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Michael Jackson Justice: Two Theories, Part 1 – Sony and AEG

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Theories, Part 1 – Sony and AEG

June 16, 2010 – Two Theories, Part 1 – Sony and AEG

The Music Industry around Michael Jackson consisted of CBS/Epic Records, then Pye and the ATV catalog, then Sony’s buyout of CBS and Epic Records (among others), then Michael allowing Sony to partner with him forming the “Sony/ATV” catalog and thereby owing half of Sony Music Publishing, Inc.

Michael’s battle brought to light a similar dilemma with George Michael and Mariah Carey, the Dixie Chicks, Warner vs Prince and Polygram vs Dire Straits wrestling match. George Michael got wind of Tommy Mottola calling him “Limey Fag”, yet Michael was brutalized in the press for calling Tommy Mottola out on his racial slurs, to the point that even the artists who were being cheated, including Michael’s one time manager, Frank DiLeo, defended Tommy Mottola. In a mob-dominated industry, they stick together. The artist isn’t important.

Please read this article. Music Industry 'Makes Enron look like amateur hour,' It is long but it is an eye opener on the whole music promotion and publishing industry. When I read this it put a whole new light on what happened to Michael Jackson.

During an informal and obviously unplanned interview, Brett Rattner interviewed Michael and one of the questions he asked him was what would he have done differently. Michael replied, “Not trust people” and he went on to talk about how the record companies steal from the artists and how many times (every quarter) they would have to be audited. At 3.20 minutes into this video, Michael talks about the record companies, how they cheat artists and how it was time for artists to take a stand. Michael said this to Brett Rattner of all people, who lured Michael to Al Malnik’s house (another mob cozy), who was friends with Tommy Mottola.

Michael was in Florida during 2002 with Brett as a guest of Malnik’s. This interview was done at a hotel in Florida. It was during his stay with Malnik that Michael found out about the phone call from Tommy Mottola.

Michael’s other testimony to the ills of the music industry in this speech. He also skewered Tommy Mottola in this speech and he also hit on some inconvenient truths in this speech in September of 2001 in regard to the press aiding the treatment of him and other black artists by the music industry.

In a post on this blog several months ago, I made a plea to other artists to stand up. Back when Michael was exposing the industry and it’s egregious practices back in 2001 and 2002, the press rallied to Mattola’s and Sony’s defense. What little press that battle did get was horrendously biased against Michael . . . after all, he was a ‘freak’ and a ‘pedophile’ and all the ramblings about his falling album sales (even though he was still outselling other artists more than 2-1) placed the responsibility solely on Michael’s inability to wrangle the success of “Thriller”.

I remember a time in my own history, where a speech like the one Michael gave was something I would turn a deaf ear to. Really, in an age where affirmative action was becoming obsolete and more black men were wearing suits and had more funding options for college than your typical white male, I too thought Michael’s speech bordered on sour grapes. Especially appearing with someone like Al Sharpton, who I thought did as much to promote racial separation as the elusive Bildeburger Group. One of the things I have had to face myself in investigating this was my own insensitivity to this struggle. Michael exposed more for me than just the criminal fraud in the music industry. This illness of injustice is world wide, in every industry, every national government, every religion, every corporation and educational institution. It is a spreading cancer that has, by all biblical signs, come close to running it’s course.

I don’t believe in hopelessness. I don’t believe that nothing can be done. It’s easy to say “It’s not fair” and be done with it and leave the leveling of the playing field to someone else. That is basically what Michael’s fellow artists did, but they did more than that. Their silence helped kill him. Their defending of the man who sought to destroy Michael was aid and abetting to the enemy. After all, their own livelihoods depended on the very demon who was doling out their existence. Don’t rock the boat if that is what they gave you to stay afloat, right?

According the article I referenced above the mob has for a long time controlled the music industry. Signing with a record label is akin to signing a loan shark contract. And once you are “in” you never get out. You either leave the rights to your creations to them, or you leave your name. You never get completely out.

Michael was positioned to get completely out. One of the few artists in history with the wealth and the clout to do so, he had completed his required contract obligations and had less than a month before his own songs in the MiJack catalog reverted back to him. His half of the Sony/ATV catalog, which included 250 Beatles songs, Elvis, Petula Clark, Chuck Berry and had grown to include catalogs comprising of several ‘80’s and 90’s artists like U2 and Eminem, had grown in value to over a billion dollars. Add to that the movie rights, game deals, multi-media deals and Michael’s own personal music catalog and estimates range from $5 billion to $30 billion in total value. Aside from the loan on half of Michael’s ownership in the Sony/ATV, generously offered by none other than . . . Sony, Michael owned half of Sony Music Publishing.

One has to question the loyalty, if not the I.Q., of Michael’s business partners and lawyers who not only allowed but ENCOURAGED the obvious conflict of allowing Sony to lend Michael money on a catalog they owned half of, knowing they controlled the contracts under which Michael earned his royalties. It's like the concept of the "company store" never really became extinct. It is alive and well in the music industry.

So now that Michael has his life’s work leveraged to the hilt with Sony, in walks Tohme and Colony Capital with Tom Barrack. (Has anybody ever told Michael to stay away from guys named Tom?) About to lose his “Neverland Ranch”, Michael is persuaded by his brother Jermaine to talk to a guy named Tohme. Tohme works for Colony and is good friends “like a brother” with Founder Tom Barrack. Tom is admittedly hesitant in even talking to Michael, given the size of his financial liabilities and a public image that the press has made sure would dig Michael’s financial grave, but after some persuading by Tohme agrees to meet with Michael.

