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Michael Jackson Justice: Plans Laid for The Takeover of Michael Jackson

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plans Laid for The Takeover of Michael Jackson

June 10, 2010 – Plans Laid for The Takeover of Michael Jackson

Today is my birthday. I woke up with a displaced vertebrae in my neck which of course guided me gently toward one of those spiking headaches. Hello, and welcome to the depths of the 40’s.

When Michael was 46, it was 2004 – 2005 and he was not having a good year. I would love to be able to turn back the clock so we both could redo this all over again with different outcomes.

Going back to the timeline on the MJJtimeline blog for 2008, read through this. There are a couple of interesting points here I want to comment on.


Sometime in “early” January Michael, Peter Lopez and spend time together. Were Wil and Michael still working on recordings from their initial time in Ireland? How is the investigation going into Peter Lopez’s death?

June 3, Michael is having dinner with Tom Barrack of Colony Capital. They are still on good terms it seems. Tom Barrack has at this point seemingly gone over backwards to help Michael with refinancing his debts. This is the same Tom Barrack that was hesitant in getting involved with Michael’s problems until Tohme convinced him to meet Michael in person to learn he wasn’t the Michael the press made him out to be.

The first July entry shows Dr. Tohme Tohme being hired by Michael as his business manager. It does not state how Michael met him or was introduced. General consensus is that Jermaine, Michael’s brother actually introduce the two. Dr. Tohme works for Colony Capital. If the consensus is accurate then Tohme did not actually work for Michael, and was still working for Colony Capital when Michael had dinner with Barrack in June. Was this their first meeting? The time line does not state. But it seems that Michael got chummy with Barrack before Tohme even though it was initially Tohme who introduced and convinced Barrack to meet with Michael.

July 7th of that year, Michael is seen being pushed in a wheel chair. It is never made clear as to why or what he was suffering from at that time, but speculation in the press ran amok.

August 7th – (quoted) “Michael's manager Dr Tohme signs an agreement with Julien's Auction House on behalf of Michael in order to remove all his personal belongings from Neverland while simultaneously arranging for an auction of certain selected items that were no longer desired by Michael.”

I want to make a note here that although Tohme is blamed for “trying to sell Michael’s belongings” that is never confirmed. Michael did sign a deal with Colony that included the agreement to have his items removed from Neverland. Tohme chose Julien’s auctions. Never was it made clear that Tohme told Julien’s to sell the items. There may have been miscommunication as to what, if any items would be sold, and there was an agreement between Julien’s and Tohme for the exhibit prior to an auction. Julien’s assumed all was to be sold.

September 23rd phone call to June Gatling about Tohme where Michael discusses his misgivings about Tohme. Unlike other phone calls Michael has had with misgivings about employees and business managers, he sounds lucid and without urgency. For me, this was an odd phone call. The tone of Michael's voice is very confident.

November 11 of this year is when Michael signs the title and deed to Neverland to Colony Capital and Sycamore Valley Ranch, the latter which is a company he started jointly with Tom Barrack. It is my understanding that Barrack has controlling interest in Neverland. The latest Wikipedia update has the entire Ranch being left to the Family Trust. It was in December 2008 that negotiations for AEG concert tour began.


During January of 2009 is when the deal is signed for the 10 “This is It” concerts. Michael meets with all the suits from Anschutz on down. Paul Gongaware had worked with Michael a decade before. I have not done as much research on him as I have the other AEG party members so any possible connections to the Sony camp I’m not thoroughly aware of. He now works with AEG Live.

Christian Audigier, Michael’s new business partner (in fashion), announces that Michael will be in London at the O2 for a press conference to announce his stage comeback. Interesting is the two were in the planning stages of starting a clothing line with Michael’s name attached to it. I know two boys in my family (hereto known as MY boys) that would have purchased. I loved Michael’s clothes! I would have even worn them if I could have gotten away with wearing sequins to church!

