to note when navigating:

There is always a two sides to every incident, every situation. There is always a choice. It’s either right or wrong, good or evil, yes or no. When information is not matching up, people are lying, but the REASONS they are lying are not always what we have been sold by those putting out the information. It is done in layers and we are left to interpret.

I had stated in posts months ago that the information we are being fed is throwing us off the trail. Most of it is diversionary. Even from the truthful, there are shadows being cast. But it’s not necessarily to lead those seeking the truth astray . . . but those seeking to destroy. Those that have ears let them hear . . . those that have eyes let them see. Just as there are parables in the Bible for the faithful to know what is coming, so it seems is some of the information around this case.

An example of information is from the Tohme stories.

In this article, which is dated July 25, 2009, it explains the millions in cash that Tohme had set aside at Michael’s request. Notice what it doesn’t say. It doesn’t tell us what this article explains in further detail that Tohme voluntarily turned over the cash. Michael had “fired” Tohme in mid-may. Why wasn’t the cash returned to Michael then? It further states that Tohme said that Michael had the cash (from residuals) to purchase an estate in Las Vegas that he was going to call his new home . . . but in another article, it says that Tohme talked Michael out of moving to Las Vegas because it wouldn’t be good for the children.

“As for Tohme turning over Jackson’s personal items from Neverland, we found a court document from a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on March 23, 2009, involving Tohme and the auctioning off of those items and where Tohme listed himself as “President of MJJ Productions”. MJJ Productions was phased out and into “The Michael Jackson Company” in 2007 according to this article. However Julien’s auctions in 2009 was being sued by that same business entity. So what exactly is going on?

Here, Tohme said that Barrack is “Like a brother to me”. That's nice to know. What does this mean? If this is the truth that means that wherever Barrack stood concerning Michael, so did Tohme.

List of Michael’s companies. Anyone wanting to make some notes, take notice of the dates they were founded. Some were under Ramone Bain. Notice what it says about MJJ Productions . . . reactivated on 7-31-2008 for copyright reasons. However on the California website it still shows as suspended. Notice all the businesses popping up in 2008. This site is a great resource if you want to keep a list of all Michael Jackson’s companies, when they were activated, suspended or dissolved. Some of these companies were started right around the time negotiations began with Colony and AEG. Many of these newly started companies are under the umbrella of TMJC (Michael Jackson Company). Most are still active. If some of these companies (such as Sycamore Valley Ranch Company, LLC) are partnered with Colony, then association with Branca and the Estate could very well be by way of estate control due to death, not because Colony was in bed with Branca. This is the site that shows MJJ Productions, Inc. as a fictitious business name.

Both of the links below give some insight to the debacle between Tohme, Jim Weller (Tohme’s partner in TWR Advertising) and Juliens Auction house.

Story of the Neverland Auction

Threats Made Over Neverland Auction

Toward the end of the second article, it mentions that Tohme was representing Michael Jackson but also still working for Colony Capital. This is not the first time conflicts of interest surrounding the management of Michael’s businesses become apparent. (revisit Michael-John Branca-Sony) . There seems to be a pattern here.

Michael was sorely missing two qualities in most of his business managers: Loyalty and the ability to read a contract. Could Tohme have been on Michael’s side, but failed to give detail to Julien’s Auction House when he instructed them to clear Michael’s personal property from Neverland? Is it possible that Michael, upon hearing the news of the auction, upset Tohme to the point where Tohme panicked and gave Weller orders to stop the auction at all costs?

In all accounts, Weller is the one that made the threats, not Tohme. Tohme is friends with Barrack who during this time, was trying to help Michael with the restructuring of his business and loans. Tohme, working with Michael without pay, may not have made it clear to Julien’s Auctions that nothing was to be sold. Maybe he didn’t read the contract thoroughly?

Points about Tohme that need more research and discerning thought is the fact that Tohme would be upset in the first place, that Michael was displeased about the auction, to the point where threats were made, even though Tohme himself did not make the threats.

What if no threats were made? What if Juliens just said that to avoid responsibility? Although the contract states that things in possession of Juliens are to be sold, they still neglected to give copies of the inventory they took out to MJJ Productions/Tohme.

When Barrack bought the note on Neverland, why did the belongings have to be removed from the house if they were trying to “SAVE” Neverland? Were other plans being made? Was Michael privy to them? Michael never returned and didn’t want to return after the 2005 trial. Many unanswered questions regarding this deal.

Businesses are being erected left and right between Michael’s businesses and Colony. Fictitious names of companies are registered under umbrella companies and there is a reorganizing of Michael’s businesses all over the board during 2008 and mid 2009. These businesses were in Michael’s name, he was sure to have known about it. Why would they bother going through all this if they knew Michael would be dead in a year?

More detail on that auction and how the story fits with Colony is here.

Apparently a buyer for Neverland was willing to pay top dollar for a property if it included the things Michael had up for auction (furniture, fixtures, etc), which caused the panic with Tohme, not Michael’s reaction as was previously reported.

According to this article, Michael was paying back loans. During this time frame, Michael had just received cash from the restructuring of his loans and Colony’s purchase of the note on Neverland Ranch.

Here the blogger kept a time line of events including the starting up of businesses up through the end of 2008.

