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Michael Jackson Justice: The Two Theories of AEG-Sony Involvement in Michael Jackson

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Two Theories of AEG-Sony Involvement in Michael Jackson

June 17, 2010 – The Two Theories of AEG-Sony Involvement in Michael Jackson

Just as I am getting ready to embark on part two of this subject of the Sony Series, another “news item” shows up to throw wrenches into the theories out there. This time it wasn’t TMZ however, but “The New York Post”, which has about as much legitimacy as TMZ.

AEG Music Labels in Talks Over Minority Equity Stake

This bit of news surprised me, but then it didn’t. I have placed AEG in the “I’m not sure” deck as to who’s side they were on. I had reported in a previous blog update that Colony had expressed interest in the Sony/ATV catalog. The status was still “pending”. This introduced to me the possibility AEG could have been possibly an ally of Michael. The dots were connecting more often with AEG in “help Michael” mode then as an enemy of Michael.

In the last blog update, I was getting ready to part the Red Sea of information into two theories: AEG Good Guy and AEG Bad Guy theories.

We know AEG Live has competition in the live concert industry from Live Nation. They also were in a position to lose millions of dollars after Michael “didn’t make” his concert dates. Were the concerts dates every going to go on? Considering that costumes were not finished, sets were not finished, an entire run through of the show had never been done (according to anonymous insiders), and Michael had never done a complete start-to-finish rehearsal of even one song by the time we got within three weeks of the first show. Then Michael was killed.

Zeroing in on AEG, who was funding “This is It” concert shows, Michael’s home, Michael’s living expenses, Michael’s children’s tutors, the cook, Dr. Murray, Michael’s other doctors, were all being covered by AEG. I visited AEG Live’s Web site. Apparently AEG Live does more than just promote concerts, sports events and corporate events:

Web Page Artist Development

This page describes how AEG becomes the “artist’s career team”. They become the artists manager, agent and label, as they describe on their site. They “Rather than simply being a promoter and a bank, we become a strategic investor in an artist's career by providing marketing services and, when required, production infrastructure that enhances the value of the "live" aspect of an artist’s performance."

Does this include personal doctors, homes, children’s education and security at home, intravenous homicide and crime scene cleanup?

I am reminded of this quote by Tom Barrack in an article published before the 02 press conference: "You are talking about a guy who could make $500 million a year if he puts his mind to it," Barrack said recently. "There are very few individual artists who are multibillion-dollar businesses. And he is one." (and he did . . . as a matter of fact, the Jackson Estate brought in just under a billion since his death last year.) Tom Barrack also said, "Between Anschutz and us, he's got plenty of capital," said Tom Barrack, Colony's chief executive. "He's serious, he's focused, he's healthy and he's listening." AEG and Colony were working together to bring Michael back.

Into early 2009, Michael was attending meetings with Randy P., Paul Gongaware, Tim Leiweke and the big boss, Phillip Anschutz. These were listed at “business meetings” on the MJ timeline. The January meeting is where the original “10 concerts” contract was signed.

On April 4th, Michael attends a show in Las Vegas with Kenny Ortega. Apparently they were still friends? Maybe this was before Kenny barked at him about the ear monitors. Then in May, Michael attends a business meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel with his parents and his children. This caught my attention because Michael had not had Joe anywhere near any of his business dealings since he was living at Hayvenhurst. Why would Michael’s parents and children attend a business meeting? Pictures taken on the 15th of May confirm this.

Click through those pictures and between this set, and the set in 2009 “various”, it seems Michael’s wardrobe has the same lack of variety as it does in the so-called “100+ hours of rehearsal footage” over three months. May 15th Beverly Hills Hotel Business Meeting (with parents and children) and May 21st Dr. Klein visit he is wearing the same outfit with the same hair. Several outings listed as different days are the same outfits in 2009. I don’t know why that would be. There are three different dates with the same “gold chunk” outfits.