(While researching I found this blog: If anyone knows how to become an “invited reader” please let me know. Apparently this is still in operation) Anyone know the author of this blog?)

In March, MJJ Productions files a lawsuit against Julien’s auction house that is settled later in the year. Also in March on the fifth, Michael announces his 02 concerts in London, at the O2 Arena, ten shows. Posters say 10 shows, advertisements and t.v spots say ten shows. Can you read AEG?

Anschutz Corp. agrees to invest in a project of Michael’s . . . a 3D version of “Thriller”. Tom Barrack assures the press that Michael has plenty of money available to work with between himself and Anschutz. That is nice to know. Regardless of what happens, I surmise that Anschutz was comfortable that however the ball bounced, he would get his investment back.

By March 11th, 40 dates are added to the original 10 that Michael thought he agreed to. It is unclear whether Michael was in agreement about anything beyond the O2 shows. Several sources list a possible Vegas stint (which according to this time line, Tohme nixed as being “not good for the children to stay in Vegas) and a World Tour that would keep Michael away from home for almost three years, albeit with big breaks in between venues. Business meetings and birthday parties stretch things out through April, when rehearsals for “This is It” begin. For a show the size of what Michael usually plans, April through July 8th hardly seems enough time to put a show together. Not with the 3-D effects and new technology costumes they plan on.

Dancers are selected during April and the final 14 (10 men, four women) and are signed for a two year contract.

On April 14th, Juliens and MJJ Productions come to an agreement on Michael’s belongings. Julien’s agree to return Michael’s belongings, but never say where they would be taking them. It is common consensus that Michael’s possessions were never returned.

In May Raymone Bain files a lawsuit against Michael for $44 million for unpaid fees and breech of contract. She is later dismissed. Tohme is officially terminated as Michael’s business manager. Judging by the press statement that was made at the hospital with Jermaine when Michael passed away, Tohme didn’t get the hint. Michael hires Frank DiLeo, who worked for him in the eighties, as his new business manager. Kenny Ortega becomes official director of this is it on May 12, and on the 14th of May, Michael attends the 60th anniversary of his parents, along with his siblings and his children. A picture of him at that anniversary party was sitting on Janet’s table in the living room of her house during a televised interview after Michael’s death. He looks very thin and drawn in the photo.

The Jackson family, DiLeo and Allgood Entertainment get into a tussle over a supposed promise to have the Jacksons perform together with either Janet and/or Michael. The Jackson brothers make an official statement denying every being approached. On May 20th, Kenny and Randy announce a push-back of the opening date of the concerts to July 13th due to production. One the same day, Michael officially fires Leonard Rowe as his representative. May 29th is when Michael reveals to a few fans that he had not agreed to 50 shows, only 10.

In June, Michael films the Dome Project which consists of the 3D features of Thriller, Earth Song, MJ Air, and the Final Message and the 2d projects Smooth Criminal, They Don’t Care About Us and The Way You Make Me Feel. On June 17th according to this time line, Michael and John Branca meet and talk about working together. I have a problem with this as do most of Michael’s fans and family.

There are conflicting stories about this online. It’s propaganda war between the pro’s and the con’s for Branca & Company. Granted Branca helped Michael secure the purchase of Neverland and the ATV catalog, but he’s also bid against him while working with someone else on the Rogers & Hammerstein Catalog and double crossed him with Motolla. Even if you believe that Branca did not embezzle money from Michael the fact of the matter is, he was still representing Sony while representing Michael creating a conflict of interest. Also, Branca’s camp claims to have been rehired, then resigned in 2006, then rehired in 2009. According to the Michael camp, the letter signed in 2003 by Michael, firing Branca is proof that Branca was fired in 2003.

A story is circulating the internet,Twitlonger that I have trouble believing. I would really like some opinions on this. The thing holding me back from believing Branca is a good guy is his tight working relationship with Tommy Motolla, and there is no one that can convince me that Tommy was looking out for Michael’s best interests. I don’t believe Branca had Michael’s best interests either. Maybe he did in the beginning, but after getting fired twice, the Branca’s of this world don’t take to kindly to being dumped.