“- It seems that "TI" is still the sole licence owner of Jackson's merchandising rights worldwide, however "TI" sold these rights in Europe to "MJ Licensing LLC" (MJL) until June 2012. Jackson most probably has a 75% stake in MJL.” (I copied this from the link because of Michael’s Mayan Calander fixation. Michael died in June of 2009. June 2012 is when the merchandising rights in Europe run out.

On this same time line page, the rumors of the “Jackson Family Tour” are answered about three quarters of the way down the page under the heading titled “The Lost Jackson Tapes”. This is interesting. Michael was eaten alive by frivolous lawsuits and legal fees fighting intellectual property theft constantly! The link to the master tapes in question and the contract with only one signature. How did Don King get involved in this?

This is yet another link reconfirming the busy reorganizing of Michael Jackson during 2008. Amazing all the work that went into restructuring and building the businesses of a man that would cease to exist less than a year later. Take at look at the businesses with Sony’s name attached to them . . . “canceled”. Was Colony helping at that point to get Sony out of Michael's life? If they were, why would they conspire with Sony in Michael's death?

Someone was doing their best to cut Michael’s ties with Sony . . . Maybe Sony found out about all the activity and plans went into place to get rid of him before Michael’s plans could be completed? Remember the attempt to purchase Sony’s half of the Catalog right before the trial started? They may have been watching Michael’s moves closely after that.

Point to consider . . . Michael’s famous “Sony Speech” was made less than a year before Tom Sneddon decided to raid Michael’s ranch and file fictitious charges for child molestation due to a documentary by a tabloid reporter.

Also Michael was killed less than a month before his MiJack Catalog of his original songs were to revert to him, leaving Sony without their biggest revenue generator. Michael would have been free aside from any "re-runs" of albums.

AEG is the key. People from both camps (AEG, Sony) were involved in the “This is It” vehicle. Now who involved in “This is It” was with Sony and who was with AEG?

It looks like there was a battle and a scramble to keep certain things from happening. A battle over Michael, which has pretty much gone on most of his life from everyone ever doing business with him.

Either one party was trying to save Michael or both parties were trying to gain control over Michael.

What happened to this DVD? Due for release in July right before the first concert at the O2 in London to coincide with his comeback. Has it been scrapped?

For the next few updates, I want to concentrate on AEG itself and the “This is It” mechanism. We are missing something here.

Goodnight for now, and God Bless


  1. Great research, as usual Bonnie. I didn't realize Michael's songs would have reverted back to him in less than a month if he would have lived. There's a lot to think about here.

  2. Just a thought about why Michael's belongs had to be removed from Neverland after Colony Capital became involved. Perhaps Colony realized Michael's belongings were priceless, and as a co-owner of Neverland, they could incur liability if these items were missing/stolen or damaged. Maybe they didn't want to be responsible for them.

  3. Yes, Bonnie, the "Sony speech" was less than a year before the Bashir interview, which resulted in the NL raid, and I believe it's true that his songs would have reverted to him in the latter half of 2009. Very coincidental, particularly if it's true that Mottola's driver was, in fact, Bashir's brother.

  4. There are just sharks everywhere.

    Neverland -
    After the deal with Colony it seems no time was wasted in cleaning out Neverland. Tohme signed a contract with Julien's. Julien's removed everything (movable and removable)from Neverland and held the items pending the auction. However, the contract signed with Julien's states they were not to auction anything without Michael's approval. Then a buyer surfaced who wanted Neverland with everything included. This must be when Tohme/Weller tried to get the items back from Julien's. Julien's were sued.

    I think Tohme was acting on his own and everything would have been auctioned without Michael's express approval. It was not until the trouble began with Tohme/Weller trying to get the items back that Michael became aware of the full extent of what was going on and stepped in and resolved the issue with Julien's.

    Don King involvement:
    This is a separate issue and it seems that Universal Express had somehow (legally or illegally) come by items held by Henry Vaccaro - the master tapes. I suspect one of the Jacksons got Don King involved in trying to get this property back and at the same time arrange a Jackson reunion tour. In the letter from Richard Altomare (Universal Express CEO), he was trying to make a deal with the Jacksons through Don King - he wanted payment for the master tapes and he also wanted to be involved in a profit sharing arrangement with a Jacksons' reunion tour.

    Although it was not Michael's fault that the master tapes were lost to Henry Vaccaro, Michael became involved in trying to get them back as well and sued Universal Express trying to do that.

    I think these are just examples of the things going on without Michael's full knowledge all the time. When Michael became aware of the issues he then had to try and sort things out, through the courts or otherwise and it was Michael who ended up paying for the interference and mistakes made by others, as in these two examples.

    It's sickening.

  5. Good points Bunny. Much of what went on half the time, Michael didn't know about and assumed that those managing his business were acting in his best interests. When he found out about it, he fired them and he was left to deal with the fallout.

    June, I have tried and tried to find some reference to Bashir's brother being Mottola's personal driver and other than forums and message boards. I did find a reference for a Mohammed Bashir, but there was no link to Martin and the guy was not a personal driver but a doctor. I can't even find reference to Martin having a brother. Does anyone have any link to a news items that is not an assumption someone posted to a message board?


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