During 2009 between January and May, Michael attended six business meetings. During the same amount of time, Michael spent time at Dr. Klein’s office a total of eleven times . . . almost every week except for the time he was in London or in Vegas for meetings and shows. Eleven times. He saw Dr. Klein twice in 2008 and only after meeting with Tom Barrack did those visits begin. Both visits to Dr. Klein were December of that year. He was there eleven times the following year before he was killed in June. That is just food for thought. Yes, I am thinking of the short film “Ghosts” right now. I am also reminded of a piece of an interview in which Michael said he could never go to Disney World as “himself” and would like to go in disguise and just “sit and watch people.” What did he need done eleven times? This may be how the “cancer” rumors started.

Back in July of last year, there were already reports that Colony was attempting to purchase the Sony/ATV catalog. This article in the San Francisco Sentinel, Claim Colony and another equity firm made “discreet inquiries” into purchasing large chunks of Michael’s estate, including Michael’s share of the Sony/ATV catalog. Did Colony acquire that 50% share? There is some interesting discussion on it in this forum.

Colony inquired, but didn’t acquire the Sony ATV catalog. In a previous blog I asked, why would an investment company who invested in commercial and undervalued premium residential properties, invest in a music publishing catalog? What would they put that under? Resorts? They have no experience in music publishing. Would they sell it to AEG? Or was there another purpose for which they were trying to acquire it? I had thought at one time, they may have been in Michael’s corner. But this inquiry was not made until a couple of weeks after Michael’s death.

On the MJJ Timeline part of the deal Anschutz made with Michael was that the parent company “Anschutz Corp.” would invest in a “pet project” of Michael’s, having to do with a 3D remake of “Thriller” as a movie. If this was part of the Dome Project (which consisted of the 2D and 3D creations for several of the songs in “This is It”) , I am left to ask myself if that “investment” in Michael’s project was part of the concert or a different deal altogether.

Now below, we see this from Rob Stringer:

“Rob Stringer, the chairman of Columbia Epic Records, the Sony division that will likely handle the releases, said the recordings will "span across different projects. There may be theater. There may be films and movies. There may be computer games — or multimedia platforms that I don't know about today that will happen in 2015."

How can Rob Stringer make such assumptions on deals that Branca has not even signed off on yet? If Sony knew about Michael’s projects (four business managers hired and fired between mid 2007 and May 2009) and were planning on hijacking Michael’s entire marketing empire via Branca, surely Michael had talked to Anschutz and Barrack about these very projects during those six business meetings in 2008 and 2009? Michael talked about these rather fleetingly during his interview with Geraldo and with Billy Bush in 2007 while recording with in Ireland.

Michael’s parents were present during the May 15th business meeting. Why would they be present? What about Michael so impressed Barrack that he changed his mind and decided to back Michael and save his ranch?

Dr. Murray’s attempt to make murder look like an accident was sloppier than any Dr. with his years of experience could convincingly explain. A rush job. Was Sony trying to pre-empt an AEG/Colony rescue of Michael by killing him?

Boycott Sony still needs signatures

Who is Jack Wishna? Has anyone ever heard of him before? Has anyone ever heard of a project called “Rock City”? Me either. Another, injected story to bolster a “drug addict” story or a story of a “mentally imbalanced” Michael. This video I thought would explain why Michael came back to the states. Jack Wishna claims he brought him back to America for the afore mentioned project. Is this another piece of tapestry woven over the true pattern to throw us off? Access Hollywood

Jack Wishna here, and here where Wishna talks about Michael’s “romper-room atmosphere” with his children at the home in Vegas. In one link Wishna talks about being a childhood friend and how the Michael getting off the plane from Ireland reminded him of the “Bad Era” Michael. Then in the next link, it says he met Michael in 2001 . . . that’s not the bad era. Another story that can’t stay strait.