June 25, reports that Michael collapsed at his Holmby Hills home start infiltrating the news. At 2:26 Pm that day, Michael was pronounced dead of cardiac arrest. It would be two months before the cause of death is amended on the death certificate as “homicide” caused by “propofol Intoxication”.

For the remainder of 2009 and early 2010, things kick into high gear with the announcement and production of “This is It” movie, then DVD sales. “This is It” earns over $200 million in sales, breaking records. Branca and McCain produce a 2002 will naming them executors of the Jackson Estate and they begin, with the judge’s blessing, taking complete control. As executive producers of “This is It” and decision makers of the Jackson Estate, Branca sells rights to “This is It” to Sony for $60 million, evidently with Katherine’s agreement. Branca pays off Michael’s debts with the money earned from posthumous record sales and “This is It”. The estate is now in the black and then some. Branca sells the rights to Michael’s unreleased music to Sony for a record $250 million dollars for 10 projects over seven years. Included is at least three albums, the first to be released in November 2010 to include never released recordings, a two year extension for Sony to distribute the Michael Jackson Catalog (MiJack) to the year 2017. Anyone believing Branca is looking out for Michael should remember what Sony did to Michael throughout the latter part of his career. Branca did Michael no favors.

This is the 2010 timeline

There are two camps at play here . . . The AEG/Colony/Tohme camp and the Sony/Branca/Dileo camp.

Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Could both be in the same boiling pot?

Randy Jackson Interviewed about suspicions (Branca Fans, AEG fans, listen closely!)

Part 1
Part 2

To Be Continued . . .


  1. First of all thank you for your deep investigations.
    Of course I can not prove anything, but I feel that all of them are the bad guys. But I can not tell how the conspiracy started for sure.
    For me it started in 2001/2003 by Sony.
    Thanks again girl!

  2. Beatriz, I agree with you . . . I think that "Sony Speech" Michael made in 2002 probably did not endear him to Sony after that. From that point on, they were in it to win.

  3. I'm more and more confused. That's why I sent you those links.
    1) Tohme was a CEO on TRW, being Colony Capital a client of TRW (one of the links, plus this: and before Michael's death TRW website stated that. Now, that information was deleted. But there are other issues, like Randy, among others, being accused by MJ himself of robbers.

    2) IMHO they all are "bad guys" somehow linked... Malnik is also one of them. As to Lopez, yeah, I've been searching also and apart some information on those links, nothing more!

    3) Anyway, regarding that blog link, according to "who is"- nothing and will be deleted on 31-07-2010 and more here:

    4) I must organize my info in some kind of plan, because I'm missing something, somewhere...

  4. Bonnie,

    Thank you so much for the video of Randy's interview. He was confirming some how in a very subtle way what you've been saying all along. Those people need to face justice one way or the other. I have read before how Michael's children names are misspelled in the will. That by itself should send some signal to the investigators. I hope Randy and the family are on top of this. I feel sorry for the family. As he said, they did not even give them time to grieve , rushing them and falsify the will and collect money. Is it possible for the case to be investigated in another county and state than LA? Well Randy is saying he has faith in LAPD? Is he for real?


  5. Those of you who sent me research, thank you very much. I have been looking carefully into each one and it is taking some time. I have also been plagued with headaches and took some much needed rest. I am sorry for the break but I wanted to let you know I have been researching and have not forgotten your contributions. I can't keep going at this pace without sleep so please be patient with me. I will get to all your emails and your outstanding research as soon as I catch up with some sleep. I am finding out some very, very interesting information. There is hope this will work out. :o) Hopefully I will be back on here after church tonight. LOve you! Keep the faith!

  6. Bonnie, do have some rest, because your health is the most precious thing you have. Take care! Have a nice week and plenty of rest,ok?! :)


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