After refinancing Neverland and buying the note from Fortress Investments, Tom, Tohme and Michael need to come up with a plan for the possibility for Michael to pay this back. Since Barrack is friends with Anschutz, owner of several entertainment and sports presentation companies including a concert promotion company called AEG Live, theater chains and a concert promotion company which has put on concerts for the likes of Britney Spears, Fleetwood Mac, Justin Timberlake, the Eagles and more.

Now stop right there. According to popular spin in the press and on forums such as Facebook, Tohme is the one that went to talk to Randy Phillips (CEO of AEG Live), who had to “convince” Anschutz to “invest” in a concert tour with Michael . . . After all Barrack, Anschutz’s friend, was now into Michael for Millions.
While this is all going on, Barrack/Tohme is also working with Michael in reorganizing his businesses. Tohme is Michael’s business manager, who is downsizing Michael to the point where Michael gets nervous and calls June Gatling (spiritual advisor? For a born again Christian and former Jehovah’s Witness? We’ll come back to this). During the 2008 through early 2009, there are meetings and appearances and doctor’s visits (lots of them) as Michael prepares for concert production.

Now according to this article, Tom Barrack is the one that placed the call to his friend Anschutz. Further down in the article it also states that Barrack was initially reluctant to get involved with Michael. So the story deviates from Tohme calling Randy Phillips, who called Anschutz. Tom sees Michael as an undervalued asset (again with the assets, Michael was a human being) according to that article above and according to one of the very few interviews by Tohme, Barrack was hesitant about getting involved with Michael and once they met, Barrack was “impressed with Michael’s intelligence and Focus”. This verifies the article on Barrack.

During the negotiations of how, when and where a concert series would take place, Michael’s businesses were being reorganized. Raymone Bain, who saw the folding of MJJ Productions into The Michael Jackson Company, was gone. Tohme and Barrack, along with possibly Leonard Rowe, was witnessing the dissolving of several of Michael’s companies, the formation of others, and the consolidation of still others under the umbrella of The Michael Jackson Company up to and including part ownership in “Sycamore Valley Ranch Company, LLC” which was Michael’s previous “Neverland Ranch” in which Michael's share is now in the hands of "The Estate".

The theory of what was going on can go one of two ways from here. Is AEG a good guy or a bad guy? What was really going on?

We will embark on this on the next blog update and look at two possible theories. For now, good night and God Bless.

New Song. I love this . . .Lead Me


  1. Bonnie,
    Thanks for the thumbs up on my getting my profile up and running. I'm glad it went through okay.

    As to the above blog on Sony and AEG, all I can say is WOW! There is so much to unravel here!

    Your right about everyone leaving Michael to fight this WAR Alone! No one from the Industry came to his aid. They were all scared for their Careers and their LIVES!

    Yet we say, there is Power in Numbers.

    I often wonder what might have happened if a dozen other Artists stood by Michael and helped to Fight this War vs Sony.

    What's Sony going to do......KILL ALL OF THEM?!

    This is where I start getting Angry! Knowing these Gangsters (are themselves) Only Human.

    What could have been is a Complete Turnover of the Music Industry from the inside out. Remember Michael DID get the CEO of Sony kicked off his Throne!

    If others had helped Michael, they could have cleaned house!

    I have to stop right there, or else I'm going to lose it. Anyway......................

    I'm surprised Michael got as far as he did considering he was ALL Alone, in the first place.

    The poor guy could only do just so much, you know. But the very fact that he DID Fight, shows the kind of Character and Soul he had.

    He was "For Real" and that's rare now-a-days. Michael said what he meant and meant what he said. That in itself is Awesome!

    It's the Confirmation of "A TRUE ARTIST & A GOOD SOUL."

  2. Bonnie,
    I just heard Randy Jackson (Michael's Brother) had a Heart Attack. But he is okay.

    They said he didn't need an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

    But he is have several tests done to stay on top of it.

    I know heart attacks run in the Jackson family but, I'll bet it's all the stress that's causing it.

    He's only 48 years old!

  3. Bonnie,
    Here is the article on Randy Jackson.

  4. Josie,

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, I did know that Randy was hospitalized for mild heart attack and he was home the next morning and his daughter (via Twitter) said he was doing fine. Randy . . . if you ever read this, don't take all the weight on yourself. You have thousands of people out here just waiting for the opportunity to lift a burden from you for a few minutes, pass it along and carry some of it for you. If you need help . . . please ask.

    Back to you Josie - Yes, Michael had some kind of strength . . . it's the kind that comes from faith in God. We just don't have that kind of strength on our own. Michael had his lion's share of burdens . . . The fact that he had so many battles is testimony to just how strong he was. He gave Michael those battles because no one else could handle them the way he did, maintain his grace and love for people and still continue to fight for others.

    None of Michael's battles were selfish. Everything he did opened doors of possibility, hope, unity and love.

    People like Michael draw people to them. The ones that understand what it was that he had wanted to be around him to learn and became better people for it. Those that didn't understand what it was that he had, tried to destroy it, and to do that they tried everything to destroy him.

    Michael was blessed . . . he knew it. We are left here trying to understand why it was that God thought his work was done if there are still people here that have not learned.

  5. Hi Bonnie, my thoughts about Michael echo yours. His spirit was so strong. He was alone but not alone. Michael knew he was blessed, he didn't take credit for his gifts. He was a fighter and he died a fighter. Michael was continuing his work...

  6. Bonnie,
    Thanks 4 the up-date on Randy Jackson.
    I'm glad to hear he's at home.

    Have A Nice Father's Day with your husband and family.

  7. Thank you Bunnie. Oh, I hate that word "alone". I heard a song tonight that just about made me pull my car over. I'll have to find it and post the link on the blog above.

    It's upsetting. No answers and even less truth.


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