Wishna is president and CEO of CPAmerica. What do you know? This man wanted a “series of concerts” out of Michael too. So that is CPAmerica, AllGood and AEG that were trying to siphon Michael.

Funny too is Wishna’s description of the “debilitated” and “depressed” Michael. That is not the same Michael that Barrack and Anschutz saw when they met with him in 2008. He was wowing them with his “intelligence and focus”, in Barrack’s words.

If AEG/Colony together were originally trying to help Michael, then what happened during “This is It” production? Did someone from Sony get to someone inside the production team of “This is It”?

We are days away from the year anniversary and still no answers. We all know a little more about everything that was going on, and we know a lot about what should have been going on and wasn’t.

I am putting together a book of testimony from other “Post June 2009” fans of Michael . . . those that got to know him after he died. If you would be interested in telling your story, please visit and fill out the form. All instructions are there. You don’t have to be a “new” fan to participate. Anyone who felt driven to learn more about him as a person after June of 2005 may participate. The book will be made into hard cover for the Jackson Family and digital copies will be available for download for participants and fans who would like to read it.

Please pray for answers. Pray for Justice and pray that the Jackson Family may find a way to unite.

Good night and God Bless


  1. Bonnie,
    This book you are creating for The Jackson Family from the Fans, is "A True Work Of Love." God will Bless You for it and I Thank You for it.

    I already got my submission in and it did me a world of good to be able to share it. It's all part of the Healing Process for both The Family and The Fans. So Thank You again, Bonnie.

    As for your investigation into the Murder of Michael indeed have a "Daunting Task" ahead. And so I pray:

    Heavenly Father,
    Continue to Bless Bonnie with Your Strength and Guide her through this search for Truth.

    Help us who loved Michael Jackson, to get the answers and proof we need to make a difference.

    In Jesus Name,

  2. Hi Josie,

    Your praying must be working, but God sure likes to drag things out sometimes! I did get your submission, thank you very much! I thought it would be a healing project for myself, the family and everyone that participates. It is also a reminder for me that there is a reason this is all going on and it helps keep me encouraged.

  3. I am baffled myself and appreciate your efforts. As I have done my own research, I have come to find that the only connection between foul play currently would be that Sony only had a relationship with AEG through the fact that AEG were Michael's concert promoters. That is all that they should have been. All monies, tutors, medical assistance, housing payments, should have all gone through Sony. Michael makes the music. Sony takes their portion, and Michael should have gotten paid for his work. These little AEG side deals are suspicious in my eyes. If they do not add up, someone should be investigating this. And I am curious about this Colony company and their creeping in to purchase portions of Michael's Estate. Is there a Federal investigation at all looking into this? How did Sony become so distant from this process? They are one of the big 4 so I cannot understand why they stopped mediating on Michael's behalf. It should have been Michael dealing with Sony and Sony dealing solely with the Promoters. Even the producers should have been paid by Sony, not AEG. I am a praying woman and expect justice in this. -T

  4. After doing even more research, and in my opinion, this Barrack Junior, who purchased Michael's Neverland Ranch, could not benefit on it's value unless Michael was actually dead. It was not like getting tickets from Disneyland and seeing the attractions initially. Michael did not live there. So what could be the investment value or the attraction while he was alive? It is possible that someone needed him to be a passed on Icon like Elvis and his residence today to rake in the financial value. Since Sony allowed AEG to infiltrate Michael as an artist and closed their eyes to their responsibilities relating to him, they were able to benefit from his death in a way that they could not have benefitted while he was alive. They played the around the way game and came in from the other end after the deed was done and Michael was dead. And as Sony swooped back in and purchased rights to the last production relating to Michael from AEG, it appeared that they had nothing to do with the mess and they could also profit. It looked as if they had nothing to do with the AEG mess and the doctor. Therefore, now that things were cleaned up and their name was not involved overtly, they could gain financially. Anyone would have to be blind to not see this. Wake up investigators and legal system!!!They should all be arrested. But that is only my opinion.-T


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